minor bug? (in General)

AdminShade September 12 2005 6:02 AM EDT

Just fought against Chao Tipper and i didnt get a notification of the clan bonus:

You are awarded $215 and your Minions receive 90 exp each.

a second fight against the character however was normal:

You are awarded $279 and your Minions receive 86 exp each. Clan bonus: 11.4%.

weird and probably just a g-glitch

QBRanger September 12 2005 6:08 AM EDT


You probably caught the game at the exact moment it updated the clan standings. Its always near the top of the hour. Your first fight must have been with the previous hours clan bonus--zero. Your second occured as the program updated the clan standing and therefore you just got the bonus for that fight.

AdminShade September 12 2005 6:12 AM EDT

we had been in the bonus before hour change and after hour change, that can't be it.
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