Is the NUB doing its job? (in General)

QBRanger December 20 2005 4:40 PM EST

Yes, you all knew this was coming.

Now that Kitty is selling out, what exactly is the NUB doing?

IMO, I think the NUB is letting new players build up a nice character, play for 4 months, sell some cb2 if they want, then sell out.

Right now, aside from Goldfinger (who is selling out also), there is no NUB character that is in the top 10 who was started by its original owner.

So, what is the NUB accomplishing? High MPR characters who then get sold to some USD spender. Is this what the NUB was designed to do? I was under the assumption that is was to give new players a chance to get to the top and play at that level. Do others think the same as me?

Ilovehellokitty December 20 2005 4:45 PM EST

Definition of Ranger's "the top" :
1. It's cool as long as one's always behind me.
2. It's cool to be #2. As long as #1 remain to be me.
3. It's NOT cool to make more money than me.
4. It's cool as long as "USD Spender" can't beat me.
5. It's perfectly okie for the NUB to be strong so that i can add them to my list. But not vice versa.
6. Bla Bla Bla, as long as NuB has the cheese, I 'd have the wine.

AdminShade December 20 2005 4:46 PM EST

Perhaps just wait a while to see what the next year brings.

"Time will tell my friend, time will tell"

QBRanger December 20 2005 4:49 PM EST

Kitty always the realist.

Perhaps if you put in as much time as I have, you would then have a leg to stand on. Also, I see you selling out just after your NUB is over, way to stay in the game and play as I have and others have for so long.

Of course as soon as you have to play like the rest of us, you quit. Way to prove your points.

Gilgamesh2090 [NCB Shop] December 20 2005 4:52 PM EST

I am the original owner of Gilgamesh. I still have my NUB and if I am not in the Top 10 I am very close

Ilovehellokitty December 20 2005 4:54 PM EST

I have no point to prove. Game is meant for fun. I have had my fun. And i am going to do the same fun with or without your Thread, Ranger.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] December 20 2005 4:56 PM EST

I have been thinking of posting the same thing since I saw Goldfinger selling. I would add that it seems to have driven away some players and led to more multi abuse.
Kitty whatever you think Ranger's motivation for this post was I see it as not a case of whats good for the NUB versus the Vet but what is good for the game.

Quark December 20 2005 5:06 PM EST

The NUB doesn't judge the motivation of the new player, only the fact that they are new and haven't had the benefit of time in the game. If they choose to sell out, it adds to the market for high MPR characters & big tats. But if someone dedicated comes along, they need the chance to take a run to the top. It's impossible to screen out what kind of player they will be, but they deserve a NUB nonetheless.

That being said, I'd like to see the NUB stretched to 5 or 6 months in the new year, requiring a proportionally increased amount of staying power relative to the lifespan of the game (and its biggest characters).

Special J December 20 2005 5:52 PM EST

Sometimes Kitty's English is perfect, sometimes it's like the above.

/goes on about my day

PoisoN December 20 2005 5:53 PM EST

You cannot avoid that a few players 'abuse' the NUB as it is now.

QBOddBird December 20 2005 6:00 PM EST

Um, even without the NUB, people will build up a big character and sell it for USD. They'll forge to make money to sell out. They'll do whatever to make money and sell out, because there *are* USD transactions within this community. The only way you can keep this from happening is to make the only USD transactions in the game Player-To-Jon transactions. That would mean a) no Supporter accounts for those who don't have paypal or don't actually want to pay money and b) no extra CB2 cash for those who are willing to spend on it.

There's a downside to everything, and this is it.

QBJohnnywas December 20 2005 6:03 PM EST

The NUB does give new players that chance to climb high quickly. It also gives plenty of people $$$ signs in their eyes. I think there are two reasons people sell out - obviously the money is a nice incentive; but it also doesn't prepare players for the hard work that maintaining your position in and around even the top 30 placings. From what I understand from Goldfinger, the constant pressure of that fighting to stay there burned him out...

how many players of how many games have simply walked away, wild eyed and lacking in sleep, muttering something about just one more go and I'll get there. This game is no different.

You either have to be superhuman; not sleeping and existing on coffee and amphetamines; playing all day while you should be working - or be two or three people working on shifts. Any other ways to stay at the top?


QBBast [Hidden Agenda] December 20 2005 6:29 PM EST

Johnnywas, you forgot "play all _night_ while you should be working".

Mikel December 20 2005 6:56 PM EST

The NUB is there to give someone a leg up, but there's not enough time to play with strats if you want to get to the top.
I enjoyed my previous character, but now I have a much better feel for the game and wanted to recreate a character and do it with a completely different setup than Mikel. I wasn't expecting the NCB when I created Mikel Jr, I was content with just growing the old fashioned way like the vets, but the NCB allowed me to restart and is worth it in my eyes if you want to get back to the top with a new strat quicker to see how well it stacks up vs the top DAWG's :)

YNM December 20 2005 9:54 PM EST

Jeebus ranger your getting on my nerves, strike that, anyone that has posted on the NuB is a bother to the CB community

It's starting to be a pain in the neck to sit at my computer, in my leisure time and hear the gods of CB clash over "Unfair advantage, not as much time as me." Yes ranger i am talking about you. You (as far as i've seen) are the #1 attacker on the Nub.

Why i ask. Because you have spent 12 months of your life on a game and she hasn't? Or is it because you have put your own well earned money into an internet game? These seem like viable points as far as a reason to attack it and i totally feel fine with it.

