Corrupt Wish Game (in Contests)

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] October 17 2005 8:07 PM EDT

Well, I saw this game on another website, and decided it would be a bit of fun to play here :)

Basically the game goes like this: The first person to post (me) posts a wish, it could be about
_anything_ you want. The next person to post has to post two things: You have to mess up the other
persons wish, and post a wish of your own.

An example would be:

Player 1) I wish for a million dollars

Player 2) You recieve one million dollars, however, the next day the feds are at your door getting ready to
arrest you for counterfeiting.
Player 2) I wish for...blablabla (you get the idea)

There is no entry fee, and no prize, since there will be no winner :)

-- I wish that I could be the supreme overlord of the universe :)

48Zach October 17 2005 8:09 PM EDT

You become to supreme overlord of the universe , but then Wonderwomen comes down and beams you into black ash and u are no longer the overlord

I wish for someone to buy my RS2 $$ and give me free CB2 $$

! Love Barney October 17 2005 8:11 PM EDT

you sell your runescape money, but get fined for hijacking a thread

i wish i had my forging char back

Blarg October 17 2005 8:15 PM EDT

you will get your forging character back, but whoever gave it back to you is really a multi of you and you both get banned.

I wish to live a long and healthy life.

Blarg October 17 2005 8:16 PM EDT

and shouldn't this be in off-topic if its not really a contest?

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] October 17 2005 8:19 PM EDT

I asked G_Beee, he said either forum was fine, but if someone wants to move it, go ahead :)

--you live a long healthy life, but end up as a 120 year old man with an adult diaper.

-- I wish I had 2 million MPR

RIPsalt3d October 17 2005 8:19 PM EDT

You live a long and healthy life, but you become known to friends and relatives alike as 'that guy who asks really pedantic questions'. ;)

I wish for a shiny new sports car.

QBBarzooMonkey October 17 2005 8:19 PM EDT

You live a long an healthy life, but only after a terrible lapse in judgement lands you life imprisonment in a maximum security facility.

I wish I could fly.

RIPsalt3d October 17 2005 8:20 PM EDT

Sigh. My brain works too slowly.

You get 2M PR, then realise you're playing CB1.

I still wish for a sports car. :)

Synco October 17 2005 8:20 PM EDT

You have 2 mil CB1.

You get a sports car, and then it blows up when you're driving it.

You can fly, but get shot down by the air force.

I wish I had the NUB.

QBBarzooMonkey October 17 2005 8:23 PM EDT

You get the NUB, but then Ranger gets his wish and the NUB is nerfed.

I wish I had a monkey.

{CB1}Carp King October 17 2005 8:30 PM EDT

A monkey flies out of your, but thats a jim carey movie ;)

I wish jon would make the sling of david as the next supporter item.

AdminG Beee October 17 2005 8:41 PM EDT

You get your sling of David, but then David gets you reset for stealing his sling.

I wish I was sleeping right now.

{CB3}-HR22 October 17 2005 8:46 PM EDT

You are sleeping, but get woke up and notice somebody running away with your Computer in there hands.

I wish i had a Playstation 3 before everyone else.

! Love Barney October 17 2005 8:51 PM EDT

you get ur ps3 but manufacturing problems cause it to blow up in your hands (thanks to you they get recalled before hundreds and thousands of people had the same problem)

i wish i knew how decay worked

Dragon Slayer October 17 2005 9:01 PM EDT

you find out how decay works then suffer a heart attack before you can use your new found knowledge

i wish i had a V8 in my '63 Chevy Nova

Sukotto [lookingglas] October 17 2005 9:23 PM EDT

You get your V*, but then gas goes to $10/gal

I wish I had the NUB. :-)

{CB1}Carp King October 17 2005 9:25 PM EDT

You get a V8 in my '63 Chevy Nova, then you notice you own a chevy and the V8 bottle was opened by someone who put poison in it causing you to die.

QBRanger October 17 2005 9:26 PM EDT

You get your NUB,

But then Jon realizes the current NUB is too low and doubles it for all new players

I wish for world peace.

