Child's Play 2005 fund drive. Please donate. (in Off-topic)

Charity November 7 2005 3:43 PM EST

The 2005 Child's play charity drive has begun!

Every year, the fine fellows at Penny Arcade ask for donations to help out children's hospitals by buying toys and games for use by sick children.

Last year, Carnage Blender raised $600 for this cause and helped brighten the lives of countless children. See here, here, and here for more info on that effort. (Thanks Adrian Exodus)

Please join me in helping even more children during this year's drive.

Please send donations to ChildsPlay2005. Any and all donations welcome.

Sukotto [lookingglas] November 7 2005 3:45 PM EST

I'll get the ball rolling by donating 1 mill. Who's going to beat that?

(smaller donations are also heartily accepted of course!)

48Zach November 7 2005 4:22 PM EST

Sorry , but its all i can afford. 50k on its way

Sukotto [lookingglas] November 7 2005 5:07 PM EST

No need to apologize. I really appreciate your donation.

Thank you!

Charity November 7 2005 11:55 PM EST

Thanks everyone for a strong start to our fundraising drive.

Running total

  1. Money:
    • $2,000,000
  2. Items:
    • A Mage Shield [0]
    • 847 Explosive Shots [10x2] (+0)

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] November 8 2005 1:20 PM EST

Do you need us to post our contributions, or will you update us regularly? ;)

Sukotto [lookingglas] November 8 2005 1:37 PM EST

You are welcome to post your donations if you wish but it's not necessary.

I plan to post a running update on a regular basis.

Sukotto [lookingglas] November 9 2005 10:38 AM EST

Penny-Arcade's Gabe (one of the guys who started Childs Play) just posted the following message. (Sorry, no link due to non-pg nature of their main site).

Child’s Play 2005 is ready to go. This is our third year and I’m sure many of you are familiar with the process by now. If all you needed was the word from me to get started then please, by all means have at our new Child’s Play site. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Child’s Play I’ll break it down for you.

At the most basic level Child’s Play is a way for gamers to help sick kids in Children’s Hospitals. These hospitals obviously receive plenty of donations year round but what we learned is that the money they get for the most part is spent on things much more important than toys. Things like medicine and equipment are a bigger priority than say Crash Bandicoot.

These Kids need toys though. They need games to play and crafts to make in order to take their minds off their situations. Something as simple as a Game Boy can make the stay in one of these Hospitals much more bearable for a kid. That my friends, is where we come in. Penny Arcade has teamed up with Amazon to create wish lists for Children’s hospitals all over the world this year. Each list is full of age appropriate games and toys. You simply select a hospital from the map and choose a gift. Easy as pie.

These toys are used in a number of different ways. First they get distributed to kids in the hospitals during the holidays. They are also given out to the brothers and sisters of these kids who often times end up spending all their time at the Hospitals as well. Many of the toys will go to re-stock the play rooms and activity centers in the Hospitals. Finally some of the toys will be stored and then given to kids throughout the year as they come out of surgery.

People like Jack Thompson are welcome to scream at the top of their lungs about the gamer menace. They can go on television and lie about our hobby until they’re blue in the face. In the meantime, we as gamers will come together and quietly change the lives of hundreds of thousands of sick children all over the world for the better.

You are, of course, more than welcome to buy toys directly via the wish lists on . However, if you'd like to participate as a member of Carnage Blender please consider sending donations to ChildsPlay2005. I will convert donations to USD and make a combined contribution in December.

AdminShade November 9 2005 11:05 AM EST

Sent some money as well, perhaps later more will follow.

Charity November 10 2005 11:07 AM EST

Thanks to Adrian Exodus for donating a Mage Shield!

Please help out Childs Play by bidding on this excellent piece of equipment.

Quark November 10 2005 1:34 PM EST

Just donated my old exbow - 4th biggest in the game. Hopefully it will attract some bids as a donation value, as I'm not putting it to any use these days.

AdminG Beee November 10 2005 5:09 PM EST

Heh, just noticed I put this link in the wrong post a little earlier this evening. I should have put it here.


Charity November 11 2005 4:26 PM EST

We're continuing nicely. Thanks to everyone for your support!

Running total

  1. Money:
    • $3,797,377
  2. Items:
    • A Mage Shield [0]
    • 847 Explosive Shots [10x2] (+0)
    • A Battle Axe [44x4] (+6)
  3. Characters:

{CB3}-HR22 November 11 2005 6:06 PM EST

sent more ammo

48Zach November 11 2005 9:04 PM EST

donated a 120k MPR char. Gotmilk . big thanks to Shade more transfering it

Xiaz on Hiatus November 11 2005 9:14 PM EST

Childhood is the best part of life, you start of with that innocence and everything you see, feel, smell and just experience takes your breathe away. It is truely sad that children have to go through difficult times, you'd think if there was a superior being it'd make sure children were protected from any harm. That said, difficulties in life are what change us from children to adults, so let's help out the children that need help, because if we don't help them, who will?

Sent all I got left, I hope everyone donates a little, it all adds up, it really does...

Charity November 12 2005 12:17 AM EST

Thanks to 'G' for donating a huge exbow and to HellRazor22 for donating rare ammo.

I've offered the exbow and some of the ammo as a set.

AdminShade November 12 2005 7:53 AM EST

Donated the winnings of the "Transfer Message Contest -BIG-"

which was around 130k worth of junk i sold to store and made the sum of money 150k, as well as 2 higher NW items to be sold for the Charity also.

AdminG Beee November 12 2005 8:12 AM EST

G Beee (For a good cause) Charity (ChildsPlay2005) $16,465,166

G Beee (For a good cause) Charity (ChildsPlay2005) A Rune of Enlightenment ($11030)

Rathershady November 12 2005 10:56 AM EST

Donated a RoE, hope it sells well.

Charity November 22 2005 2:28 PM EST

Sorry for my long absence. I've been very sick.
All better now though and ready to sell a few more items. Please stay tuned...
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