Finally! (contest) (in Contests)

AdminShade August 28 2005 3:32 PM EDT

$25k for the first person to tell me what there is so finally! about it :D

in other words:

- something finally has happened.
- you have to guess what it is.
- 1 guess per player per hour.
- hints can be bought (for 5k/p) and will be added to the pot.

wldflr August 28 2005 3:34 PM EDT

You finally hit 650K MPR! ? :)

Maelstrom August 28 2005 3:37 PM EDT

you mean score...

Bull3t F4c3 August 28 2005 3:38 PM EDT

650k one has reached 650k mpr yet wldflr..get with the times

IndependenZ August 28 2005 3:47 PM EDT

The girl you've always dreamed of can finally and now officially be called Shade's Girlfriend?

AdminShade August 28 2005 3:51 PM EDT

Well to be honest...

You're all wrong!

wldflr August 28 2005 3:53 PM EDT

Ya'll are so mean :p

AdminShade August 28 2005 3:55 PM EDT

hehe, nobody is mean except for Independenz who is wrongest of all! :P

QBRanger August 28 2005 3:56 PM EDT

There has been a 1 million MPB.

AdminShade August 28 2005 4:05 PM EDT

which is old news already, also wrong :)

IndependenZ August 28 2005 4:14 PM EDT

This is not a guess, just a small clarification: I wasn't trying to be mean.
I'm sorry if it came across that way. My apologies.

wldflr August 28 2005 4:27 PM EDT

Wasn't directed towards you at all :) Just mean ol' Bullet ;)

AdminShade August 28 2005 4:30 PM EDT

rofl @ indy, geintje joh! :)

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] August 28 2005 4:31 PM EDT

You are finally back off holiday for good!

IndependenZ August 28 2005 5:15 PM EDT

My second guess is that you finally were able to buy your very own car! =D

No offense against people who don't have a car of their own. I'm not trying to be mean. :p

{CB3}-HR22 August 28 2005 5:21 PM EDT

You finally got high speed internet?

I bet you already have it...dont you

AdminShade August 28 2005 5:25 PM EDT

nope, nope, nope

already was back
no car (don't need it)
already had a decent speed internet

wldflr August 28 2005 5:36 PM EDT

You passed all your courses and are now finished with your schooling?

BMWheatley August 28 2005 5:37 PM EDT

this is your first contest? : P

AdminShade August 28 2005 6:06 PM EDT

alas not, still busy with college
and yes first contest but not the finally i mean :P

Maelstrom August 28 2005 6:49 PM EDT

This isn't something related to you wanting GL's baby girl named after you is it, Shadie? ;)

tWIsTEd August 28 2005 6:53 PM EDT

school is starting ?

I was Dignifried Bean August 28 2005 11:36 PM EDT

did bartjan have something to do with it? I quote from rangers thread....
bartjan, 8:17 AM EDT
(Finally) FORS'ed the magic MPB stat...

J Carp August 29 2005 12:59 AM EDT

u finally reached 600k score?

AdminShade August 29 2005 4:34 AM EDT

no, that was after i made the contest :P
no, school sucks, why should i be happy about that?
no, bartjan has nothing to do with it.
no, someone already guessed 650k score and that wasn't it :)

contest still running :)

IndependenZ August 29 2005 5:13 AM EDT

Then I'll try and make a third guess: I think the summer in the Netherlands has finally begun!
No more rain and cold days, but sunshine! Finally!

AdminShade August 29 2005 5:15 AM EDT

wrong, only a hand full of people have been remotely close to 'what is finally'...

CoolWater August 29 2005 5:24 AM EDT

finally you are in Lorien Realm.

AdminShade August 29 2005 5:27 AM EDT

have been in lorien for quite some time now i think, so wrong again...

Nobody wanting a hint?

[T]Vestax August 29 2005 6:30 AM EDT

Is it strictly CB related?

AdminShade August 29 2005 6:38 AM EDT

reminder: - hints can be bought (for 5k/p) and will be added to the pot.

but yes it is cb related.