{CB1}Carp King October 17 2005 9:27 PM EDT

dam i messed that one up

You get the NUB 2 days after jon makes it so the nub will go away in 1 day 23:59

I wish Monty payed his debts

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] October 17 2005 9:29 PM EDT

-- World peace comes, but all violence is banned and carnage blender is taken off the net.

-- Monty pays his debts, but that causes the apocalypse, and we all die.

-- I wish I was really really smart and could sleep all day in school and still get A's

fatty the loner October 17 2005 9:56 PM EDT

You were really really smart and could sleep all day in school and still get A's, but then you wake up and relize that it was all just a dream.

I wish that live underwater without having to worry about air

RIPsalt3d October 17 2005 10:23 PM EDT

You can breathe underwater without worrying about air, but all your food tastes wet and salty.

I wish I could work from home.

Undertow October 17 2005 10:52 PM EDT

You work from home, because you lost your bottom half from a near fatal llama acident.

I wish I had a battle ship.

BrandonLP October 17 2005 10:53 PM EDT

You have a battleship, but it's made of plastic and came with a Milton Bradley game.

I wish I was a rockstar.

[T]Vestax October 18 2005 12:16 AM EDT

You become a Rock Star, but your only hit song was suppose to be joke and you absolutely hate playing it or even listing to it. It haunts you for the rest of your life and overshadows every other thing you do.

I want money to no longer exist.

QBOddBird October 18 2005 12:20 AM EDT

Money no longer exists, but then everyone simply resorts to stealing food and you starve to death.

I wish you loved me. ;)

Special J October 18 2005 12:22 AM EDT

I do love you.

I wish I didn't.

{CB1}Carp King October 18 2005 2:09 AM EDT

mrwuss no longer loves OddBird after seeing a picture of Mushu in a dress, and says "I feel like Mushu tonight!!!"

I wish for my two front teeth!

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] October 18 2005 3:49 AM EDT

You get your front teeth, but all the others rot out of your head.

I sure wish I was a ninja.

InebriatedArsonist October 18 2005 4:35 AM EDT

You become a ninja, but unfortunately your feudal lord is easily bored and has a bad habit of ordering his subordinates to commit seppuku. That, and the prescription co-pay is outrageous.

I wish for a turkey sandwich.

AdminG Beee October 18 2005 4:47 AM EDT

You get your Turkey sandwich

I wish Bird flu hadn't migrated to Turkeys :/

DAWG October 18 2005 5:37 AM EDT

The bird flu never migrated to Turkey and the US and other governments never figured out a contingency plan to deal with such threats and the entire world gets a new mutated strain of H5N1 that can pass thru humans and the entire race of man gets wiped out.

I wish I wasn't dead.

QBJohnnywas October 18 2005 5:39 AM EDT

You're not dead, you're just living out a strange dream of a tiny microbe living on G Beee's birthday cake.

I wish I was at home watching bad daytime television.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] October 18 2005 7:54 AM EDT

You are at home watching Trisha when you see your wife on there making up lies about your home life and demanding everything you own.

I wish stress was non-existent

QBJohnnywas October 18 2005 7:57 AM EDT

Stress becomes non-existent but then life becomes so boring that you resort to eating junk food all day. You get hugely fat and die and eventually they have to lift you out of your house using a crane.

I wish I was taller.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] October 18 2005 8:14 AM EDT

You become taller but then realise that you are so tall it is impossible to go into buildings, too tall for amusement park rides and always seem to get struck by lightning.

I wish I was a video game character

QBJohnnywas October 18 2005 8:18 AM EDT

You become a video game character. Unfortunately you find yourself in a very old Super Mario game where you die when Mario himself stomps on your head. You are never seen again.

I wish I had a beefburger and fries.

AdminG Beee October 18 2005 8:23 AM EDT

You get beefburger and fries...

moo - I wish Johnny didn't have mad cows disease.

QBJohnnywas October 18 2005 8:26 AM EDT

You wish Johnny didn't have mad cow disease. And he doesn't anymore. Because the mad cow disease mutated and turned him into a superhuman bovine fighting machine. And then Johnny and Shade - Dancing Chicken Man - used their superhuman (animal?) powers to fight grime and save grannies from digestive biscuits.

