Armor and PR (in Changelog)

AdminJonathan December 24 2005 11:17 AM EST

A PR weight of N now means that for every plus of enchantment on the item, your PR will increase by N% of the xp on the minion equipping it.

I've taken a rough stab at updating the PR weights. Some will change further, starting with DB right after I post this.

QBOddBird December 24 2005 11:22 AM EST

I hope this doesn't kill my heavy mage strat before it even begins. =(

However, it's probably a good change. *sighs* Can't have your cake and eat it too.

Thanks for yet another update, Jon. ^_^

AdminJonathan December 24 2005 11:24 AM EST

oh, and large tattoos will now boost PR by more than before.

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] December 24 2005 11:27 AM EST

Not sure if this is related but I just trained 96k exp and my MPR didn't move at all.

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] December 24 2005 11:32 AM EST

After training and untraining a small stat the MPR was fixed, but this still seems to be a bug. And the page still brings up an error after I train anything.

AdminShade December 24 2005 11:39 AM EST

wow joy, my pr dropped 30k :)

AdminJonathan December 24 2005 11:43 AM EST

fixed training stuff

AdminShade December 24 2005 11:44 AM EST

so in other words:

if you have higher upgraded items than somebody else, at the same MPR, your items will increase your PR more than on the other character. :)

sounds reasonable to me :)

Also when you grow in MPR but don't upgrade your items, then your PR won't grow as fast as your MPR

QBOddBird December 24 2005 11:44 AM EST

um...I'm getting 10 BA per refresh. This is the 2nd refresh, 20 minutes, gained 20 BA...and I'm 210k MPR. Did you do something to cause that, perchance? Thanks! ^_^

QBRanger December 24 2005 11:47 AM EST

This is very cool. PR weighting per minion.

I have 2 +8 corns. One on a minion that I have had from the beginning. It gives just over 20k to my PR. The other minion I hired 2 months ago so it has a lot less xp. Its +8 corn only gives me 6k PR.

Very very nice change.

Tezmac December 24 2005 11:51 AM EST

Very logical change Jon, thanks for working on it so close to Christmas. :O)

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] December 24 2005 11:52 AM EST

I too received a couple 10 BA regens and I am at 9 BA usually

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] December 24 2005 11:57 AM EST

Well, my BA rate and that of several others has gone up to 10 BA.

Also, it seems my purchaseable BA has been refilled to it's max despite buying probably 90 this morning.

RAMPAGE December 24 2005 12:08 PM EST

My BA has also gone up to 10 per 10 minutes.

AdminShade December 24 2005 12:08 PM EST

and the price has gone down, from 376 to 264

AdminShade December 24 2005 12:13 PM EST

Now I don't want people to think that I am trying to bypass certain rules but:

720 BA to be able to be bought for $264 per piece as opposed to 503 for $376 DOES make me want to buy them all, and hoping there wont be a rollback because of possible abuse.

So Jonathan, would it be considered abuse if people went ahead and buy all their BA now?

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] December 24 2005 12:19 PM EST

maybe it's a christmas gift

AdminShade December 24 2005 12:20 PM EST

Then let's hope that it is indeed ^_^

Tezmac December 24 2005 12:27 PM EST

Although BA rates and purchase costs have gone down, it seems rewards have as well, or is that just me? Maybe there will be no need for a rollback.

AdminShade December 24 2005 12:32 PM EST

Rewards have gone down indeed, because of the increase in BA rates.

they are still linked together.

RAMPAGE December 24 2005 12:35 PM EST

Hard to tell, it is wacky XP time right now.

QBRanger December 24 2005 12:36 PM EST

Well my rewards have gone down about 20% and my BA regen rate is still 7 per.

MaLicious [Ascendancy] December 24 2005 12:39 PM EST

ouch lets hope my BA regen went back to 10.

Maelstrom December 24 2005 12:46 PM EST

Weird. My PR has dropped about 70k, my BA regen rate is back to 10/10 (from 8/10), and I can buy 720 BA/day at 550 $cb2 each (was 576 BA @ 670 $cb2 each).

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 24 2005 1:02 PM EST

Wow, so CB2 gets changes in a non-change month, and CB1 is left to twist in the wind? I'm expecting CB1 to be up on wednesday...any comment Jon?

