What happened to the BA I just Bought? (in General)

heavyhits November 4 2005 3:17 PM EST

I just bought 100 BA...but when I went to fight it came up that I had 63 BA....What the heck?

AdminShade November 4 2005 3:20 PM EST

perhaps fought too much?

or maybe you are hit by the BA buying bug and you didnt buy BA at all...

heavyhits November 4 2005 3:21 PM EST

Hmmm....I was out of BA and bought the 100....then when I went to fight, it said I had 63.....And it took the money for the BA, so I don't know

AdminShade November 4 2005 3:22 PM EST

well if you had none before buying, then you must have been buying all 100 and just fought 37 battles before actually checking it...

either that or there is another bug somewhere :)

heavyhits November 4 2005 3:24 PM EST

Stupid Bug!!

QBRanger November 4 2005 3:35 PM EST


Try refreshing the left frame. With the new programming, there are a few bugs that can be fixed that way.

I was Dignifried Bean November 4 2005 3:36 PM EST

On a couple of occasions I have received a random amount of BA instead of the amount I asked for. But in every case, I checked and I only paid for the amount I received. Harmless glitch, IMO!
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