Does AMF stack? (in General)

Relic October 11 2005 12:56 AM EDT

If I have two minions that cast AMF, will their AMF combine into one large AMF or two smaller ones?

bartjan October 11 2005 1:09 AM EDT

All enchantments stack.

All enchantments stack in exactly the same way (their levels stack, not their effect).

Grim Reaper October 11 2005 2:43 AM EDT

Some enchantment effects look like they stack, mainly where
Total level x %=effect

bartjan October 11 2005 2:45 AM EDT

All enchantments stack. Not just 'look'.

Relic October 11 2005 9:17 AM EDT

So one minion that casts a .24 against another characters minion having another minion that casts .24 would make the effective cast .48 against the opposing characters minion?

Wonderpuff October 11 2005 9:21 AM EDT

Well, probably with AMF since the effect is linear.

QBRanger October 11 2005 9:23 AM EDT


It explains it quite well there.

QBJohnnywas October 11 2005 9:37 AM EDT

And for the lazy from the help:

'If multiple Enchantments are cast on the same target, the levels are added together, and used to compute a new effect by the usual rules. If one of your Minions casts Anti-magic Field (1000) for a 30% effect, and another of your Minions also casts AMF (2000) on the same enemy for 22%, the net result is is the same as AMF (3000). Say, 33%.'

bartjan October 11 2005 9:45 AM EDT

AMF effect depends also on DD level, so it's not linear...

AdminShade October 11 2005 9:56 AM EDT

and 1 minion casting a .24 AMF against somebody's DD spell and then having another one casting a .24 also, will not make it .48...

the levels stack and THEN there will be a new effect...

AdminNightStrike October 12 2005 10:12 AM EDT

Do you want your AMF % to be higher or lower?

Relic October 12 2005 10:17 AM EDT

Higher. 1.0 is 100%.

AdminNightStrike October 13 2005 5:44 AM EDT

What counters AMF?

AdminShade October 13 2005 5:45 AM EDT

Higher DD level spells...

they don't really counter AMF but they lower the effect.
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