QBRanger December 24 2005 1:06 PM EST

Yes, Wednesday Dec 26th.........2006.

Grant December 24 2005 1:33 PM EST

In other news, upgraded items in auctions expensive again. :)

Or will be in two weeks.

AdminShade December 24 2005 1:49 PM EST

BA buying amount and price has been fixed for me, thanks if this was on purpose :)
edit: even rewards have been fixed, too bad for the last 180 ba that i received too low rewards, alas but meh :)

AdminJonathan December 24 2005 1:52 PM EST

done tweaking pr_weights

as shade noticed, BA stuff fixed too

AdminShade December 24 2005 1:54 PM EST

Cool, pr dropped a bit more, tnx for that tweaking ;)

maulaxe December 24 2005 2:40 PM EST

yay! Christmas!
good change... makes more sense to have PR reflect the actual effect instead of the potential for taking effect.

Peter at home December 24 2005 5:12 PM EST

I guess it's holiday and Jon is always planning and implementing cool stuff to the game during this time so it will be ready on first week of January.

I consider it as a change month which is starting 1 week earlier.

QBOddBird December 24 2005 6:53 PM EST

You said BA stuff fixed, but I still have 720 BA (I haven't bought any). Is that just a bonus, or do you intend to fix that? *hopes for a bonus*

AdminShade December 24 2005 7:10 PM EST

buy 1 and then check if the amount is still right...

QBOddBird December 24 2005 7:37 PM EST

that fixes it ^_^ thx Shade.

AdminShade December 24 2005 7:42 PM EST

NP, when I bought a small portion of my BA it got fixed immediately also for me, that's when I knew it had something to do with it.

miteke [Superheros] December 27 2005 11:55 AM EST

One of the best fixes yet. It is now reasonable for a minion of any level to equip a high cost item and the PR affect is scaled reasonably. Thanks Jon! This should also give the market a boost as items are more valuable to everyone, not just the folks whose PR range they are in.

miteke [Superheros] December 27 2005 12:07 PM EST

Hmmm. The PR weights for the Corn, AG, and CoI are all 1.0. But for the corn you get a 2% bonus for each plus while the others only get a 1% bonus.

That means that if you have a DD mage and equip the CoI or AG, And you get a 10% bonus to your DD, you also add 10% of the total experience to the PR too. So you only break if all your points go towards the DD spell. Am I missing something or shouldn't the PR rating for the CoI and AG be less? I'm thinking about 0.5% so that it is half of the Corns rating.

AdminShade December 27 2005 5:16 PM EST

Corn is ED and EO

CoI and AGs are DD...

AdminJonathan December 27 2005 5:32 PM EST

uh... check items overview for PR weights.

miteke [Superheros] December 28 2005 10:19 AM EST

Jonathan: I just checked the item overview again and went to the wiki page. All three are shown as 1.0. The popup on the other hand shows 0.5. I'm guessing by your comment that the popup has the correct number.

Shade: As for DD vs. enchantments, I don't see how that matters much. A 10% bonus to an AS or AMF is about as valuable to me as a 10% bonus to a DD spell.

This is because folks usually stuff a majority of the points on a single character into one of these spells. Items that give strength or dex bonuses should not get as high a rating since you typically distribute a much smaller fraction of minions overall experience into the stat.

For example, some typical characters:

Minion A: 90% AS, 10% DM
All 100% of his experience would benefit from a Corn.

Minion B: 15% GA, 85% AMF
Again, all 100% of his experience would benefit from a Corn.

Minion C: 25% HPTS, 75% DD
Only 75% of the experience benefits from the AG or CoI.

So for a +10 corn you get a 20% boost to experience for a PR hit of 5% of mages enchantments, if used nominally.

But for a +10 AG you get a 10% boost to the DD for a PR hit of about 6-7% of mages DD experience, if used nominally.

So that's 20% boost for a 5% cost vs. a 10% boost for a 6-7% cost.

I still think that either the corn PR rating should be increased or the CoI/AG PR rating should be decreased, or both.


miteke [Superheros] December 29 2005 11:01 AM EST

I changed the Wiki PR ratings to match the values given by the popup. Corns have a PR rating of 1 while AGs and CoIs have a PR rating of 0.5.

That's more like it!
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