i would like help running a CB magazine. see inside for details (in General)

Blackheart January 16 2006 11:13 PM EST

i need a graphics man, someone who can do HTML and a place to put it. the whole idea is to put a monthly magazine of the happenings on CB and maybe go in depth with the people behind the characters. i would like to write it and kind of be a reporter of sorts. would anyone be interested in helping me do this?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 16 2006 11:15 PM EST

I'll write for it.

AdminShade January 17 2006 5:17 AM EST

I would have a place to host it on my own webspace, which already has CB related things uploaded on it.

Blackheart January 17 2006 8:47 AM EST

now we just need a graphics man and we are ready to roll

{cb1}dyno January 17 2006 8:50 AM EST

Unfortunately I'm no good at graphics =( but I'd also be interested in writing for it.

Maelstrom January 17 2006 9:29 AM EST

Try to recruit BarzooMonkey and/or Pixel sage ;)

QBPixel Sage January 17 2006 2:09 PM EST

Heyo. I'm actually quite busy with other graphic stuff, but I'm willing to lend any quick graphics needed for this. I may be able to design something within a day if I have time. IF being the key word ;)

SNK3R January 17 2006 2:16 PM EST

Psst, Pixel, see if they'll pay you (in $CB) for your work. :P

QBBarzooMonkey January 17 2006 4:17 PM EST

I'll help with graphics if ya'll let me devote some space to my ongoing "Carnage Blender Epic" story contest(s) :)

Grant January 17 2006 4:25 PM EST

I can do some ilustratrations/cartoons, but I don't have time to do layout in law school.

Blackheart January 17 2006 4:39 PM EST

yay!! we have a team together now. i will contact everyone.

QBPixel Sage January 17 2006 6:11 PM EST

Haha, SNK3R, great idea! I'd make something to the best of my ability for sure if that were the case.

But I doubt that'll be the case. So, its gonna be on my spare time, like the time I use for creating themes.

Blackheart, if you want to contact me on anything, I'll try to find the time to do it. This would probably be nice to put in my portfolio... hmmm...

QBPixel Sage January 17 2006 6:23 PM EST

Oh and with graphics I do do web design, including HTML and CSS. I've had quite a bit of experience ;)

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] January 17 2006 7:46 PM EST

I can do a little with HTML and some CSS. Also, I could write for you if you need another person.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 17 2006 8:19 PM EST

first draft of my first article is done...when are we opening?

{CB1}[umk]Fangs January 17 2006 8:33 PM EST

if you want, i can host a mirror site of this on my webspace as well since i've got some unused space. :)

Mikel January 17 2006 8:33 PM EST

Wow nice guys. Let's see it in action.
Hopefully a weekly news letter. I love to read just about everything on here.

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] January 17 2006 8:42 PM EST

yeah I would definitely enjoy this a lot.

Blackheart January 17 2006 9:21 PM EST

Everyone who would like to write for the magazine feel free to write a piece and send it to my email in my user page. If you want me to pick a topic for you feel free to CM me. If you email an article please leave your CB name in the email.

QBPixel Sage January 17 2006 11:53 PM EST

Since we're already getting webspace and all, why not get a domain name as well? I could get one at godaddy.com for you guys. And heck, we can get a .info name. No one ever uses .info, but I think it would be appropriate for a website like this.

If you guys think its a good idea, start throwing up ideas :)


AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 18 2006 12:07 AM EST


{CB1}[umk]Fangs January 18 2006 2:11 AM EST

I hear free .be domains are still being offered for free for 1 year.

Maybe you can use that?

Chorlton January 18 2006 3:20 AM EST

I wish you guys all the best with your magazine,Im not a great writer so let me know if you need prizes.

QBPixel Sage January 18 2006 3:34 AM EST

I say go for .info, since it'll only be $6/year. If we get 6 players to contribute $1 each, that's good for a year. Count me in if we do agree on a .info name.

Sites that offer free domains like .tk usually have some sort of advertising, which we could live without. What do you guys think?

{CB1}[umk]Fangs January 18 2006 3:38 AM EST

no, when i mean free, its completely free for 1 year.. it was like what they did with the .info domains when they first came out. It functions just like a real registered domain.

Its not like the crappy .tk free domain (redirection) which puts up ads on your site. :p

QBPixel Sage January 18 2006 3:38 AM EST

By the way, what do you think the site should look like? What feel? Should it really feel like a magazine, or a news website? Any color theme suggestions? Should we use Mr. Swirly or the cartoonish art or neither?

Inputs please =D

AdminShade January 18 2006 4:39 AM EST

cbmagazine.info sounds good.

does that domain name just link to the hosted web space or does it have web space of its own?

chappy [Soup Ream] January 18 2006 9:42 AM EST

I don't yet know if there is anything that I can offer, but you've got my support .. I really like how this sounds and I like the attention that it's getting. I remember back in the days when camping was in .. I liked reading over the weekly camping report just to see what was going on ..