I wish G Beee happy birthday!

WeaponX October 18 2005 8:40 AM EDT

G_Beee has a happy birthday but then he gets drunk and sleeps until the next day.

i wish i could play football

Will [Retired] October 18 2005 8:48 AM EDT

You can play football, but then you twist your ankle in the first minute of the game...

I wish I had a job.

QBJohnnywas October 18 2005 8:52 AM EDT

You get a job but you are so busy you no longer have time to play CB. Unlike some CB players who seem to do nothing at work but play CB....

I wish that my landlord would let me live in my flat for nothing

WeaponX October 18 2005 8:54 AM EDT

you have a job. for a non profit organization that doesn't pay salary.

i wish my girlfriend wasn't mad at me

QBJohnnywas October 18 2005 9:02 AM EDT

Your girlfriend isn't mad at you anymore. Unfortunately this is because she has been kidnapped by an enemy power and had her mind wiped of any memories before five minutes ago. So when you go to see her she calls the police because she thinks you are a burglar trying to steal her collection of pottery hedgehogs. You are arrested and spend the next seventeen years in jail sharing a cell with a seven foot tall man called Esther Sugar Plum.

I wish I could stay away from CB for at least the hour it will take me to get my work done this afternoon

Rommel [Darkest Hour] October 18 2005 9:35 AM EDT

you stay away just long enough to get your work done and your boss to hand you another stack of assignments due in 2 hours

i wish i had a ciggarette

fatty the loner October 18 2005 3:22 PM EDT

You have ciggarette but you die instantly after you smoke it for lung cancer.
I wish that my cats didn't have fleas.

[T]Vestax October 18 2005 3:36 PM EDT

Your cat will no longer have or get fleas, instead you will.

I wish you were abducted by aliens.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] October 18 2005 4:09 PM EDT

I am abducted by aliens, but they think I'm such a cool dude that they tell me all the secrets of the universe and let me go free to wreak my horrible revenge upon you. :-)

I wish I had a pink fuzzy monkey in my room

QBBarzooMonkey October 18 2005 4:15 PM EDT

You get a pink fuzzy monkey, but then....uh.......

I want a pink fuzzy monkey, too!

48DangerZone October 18 2005 4:33 PM EDT

You have ur pink fluffy monkey but it gets stolen and you blame G beee and he says no, and then just as you thought you lost it forever you noticed ur mom threw it our.

I wish i could be a monkey

Davie October 18 2005 5:20 PM EDT

You turn into a Monkey, but you decided you didnt like it so then decided to change back but you couldn't so you lived the rest of your miserable life as a monkey, (which you didnt like!!)

I wish nobody would ruin my wish :P

empty orchestra October 18 2005 5:55 PM EDT

nobody ruins your wish, but you're so guilt ridden about being the only one who actually gets his wish the way it was intended that you decide to off yourself by swallowing large quantities of match-heads with a drano chaser.

i wish i had a bionic implant that allows me to switch visual spectrums like the predator.

fatty the loner October 18 2005 6:18 PM EDT

You have a bionic implant that allows you to switch visual spectrums like the predator but it breaks and you are left blind.

I wish that this "contest" could go on forever.

Maelstrom October 18 2005 6:23 PM EDT

This contest goes on forever, but after a few days, you're the only one left playing, and you have to corrupt your own wishes.

I wish I could think of a good wish...

Victimizer October 18 2005 9:57 PM EDT

You think up a good wish but you decide not to type it because you realise that it was a horrible wish in the first place

I wish my attempt at corruption sounded better

Sukotto [lookingglas] October 18 2005 10:00 PM EDT

You think of a good wish, but the next poster shoots it down.

I wish I could play more than 2 sets of BA per day.

QBBarzooMonkey October 18 2005 10:01 PM EDT

Your attempt at corruption is so vile that you get a forum ban for life...

I wish my sinuses would stop hurting so much

QBOddBird October 18 2005 10:02 PM EDT

Your attempt at corruption is better, but it is non-PG and you are forum banned.

I wish that you wish that I wish that you wish that I was you wishing you were me.

