Finally, part 2 (in Contests)

AdminShade August 30 2005 5:55 PM EDT

This is the second !!! Finally !!! of a series that I hope many players will be thinking about and wanting the answers for ;)

As in the previous: Prize money is $25k + the money from people buying hints.

Something finally has happened, before the creation of this contest.


- People can guess 1 times per hour (I will be very strict in this and will ignore people guessing within an hour of the previous guess)
- People may buy hints for $5k a piece. (random picked by me)
- People may buy specific hints (ask a question) for $10k a piece.
- Hints can be asked whenever you want but have to be asked in the thread.


Relic August 30 2005 6:14 PM EDT

Finally your Finally part 1 got 150 posts?

Ilovehellokitty August 30 2005 6:28 PM EDT

Finally you got a newbie in your 'admin' clan?

[Tranquility]-USDForger [Azn Forgesmith] August 30 2005 6:44 PM EDT

Blarg "finally" came back to carnageblender

Maelstrom August 30 2005 10:05 PM EDT

Noooo!! Not another "finally" contest! Shade, you have no idea how much the last one tormented me!

maulaxe August 30 2005 10:10 PM EDT

Monty was finally banned? :p

AdminShade August 31 2005 4:46 AM EDT

alas all 5 previous guesses were wrong.

and as for not again, i have had quite some players that found it annoying but fun, so i will continue it :)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 31 2005 5:36 AM EDT

could we have a recap of hints from someone?

AdminShade August 31 2005 5:46 AM EDT

recap of hints?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 31 2005 5:54 AM EDT

nm thought this was a bad...

IndependenZ August 31 2005 6:31 AM EDT

You finally got 100.000 challenged battles on your character Ilúvatar!

ZsecretZ August 31 2005 6:36 AM EDT

seems like indepenz is right.

HellShark [Formper] August 31 2005 6:54 AM EDT

Finally Shade is Back!!

AdminShade August 31 2005 7:46 AM EDT

nope, the 100000 battles is not the finally for this contest

and i have been back a few weeks already :)

Relic August 31 2005 9:43 AM EDT

quacktrumpet finally camped a set of CML's?

quacktrumpet (Pirchu) Transfer Log buy A Set of Chain Mail Leggings ($8065) August 30 2005 5:53 PM EDT

AdminShade August 31 2005 3:14 PM EDT

nope, it hasn't got to do with camping.

Jordan23 August 31 2005 3:30 PM EDT

finally you have change your stategy on your Minions

Relic August 31 2005 3:43 PM EDT

Your clan finally has a membership policy of Closed?

AdminShade August 31 2005 4:15 PM EDT

nope, it isn't about my strategy.

nope, it isn't about my/the clan

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] August 31 2005 4:18 PM EDT

Finally a contest thread with NO WINNER!!! woohoo!! lol.


{CB3}-HR22 August 31 2005 4:21 PM EDT

You finally got Most Powerful Blow: 60,502.

Also Shade, could you keep track of all the wrong answers and update your post like that?

AdminShade August 31 2005 4:24 PM EDT

it isn't about winning this contest :P

it isn't my mpb.

I could keep a record, will do tomorrow or so :)

I was Dignifried Bean August 31 2005 11:54 PM EDT

Finally somebody (Ranger) broke the 1 million mpb.

ZsecretZ September 1 2005 6:22 AM EDT

somebody(Ranger) finally obtained 750k MPR..?

AdminShade September 1 2005 6:38 AM EDT

nope, it isn't about top mpb or the 750k mpr of Ranger.

Relic September 1 2005 10:02 AM EDT

You finally transferred all the fines to Central bank from your admin character?

AdminShade September 2 2005 5:18 AM EDT

nope, it isnt about fines.

HellShark [Formper] September 2 2005 7:34 AM EDT

Finally....its a new month?

AdminShade September 2 2005 7:56 AM EDT

nope, it has nothing to do with change month

{CB1}Bio September 2 2005 11:53 AM EDT

grr i hate these contests...i sit here and think for hours and still are stumped so i have to say finally you made the last finally?(me hopes hes right)

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] September 2 2005 12:39 PM EDT

You finally have won 100k battles

Maelstrom September 2 2005 12:42 PM EDT

Is it any of the guesses from the previous contest?

AdminShade September 2 2005 3:46 PM EDT

Sir Spaceman wanted a general hint:

This 'finally' has something to do with the community. (the cb one)

LumpBot September 2 2005 3:49 PM EDT

We have twice as many accounts here than Cb1?

AdminShade September 2 2005 3:51 PM EDT

nope, that isn't it... :)

QBRanger September 2 2005 4:17 PM EDT

50 million battles fought.

Pysche September 2 2005 8:11 PM EDT

Monty was finally banned

AdminShade September 3 2005 6:52 AM EDT

nope, it isn't about battles fought.

and nope it isn't about monty, I'm not going to waste a contest to him.

CoolWater September 3 2005 7:36 AM EDT

finally 40 mil earned in total referral bonus.

AdminShade September 5 2005 6:16 PM EDT

alas finally nobody had interrest anymore.

I refunded Sir Spaceman his 5000 since he was the only one to ask for a hint.

Relic September 5 2005 6:48 PM EDT

so, what was the finally?

ZsecretZ September 5 2005 9:41 PM EDT

yea what was it?

Xiaz on Hiatus September 5 2005 9:42 PM EDT

Shade finally made a contest that had no answer? ;)

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] September 6 2005 1:55 AM EDT

i already guessed that sunny, i said "finally a contest with no winner"

So does this mean i win???


Roya September 6 2005 2:27 AM EDT

How about this? Finally, there is no more camping, due to the recent changes by Jonathan

AdminShade September 6 2005 4:53 AM EDT

It did have an answer and the answer was:


mushu has finally come back to CB2 but alas i havent talked to him yet...
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