clan issue. Is this fair? does it matter? (in General)

Starseed^Lure October 25 2005 5:29 PM EDT

I'd rather not reveal the identity of the person who wrote this unless they wish to identify themselves. I do not claim this is true, nor do I claim the source is of good or ill repute. I won't even identify the supposed perpetrator, I'd just like to see what people think about this. I recieved this message via chatmail:

"I have a favor to ask of you. [player name] of [clan name] has decided that the way to suplement his income is to blackmail weaker clans into paying tribute (blackmaik) of 50K a week so he won't drive ur score down. This dosn't fit with the spirit of the game and is just plan wrong. Would you assist us in driving his score down. Thank you for your time."

Tezmac October 25 2005 5:30 PM EDT

I think its a great idea, but then again, I love clan warfare...

AdminShade October 25 2005 5:30 PM EDT

I think this request has been sent to half of the CB community...

QBRanger October 25 2005 5:32 PM EDT

I received the same E-mail from likely the same person. His clan is being farmed by someone taking away over 2.5k Clan points. However, he is playing in the rules.

I was Dignifried Bean October 25 2005 5:33 PM EDT

Yes, I just received the same message and was in the process of starting a thread.

IMO, the extortion scheme is wrong! (and punishable)

QBRanger October 25 2005 5:33 PM EDT

Oops, CM. Not email.

CoolWater [Superheros] October 25 2005 5:34 PM EDT

I received it too. He probably did a "send all". :)

AdminShade October 25 2005 5:35 PM EDT

imo the blackmailing is a bit on the edge, but taking away 2.5k points isn't that much either...

WeaponX October 25 2005 5:36 PM EDT

this is funny. am i not allowed to have some kind of fun building up my new char? so i talked a little trash big whoop is that somehow illegal?

BrandonLP October 25 2005 5:37 PM EDT

I find a problem with it if you're actually threatening and gaining money from it.

CoolWater [Superheros] October 25 2005 5:38 PM EDT

I wouldn't call it an extortion. I would call it selling a service. You pay me, I will farm other clans and leave your clan alone.:)

Tezmac October 25 2005 5:40 PM EDT

Why is this bad? The same thing happened over on CB1, "I'll pay X CB to whomever farms clan such and such X points." It's not any different, no one is cheating, you're basically paying someone off so you can get a higher bonus.

Maelstrom October 25 2005 5:41 PM EDT

As I told the person who sent me the CM:

"It is perfectly within the spirit of the game to attack people within your range. All of the members of your clan are perfectly within Megaman's range.

I'd say he's doing you a favour by offering not to attack your members, and it's only fair that you pay him in return, since he must be gaining quite a lot by fighting you people.

And by the way, did you really just spam everyone in CB with that message of yours? I wouldn't be surprised if you get fined for spamming people."

Special J October 25 2005 5:43 PM EDT

What happens when gang members go into stores and tell them to pay protection money, or be robbed?

I mean, if you pay it they are robbing other stores instead of you.

No one said it was illegal, but it is rather a jerkish, childish and somewhat predictable move on your part.

Good job.

InebriatedArsonist October 25 2005 5:43 PM EDT

I can't believe anyone would actually pay MM the cash. Just hit him back or fight enough to keep your score positive, people.

CoolWater [Superheros] October 25 2005 5:44 PM EDT

That's right he shouldn't spam everyone with CM. He should just make a post something like this.

WeaponX October 25 2005 5:45 PM EDT and yet this was cool?

AdminShade October 25 2005 5:46 PM EDT

these things come and go, and some people make a strong story out of nothing...

after thinking a bit more about this, i can't even call it blackmailing, his character is quite small and isn't yet capable of fighting the bigger characters, which can easily get his clan score down.

BrandonLP October 25 2005 5:48 PM EDT

As shifty as it may or may not be, the bulk of his clan has found their way onto Alleviation's fightlist.

Ilovehellokitty October 25 2005 5:49 PM EDT

LoL mrwuss got paid to farm me :P I remember that now. Anything as long as there is money heh? :P

Tezmac October 25 2005 5:50 PM EDT

YES! I love it, go clan warfare!!