QBBarzooMonkey October 18 2005 10:22 PM EDT

- You get to plat several more sets of BA a day, but your rewards are never more than $1 and 1 XP

- You get your wishing wish, but it confuses me so much that I step in front of a bus, and you fell so guilty that you never touch a computer again, ever.

I still wish my sinuses didn't hurt so much

BrandonLP October 18 2005 10:29 PM EDT

Your sinuses no longer hurt, but that's because the bus actually hit you.

I wish I had some cheese.

Synco October 18 2005 10:30 PM EDT

You get your cheeze, and then spontaneously combust.

I wish this contest was over.

QBOddBird October 18 2005 10:50 PM EDT

The contest ends, and is restarted in a new thread.

I wish I was a few inches taller.

fatty the loner October 18 2005 11:02 PM EDT

You are a few inches taller but that's only because of all the calluses that you now have on your feet.

I wish this game wasn't so addictive

Ander Hammer October 18 2005 11:23 PM EDT

CB loses its addictive quality, but you now have nothing fun to do. You drop into a dark, brooding depression.

I wish I had a gun that turned things purple.

Thraklight Resonance October 18 2005 11:36 PM EDT

You have a gun that turns things purple, but you accidently shoot yourself and turn into Barney.

I wish "Wish You Were Here" was on the radio right now.

Nixon Jibfest October 18 2005 11:50 PM EDT

"I wish you were here" is on the radio right now but in a city 2000 miles away.

I wish that I could be the supreme overlord of the universe

Maelstrom October 18 2005 11:54 PM EDT

You become the supreme overlord of the universe, but then the universe ends, and all living things perish.

I wish that the next person's wish could be corrupted by the following: "but then Wonderwomen comes down and beams you into black ash and ..."

iceforge October 21 2005 11:55 PM EDT

My wish will be corrupted by "but then Wonderwomen comes down and beams you into black ash and ..." but you will never know it and gain any satisfaction.

I wish to have the best equipment for my characters (duh?)

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] October 22 2005 12:45 AM EDT

You get the ideal setup for your team, maxed out to the optimal PR level... but then Wonder Woman comes down and beams you into black ash and the news never reaches CB.

I wish I had never made this post.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 22 2005 12:47 AM EDT

You did make a post, and it sucked.

I wish for a clue.

Tenchi Muyo October 22 2005 5:40 AM EDT

You get a clue, but it only leaves you more confused and searching for more.

I wish I could get some sleep when it's almost 3 AM >_<

AdminNightStrike October 22 2005 6:34 AM EDT

Congratulations, you are granted sleep. You wake up at 6:30 to "yellow".........

(Obscure reference)

I wish for more DX...

As a note, this game reminds me of The Monkey's Paw.

(How can "Monkey's" be misspelled?? If you're going to have a spellchecker enforcement policy, at least make one that works!)

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] October 22 2005 5:20 PM EDT

As of the last post in this contest the standings are....

Cb1: 233 replies to the "Corrupted Wish Contest" !

Cb2: 72 replies to the "Corrupted Wish Contest" ; P

***note*** this was pointed out to me, just thought it was interesting ;)

Inferno October 22 2005 5:27 PM EDT

Wow cb1 must be a lot more popular.

Tenchi Muyo October 22 2005 5:44 PM EDT

You get more DX, but it was part of a rescale and everybody else got it too.

I wish this game had faster BA so it doesn't take 3 hours to play for 3 minutes.

! Love Barney October 22 2005 5:48 PM EDT

ba generates faster but it turns out you were reset.

I wish ucla beats usc

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 22 2005 6:19 PM EDT

some team does something but it doesn't matter and no one cares.

I wish my score wasn't dropping like a stone

Tenchi Muyo October 22 2005 6:35 PM EDT

Your score stops dropping, but only after it reaches 1.

I wish I had something better to do than keep posting on this thread.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 22 2005 8:29 PM EDT

You find something better to do, and get arrested for doing it.

I wish for a day a year where we have unlimited BA

Special J October 22 2005 8:43 PM EDT

You get unlimited BA, and your internet access goes down.

I wish I understood women.

Unwanted Memories October 22 2005 8:57 PM EDT

You understand women...Because you wake up as one.

