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Inferno October 24 2005 7:54 AM EDT

Well I just had a deal fall through why because people were chatmailing him and telling him not to do a deal with me. Why? I don't scam, never have, never will. I only have -1- account, I have never defaulted a deal. Why are people saying I can't be trusted.
I'd like an explanation and apology from these people.

AdminShade October 24 2005 10:12 AM EDT

Chat mailing who? And couldn't you also chat mail him to say that they are talking crazy?

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] October 24 2005 10:27 AM EDT

maybe he's just saying it to get out of cuz maybe he found a better deal?

Either way, it is a low blow on you...

Inferno October 24 2005 3:23 PM EDT

Ya I had a deal with NightStrike and he told me people have been telling him not to trust me. And now Night doesn't trust me :S

AdminNightStrike October 25 2005 3:31 PM EDT

We didn't have a deal. You proposed a deal, and I proposed an alternative. You didn't like my alternative.

You were providing a tattoo as collateral for defaulting on a $60 / 4.5m loan paid in a month. The tattoo was not worth that much, so I offered another way to go about it -- you pay me first, then I send cash. You didn't like this idea. That's ok, there's nothing wrong with that. But don't tell me I backed out on a deal that we never had. The tread is still there in the public record -- I never confirmed your end, and you never confirmed mine.

As for me receiving CMs, yes, I received advice to be careful about the deal. It's sketchy at best -- anyone can see that.

Inferno October 25 2005 5:16 PM EDT

First of all yes my tattoo is worth 4.5 the NW is 9M.

There was no point to your deal cause it was basically making money and selling at different times but I had to just sell to you have it a certain amount of time, with my tattoo as collateral which was abit stupid.

And like I said you only purposed that deal because people told you not to trust me.

And my deal even which I said was only real type I could do as I need
money by Oct 30 if I don't get I just don't get a teeth guard.

I don't no why you'd think I'd scam you because my Tattoo is double the worth even if I did scam you, you'd make profit.

Ilovehellokitty October 25 2005 5:27 PM EDT

There's no promise what item will worth like by the time you plan to finnish your debt. However, USD will remain the same in your pocket. I have loaned money to Nexium Crash once for 2.5millions with a Blade of Thunderwield (base) as withheld item which then he defaulted and i ended up less than 35% what i gave up front. (change log --> price dropped). Common security is all.
Please stop the drama, can we all just get a long? :P

Love you all. :P

Inferno October 25 2005 5:33 PM EDT

I'm not looking to default no point, low life. I just want to know why people don't trust me. I haven't done anything wrong. I also had a down payment in this deal so basically he's guaranteed profit. I agree with Kitty "can't we just all get along?"

QBRanger October 25 2005 5:36 PM EDT

I think the problem is that your borrowing CB2 to sell for USD. There was someone else who did things very similiar and never paid people back. Right now you have no "credit history" so your a very high risk loan.

With high risk loan, people will frequently have second or third thoughts. Nothing personal I hope, but the past is the past.

Special J October 25 2005 6:00 PM EDT

Not trusting someone with money is not about not doing anything wrong.

You have not done anything right.

Hello, do people not understand credit?

Inferno October 25 2005 7:51 PM EDT

I've had lots of deals, and they have been successfully done. No problems.

Special J October 25 2005 8:00 PM EDT

So in the past you have taken a loan and sold it for USD and paid it back?

We had one monty, no one is going to subject themselves to another. He ruined it, not you.

Inferno October 25 2005 8:07 PM EDT

mrwuss, I know some people look at me different because I want to sell for USD, but remember I have collateral that = twice the amount I want. Some of you people don't trust me.., I do wish I could show you people I can by doing this type of deal and get more trust. If I did a deal like this and successfully paid it back would I get more respect cause that's also what I'm also trying to do now.

Inferno October 25 2005 8:13 PM EDT

Why would I scam? When I could just sell my tat for more. Instead I should get a loan put it as collateral and borrow less money and scam the person. Such a clever idea!

Special J October 25 2005 8:15 PM EDT

Inferno I wish you would understand that it is not you that we don't trust, it is the deal.

Monty took a loan, sold it for USD, and never paid it back. This left the community in an uproar that doesn't seem to have settled yet.

Your tattoo is only worth what someone will pay for it, who told you it was worth twice as much as your loan?

48Zach October 25 2005 8:17 PM EDT

I would do thwe deal with you Inferno. I see no reason why people shouldn't trust you / dis-respect you.
Yes , maybe someone did become a scam artist in the past. I recall Superman doing it before he left to help out someone , thus causing someone else to quit because of HIS behaviour. I have also heard a fellow named Monty also had done this and scared the CB community. I do realize that people should be taking per-cautions about this , But Inferno has done nothing wrong and should be trusted.

The way some people are looking at this is , that because 1 or 2 people had done this scam before this deal came along , it makes people seem like Inferno himself will be doing this. Since the others have done it , no one has seemed to have done this. So why should Inferno have to go through this because of some other people that have done it before?

Special J October 25 2005 8:20 PM EDT

Monty never did it before he did it either.

Making sense yet? Do you want to be his co-signer? Are you willing to risk your account being reset on the fact that he would pay his loan?

Not trusting someone with $60 is not disrespect.

48Zach October 25 2005 8:23 PM EDT

True mrwuss , but I wouldnt risk my account on this , but i do believe this shouldn't be going on .. I dont think this thread should be here , i dont think people should be aloud to take otu loans just to sell for USD , I dont think this is supposed to be what CB is like!