I think that newsletters would be interesting, but I'm curious .. are we thinking that the magazine would be monthly? With the content that we're talking about including (interviews) then I think that anything less would be not enough time. I like the idea of having contests in the magazine also. As far as a name I agree with Shade. carnageblender.info I think it would be great if we could get an admin (G_Bee / bart) to write a monthly column highlighting things banned users as well as giving them an outlet for anything admin related they wish to share.

Jonathon could even have a spot somewhere in the magazine if he was interested.

Another idea I had was about remembering past players. I know how we all seem to say goodbye to players when they leave. Well this magazine gives us the opportunity to keep a running wall of rememberence and even a Hall of Fame or whatever we want to call it ... you all know what I mean anyway ... keep the ideas rolling in!!!

Phrede January 18 2006 9:55 AM EST

I'm all for it - if you want a donation of USD for domain - I can front it. Can also write articles and give a European slant on things if you need it. No good at HTML tho.

QBPixel Sage January 18 2006 2:54 PM EST

So cbmagazine.info and carnageblender.info seem to be what people like. Anyone oppose those names or oppose a domain name as a whole?

@Shade: It only costs $6 for a domain name, with no hosting. We could very possibly buy hosting for this, but since many of us already have web space, we might as well not waste the money. However, if you guys are using a host site with limited bandwidth (such as I), we don't want to run into any bandwidth problems. Its best if we can find someone with their own server. I have two friends who have their own servers, and they may be willing to help out as long as it doesn't block up their DSL/cable line.

@Chappy: I like those ideas! Also, we need an artist corner ;). There's been two new themes in development from Shade and TMind, and it'd be nice to get an "insider" on those. Artist Insider!

AdminShade January 18 2006 3:02 PM EST

well, for bandwith, i have 10 mb free for the CB part, perhaps a tiny bit more, hope that would be enough, otherwise alas for me :)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] January 18 2006 4:54 PM EST

You could ask Jon for a subdomain on the carnageblender site, like maybe.

info.carnageblender.com or
magazine.carnageblender.com or what I would've done:
something like that. But good luck convincing him :)

QBPixel Sage January 18 2006 6:10 PM EST

Hey, my other post disappeared. Anyways, 10MB is nothing, I get 100GB/month. However, my monthly usage is getting higher and higher, so if possible I'd like to see if anyone else with their own server (without bandwidth restrictions) could host the site. Two of my friends may volunteer, one who was mildly active in CB1.

We could even possibly get a hosting service for this, even a small one. Unless Jonathan agrees and lets us use his server ;)

{CB1}[umk]Fangs January 18 2006 7:27 PM EST

For bandwidth, I have 20 gigs monthly and i'm barely using 10 gigs of it a month. Its not on my own server though...

and btw isn't the doamin carnageblender.info taken already?

QBPixel Sage January 18 2006 7:51 PM EST

You're right! carnageblender.info is taken, and by someone who plays CB too. Stump... who's stump? Is stump still alive?

Anyways, I'm against having this website being a monthly thing... instead of organizing it like a magazine, why not more like a news website devoted to CB? If there's something new that happens, getting it posted right away on the site would be the way to go. Not wait a month to read what you already know.

If this deviates too much from your original plan, Blackheart, then we'll just go with what you had in mind. My vision is that articles, things written about the game, strategies, and insiders don't have to be posted all at once. If we get two articles out a week, that should be sufficient.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 18 2006 7:53 PM EST

community blog...nuf said.

Blackheart January 18 2006 8:34 PM EST

i love it when people make decisions without consulting me... sorry pixel but that would be to disorganized. i want it to be monthly for a very specific reason. the planning is my job if anyone has a suggestion CM me before you post it.

QBPixel Sage January 18 2006 9:23 PM EST

Alright, sounds good. However, I made no decisions, I only threw up ideas ;)

spydah January 18 2006 9:45 PM EST

In fact, he said, and I'll quote it for your failing eyes:

"If this deviates too much from your original plan, Blackheart, then we'll just go with what you had in mind. My vision is that articles, things written about the game, strategies, and insiders don't have to be posted all at once. If we get two articles out a week, that should be sufficient."

Anyway, I like the post whenever and we'll send you a CM/EMail/IM/SMS/blahblahblah if you sign up... I have gigawads of space to spare, can host domains, user accounts, blahblah. I should be able to do this with little trouble.

Let me know when whoever is doing the design has something to show and we'll perhaps get things started.


Blackheart January 18 2006 10:17 PM EST

Spydah thank you for the offer Pixel Sage is doing the technical stuff feel free to contact him. I want to add that my statement about making decisions was about the domain name not the statement you highlighted.

QBPixel Sage January 18 2006 10:39 PM EST

You mean this one?

"Anyone oppose those names or oppose a domain name as a whole?"

=D. Anyways, if it came across to you as me making a decision, I apologize for it. It was yet another idea being thrown up.

