Ilovehellokitty's IP Address =) (in General)

Icewindvz October 5 2005 5:42 PM EDT

Note this is not Multi Thread:

I find out that 'Ilovehellokitty' share 4 IP Address with Account 'You'.
But yet they have never ever transfer any items or money to each +).
Wonder if this is ok?

Best wish

BrandonLP October 5 2005 5:47 PM EDT

Nothing wrong with multiple accounts on the same IP until suspicious transfers start happening.

Relic October 5 2005 5:48 PM EDT

It is quite interesting to note how they share quite varied ip addresses. No accusations from me, just find it interesting.

AdminShade October 5 2005 5:52 PM EDT

not a multi thread but you still speak about 2 players using the same IP addresses???

how curious...

WeaponX October 5 2005 5:55 PM EDT

Kitty and YOU are roommates drop the crap.

InebriatedArsonist October 5 2005 5:58 PM EDT

So "they" say.

Ilovehellokitty October 5 2005 5:59 PM EDT

that's called "First available Network" stoopid.
I didn't know i could actually use 4 IP at the same time, YOU is very good at computer, I dont. She may explain better.

AdminShade October 5 2005 6:01 PM EDT

is YOU a female??? O.0

i thought judging the attitude it was a man (sorry for the stereotype thought and no offense to women)

but SHE (being YOU) cannot post because she is forum banned.

YOU October 5 2005 6:06 PM EDT

you think? funny Shademeister!

Icewindvz October 5 2005 6:07 PM EDT

Well mulit only count if two accounts start to share money or items.
Which mean if use one or more accounts to gain benefit for your main account.

From FAQ:
"The community polices "multis" fairly diligently. IP sharing is the main evidence in such cases, but is not in an of itself proof of guilt. If you share an IP with other players, you should avoid transfers (particularly one-sided ones) to each other to avoid the appearance of evil."

Therefore, Ilovehellokitty isn't really multing.

Well the Reason for me to bring this up is because all those talk about NUB. You see I don't want to get my account banned, but I do love to get a test of the NUB before it got nerf again =).

That is why I choose this Ilovehellokitty, as you may know if you really want to, you can a lot people with same IP and share items and money. But simply banned them does not proof or justify anything, maybe I should say it does not me any good +).

Ilovehellokitty sorry I use you for my personal reason, but you are the most well know player in CB2 so...

Best wish

Special J October 5 2005 6:27 PM EDT

heh, you has forum access again...

but for how long!

CoolWater October 5 2005 6:29 PM EDT

Icewind, you are partly correct. Don't forget that 1 person having 2 accounts (having same IP) is also a multi regardless he/she make any one sided transfer or not.

AdminShade October 5 2005 6:32 PM EDT

wow YOU have forum access again, great for you, honestly :)

Grim Reaper October 5 2005 7:04 PM EDT

The joke of YOU being kitty is getting old. Mostly the joke is done in carnage for fun.

YOU October 5 2005 7:13 PM EDT

I am surprise that Bast is not yet already all over this. Is she getting tired of this too?
Yeah...right !

Duke October 5 2005 8:12 PM EDT

She better like to send personal attack on the chat.

LumpBot October 5 2005 9:25 PM EDT

I've been pretty good friends with YOU since I met her, and I tried to get to know kitty as well. They are very much different from each other.

Jordan23 October 5 2005 9:36 PM EDT

I wondering, how admin can know who is a real roomate,friend,sister,brother etc...specially when one account is a NUB and the other is not.Can be tempting to fake a second identity with a NUB.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] October 5 2005 9:39 PM EDT

They have magic powers, and Jon can fly over to peoples houses on his magic carpet and see if they are multis or not

NSFY October 5 2005 9:40 PM EDT

/wonders if kitty/you knows spaceman's "girlfriend"

Icewindvz October 5 2005 10:21 PM EDT

ahah Jeez 19 reply already +) I guess this is a hotter topic then I was expect.

But come on guys I really think muilt is part of this game.
I mean you can't really stay at the top without any muilt accounts.

Question: Shade, as a admin do you have access to other people's account?

Best wish

QBRanger October 5 2005 10:29 PM EDT


Ice, then you must think I am a multi. Its been suggested before.

However, I would adamantly deny being a multi as would Rubberduck, Bast and the others at the top.

So stop throwing crap out there and hoping something sticks to the wall.

Ilovehellokitty October 5 2005 10:29 PM EDT

I think admin can.
I am so sorry for attacking you too much Icewindvz.

Grim Reaper October 5 2005 10:48 PM EDT

By definition of feeding main account with multiple accounts then sure you could be a multi which would maybe make anyone buying with usd a multi.

But if you go by multiple accounts being same person then yea that is a real multi according to the rule/rules.

Icewindvz October 5 2005 11:14 PM EDT


QBRanger I did not say you are muilt,
But man 10 IP address have you name on it.

