Ideas for the developers? (in General)

Wonderpuff November 6 2005 5:54 PM EST

So, most of us have scratched our particular itch. What ideas have you been mulling over for the past year? This is your opportunity to share them with us.

Rule: Don't pass comment on the quality of anyone else's ideas. If something warrants a discussion, one of us will open a thread or poll to round out the conversation.

[SoM]CupofJoe [Peoples Bank of Carnage] November 6 2005 8:57 PM EST

Is it possible to include NW of an item on the home page. Perhaps in the drop down tabs or something to that effect.

This will eliminate having to unequip an item and going to transfers to view the NW of that item in particular. and then re-equiping

Just a suggestion :)

QBRanger November 6 2005 9:17 PM EST

I would like to see a stat about who used the most BA for the last day, or week.

maulaxe November 6 2005 9:21 PM EST

in the top left of our homepage, i would like the char name currently in bold to link to the "inspect char" page.
it would save having to go through the manage characters page.

(yes, this is only to save one click. why do you ask? ...who, me? lazy?)

[SoM]CupofJoe [Peoples Bank of Carnage] November 6 2005 10:01 PM EST


I've always wondered if it was possible to see the most powerful blow in the fight screen for each fight, whether show fight was on or off.

Thanks again :)

Mikel November 6 2005 10:08 PM EST

I wouldn't mind a big bold reminder on the Battle Log when you are almost out of arrows.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 6 2005 10:11 PM EST

ascii jib representing the remains of your opponent at the bottom of the fight

Hyrule Castle November 6 2005 10:13 PM EST

maybe in the oponents list... it could show their pr and their score...

trigun November 6 2005 10:24 PM EST

how bout the most powerfull blow for mages? and avg damage per minion?^_^

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] November 6 2005 10:33 PM EST

In Stats > Character Standings "Most Powerful" when reffering to either 1, 2, 3 or 4 minion chars should be MPR, not PR. Yes, MPR doesn't determine who the most powerful is with as much acuracy as PR, but MPR is a more important stat. At least add "Hiighest MPR" for 1, 2, 3 and 4 minion chars.


We need a second MPB stat, for DD. Yes Jon, I know, I know "if you want to know which mage does the most damage, just look for whoever has the highest CoC" which is why I'm not pushing for you to add it to the stats page, just individual characters pages. I would really like to have an easy to check MPB for my own DD. Would make things easier when tweaking my strategy.

VA should be made immune to DM, or removed completely and replaced by MH, BTh both giving VA (either max VA the moment you equip them, VA bonus according to their +/x/NW or even give them a third upgradable stat to determine the VA bonus).
Tanks are useless unless you have a lot of NW. In CB1 it was obvious that tank strategy had much more depth than that of a mage. But back then you could do it without NW, the introduction of DM dramatically crippled the chances of a low NW tank being successful.

Mikel November 6 2005 10:44 PM EST

MrC, VA can work all the time, you just have to pick and choose your Tattoo.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] November 6 2005 10:50 PM EST

Rule: Don't pass comment on the quality of anyone else's ideas. If something warrants a discussion, one of us will open a thread or poll to round out the conversation.


Mikel, it can't work effectively even then. Don't argue, I'm right about this, and this thread isn't for that discussion anyway.

I was Dignifried Bean November 7 2005 12:02 AM EST

I would like to see my "most powerful RECENT blow" so that the MH I rented two months ago doesn't obliterate any indication of subsequent progress.

Wonderpuff November 7 2005 8:04 AM EST

Keep em coming guys. And remember, no commentary... just your ideas.

AdminJonathan November 7 2005 6:09 PM EST

here's an easy one:

make it so [sub]admins can perma-delete pages in the wiki

AdminShade November 7 2005 7:43 PM EST

hahaha, that's an evil one Jonathan :p

Bmagnety November 7 2005 9:25 PM EST

a BS (pre)pay plan, pay into the blacksmith until you have banked enough for the upgades you want....

you could save up the cash BUT some of us spend/sell as fast as we earn

bartjan November 8 2005 2:03 AM EST

Fix this problem (in general, not just for that account ;).

WeaponX November 8 2005 8:58 AM EST

any chance we can see the Weapon NW allowance?

