ideas to revive camping in some form (in Off-topic)

WeaponX September 4 2005 11:11 PM EDT

currently i have none but what are your ideas?

Shark September 4 2005 11:29 PM EDT

I think someone already did it they camped all the arrows LOL :)

QBRanger September 4 2005 11:32 PM EDT

My idea:

Put the rares back into the store.

Make visits to the store not require a botcheck or a BA.

Then while people wait for the BA to refresh, they can visit the store as many times as they want.

Mistress Reyna September 4 2005 11:33 PM EDT

ranger this will allow bots to harvest all the rares even faster than they were being harvested befor

Relic September 4 2005 11:33 PM EDT

Ranger's Idea: Hello scripters Paradise. :)

Nixon Jibfest September 4 2005 11:57 PM EDT

One visit per minute.

! Love Barney September 5 2005 12:46 AM EDT

ummm. how about a set amount of times you get to visit the store. . .not ba like it use to be, but a person can only go in 200 times a day. . .something like that

xDanELx September 5 2005 12:47 AM EDT

Maybe set 1 rare to spawn every 2-5 days? I think this will make camping unprofitable and time consuming.

! Love Barney September 5 2005 1:02 AM EDT

thats a better idea, danel. 3-5 days of camping for one rare will make camping pointless.

xDanELx September 5 2005 1:13 AM EDT

I think that it is exciting to see a rare when you visit the store. I know the thrill of seeing a A Pair of Displacement Boots or Cornuthaum in the store and get to buy it first. =D Thats gone now sadly. :\

I still like the change though as it gets frustrating to see this huge list of rares being camped by a small group of elite campers. I do understand that they spend a lot of time on it but still, its a bit frustrating. :)

AdminShade September 5 2005 3:33 AM EDT

CB is about choices:

you can choose to fight
you can choose to forge
you can choose to camp

But you can't combine this effectively, without a BA cost EVERYONE will be able to camp the stores in between fighting or forging, making everyone a camper.

That will make it so that the real campers can't get their usual share of good items anymore.

Don't try to fix something when it isn't broken yet.

AdminShade September 5 2005 3:37 AM EDT

correction: after seeing the changelog all i can say is bummer for the campers...

I was Dignifried Bean September 5 2005 11:05 PM EDT

How about this. You can put as much BA as you want into a lottery. Each BA equals 1 chance at winning the spawn. Every spawn flushes the BA pool. Timings are still random and nobody can cheat.

maulaxe September 5 2005 11:44 PM EDT

"camping" is based on the concept that there will be a gain for the middleman. So if the price to buy them originally were set to the market price, only people who wanted to use them would buy rares.

currently, the auctions are the best solution. they don't allow items to go for less than they would eventually sell for (or at least auctions shouldn't, because of the possibility of the aforementioned middleman's profit).

My idea is to keep a separate "average price over net worth" index for base or store-spawned items only. In a few months (or however long it takes for at least two or three of each rare to have spawned) With this number, you could then bring rares out of auctions and back into the store - bringing back "camping" - but the price would be high enough to discourage, if not eliminate completely, camping as it was until a short while ago. OR erase the current values and start everything over - the point is that because things usually sell for [N] base amount + [X]% of NW, the auctions prices for near base and for upgraded items should not be mixed in this case. what the store is selling for should be the market value.

The main problem is setting the market value accurately.
I'm sure that there is an easily-implementable way to keep track of how long things spent sitting in the store + how many people visited the store while it was there.
I think that while this is not as accurate a measure as auctions by a LONG way, it does reflect the demand for items. If you saw a near base elb in the store for 10mil, would you buy it? how about 8? 6? 4? ...1? somwhere in there is the right price.

I think that a sort of reverse-auction could take place with the rares in the store. after getting a ballpark estimate of the market value of a given rare with the separate A.P.Over NW numbers, when they begin spawning in the store again it would be somewhere to start from. From then on, whenver a rare is bought, the next time one of that type spawns the base price goes up 10%. each time they "die" from the store, the price goes down 5%. If 48hrs proves too much, it can be tweaked.

...or you could just set some arbitrary base values for things through the polls or something.

Flame away!

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