AdminG Beee August 29 2005 6:39 AM EDT

Weren't you creating some maps for a game in the past ?

You've finally finished and gotten them up and running ??

AdminG Beee August 29 2005 6:39 AM EDT

Heh, so my guess is not correct then. :p

ZsecretZ August 29 2005 6:40 AM EDT

u finally said finally..

AdminShade August 29 2005 6:48 AM EDT

nope, those maps are in stasis but i will begin with level design later on but for a newer game :)

and no, it wasn't the first time i said finally :P

CoolWater August 29 2005 7:10 AM EDT

the corn in black market went into auction.

AdminShade August 29 2005 8:17 AM EDT

nope, it isn't about the corn either.

Part-time Barman August 29 2005 8:22 AM EDT

Your ToA reached 200k

wldflr August 29 2005 8:22 AM EDT

Finally you'll be here for the beginning of change month!

chappy [Soup Ream] August 29 2005 8:29 AM EDT

Finally there is no more PwnageStick ... lol we're all saying that :P

AdminShade August 29 2005 8:58 AM EDT

hmm this will be a hard one...

Voodoophone you are incorrect, my ToA is well above 200k
wldflr, i might not be online at the actual change month
chappy, that's old news.

chappy [Soup Ream] August 29 2005 9:11 AM EDT

What about .... finally another Morgul-Hammer spawned in the shop??

Sefton (Gyaxx) buy A Morgul-Hammer ($22236) August 28 2005 4:06 PM EDT

[EG] Almuric August 29 2005 9:18 AM EDT

Over 50 million battles served?

Part-time Barman August 29 2005 9:22 AM EDT

Central Bank finally out of debt?

chappy [Soup Ream] August 29 2005 10:01 AM EDT

I can't go back to see when this changed, but maybe you FINALLY got your MPB over 60k??

Most Powerful Blow: 60,502

AdminG Beee August 29 2005 10:06 AM EDT

Finally you came up with a contest that MrWuss can't google an answer for ?

AdminShade August 29 2005 10:16 AM EDT

5 times wrong again...

I thought it wasn't that hard but apparently people can't read too good :P

Maelstrom August 29 2005 10:29 AM EDT

Maelstrom (Vainamoinen) Shade (Ilúvatar) $5000 -- hint please 10:28 AM EDT

Let's have a hint, Shadie ;)

AdminG Beee August 29 2005 10:46 AM EDT

! or )

AdminShade August 29 2005 10:47 AM EDT

As people now should know is that it has something to do with Carnage Blender.

now for the bought hint which makes the pot $30k:

someone in this thread ALMOST had given the right answer.

[EG] Almuric August 29 2005 10:52 AM EDT

You finally won 40% of your battles.

AdminG Beee August 29 2005 10:53 AM EDT

Oops, missed this in the instructions: - 1 guess per player per hour.

/me goes to sit in the corner for an hour...

Relic August 29 2005 10:53 AM EDT

Your score finally got to be 2.5x your MPR?

QBJohnnywas August 29 2005 10:55 AM EDT

Your battles won are finally more than battles challenged

[T]Vestax August 29 2005 10:58 AM EDT

Vestax (Off Air) Shade (Ilúvatar) $5000 10:57 AM EDT

sorry for being late on payment.

Maelstrom August 29 2005 11:01 AM EDT

Aha! You're finally back up to the score you had before you went on holidays!

Xiaz on Hiatus August 29 2005 11:15 AM EDT

Finally broke 700k Score?!

{CB1}Carp King August 29 2005 11:25 AM EDT

There is no change month, LOL!

chappy [Soup Ream] August 29 2005 11:44 AM EDT

Umm I'll try again ... your NW is FINALLY above $75mil ??

Total net worth: $75,561,134

[EG] Almuric August 29 2005 12:16 PM EDT

You finally got more than 1000 clan points in a day?

AdminShade August 29 2005 12:19 PM EDT

oh my gosh...

pot: $35k

people are so close, but should look better again.

the 75 mil NW isn't my NW but that of the clan, and was reached after creation of the contest.
it has nothing to do with the score of my character.
it has nothing to do with change month.
it has nothing to do with battles fought or won.

people may now guess every half hour :)

Maelstrom August 29 2005 12:29 PM EDT

Your STR is finally over 300k?