My arguement is this CB2 does not need another Kronos or Spid. So in a way of addressing this issue Jon has invented the NuB. I being a recent NuB user did not quit. Maybe because of my old Cb1 history but maybe not. I am sick and tired of threads being created every other day/week on the NuB and how it is i am suire many others are. Deal with it, Jon will never it seems destroy it because it allows new players to have a chance. I'm very sure that you've heard that before correct? I also recently remember jon nerfing it no? That gives you a chance to take out all the rest of the competition, there will be no more Kitty's unless they somehow manage to put in more time than her. Your spot is safe, because i plan on buying that char. and using it as a forge hound.

I apologize to ranger for openly attacking him, I respect your devotion to CB. I do not however respect your all. Kitty, for the sake of being fair, there are some things I would like to address to you but i am exhausted from this overly long rant. Eventually i will post it.

((Post is over.))

Mem December 20 2005 10:41 PM EST

The only thing I can contribute to this thread is that it is unwise to state the pretense that your opinion can fairly represent the whole community, Gun. Next time say what it is you truly mean, as most people don't take kindly to those who would put words in their mouths.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 20 2005 11:22 PM EST

*Ignoring Gun'sL* I'm going to post about the NUB again.

Only to say that quite a few months ago I posted about how the NUB could be abused. And I wasn't even the first to do so.

I wonder how many of the NUB players selling out the moment thier bonus is over (if you want to be competitive, as shown in a recent thread by Jon, restarting after your NUB with a NCB character will put you at a disadvantage as long as you play at the same rate as before...) will create a new account and do the same thing?

I think I'll follow the sale threads, and see how much USD is made. Could work out as a nice 4 month side job. Play a mage, save all my CB2, then sell everything the moment my bonus time ends...

Hell, as I've threatened before, my brother, sister and even cousin might be pursaded to start, but of course, they'll all have to use my computer...

Anyway, it's early and I'm off to take a friend to Lowestoft to watch the rising of the sun on the most easterly part of England on thw inter solstice.


smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] December 21 2005 12:20 AM EST

How about make it so NUB char users cant be xfered? Or if they plan on selling it when they're done, make it a 50% of the original NUB.

Cuz it is ridiculous that all the NUB is doing is making money for the current top users of it.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] December 21 2005 12:24 AM EST

During and after expiration of the NUB on the char...*

Mikel December 21 2005 3:18 AM EST

Smallpau, there really is no way to know if they plan to sell once their NUB is up, so I don't see how that one could possibly be implemented.
Currently, Kitty is preferring CB2 over USD, which means she isn't planning on quiting, I did the same, and cleaned up all of my debts to people with it, then started over free of debt and with a pocket full of CB2 and some nice items that I put into rentals to keep the money coming in.
Basically, it all depends on what you want out of this game, I wanted to play with strats, have fun and dominate the rental market.

UltimaSpock [Forge Frog Services] December 21 2005 3:46 AM EST

NUB is not as high as it should be, for me. Indeed I required a PCB (permanent character bonus lol).

As a side note, NUB characters could be untransferable for 8 months. This would prevent anybody to sell them without a hard work as QB asked it.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 21 2005 6:38 AM EST

There is no reason to sell a NUB character and start over. You will never do as well again, unless you are able to up your workrate.

Selling for CB2 I guess will then lead to that being sold for USD.

If you want to stay as competitive as possible, keep your existing characters.

Mikel December 21 2005 6:55 AM EST

That is disputable GL.

YNM December 21 2005 7:46 AM EST

I apologize for anyone whom thought i was putting words in their mouths. What i meant by the community is the people who are afraid to say these things to ranger. And i'm sorry about going off topic.

Rathershady December 21 2005 10:20 AM EST

Is there any kind of statistics for how many NUB characters are actually being sold? I don't remember exactly but it seemed like someone said there are dozens of new people signing up daily. If so than it would seem that a handful that have worked their butts off and are selling their characters doesn't seem that bad. Are we just working off of anecdotal evidence? If that is the case than I will say that I am a NUB player and I plan on keeping my character long after the NUB is out.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 21 2005 10:50 AM EST

What is Mikel?

About not doing better with a new character? If you start again and keep at the same work rate (and that's got to be huge anyway to get into the top ten) a new character *will* be smaller than staying with your existing character.

Tezmac December 21 2005 11:00 AM EST

Yeah, but the odds are, as a new player, that you screwed around in the beginning as you weren't sure as what worked and what didnt yet. So you lost some of the highest percentage bonus NUB time. Your second time around, I imagine you'd be a little more productive, pick your opponents more wisely, and use better equipment.

Phrede December 21 2005 12:07 PM EST

Even though I am the beneficiary of a Noob sale (hopefully). I totally agree with Ranger that it should be a New User Bonus to encourage fighting and staying in CB2 and getting a chance to get somewhere in the top portion of players.

However there is nothing wrong with what the guys are doing with their characters as it is within the rules. So ...

YNM December 21 2005 3:42 PM EST

Rathershady has a very good point.

How many of the NuB people are selling out vs. staying here?

5583 days old {Gaza} December 22 2005 3:20 AM EST

that's not the question... the question is how many of the NUB characters in say the top 50 are selling out within 1 month of the NUB expiring

5583 days old {Gaza} December 22 2005 3:24 AM EST

and in response to is NUB doing its job:
is it attracting new players to the game: yes
is it allowing new players to compete against top players: yes
is it encouraging new players to stay in game after 4 months: no
is enough being done to stop multi abuse: no
does it fairly compensate vets for their time spent and response to change months: no
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