Sukotto [lookingglas] October 25 2005 5:52 PM EDT

Dear anonymous "blackmailer". Please farm my character Top Hat fighting for clan Ta Da. I specifically challenge you to "lower my score".


Seeker: as far as I know, there's nothing against the rules to (stupidly) try to extort people this way. Whoever send you that threat is an idiot however.

david71159 October 25 2005 5:54 PM EDT

I did not spam. Only clan leaders with members powerful enough to fight got the message as only a clan leader should decide if his clan goes to war after discussing it with their clan. If you approve of tribute, join Supreme. If not attack Supreme. It's a game and you have a reason to go to war so go to war. We don't mind being farmed. We do it ourselves. Asking for tribute is WRONG AND SHOULD NOT BE TOLARATED by anyone.

AdminShade October 25 2005 5:57 PM EDT

david: there are about 135 clans, meaning 135 clan owners...

If you sent even a small portion of those clans, lets say 25, a chat mail, this is considered being heavy spam.

Also you aren't forced to pay him anything, just make sure to fight his clan more then his clan is fighting yours, and if you can't then go find an ally to help you, instead of crying wolf...

Clan fighting happens, all the time, sometimes in a less visible way, sometimes in a more visible way...

Special J October 25 2005 5:57 PM EDT

I was never paid to farm kitty, I farmed kitty before she farmed me...well, she farms me now and until one of us quits.

The difference between this and the post he refered to, is that post was "pay me to farm a clan".

Your's is
"pay me or I will farm you" which is fine, who cares. But new players do not know that CPs really don't matter in the end, and they tend to get the bully effect from it.

MM the bully.

WeaponX October 25 2005 6:01 PM EDT

i wanna get 1 thing straight. i am not picking on lowbie clans. just that 1. i am not a mean "gangster" as mrwuss said. all those guys happen to be in my range and in a 3 point clan. i was simply having fun talking trash to the clan leader. nothing illegal

Special J October 25 2005 6:05 PM EDT

didn't say you were a gangster, said you were a bully.

CoolWater [Superheros] October 25 2005 6:06 PM EDT

Lol at MM, 50k is a bit too much. Even if you farm a clan so badly that it got disbanded, to re-create one would only cost 10k. Maybe go for 10k next time and you might get the money.:)

AdminJonathan October 25 2005 6:06 PM EDT

I think it's clear that there's a big difference between threatening to take clan points away (which is -- news flash -- a central part of the clan system) and threatening to rob a store.

david71159 October 25 2005 6:06 PM EDT

Then why not go to war, one side or the other. By the way, did you ever try to inspect every clan and every member on the first page to see if someone has a chance to survive a clan war? I wouldn't call it spaming. We are a formidable force and will be taking our pound of flesh out of supreme. We just have to regear and cordinate.

WeaponX October 25 2005 6:08 PM EDT

never wanted the dough CoolWater just having fun talking trash

AdminShade October 25 2005 6:11 PM EDT

david, yes i once inspected every CB2 clan and went through all the characters in them...

jayuu October 25 2005 6:13 PM EDT

"YES! I love it, go clan warfare!! "

--Tezmac, 5:50 PM EDT

yup. :)

Special J October 25 2005 6:13 PM EDT

Then let us see the CM you sent out, that will be the deal breaker between fun and being a bully.

As I said before it doesn't matter that you asked for money or you would farm them. You would get bored waiting between fights just fighting that clan, you would move on. It is more of the point that a new player feels as if you were really going to harm them unless they paid up, new players get in clans and have no idea that clan points are just a small part of the game. Losing them does nothing for a perm effect.

Now with that being said, send me 50k per person in your clan and 100k for Oddbird or I will limit my fight list to everyone but you and kitty. Since beating you results in a loss of money and I can not beat kitty anymore. Plus Oddbird keeps flirting with me.