QBJohnnywas August 29 2005 12:31 PM EDT

I haven't read the FAQ's for a while so it's probably been there a while but the admins are now listed including 'SHADE'

{CB1}Bio August 29 2005 12:38 PM EDT

ac is 110?

AdminShade August 29 2005 12:51 PM EDT

My ST had gone down so that can't be it,
I have been a sub admin since day 2 of Carnage Blender 2,
and my AC is indeed 110 but has also gone down, that isn't it either.

[EG] Almuric August 29 2005 12:58 PM EDT

Over 60K for MPB?

{CB1}Bio August 29 2005 12:58 PM EDT

your realm changed?

AdminShade August 29 2005 1:02 PM EDT

my mpb had been guessed already and was wrong.
realm change had been guessed and was also wrong.

{CB1}Carp King August 29 2005 1:13 PM EDT

u challenged over 100k battles total

AdminShade August 29 2005 1:31 PM EDT

Shade, 12:19 PM EDT
oh my gosh...

it has nothing to do with battles fought or won.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 29 2005 1:34 PM EDT

novice (Fangorn) Shade (Iluvatar) $5000 -- HINT! 1:33 PM EDT

AdminShade August 29 2005 1:37 PM EDT

alright another hint:

Pot: $40k

look closely at my character, and with that i mean really close!

QBJohnnywas August 29 2005 1:38 PM EDT

You got a new character picture - one you've been searching for all along

[EG] Almuric August 29 2005 2:04 PM EDT

You finally got some items named?

QBBarzooMonkey August 29 2005 2:06 PM EDT

You've won more battles than you've challenged?

chappy [Soup Ream] August 29 2005 2:08 PM EDT

You got your ExBow forged up to 4x45 +50 finally...

AdminShade August 29 2005 2:30 PM EDT

nope, it's not the character picture, you can see that it has been there since forever...

It's not the names of the items, they have been named for quite some time now...

it STILL doesn't have ANYTHING to do with any battles...

It has nothing to do with the upgrade of my exbow.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 29 2005 2:41 PM EDT

You finally gave up and got a VB?

{CB1}Carp King August 29 2005 2:51 PM EDT

you finally have a top 50 ToA

chappy [Soup Ream] August 29 2005 2:52 PM EDT

Your VB is finally in the top 5??

Relic August 29 2005 3:01 PM EDT

You finally got rid of that "itch"? :P

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 29 2005 3:08 PM EDT

Your VB hit x60?

Part-time Barman August 29 2005 3:40 PM EDT

The listing of your character name no longer glitches with that funny 'u' you have?

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] August 29 2005 3:46 PM EDT

Dont know if its been guessed already....but....

Iluvtar used to be Illuvtar

Part-time Barman August 29 2005 3:57 PM EDT

funny 'u', funny 'l', what's the difference? lol ;o)

AdminShade August 29 2005 4:21 PM EDT

already had the VB so that can't be it.
top 50 ToA? hmmm nope
it isn't the Vorpal Blade, neither the top 5 or the x60

and that itch has nothing to do with my character
and my character's name is still Ilúvatar

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] August 29 2005 4:24 PM EDT

Are you sure? =P

AdminShade August 29 2005 4:33 PM EDT

and yes I am sure that the name of my character hasn't changed since I created it.

chappy [Soup Ream] August 29 2005 4:34 PM EDT

*scratches head* How about this .. you FINALLY have a HoD in the top 25?

AdminShade August 29 2005 4:35 PM EDT

nope it isn't the hod in top 50.

{CB1}Bio August 29 2005 4:35 PM EDT

Inspect Ilúvatar thats what it says at the top beside carnage doesnt match your name

AdminShade August 29 2005 4:37 PM EDT

that's because carnage blender doesn't handle the character ú so well... instead it handles ú better

[EG] Almuric August 29 2005 5:20 PM EDT

Finally your CB2 character is at a higher Score or PR than your CB1 character?

