Change the NUB reward system (in General)

AdminShade September 18 2005 2:00 PM EDT

Now the NUB gives new people more experience AND more money.

but some newbs use this as a big advantage to make lots of CB and sell it off for USD.

why not only base the NUB on experience instead of both exp and money?

Adrian Exodus September 18 2005 2:02 PM EDT

tanks like money

QBRanger September 18 2005 2:09 PM EDT

I think the problem is new players playing and making money to sell off for USD. They really offer the game nothing. There are quite a few like that though and I feed that beast by buying the usd.

I have no solution, however, this has always been a trend since the NUB started.

Jon says the increased cb2 is so they can "catch up" on the rares needed to compete at/near the top and I can see that point.

However, if anyone has a better solution than banning the NUB or people that sell money made from it, please let me know.

Adrian Exodus September 18 2005 2:11 PM EDT

code it so the cash can only be used in the BS and auction and to heal.

but this may only slow them, into buying rares and then selling them. <shrug>

Relic September 18 2005 2:13 PM EDT

Maybe give the Newbs newb flagged money which can only be used in the auction system/blacksmith/forge/stores (no player transfers) until their NUB runs out? They can still broker deals with other players via the auction system with BIN prices. Thoughts?

TrueDevil [AAA] September 18 2005 2:14 PM EDT

One way of solving this is Ban the use of USD for new players until their NUB expired. No selling or buying for usd, they can only do it once for supportership and new item.

Duke September 18 2005 2:37 PM EDT

No wonder there so much multi.The bonus for cheating is so juicy.

QBRanger September 18 2005 2:42 PM EDT

Ryu brings up a fantastic point.

I did not play cb1 until recently so I will ask the far older cb1 players:

Where there this many multis in cb1?


TrueDevil [AAA] September 18 2005 2:43 PM EDT

Oops, my bad. My idea sucked, new people save money from the NUB for 4 months, and sell in 1 package later on, 5 usd per 1 mil ANYONE ? I think Shade's idea would be the best currently.

AdminShade September 18 2005 2:46 PM EDT

there were quite some multis on cb1 also but mostly they were a come and go, on here they get more frequent though i think

Duke September 18 2005 3:52 PM EDT

In Cb1 the were no advantage to start a second account as the new account would produce less money.A players could run 2 account for more fun or a bit more money but need a awful load of time invest.Now for Cb2 anyone can sell also is gear.Sell is char then bye bye the xfer wait 2 week start with a NUB.He will get stronger that he was in no time and have make a load of USD that he can eithers buy more gear or go at the local corner store and buy itself a beer and laughing at everyone.Personaly i believe there is way to avoid been caught for multi.

! Love Barney September 18 2005 11:53 PM EDT

I attract haters (Italian Mob) QBRanger (The Apocalypse Book) $5000000 -- thanks August 27 2005 9:39 PM EDT

Remember that Ranger? remember the money you bought from me? Remember?. . .wait, wait, wait. . .dont you keep telling me to STOP selling my cb2 for usd? and dont you keep harassing me about it everytime you notice i make a fs/wtb thread? ironic isnt it?

QBsutekh137 September 19 2005 12:00 AM EDT

The very definition of irony. Oh dear. See, this is why I cannot leave CB. This, right here. Nothing else. Don't need it. Thanks.

Duke September 19 2005 12:58 AM EDT

What is your point here I attract haters ok you sell cash for USD.In how this is relate to the post.

! Love Barney September 19 2005 1:30 AM EDT

some newbs use this as a big advantage to make lots of CB and sell it off for USD-shade

I think the problem is new players playing and making money to sell off for USD.-ranger

they have a problem with people with NUB, me, selling cb2 for usd. my point is that ranger is a hypocrite because he keeps saying he hates newbs that use the nub for selling usd when he keeps buying from them.

Dont bite the hand that feeds you ranger.

Grim Reaper September 19 2005 2:22 AM EDT

you don't need NUB to sell cb cash to usd, NUB just helps make increased amounts of usd happen faster
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