Maelstrom October 25 2005 6:14 PM EDT

Your's is "pay me or I will farm you"

Actually, it's "I'm farming you, but pay me and I'll stop." Sounds pretty reasonable to me... In fact, if they went with the deal, I'd say Mega would get ripped off. There are 9 people in that 3-point clan: that's a lot of clan points, $cb2, and XP for Mega.

And $50k is only $5.5k for each of the 9 members of that clan. Not much at all!

WeaponX October 25 2005 6:20 PM EDT

1st off wuss. never sent a CM. i saw the clan leader in chat and PM'd him after looking at what i did to his clan. i was laughing and joking with the guy and no david is not the clan leader.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] October 25 2005 6:21 PM EDT

The math is unclear, sketchy. $50k from each person, per week, that Mega could attack but won't? $50k from each person, per week, that anyone in Supreme could attack but won't? $50k from the clan to remain untouched, for the week, by all of Supreme?

You'd think Supreme might have something else upon which to concentrate, presently.

Special J October 25 2005 6:23 PM EDT

Hey wait,

can I pay 50k a week and make it so Kitty doesn't fight me anymore?

WeaponX October 25 2005 6:24 PM EDT

why bast? it's not like your clan is worth concentrating on :P

CoolWater [Superheros] October 25 2005 6:24 PM EDT

wow, 9 people in the clan. It'll be a good and easy target for clan farmers.

QBBarzooMonkey October 25 2005 6:30 PM EDT

Wuss calling someone else a bully - now that's funny.

This is the most ridiculous thread I've seen to date.

Save the drama for yer mama, kids!

QBJohnnywas October 25 2005 6:30 PM EDT

Seems perfectly in keeping with the spirit of clan warfare to me.

QBJohnnywas October 25 2005 6:34 PM EDT

Infact, I'd go as far as to say that the clan system is the only place in CB where you should be evil, rude, vicious, scheming and did I say evil? The rest of the game relies on the good spirit of the community and 'peace and love'. Clans is the dark side of CB and that's how it should

Special J October 25 2005 6:35 PM EDT

Did he deny being a bully?

Save defending MM to himself.

Send me 50k.

david71159 October 25 2005 6:42 PM EDT

I am not the clan leader. Try General (instagator). If everyone attacks Supreme, They won't be second. Not enough clanmembers to hold people off. I wonder who would take the spot?

QBBarzooMonkey October 25 2005 6:42 PM EDT

I'm not defending anyone, I'm just ridiculing your drama queen self-righteousness. I'd be doing that even if I wasn't in Supreme :)

QBOddBird October 25 2005 6:55 PM EDT

Whatever wuss, just 'cuz you want me you charge more for me? ;)

Honestly, aren't clans supposed to be competitive? Aren't you supposed to trash talk up a little bit? I know I do, whether I can back it up or not, just for the fun of it. 'Sides, 50k isn't really that big of a deal, even if the other clan player did decide to give in to it.

Really now, you silly overreacting kids - grow up. It isn't like he threatened to have *everyone* in the clan concentrate on those specific people - just him. I didn't even know about it, for Pete's sake. And wuss's. ;)

RAMPAGE October 25 2005 6:58 PM EDT

Just my 2 cents
I also got this piece of spam in my CM and I'm not the clan leader.
It was annoying enough that I would have added everyone in his clan to my fight list but most are not worth attacking, but both MM and David were already on my list.

Sukotto [lookingglas] October 25 2005 6:59 PM EDT

Oh the drama! Oh my ducats!
Boy have we gotten wussy around here. Sheesh

Like Eric Burns says, there's so much drama around here... it's almost like we're deliberately provoking it.

QBOddBird October 25 2005 7:00 PM EDT

If it annoyed everyone so bad, why wasn't there a massive all out clan war started? You'd think you'd have enough confidence in your clan to say "all right, bring it!". If you did, and everyone he sent the CM to did, we'd be decimated. Guess it all boils down to a lack of confidence - so hah! ^_^

Sukotto [lookingglas] October 25 2005 7:02 PM EDT

Whoops, forgot to add the protocol to that link. it should be... Eric Burns

Sukotto [lookingglas] October 25 2005 7:04 PM EDT

My challenge still stands.