CoolWater August 29 2005 5:49 PM EDT

you created a heavy tank

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] August 29 2005 5:56 PM EDT

You got a pair of Elven Gloves!

Relic August 29 2005 6:03 PM EDT

You are not the lowest Score in your clan?

Quark August 29 2005 6:05 PM EDT

You no longer have the biggest exbow?

Mistress Reyna August 29 2005 6:08 PM EDT

you decided to become a girl? that way you can curtsie isntead of bow?

Maelstrom August 29 2005 6:17 PM EDT

That's what I said, Reyna - s/he's now Shadie!

Stephen August 29 2005 6:34 PM EDT

Changed your minion names

chappy [Soup Ream] August 29 2005 6:42 PM EDT

FINALLY the 100th post :P

{CB1}Bio August 29 2005 6:52 PM EDT

your character is not in the top 25 2 minion characters

{CB1}Bio August 29 2005 6:58 PM EDT

is now in the top 25**

AdminShade August 30 2005 4:08 AM EDT

It has nothing to do with the PR or score of my character.
It has nothing to do with my tank being heavy or not.
It has nothing to do with the Elven Gloves I bought after creating this contest.
It has nothing to do with the clan.
As I already said, it has nothing to do with my exbow.
Becoming a girl isn't part of CB, so has nothing to do with it (I'm still a young man)
I didn't change my minion names.
100th post can't be it since something finally happened BEFORE i made the contest.
It has nothing to do with the ranking of my character, again.

sssimmo August 30 2005 4:11 AM EDT

I can't wait to say "This contest is finally over"

CoolWater August 30 2005 5:14 AM EDT

You finally have 3 items named from LOTR items.

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] August 30 2005 5:18 AM EDT

Your ToA finally reached 300K?

AdminShade August 30 2005 6:21 AM EDT

This contest isn't over yet.
Those names have been there for quite some time.
My ToA isnt 300k YET!!!

sssimmo August 30 2005 6:54 AM EDT

Mushu has FINALLY given up on CB1 and is coming over to CB2.

AdminShade August 30 2005 6:57 AM EDT

it's about my character sssimmo, try to pay attention to the actual contest...

IndependenZ August 30 2005 7:15 AM EDT

I hope nobody mentioned this earlier, it didn't show up with Ctrl+F so ...
Your History Graph finally updated after about 6 weeks time!

sssimmo August 30 2005 7:48 AM EDT

Well aren't we stroppy today...

! Love Barney August 30 2005 7:51 AM EDT

/me thinks long and hard. . .

You hit puberty?

Biscuitback August 30 2005 8:14 AM EDT

your character went from 8 ba to 7 ba?

AdminShade August 30 2005 10:19 AM EDT

alas still all wrong...

Time to give a free hint.

2 people have been very close, in terms of speaking of the right thing, but have been wrong, in speaking of the wrong 'finally'.

reminder: you may ask for a hint, and even for a specific hint.

Part-time Barman August 30 2005 10:20 AM EDT

Finally hit 250k mpr?

AdminShade August 30 2005 2:40 PM EDT

From: Karmic Mishap Sent: 12:33 PM EDT
Is it one of your basic stats reaching a landmark?

no it isnt one of my basic stats...

and it isnt my pr either...

pot: $50k

I was Dignifried Bean August 30 2005 2:48 PM EDT

I say that *finally* you made it to page 1 of the high scores list.... and I'm sending 5K for the heck of it.

AdminShade August 30 2005 3:01 PM EDT

I say again that it has nothing to do with the score of my character...

pot $55k thanks for the donation :)

tscm August 30 2005 3:10 PM EDT

erm... you finally made a contest

{CB3}-HR22 August 30 2005 3:12 PM EDT

What two people were close?

AdminShade August 30 2005 3:13 PM EDT

Hellrazor wanted another hint so there it is:

Voodoophone - The Movie & logan666 were close.