Since I am already a bad guy, then so be it.

But really QBRanger, if CB2 start to banning all multi, more then 20% of the player will just gone.
So why are you even worry about, multi isn't really what I want to talk about.

Admin how about close this threat,
And no more reply please.

Best wish

Arorrr October 5 2005 11:31 PM EDT

Okay, I reply... so am I a multi now??

Nah, I like to multi----ply the post.. just that..


Undertow October 5 2005 11:37 PM EDT

1. CB DOES ban all multis.

2. It's PERFECTLY OKAY to have more than one IP address.

3. It's PERFECTLY OKAY to share the IP address with another player.

a. For example, when Gooey runs his BA at my house, we share an IP address. Because we might get home at the same time, we might even run our ba one right after the other. If I were to ever get a second computer, it would be theoretically possible for us to run our BA at the same time on the same IP.

4. Admins have a TON of ways to check for multis. So they're on the same IP? Do they run they're BA one right after the other all the time? Do they usually take the same amount of time to run BA? Are they using similar strat's? All these are other ways of finding a multi.

5. The Admins AREN'T going to tell you all the ways they know. Why? Because then a multi could find a way AROUND them.

6. Admins have LIMITLESS power. Why? Because Jon is an admin, and he controlls the database. Access your account? How about changing all your stats to 1337 and calling you a loser? Yah, he can do that.

AdminShade October 6 2005 1:36 AM EDT

as much as we can close posts, I think this one isn't ready to be closed yet =)

LumpBot October 6 2005 1:45 AM EDT

I love how your defense is to point fingers. It's good to see your lack of trust in CB players. And exactly how is my girlfriend involved in this? She played for about a week and a half and went back to reading books.

[Tranquility]-USDForger [Azn Forgesmith] October 6 2005 1:53 AM EDT

lol Shade is taking side on this one.
However Icewindvz, I notice how much you know about IP and all posting Ranger IP like that means pretty much Nothing at all just like your knowledge about static and dynamic IP address. But i am sure kitty is going to be banned/nerf soon or later anyway or worse quit due to public acceptance. I think Jordan23 played the hardest anyway, Imo

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 6 2005 3:01 AM EDT

You know guys and girls. I'm very close to getting my Brother to start up. I'm going to tell him to be a single FB+DM mage and buy a RoE as soon as he can. He'll probably sell out for USD when his bonus period is up. But I'm sure I'll be able to get my sister playing when my brother stops. She comes back from Scotland in around 4 months time.

They both live at my parents house, but my Dad doesn't let them have internet access. So naturally they'll have to come round to mine to play...

And as I don't fight any more, there will be no need to transfer anything to or from my account.

sssimmo October 6 2005 3:11 AM EDT

I don't car what anyone says....I believe you GL :P

PS. I won't tell anyone if you give me half the USD.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 6 2005 3:37 AM EDT

Backhander or sealed brown envelope?


AdminG Beee October 6 2005 3:52 AM EDT

Stop telling lies GL !!

"She comes back from Scotland in around 4 months time."

Everyone knows that after 4 months in bonnie Scotland no one leaves to go back to England !

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 6 2005 4:19 AM EDT


You know what G, she's been saying that she's finally coming home for the last 2 years... It was only supposed to be a temporary pssition to begin with!

AdminShade October 6 2005 7:40 AM EDT

btw: i'm not taking sides, the thread is just too funny to close ;0

Jordan23 October 6 2005 7:41 AM EDT

BTW The Nub is so juicy that multi don't need to transfer stuff between their accounts,just shut down old account for usd and play with the NUB after. NO transfer ,same IP...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 6 2005 8:13 AM EDT

Why Jordan, surely you're not suggesting my brother might actually be me?

PureTrixta October 6 2005 8:22 AM EDT

Can I just add something here.

When you log onto your internet you are automatically assigned an I.P. address. In most cases it is identical every time but in some cases the ISP assigns a random one each time.

AdminShade October 6 2005 8:27 AM EDT

adding something? this was already explained in this thread i thought :)

NSFY October 6 2005 12:13 PM EDT

Just make sure your "brother" doesn't get his identities mixed up and post from the wrong account - "girlfriends", "cousins", and even "pets" have been known to do that.

They are sneaky too - they will do it when you are just trying to do your chores like feeding the horses!

Special J October 6 2005 12:26 PM EDT

Let me add something,

If you are on dialup you are not assigned the same IP, this happens with broadband.

And is this thread pointless now?

LumpBot October 6 2005 2:12 PM EDT

Nice NSFY, so now humans can't make mistakes? Besides, what would I of gained from her playing? She hoged my desktop so I couldn't camp, and she asked for so much advice I missed a lot of rares. She didn't really spend a lot of BA playing anyway so she'd never make top....100.

Myonax October 6 2005 2:41 PM EDT

See if she floats!
Ducks Float!