Bring it on.

chappy [Soup Ream] October 25 2005 7:17 PM EDT

why would i want to waste my BA on this smalltim clan again?

david71159 October 25 2005 7:41 PM EDT

OddBird is correct and he even admits that we could take them down. He is even laughing. They have lost some points, but we are taking the brunt so don't say we arn't in it. Looks like they have everyones number and it is run away.

QBOddBird October 25 2005 7:44 PM EDT

david, are you serious, or is this an attempt at sarcasm? Of course I'm correct, yes, but I never said you could take us down. I said if *everyone*, as in all the clans, got together they could easily take us down. You? I don't think so.

Special J October 25 2005 7:58 PM EDT

david stop looking silly

OB send me 100k, or else.

Monkey, I would much rather be a "self-righteous drama queen", than whatever it is people tend to call you over the internet.

MM is still a bully.

Change month is coming.

QBOddBird October 25 2005 8:10 PM EDT

wuss, if you really need 100k that badly, I'll truly honestly send it to you. That's how much our relationship means to me. ;)

On a side note, hurrah for change month!

Special J October 25 2005 8:12 PM EDT

well giving in doesn't help me, let's up the ante and try again

OB send Bones 8.5m for me ;)

david71159 October 25 2005 9:28 PM EDT

I was talking about everybody against Supreme. You should really read the posting that I am trying to respond to.

david71159 October 25 2005 9:49 PM EDT

By the way, what is Alleviation's fightlist and where do you find it.

sssimmo October 25 2005 9:53 PM EDT

Everyone already "gangs" up on the top clans. Your stupid if can beat characters in them that are close to your score and you you don't fight them. Duh

