Another change-month whine... (in General)

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] September 11 2005 3:56 AM EDT

Why can't people forcibly return things to their loaners if they don't need them for the entirety of the loan? I know this is a silly thing to complain about, but some conveniences would be nice to have! Come on forgers, back me up on this one!

! Love Barney September 11 2005 4:02 AM EDT

i agree

Undertow September 11 2005 4:12 AM EDT

Yah, not being able to do so is awfully technotarded. Is the weapon glued to our character or something?

[MP]MoneyPig [SNB Forging Services] September 11 2005 8:15 AM EDT

I agree

QBRanger September 11 2005 8:19 AM EDT

Sounds good to be as long as the person who loaned the items cannot be the one cancelling the loan. It has to be the loanee who is the only one to cancel/end the loan.

Will [Retired] September 11 2005 8:41 AM EDT

I mentioned this a while back...

Maelstrom September 11 2005 8:47 AM EDT

I'd really like a nice dry change-month wine ;)

QBRanger September 11 2005 9:06 AM EDT

Goes good with a nice Brie.

QBOddBird September 11 2005 10:04 AM EDT

Aha, I totally back you up on this one, 'specially when either you finish a forging job early or discover that there's no possible way you'll finish it in time, any case in which the time it should be returned changes...I like this whine XD

bartjan September 11 2005 10:51 AM EDT

Just loan the replacement item for the same period?

Undertow September 11 2005 11:58 AM EDT

Replacement item..... Bartjan are we reading the same thread.

Look, it's simple. If you don't want something anymore, and you don't care how much you paid for it, why can't you give it back? Just hand it back to the guy "here you go! Thanks!"

Why is this so difficult.

If the programming was hard I could understand. But no one can tell us that but Jon really. And from my minimum of programming expierance I don't think it would be. (Disclaimer, but I don't REALLY know.)

Why would anyone be upposed to this? What down side could it possibly have?

And, by the by, how much would it cost to have Jon add it Via USD?

QBsutekh137 September 11 2005 3:39 PM EDT

bart, not all forgers offer the loaner (sometimes people rent while having an item forged), and this would be helpful for any number of cases other than loaning. It's like canceling an auction. Doesn't seem that difficult?

Chocolate Thunder September 11 2005 3:48 PM EDT

Nah ranger you are wrong...

You want a medium-bodied fruity wine to go with brie. For a dry wine, try fruit... maybe berries or a summer peach.
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