I have a question though, Blackheart. Will this "website magazine" be all organized by you and dictated by you, or will it be a community thing that results from a collaboration of many players' thoughts and ideas? If its the prior, then I wouldn't mind starting something that has a lot of community influence... which I wanted to do a while ago, but never got to it.

Blackheart January 18 2006 10:56 PM EST

i don't have any problems with you or anyone coming up with ideas. however i will be involved in OK'ing all content. i have a vision for it and it involves alot of people coming together to make something cool. it is a community effort and i don't see myself as dictating it as much as putting everything together and making it a fun project each month. i don't want it to turn into another Wiki we have one of those.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 18 2006 11:34 PM EST

ok, so what if we used a blog type setup for organization, that way all contributors can see what's being worked on, comment on each others work and offer help and information?

QBPixel Sage January 18 2006 11:58 PM EST

Novice, I think that would be more effective as a forum than a blog. However, what I was thinking of is something like a blog, but that's out of question for Blackheart's project.

As for the domain, Blackheart, should I contact you and ask you if you would even consider one? If so, I see no problem having people discuss possible domain names here in this thread. Let me know =D

AdminShade January 21 2006 7:26 AM EST

I am thinking on getting a domain for myself also, would cost me 9 a year.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 21 2006 11:30 AM EST

Ok folks, Were now a Hydra with the big head missing...

Anyone want to become chief or are we gonna try and play nicely together?

We should set a few goals, and start sharing ideas and content.

chappy [Soup Ream] January 21 2006 11:49 AM EST

I think we need someone to keep us organized.. that's for sure. Maybe we should get the names of everyone that might want to head this HUGE project.. We also should get the names of everyone who wishes to help with writing articles / interviews and I guess anything else that we need ..

If nobody wants to head it then I can take that on, but I'd like a consensus of some sort. Anybody have any nominations they'd like to share?

QBPixel Sage January 21 2006 2:48 PM EST

Alright, well here's my dealy. I'm going to be busy for a while, but once my schedule clears up (in maybe 3 weeks?), I'm planning on making a community site for CB. It will be a monitored site where people can post news, updates, research, etc. I've got plenty of ideas at mind, and I'm willing to go through and head the entire thing if you all are up to it.

Stephen January 21 2006 4:24 PM EST

A much better idea than a monthly magazine. This is the internet after all!

Blackheart January 21 2006 4:33 PM EST

i'll say it again Pixel we don't need another Wiki. that is exactly what your idea boils down to

QBPixel Sage January 21 2006 4:39 PM EST

Oh, but it isn't another wiki ;). Individual users will be able to post articles, and others will be allowed to comment on them. No one will be changing each other's posts around, much like a wiki.

I will plan on creating a thread in these forums for people to sign up accounts, so only credible users will be allowed to post. Possibly only CB users will be allowed to comment, not sure about that yet.

So you see Blackheart, its not another wiki. Its not so formal and bounded by rules as the wiki is, but it will still be properly monitored.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 21 2006 4:43 PM EST

ok I have a point to make here..if we aren't going to follow the "rules" how the heck are we gonna link to this site?

Blackheart January 21 2006 4:48 PM EST

you still have no clue what each member will post and without structure it will fracture but you do your thing maybe i'll get my brother to continue my idea. i would have hoped someone here would finish what i started but it seems you would rather do your own thing. although i still say your just copying the Wiki and Stumps Page o CB tools

QBPixel Sage January 21 2006 4:50 PM EST

By not being bounded by rules, I mean it won't be formated like the wiki is. There's not a front page that everyone can edit and follow a certain format... I should say "It won't be bounded by the SAME rules as the wiki."

QBPixel Sage January 21 2006 4:57 PM EST

As said, it would be monitored. I'm very familiar with wordpress, which would be useful in this case. Each post can be read over by the administrator before it is approved for public viewing. In simple words, I'm already ahead of many of your thoughts of how this could go wrong.

Anyways, you seem to think that my idea is a competition and that I'm trying to throw your idea out the window, and if so that is completely wrong. It is "my idea", but certainly not "my own thing", but rather the community's. If anything at all, we could be affiliates.

Anyways, this idea is however starting to deviate from the original purpose of this thread, so I am requesting that this new idea stop being discussed in this thread. Good luck with the magazine idea!

Stephen January 21 2006 8:44 PM EST

Sour grapes sure make a sour whine!

stabilo [Lonesome fighter] January 22 2006 1:30 PM EST


if this is going to be a magazine, do you also provide PDFs / PSs with the articles? Maybe in DIN A5 (or the american correspondance, i don't know that one), so i can print 2 pages on one paper with easy readable 11px-Fonts .. and i could read all the interesting news during boring lessons at my uni ;-)

just like a real magazine?

please pay attention that this won't be just another blog .. but i'm sure you will ;-) I might contribute with some small articles from time to time too!

Any ideas on how you write articles yet? everybody alone at home?

maybe you should set up a password protected wordpress (or similar) to write articles, and help each other though, and then publish all packed together on a monthly basis.. and the appendix then might contain the changelog .. ;-)

well, i hope you have fun on this!
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