Mrs. Monkey needs ya'll (in Off-topic)

QBBarzooMonkey December 14 2005 7:55 PM EST

I was going to wait until tomorrow night, but I'm so annoyed right now, I just need to walk away for a bit anyways.

Early Friday AM, I take Mrs. Monkey to the hospital for major reconstructive surgery (we're talking 6-8 hours under the knife, and many days in the hospital -extra because MS compromises her immune system), re-scheduled from September due to complications. I don't normally post stuff like this, but first a back-story -

3 weeks ago, a co-worker and friends husband had his knee reconstructed, very minor surgery compared to Mrs. Monkey's - he was out of the hospital the same day. 2 weeks ago, he died of a blood clot in his heart - a complication from the surgery - he was only 45.

I'm terrified about this right now, so whatever it is your own personal beliefs allow you to send, be it prayers, blessings, good karma, or just wishes of good luck, we'll take 'em all on Friday.

I'm going to be on CB very little for the next week or 2, so I'm going to leave my clan and log off now - I'm starting to get a little choked up.

Ya'll are the best, stay kind!

Mikel December 14 2005 7:56 PM EST

Best of Luck to you and yours.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] December 14 2005 7:58 PM EST

I hope everything goes well.

QBRanger December 14 2005 8:00 PM EST

Good Luck to you and the misses. My prayers go with you.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] December 14 2005 8:01 PM EST

Hope it turns out all right Monkey. Best wishs to you and yours.

Maelstrom December 14 2005 8:02 PM EST

May the luck of the Fierce Invalids be with Mrs. Monkey!

Seriously, I hope that everything turns out well. Remember to stay positive! :)

WeaponX December 14 2005 8:07 PM EST

i'll keep her in my prayers. best of luck

Stephen December 14 2005 8:11 PM EST

Good karma sent your way,
Best wishes

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] December 14 2005 8:49 PM EST

She will be in my prayers. I hope for the best.

AdminJonathan December 14 2005 11:06 PM EST

Good luck, dude.

Pyro December 14 2005 11:48 PM EST

she'll be in my prayers, good luck.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] December 15 2005 12:45 AM EST

Good luck, I hope and pray it turns out well.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] December 15 2005 12:56 AM EST

Hope everything turns out like it is supposed to, Best of Luck.

Till further notice, she'll be in my prayers.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] December 15 2005 3:41 AM EST

Best wishes on a fabulous outcome, for both of you. :)

Shadowsparkle [Jago] December 15 2005 4:13 AM EST

I know how you feel, as my wife also had to go to hospital at end of November, and I had to bring her there again last week because of complications and from there to another hospital two days ago.

I wish you both good luck, and even if its hard, try to look positive at the coming days, it will help her a lot.

AdminShade December 15 2005 4:17 AM EST

They always say luck is for losers, but I think luck is also for the people that really need it :)

I'll be thinking good thoughts about you 2 tomorrow, and I hope that all will be just fine :)

QBJohnnywas December 15 2005 4:36 AM EST

Best wishes. Fingers crossed for you and yours ;)

onlyyouknow December 15 2005 7:31 AM EST

May God bless you and yours! :)

AdminG Beee December 15 2005 7:40 AM EST

I hope all goes well for your wife tomorrow.

IndependenZ December 15 2005 7:42 AM EST

Same here! I'll light a candle for both of you! :)

Mem December 15 2005 12:47 PM EST

I'll keep you in my prayers.

QBBarzooMonkey December 15 2005 7:28 PM EST

I just thought I'd check in quick, before dinner & bedtime - the alarm is going off at 4AM - hospital by 5:30AM :P

Thanks guys, you really are all fantastic, and we really appreciate it!!!

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] December 15 2005 8:10 PM EST

Good luck, I'm sure complications aren't that common

Biscuitback December 15 2005 10:31 PM EST

i hope everything goes well. good luck bud

QBBarzooMonkey December 19 2005 10:00 AM EST

Thanks guys, for all of your support and kind words :D

I don't have a lot of time, so a brief update:

2 hours into the surgery, a 3rd surgeon I hadn't met came to see me to get permission (I'm Mrs. Monkey's proxy) to remove a cyst they had found "the size of a football", a complication the other 2 surgeons hadn't expected. Including that, she was on the table for 6 hours. However, one by one, as they each finished their part, the surgeons all said it was very difficult, but it went very well.

She's in the hospital until at least Friday. They told her they would try to get her home by Christmas if everything went well with her recovery/healing, but made no promises. So, I'm averaging 12-15 hours a day in the hospital with her, and I'm too exhausted to do anything but sleep by the time I get home at night.

Well. I'm off to the hospital again now, but hopefully I'll be battling ya'll again this weekend if all goes well.

Thanks again for all of your support!!!

TheEverblacksky December 19 2005 5:52 PM EST

sorry that i didn't see this post until now. I wish her the best of luck. I'm sure she will be alright and you will return to fighting. Until that point stay positive :).
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