EXP/MPR Ratio (in General)

MaLicious [Ascendancy] December 9 2005 8:18 PM EST

I'm not sure wether this is right but I think the EXP/MPR ratio is roughly 35.49662785.

EXP / 35.49662785 = MPR

I hope it's right if not then atleast someone can tell me the real ratio.

I was Dignifried Bean December 9 2005 10:18 PM EST

For my char, 4.2 points on a stat/skill/enchantment equal 1 MPR point.
Therefor at 14 XP per stat point my MPR point costs me 58.8 XP
while at 10 XP per stat point my MPR point costs 42 XP

I have only been tracking this for a week or so, therefor I don't know if it changes with size.

QBRanger December 9 2005 10:39 PM EST

Try this thread out: Old MPR discussion As you can see, its has been discussed before. It is far more complicated the a simple xxxx exp gives yyyy MPR.

QBRanger December 9 2005 10:41 PM EST

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YOU December 9 2005 10:43 PM EST

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