Icewindvz October 7 2005 12:51 AM EDT

So the bottom line is IP sharing is allow in CB2? (Note: Multi is not allow.)
What about Paypal account, can two-players share a Paypal account too?

So QBRanger is not Multi because she share 10 IPs with 17 different other players, therefore we conclude the total of 18 CB2 Accounts is on the same dynamic network.

I have to say that dynamic network company should start to expand their business now. I mean they only have 10 IPs, while they have 18 users?

And what about "Mr.Bones" he only use one IP address
But yet there are 3 other CB2 account use the same IP
Users are "The Lone Forger", "monkeh", "Rubberduck"

So I am just guessing they are in a even small dynamic network, which the company only have IP to offer! Man you monthly fee must be very low +).

Now if you really want to look a user who use a dial up here is an example.
Try "Stephen" are true dynamic IP user.

Best wish

Genius [MoneyTalks] October 7 2005 11:31 AM EDT

A very smart person could multi without anyone knowing. I've got broadband but I know how to change my ip. Deleting cookies and clearing your internet files may also hide trails...

Genius [MoneyTalks] October 7 2005 11:40 AM EDT

Oh yeah, you have to think about using USD to sell your CB2 then recycling that money back into your original account by buying with USD (Assuming you can use 2 or more paypal accounts as there is a minimum you can use with paypal before you need to attach it to a credit card/ bank) . Creates an interesting loophole......I think? maybe I'm blabbing too much, ill shut up now :)

[T]Vestax October 7 2005 12:16 PM EDT

So, if she ways as duck... she's a witch?

YOU October 7 2005 1:07 PM EDT

"...And what about "Mr.Bones" he only use one IP address
But yet there are 3 other CB2 account use the same IP
Users are "The Lone Forger", "monkeh", "Rubberduck" ..."
Stop pointing fingers..this is getting old. I know Bones very well., These are not multi-and come on...don't even try talk about Rubberduck

LumpBot October 7 2005 1:46 PM EDT

Like all the other guys, I expect ice to be shortly banned for multi like the last 6 people who went pointing fingers in attempt to hide in plain site =P

Icewindvz October 7 2005 6:30 PM EDT

Ahaha I guess I miss the CB2 rule in FAQ that pointing finger will result in account banned. (^_^)

So Lumpbot, including me Icewindvz and you Lumpbot, who are other 4 accounts? (*_^)

Also who are the other 'guys' that agree with you Lumpbot? (^_^`)

Lumpbot next time when you make a statement please try to find at least a reasonable evidence to back them up, otherwise you will not worth of the Title: "Finger Pointer!" (%_%)

So is any Game Admin want to clarify the FAQ, is ok for two or more accounts to share the same IP address?

Special J October 7 2005 6:33 PM EDT

Wow, sentence structure has no place in CB2 anymore.

He was stating, the last person who attempted to point out a multi was in fact a multi and was busted only because they brought attention to themselves.

AdminJonathan October 7 2005 6:34 PM EDT

i get the impression English isn't ice's first language.


Icewindvz October 7 2005 6:40 PM EDT

Jon you right, as [EG] Almuric said:" Icewind, I realize that English is not your primary language".

And I have to say I did more Writing in this game then in my English course =).

Best wish

Special J October 7 2005 6:43 PM EDT

And a clarification on the rule stated;

Two (or more) accounts can share an IP address, this allows for co-workers, families and the like the share in the excitement of CB!

Two (or more) accounts on the same IP does flag the attention of the public and of course the admins, we keep an eye on those accounts and see if anything is done that would break a rule or lead us to belive that it is the same person playing both.

Those tipoffs include (but are not limited to);

*Mainly one sided transfers, one account feeding items/money to the other.
Telling someone they are a multi
*This happens to be the funniest
Posting as the wrong name in the forums/chat
*Again, a funny one

These are tipoffs, not bannable offenses, if one of the above happen we investigate and push the accounts and notes to a full admin who then double checks the information and acts if needed.

*As another clarification, if we see one sided transfers, we hardly investigate and simply ban the offenders.

Other things are looked as well, but we won't let the public privvy to those so we can continue to bust people by using them.

GB on the other hand has a crystal ball.

CoolWater October 7 2005 6:51 PM EDT

Just a question, what about selling items at a lower price to the other account?

Icewindvz October 7 2005 6:56 PM EDT

Sweet! mrwuss thank you so much for explaining rule for me, it is crystal clear!
Can we maybe add above into the FAQ, the current FAQ is not very clear for a newbie like me. +)

Also what about Paypal, see I have about 37 friends who eager to play this game, but they don't trust Paypal, I was wonder can they just use my Paypal address =)? Since I see them everyday, I can just pay them cash.

Again Thanks mrwuss.
Best wish

Special J October 7 2005 7:29 PM EDT

You mean for supportership?

Paypal account is of no concern to us :)
This thread is closed to new posts.