QBJohnnywas November 8 2005 10:22 AM EST

What I'd really like to see is what your actual PR during a battle is. The invisible PR stat I call it. In my case against pure Tank teams for instance my AMF is worthless, so my real PR during that fight is actually lower than the recorded stat my home page shows....

I know I can work it out from a combination of the train page and additional NW increases but remember I'm Lazy Johnnywas!

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 8 2005 1:15 PM EST

up the char limit!! with the NCB in place we are going to have a lot more chars hanging around...please up the limit.

AdminShade November 8 2005 2:11 PM EST

on training screen see the total trained experience per minion!!!

Quark November 8 2005 2:19 PM EST

Update options on the graph so that graphing PR is an option that you can uncheck. I prefer to look at MPR only graphs, to see base effort & results.

PoisoN November 8 2005 4:19 PM EST

A manual refresh option for the opponent list, so you don't have to delete one and put them back in just to see that 2 people left a clan.

A backup opponent list to put those in who are not yet in a clan, but can be defeated.

Permanent folding of the sidebar.

Clan Forum.

High-speed fight page: You won/lost vs. XXX - Done.

Extended message formatting in this forum.

Tables for the wiki.

Thank you.

Maelstrom November 8 2005 4:36 PM EST

I'll second G's motion to allow us to uncheck PR from the graphs.

On the sidebar, add a one-click link to <my current character>'s homepage.

I'll also revive a suggestion from a previous changemonth: on the Blacksmith page, next to the total cost of upgrades, can we see the total increase in PR that the upgrades will cause?

And something I've suggested in the past: I'd like a new shield for mages. Not necessarily a supporter item, simply a shield that does not decrease magic. I don't care if it has very low AC and very high upgrade costs - that empty space just bugs me. And preferably not a power shield, so that I can still use my ToE ;)

PoisoN November 8 2005 4:50 PM EST

A redesign of the CB2 front page ;-)

Ilovehellokitty November 8 2005 4:56 PM EST

More emote?

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] November 8 2005 5:02 PM EST

I Second Shade's motion and I third G's motion.

Maelstrom November 8 2005 5:09 PM EST

I second PoisoN - get rid of that weird red face on the login page.

It doesn't give you any idea about what the game is like, it makes the game look like just another online game with bad graphics, and most importantly, I don't like it ;)

AdminJonathan November 8 2005 5:37 PM EST

Reminder: "Don't pass comment on the quality of anyone else's ideas. If something warrants a discussion, one of us will open a thread or poll to round out the conversation."

Tezmac November 8 2005 5:57 PM EST

Avoid had figured out a way to calculate the average rewards you get when you fight an opponent. I'd like to be able to see a quick summary of the average rewards you get vs an opponent in your fight list. Id also like this summary to be "clearable" by the end user. This would be for the cases when equipment upgrades are done or minions are purchased and we'd like to see a new reward "base" instead of averaging in the new data with the old.

Just my two cents.

Maelstrom November 9 2005 5:39 PM EST

For the favorites list, I'd like to be able to "Add Clan members close to X score", where X is a value we enter, and we are shown the ~50 clan members closest to that score.

The reason for my request? My score (and the score of many others) is much higher than my PR. Most character near my score are too strong for me to beat, so I have to fight people with lower scores, who I have to find by searching through the Standard fight lists.

Adrian Exodus November 9 2005 5:49 PM EST

a clan memo pad type thing.

where the clan owner can put a message and anytime a clan member checks their clan page it will be somewhere on there,

that a general message like "top scorer for the week on Saturday 11 pm server time gets 100k" or other things like that, so that we don't have to keep pm'ing everyone every time we would want to remind them.

St00pidSucks November 9 2005 6:21 PM EST

I have an idea for training your minions, that will make it easier for people who like to train their minions according to a specific equation (or something of that sort). So I think it would really help people (like me) a lot to have the option to train according to a specific equation. Ex. Since I have a single tank character, I like to keep my HP twice as high as my ST and DX. So my equation would be something like.....

HP = 2ST | ST = DX | DX = AMF | AMF = ST

Of course, this idea can be greatly improved, but its a start.