Synco October 25 2005 9:56 PM EDT

david, Alleviation's fightlist is the favorites list of the clan members of Alleviation. Brandon meant that the majority of Alleviation's battles will be against Supreme.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] October 25 2005 10:00 PM EDT

~~~Bright Idea~~~

-- If you dont like his "bullying"...

check his transfer log, and you tell me how many people have sent him this "ransom"

I'm guessing none.

Is there a problem? No. Dont pay him. :-)

A few CP's in the long run is nothing, either your clan will outgrow him, or he will outgrow your clan.
Either way, he wont be attacking you :-D

QBsutekh137 October 26 2005 1:01 AM EDT

Clans are stupid.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 26 2005 1:38 AM EDT

Sut I've always respected your opinion on clanfighting, even with the huge amount I have done. I have my own reasons why I think caln fighting isn't the best way to build a char (or maintain a top spot possibly), however you have a nifty QB and I'd like to hear yours.

Tezmac October 26 2005 1:49 AM EDT

"I have my own reasons why I think clan fighting isn't the best way to build a char (or maintain a top spot possibly)..."

I don't know how this could be the case, if you're in a clan (at least on CB1) you get slightly increased reward even if youre not in the bonus. If you are in the bonus then the benefit is obvious. Also, you have more people attacking you, hence increasing your chance of getting draws and wins which net you free exp and cash. If you're smart, you don't pick other people to fight simply because theyre in a clan and you need to bring them down. You choose your opponents that are in clans that also give you good rewards. I can't see the downside of joining a clan for the simple sake of raising a character faster.

Novice, clue me in on how being in a clan inhibits character growth!

Special J October 26 2005 1:58 AM EDT

you risk no loss for being in a clan, you only gain the bonus to your rewards.

david71159 October 26 2005 2:48 AM EDT

Being in a clan is great. Just look at this thread, and Supreme's position.

Virgobabe October 26 2005 6:43 AM EDT

I'm a member of the clan (not the leader) being farmed by MM and the farming is fine by me, part of the game (though I tend to get bored of it) the money however is a bit steep (not that I'd pay it anyway). Thanx to MM my score is very low but my PR almost equal to it so when I'm attacked by random people I tend to win, which is always good :) He can demand money all he wants, as a bit of banter or whatever, I don't really care, I wouldn't ever pay anyone. I'm quite capable of dealing with it and our clan remains with bonus so I'm quite happy.
I didn't even notice his farming until it was brought to my attention by the rest of the clan (Blonde moment hehe)!

LumpBot October 26 2005 6:50 AM EDT

Being in a clan does has it's disadvantage!! Your total battles/battles won ratio goes way down since more people fight you. =P

onlyyouknow October 26 2005 7:56 AM EDT

Can everyone start farming me now? :p I really want my score to go down so that I can get better rewards. Its ok if the clan gets disbanded, I can always set up another one :p

chappy [Soup Ream] October 26 2005 8:10 AM EDT

"Being in a clan is great. Just look at this thread, and Supreme's position. "

~how much has your clan contributed?

Orkamat October 26 2005 8:59 AM EDT

I'm with onlyyouknow on being farmed. Farming is bad for the clan stats, but great for the character being farmed. It drives your score down (temporarily) which drives your rewards up.

captmaddog October 26 2005 9:14 AM EDT

I am the clan leader of which MM has been farming. A serious threat or not i dont think for one minute that any of the members would have paid. Asking for 50k a week of each member was a bit ridiculus any way. I don't think that the 2.5K worth of points he farmed off us was davids concern but more of the threat that it will continue unless we paid. No one should be 'bullied' into paying no matter there position. I hope this is the end of this whole matter.

chappy [Soup Ream] October 26 2005 9:17 AM EDT

This whole thread is ridiculous ... i have a solution ... everyone that i farm can pay me money so I won't attack them ... where will that get me?? well I'll have some cash, but my character won't go anywhere .. I think I'll take the xp over the cash any day :)

Heck if you could buy xp from the shop I think we'd all be in line..

QBRanger October 26 2005 9:29 AM EDT

Personally once you farm a clan so much they do not receive a bonus, your only hurting yourself and your clanmates. The reason: The farmed clan then becomes worth only 2 points thereby lowering your clans score. If MM wants to farm 2 point clan members, please do. Less competition at the top of the ranks.

Maelstrom October 26 2005 9:31 AM EDT

I really want my score to go down so that I can get better rewards.

As I understand it, rewards are related to your PR and your opponent's score, not your own score.

The "disadvantage" to being in a clan is that your score is reduced by all the people attacking you. But score is simply a statistic - it has no real effect on the game, unless you really want to be high in the score charts. Therefore everyone should be in a clan. :p

WeaponX October 26 2005 9:33 AM EDT

actually Ranger i stop once they leave the bonus

QBJohnnywas October 26 2005 9:40 AM EDT

Am I missing something during the course of this post? From what I can see MM's 'threat' was made with a smile, certainly if somebody threatened me like that the first thing I would respond with was a laugh.

Seems like a sense of humour transplant may be needed by some people....

With regard to clans - if you join/form one then you are an open target - for farming and for any other manoeuvres people may wish to try. If you don't like it, leave the clans; if people CM/PM in the way that has been done here then you are free to ignore it.

And Sut is right - clans are stupid lol but the bonus, when you get one, certainly isn't!

QBJohnnywas October 26 2005 9:43 AM EDT

BTW Fierce Invalids rule!

QBsutekh137 October 26 2005 9:59 AM EDT

Novice, my reasons are a mix of high-level abstractions (I never liked them from the start because I simply dislike any and all forms of "cliques") and personal reasons. I have made the former plenty clear, and the latter is something best kept in that personal realm. *smile*

Tezmac October 26 2005 10:45 AM EDT

There can be a point to farming a clan even when they're outside of the bonus. If you can get them low enough, they'll get disbanded, MUUUUHAHAHHAHA!!! :O)

Starseed^Lure October 26 2005 11:22 AM EDT

Well I'm happy. I figured I'd throw this up on the wall and see what kind of hype I could generate. I figured that if it was all public any supposed wrong done would be flushed out. It doesn't appear that there was anything of pressing gravity, but this was healthy anyway. ;)

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] October 26 2005 5:16 PM EDT

why would someone do that.
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