I wish I could quit smoking

XxFaezerxX October 22 2005 8:57 PM EDT

u understand womenbut u're looks scare them off
i wish i had some coke right now

XxFaezerxX October 22 2005 9:13 PM EDT

u stop smoking but that's only because u destroyed your lungs alrdy

i wish i had a coke right now

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] October 23 2005 9:26 AM EDT

You have a coke, But its flat with no carbonation.
I wish I had a bigger Tattoo.

QBOddBird October 23 2005 5:59 PM EDT

You get a bigger tattoo, but then are reset and banned for being a multi.

I wish I was finished with Ethics and had an A in it already.

Dragon Slayer October 23 2005 6:39 PM EDT

you finish ethics and get an A but two months later its found out that you paid off the teacher and have to retake the class

i wish my ear would stop ringing

Pysche October 23 2005 6:48 PM EDT

Your ear stops ringing but it also is bitten off by Mike Tyson.

I wish everyone on CB2 could read all the great answers to this that are on CB1.

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] October 24 2005 5:07 AM EDT

Everyone here can read those entries here... but they still can't sign up for CB1. I wish rare items still spawned in the store.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] October 24 2005 12:14 PM EDT

Rare items do spawn in stores but you don't have the cold hard cash to buy the items.
I wish I was married to Keira Knightly

AdminShade October 24 2005 3:06 PM EDT

You marry with Keira Knightly, but she turns out to be the worst person on earth to live with and you are miserable for your entire life.

I wish this contest would come to an end :p

Unwanted Memories October 24 2005 3:12 PM EDT

The contest comes to an end... But everyone flames you for closing the thread and Bast or G Bee reopens it.

I wish for nothing.

AdminShade October 24 2005 3:22 PM EDT

You get nothing, but the nothing turns out to be the flaming I would have received because you were so selfish.

I wish the next person makes a wish :p

(and Bast can't re open a thread)

Maelstrom October 24 2005 3:28 PM EDT

The next person makes a wish, but it so thoroughly confuses you that you're not sure whether or not it was really a wish.

I wish that the Shade hadn't wished that I make a wish.

{CB3}-HR22 October 24 2005 7:57 PM EDT

Shade hadn't wished that you make a wish, but instead wished that everyone but you had 3 wishes .

I wish i was 21

[SoM]CupofJoe [Peoples Bank of Carnage] October 24 2005 8:03 PM EDT

You become 21 and realize that it isn't that big of a deal, just like everyone told you it wasn't.

I wish my house would clean itself :)

QBBarzooMonkey October 24 2005 8:08 PM EDT

Your house cleans itself, but it is actually turns out that it was a robot that starts kicking you in the butt...

Not the red one! Don't ever touch the red one!

I wish, I wish, I wish I was a fish.

Unwanted Memories October 24 2005 8:21 PM EDT

You become a fish... but you have no fingers thus cannot play with your dogs nor play cb... how sad life becomes...

I wish to win the muppet song contest

AdminShade October 25 2005 1:58 AM EDT

You win the muppet song contest but an admin saw you cheating and resets you.

I wish I wish it was january

Pysche October 25 2005 4:23 AM EDT

It is now January and everyone is VERY annoy at you because they missed Thanksgiving and Christmas and most retailers are suing you for their lost holiday sales.

I wish there was something good on TV at 4am

fatty the loner October 25 2005 9:12 PM EDT

There is something good on tv but it's a informcail and you spend 3 "easy" payments of $19.95 on a piece of junk that doesn't do what they said it would do.

I wish sky was orange not blue

empty orchestra October 25 2005 9:43 PM EDT

your wish comes true and the sky was orange, but it was way back when the earth was still just a molten ball of fire. *sizzle*

i wish i had a really nice set of chef's knives.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] October 28 2005 11:10 PM EDT

You get your knives only to find out that they were used in the latest spree of mass murders and your finger prints are the only ones on them.

I wish I understood how to play the game effectively.

QBOddBird October 28 2005 11:23 PM EDT

You understand how to play this game effectively, but then you reach the top, lose your NUB, and start whining.