QBOddBird October 25 2005 8:24 PM EDT

I always have a vet vouch for any newbies or unrecognized faces that I deal with. If noone will, there's no deal. Why? Because it could easily be Monty on a new account, someone with the same aim, someone who isn't going to stick with CB, or any one of another thousand scenarios. The fact is, until you've proven yourself trustworthy, you aren't. Since when would you trust a stranger with your wallet because he's done nothing wrong to you?

Inferno October 26 2005 9:00 AM EDT

I'm not exactly the new guy in town. As you can see I've been playing for 2 months which is quite along time from my standards.
As I said I've had deals with various people not loan to USD though. If you recall mrwuss I did a p/p for your Fire Familiar some time back. And remember my tattoo has quite abit of value as it's worth more than this loan. I also had a down payment which really boosted him even if I did scam him. I know you people don't trust me because of this type of deal, but like I said why scam, why not just sell the tattoo for more? (I'm not looking at quitting) Well this monty guy, did he have a collateral when he go a loan and sold for USD?

Ilovehellokitty October 26 2005 9:32 AM EDT

why don't you try to sell it for 4mil then so that you can prove your point :P
guess what......?

Let it go !

Inferno October 26 2005 11:27 AM EDT

I don't want to sell it I like CB :S

[Tranquility]-USDForger [Azn Forgesmith] October 26 2005 11:48 AM EDT

You don't want to sell it but you would like to ensure 60$ for it so that someone else can take the risk of the market price change?

Way to go Inferno, good thinking !

Inferno October 26 2005 1:38 PM EDT

Umm ok..

So if I was planing to quit/scam I could get $60 USD or quit and sell my character and tattoo for like $90 USD hmm which on?

Like I said I don't want to quit CB or scam. The market won't go down with tattoos unless they really get changed which I highly doubt.

AdminNightStrike October 26 2005 2:16 PM EDT

1) Your tattoo is not worth $60 + the 700k CB2 downpayment.

2) There is nothing that forces you to send me the tattoo if you default on the $60 loan. You keep saying it will be sent "automatically", but this is not the case. The only "automatic" thing that will happen if you default on the loan is that your account will be reset. That doesn't help me any. That leaves me with buying 700k for $60.

3) You said that I could have the tattoo outright, then loan it to you for the duration of the loan. This costs me another 400k+. This results in me winding up with a tattoo and 300k for $60.

4) If this tattoo is so valuable, then insta-down it to half its size and sell the CB2 at $16/m.

Inferno October 26 2005 2:21 PM EDT

..Yes my Tattoo is worth $60 it's worth more than that.

I said I'd send tattoo to you and 400k for you to loan it to me. So if I did get reset you'd still have Tat.

Inferno October 26 2005 2:22 PM EDT

BTW it was 900k down payment with 400k for loaning with it.

Inferno October 26 2005 2:24 PM EDT

The Spirit of Lukeyman lvl 487,170 9,258,687

You saying that's not worth $60 USD?

AdminShade October 26 2005 2:28 PM EDT

Why don't you both just shut up about it, it's nothing but arguing and picking fights.

yes, no, yes, no... what does that solve?

The tattoo is worth what the player buying it finds it worth, $60 usd or not.

If you want to sell the tattoo make a FS post or put it in auctions, continuing to talk about it in here will only make people pissed off, including me...

And for the fact if people should trust you or not i remain in the middle but I can imagine that lots of people think twice nowadays about having people endebted for a great deal of money just because of the multi, quitting or selling out for USD factors.

I will let this post remain open but beware of what you put in it, otherwise i'd have to do things i don't want to...

Inferno October 26 2005 2:30 PM EDT

If I were still to do deal, deal would be 1.7M down with 3.2M still to pay which makes 4.9M, 4.5M + 400k for loaning. And a Tattoo with 9M NW for collateral. If I wasn't looking for the to buy a teeth guard right now and I had USD to spare I'd do a deal like that.

PS: Sorry for back to back to back to back replys :S

Ilovehellokitty October 26 2005 3:53 PM EDT

You could always sell it to the nice guy who helped you out when you were accused of multi-ing. What was his name? Bobbins? i wonder what happened to him after that 'real $45' thing.

I love you chappy so so much.

Inferno October 26 2005 6:20 PM EDT

Oh Bobbina I remember him, I still can't believe he sold me my tat back :D Anyways I'm not multi of him lol And like I said I don't want to sell my tat I just want to get a loan.

48Zach October 26 2005 6:29 PM EDT

Inferno , you already have 1.8mil CB2 , why not just forge for a couple weeks and then take out a smaller loan?

Inferno October 26 2005 6:32 PM EDT

I need money by Oct 30 but I've decided to just get a cheaper teeth guard me and NightStrike have worked out a deal now I'm selling him 1.8M for $26 I think lol

AdminNightStrike October 27 2005 12:17 AM EDT


Sidenote: Shade, you are really offbase here. It's not about arguing and picking fights. It's about setting the record straight. That's why this is in the Public-Record. Inferno had a very vaild reason for posting, and I had very valid reasons for replying.

The only thing out of place in this thread is YOUR post telling both Inferno and myself to "shut up". Newsflash, Shade: A lot more than just the two of us posted, and are posting, in this thread. It is all relevant, and none of it is petty bickering.

Inferno, I sent your money via PayPal. If you ever need to do that again, let me know.
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