I was Dignifried Bean August 30 2005 3:48 PM EDT

I've got it! Finally your ToA started collecting XP again, because the Max. Tat. finally caught up. /me pats himself on back and awaits loads of cash.

RedWolf August 30 2005 4:13 PM EDT

RedWolf (Modru) Shade (Ilúvatar) $5000 -- Hint 4:08 PM EDT

Exactly which one of their guesses was close?

Part-time Barman August 30 2005 4:18 PM EDT

Tyr sounds about right to me.

That clue would have led me that way anyway

AdminShade August 30 2005 4:56 PM EDT

Tyr: alas your guess is wrong, as my max tattoo is lvl 400k +

as for the hint, this will make it too easy...

both of them made a guess at my ToA, but both were wrong about something...

QBRanger August 30 2005 5:03 PM EDT

Your TOA level is finally above your MPR level?

AdminShade August 30 2005 5:03 PM EDT

wrong again, less close than those 2 were...

CoolWater August 30 2005 5:05 PM EDT

you have apostrophes on your TOA name.

Phaete August 30 2005 5:07 PM EDT

You finally named your ToA?

AdminShade August 30 2005 5:07 PM EDT

alas, it isn't the apostrofes.

mchaos August 30 2005 5:10 PM EDT

Your ToA finally levels up at even 100 level increments

AdminShade August 30 2005 5:11 PM EDT

pot currently is $60k

mchaos and phaete are both wrong.

It isn't the name of the ToA
it isn't the 'way of leveling' of the ToA...

[EG] Almuric August 30 2005 5:13 PM EDT

Finally your ST from the ToA is higher than the highest ST without a ToA?

Special J August 30 2005 5:15 PM EDT

ToE -- > ToA

AdminShade August 30 2005 5:22 PM EDT

sorry Almuric, wrong.

and mrwuss is also wrong, my ToA has been a ToA ever since well.. can't remember the date anymore.

CoolWater August 30 2005 5:24 PM EDT

Your ST is bigger or level with your DX after the TOA effect.

AdminShade August 30 2005 5:27 PM EDT

Coolwater: please guess half an hour later than your previous guess:

CoolWater, 5:05 PM EDT
CoolWater, 5:24 PM EDT

30 minutes still is 30 minutes :)

QBRanger August 30 2005 5:35 PM EDT

I already paid for a hint so here goes:

What the heck is the level of your TOA?

AdminShade August 30 2005 5:35 PM EDT


Glaurung 'Golden Father of Dragons' level 258,870

that are the stats of my tattoo.

CoolWater August 30 2005 5:36 PM EDT

sorry, but my guess still stands

QBJohnnywas August 30 2005 5:37 PM EDT

Your toa hit 250k level

AdminShade August 30 2005 5:39 PM EDT

sorry Coolwater your guess is incorrect.

Relic August 30 2005 5:40 PM EDT

Your ToA level finally surpassed your MPR level.

AdminShade August 30 2005 5:41 PM EDT

FINALLY someone guessed what finally had happened.

congratulations Johnnywas: indeed finally my ToA has gone over 250k level...

you win the $60k for finally answering what finally had happened.

QBJohnnywas August 30 2005 5:42 PM EDT

LOL finally! Although I suspect somebody would have gotten it in the next five minutes

RedWolf August 30 2005 5:43 PM EDT

dangit i was thinking of guessing that but i thought somebody already did :P

AdminShade August 30 2005 5:43 PM EDT

Enjoy your prize and stay tuned for the next: "finally!!!"

CoolWater August 30 2005 5:49 PM EDT

the first hint threw me out of my guesses. Shade said look closely at the character, so I thought it was more of a visual thing. Obviously by looking closely you wouldn't be able to guess 250k cause the TOA is not written anywhere.

CoolWater August 30 2005 5:50 PM EDT

congrats Johnnywas

QBJohnnywas August 30 2005 5:57 PM EDT

Just glad to put an end to it lol!

AdminShade August 31 2005 5:53 AM EDT

I was unaware that the 250k level couldn't be seen by the public, otherwise it would have been easier indeed, my appologies, but with a hint people find out ;)
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