I wish everyone else was as beautiful as me. ~_^

Untouchable October 28 2005 11:40 PM EDT

you're beautiful, but not as beautiful as i am. :]

i wish i had a cool car to run everyone over with. :D

QBOddBird October 28 2005 11:47 PM EDT

You get the cool car, but then you wreck and in a disfiguring accident become less beautiful than me.

I wish clothes could wash themselves so I didn't have to keep doing laundry.

TotallyTLQ October 29 2005 4:06 AM EDT

Clothes start washing themselves, but they wear out so fast you have to go buy new ones almost as often as you have to do laundry.

I wish that men who father babies would take responsibilty for them and be a man and a father to their children.

Pysche October 29 2005 9:10 AM EDT

Men who father babies would take responsibilty for them and be a man and a father to their children, but now you can get rid of them either.

I wish I had enough PR to start serious forging on CB2.

insanity- October 30 2005 7:16 AM EST

You get enough pr for serious forging but are investigated for suspicious activity and your account is banned.

I wish I was dead :P

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] October 30 2005 9:21 AM EST

You get cancer, moments before your death you are crygenically frozen and launched into
space with 6 other terminally ill patients, 6000 years later you are discovered by a space
cruiser and brought aboard. You are unfrozen and your terminally ill status is reversed with advanced
medical technology. Oh well.

I wish I could remember the ending to that Star Trek episode....

QBOddBird October 30 2005 9:24 AM EST

You remember the ending to that Star Trek episode, but immediately afterwards you get Alzheimer's disease and it is the last thing you *ever* remember.

I wish my toes weren't so freezing cold!

AdminShade October 30 2005 9:30 AM EST

Your toes aren't so freezing cold anymore, but you realise they are on fire.

I make no wish

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] October 30 2005 9:35 AM EST

Shade makes no wish, but he's jealous when everyone else's wishes are spontaneously granted.

I wish my "back" option had not spontaneously stopped working. (FF)

[SoM]CupofJoe [Peoples Bank of Carnage] October 30 2005 9:36 AM EST

Your wish of, "I wish I could think of a wish" comes true.
Unfortunately you've been cursed with typing "I make no wish."
Hence the above entry :)

I wish I was number 1 in this game :)

[SoM]CupofJoe [Peoples Bank of Carnage] October 30 2005 9:38 AM EST

err beat me to the punch

You're back option spontaneously starts working but your forward option now spontaneously stops working.

I wish I typed faster than Bast

AdminShade October 30 2005 10:30 AM EST

You type faster than Bast, but by doing this you make no sense at all so people don't understand you.

I still make no wish.

QBBarzooMonkey October 30 2005 10:35 AM EST

Shade doesn't make a wish, so other people start making awful, nasty wishes for him.

I wish Shade would make a wish.

Unwanted Memories October 30 2005 10:37 AM EST

Shade makes a wish, but it doesn't come true...
I wish the blacksmith didn't charge so much for upgrading my Axbow

AdminShade October 30 2005 10:43 AM EST

The blacksmith only asks for a 20% fee on upgrading your axbow, but you have to forge it yourself then.

I still refuse to make a wish myself.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 30 2005 12:25 PM EST

Shade refuses to make a wish, so he gets kidnapped, tortured, then brainwashed into making a wish. This wish is then 'messed up' in a horrible, yet amusing way.

I wish for my wish to remain un 'messed up'.

AdminShade October 30 2005 12:28 PM EST

your wish remains un 'messed up' but by that it makes you get cursed and remain your entire life unhappy by the thought of having the only un 'messed up' wish.

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] October 30 2005 3:50 PM EST

Shade becomes the wish-granting, chicken-dancing genie of CB.

I wish I knew how to get him to grant my wishes.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] October 31 2005 10:23 PM EST

You learn how to make him grant your wishs but you're so far back in line of people that you die of old age.

I wish that I hadn't re-inked my ToE and not have enough money to turn it back to a ToE.

Untouchable November 1 2005 11:32 PM EST

you are lucky, you win the Lotto and can reink your tattoo, but then realizing its all just a dream =|

i wish i can finish this amazingly tasty Duck Egg (my 5th one)
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