A second favorites list, for example. A clan list (when you want to fight clan characters) and a regular list, and we can name them too. So on Sundays, ill have all those people i know i can defeat and get some good rewards from, without having to worry about my clan favorites getting messed up.


Reset button for Most Powerful Blow


MPBs for each minion (while keeping the MPBs on characters), and then on the User all together


MPBs for both ranged and melee, and then for DDs (excluding Decay) on minions, characters, and the user.


Improvement on the PMs in chat. I dont like having to type and retype peoples names into the box when im having multiple conversations, i recommend tabs or something.


I agree with the posts of:
-See NW on home page, or somewhere that it can be seen easily
-See what your PR (or NW) will be before upgrading the item in the blacksmith window.
-Notification when ammo is low
-Blacksmith Pre-Pay Plan
-View invisible PR in battle
-View the average rewards from specific characters
-Clan Forum
-Check or uncheck Score, PR, or MPR on the graph.

Thank you :-D

AdminG Beee November 9 2005 6:57 PM EST

Notify Me of Responses:

Change default to NO when creating a new thread.

/me smacks head for not clicking NO (like I normally do) on my Hangman thread and having >250 emails to delete.

Adrian Exodus November 10 2005 1:04 AM EST

put the train cost back in front of the train fields it was nice and easy to just be able to look and see how much each xp cost.
now you have to click the field and see how much 1 will cost and if you don't have enough to train it doesn't show.

when doing a chatmail to the whole clan maybe put in some way for this to be identified by the receiver.
so that the clan chating system will be more refined and easier to communicate to each other as a whole.

Quark November 10 2005 10:24 AM EST

I'd also like to see a personal rivalry page, at least for the last 24 hours. It would scrape off the 24 hour battle log summary and figure out who is pounding / farming whom the most. Like when I get lucky with GL or novice - I wouldn't mind knowing that my farming is getting excessive by seeing it high on the personal rivalry list.

Second request in this post - on the login screen, allow me to login by pressing enter after the password (in IE) instead of clicking on submit. The IBM thinkpad mouse is annoying to use to log in, and when I burn BA it's keyboard only. This would speed up login on my other household computers.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 10 2005 1:15 PM EST

Please please please give me A Minion based MPR score so I know how the opponents team is broken up...

AdminShade November 10 2005 1:53 PM EST

minion based mpr?

Quark November 10 2005 2:32 PM EST

To know if it's a couple of tiny enchanters and a big mage with their DD pumped up so you don't see the EXP loaded on the mage.

I would suggest that it make more sense to show the level of each DD & enchantment if that's where you're headed.

Exiili November 10 2005 2:53 PM EST

Ability to save the previous training-recipe. it's boring to assign the same 1/2's and 1/3's billions of times :(. Something like "Repeat previous recipe" option on the training screen would make me one happy monkey.

St00pidSucks November 10 2005 7:38 PM EST

i agree with exi, but then again.... you can just throw my idea in with it :-P

St00pidSucks November 10 2005 7:40 PM EST

oh another idea, when hiring a minion, it would be cool to know how much xp they would have, like if you dont think its worth it to pay.... 250k for a minion that will get 100k xp, than pay 100k for a minion with 50k xp, that would really come in handy.

chernobyl November 10 2005 7:50 PM EST

Reset the "Most Powerful Blow" stat for every character, just once!

Ever since the ToA nerf, I haven't been able to effectively gauge my MPB without studying a bunch of fights.

Adrian Exodus November 10 2005 7:57 PM EST

in rentals add a sort by lowest price/day

Max November 10 2005 10:44 PM EST


Always bothered me. Never found a cure though. Most adult players cant play 24/7 Clan point drop. Any ideas?


Adrian Exodus November 14 2005 4:12 AM EST

less frequent bot-checks, or a limit to how many in a given time period.
I know bot-checks are good, but when your just burning threw ba seeing a botcheck every 3 ba can get pretty annoying.

showing all the ips that have been used to access an account, sort-of like the past names thing, it would be a way to start watching early possible multis and I just wouldn't mind being able to see where i've connected from..and if any else has ever...oooh spooky :P

AdminG Beee November 17 2005 6:03 AM EST

How's about changing the formatting of the X-axis on the graphs.

Instead of:


Could we see something a little more pleasing to the eye :)

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