What is better: a morgul hammer or a blade of Thurin... (in General)

UltimaSpock [Forge Frog Services] January 18 2006 6:57 AM EST

Indeed I believed the two above mentioned weapons were the best for a tank, but it appears that the NW of the best morguls are much higher than the ones for the BoTH.

The BoTH is single handed, this does not have any advantage?

I just add that I owe a MH and a BoTh of about the same nw, which one should I add to my tank?


AdminShade January 18 2006 7:01 AM EST

Morgul Hammer deals more damage because of the higher base damage

Morgul Hammer has a big 2 handed DX penalty when used with any shield except the Mage Shield, Blade of Thuringwethil doesn't.

Damage: MH > BTh
DX: BTh > MH

QBJohnnywas January 18 2006 7:38 AM EST

And because you do more damage with the Morg you'll get a better return from the in-built VA, thus keeping you alive longer.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 18 2006 7:40 AM EST

Don't forget the different (by 50%) base Dex chance to hit.

QBRanger January 18 2006 7:40 AM EST

If you use a TOA, I would recommend the MH as the TOA will supply most of your dex. The dex, from the TOA, is not subject to the penalty you get using a 2H weapon/bow and shield.

If you are a classic non-TOA tank, then the debate is there. The BoTH will give you more dex, however it has less damage for the same NW. They both have the same upgrade costs. Since you have each weapon, about the same NW, your in a position to test things out. That is fight a few hundred battles against the same opponents and see the results. If you do not use a shield, then use the MH as the dex penalty only applies if you use a shield.

Just note that your dex will not matter vs all those FB mages you will come up against, and the increased damage from the MH might be better.

UltimaSpock [Forge Frog Services] January 18 2006 9:20 AM EST

thanks for the answers!

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] January 19 2006 6:25 AM EST

MH is best by far.

The BTh was my choice in CB1 and I can tell you now that it did an excellent job. In the right hands it can be deadly, but I would still like to have seen that character with a MH. See, I was ignorant when I bought it. One handed is over rated though.
One handed only helps you out against a very select group of opponents. Against mages you're better with two handed. Against enchanters/walls you're better off using a two handed. And against most tanks you're better off with a two handed, the only opponent that a one handed weapon will make any difference against is a tank with near equal DX. Even then the lack of damage done takes away from the benefit of getting additional hits.

I could rant on all day about why MH is better.
But I'll try to make it simple. Just one other benefit is:
Both weapons give .2 VA bonus.
MH does more damage. Higher damage makes better use of VA. - Oops, it seems Johnny said that first. Well I thought it first! ;P

Therefore it beats it for damage, VA bonus AND it's better against a wider variety of opponents.

Just my two cents.

UltimaSpock [Forge Frog Services] January 19 2006 6:30 AM EST

thanks again!

I have one tank and 3 enchanters that want to be mini tank (i rely on EC and str for them), I have 1 mh and 1 both, so i just need two more mh!!
(perhaps a third when i will have the money!)

just a final question:

do the two weapons benefit from an additional VA?
(for the mh yes, but in the wiki it is not said for the both)

maulaxe January 19 2006 11:34 AM EST

it does stack, but someone else will have to fill you in on just how well it works...

rant about enchanter mini tanks:

but I will say that mini-tank enchanters work well, but not very far beyond your PR. I tried 4(ET) for quite a while - before the NCB - and I was doing well, but only because I could not fight much further than 2xPR. This is fine and OK, but you don't grow as fast as if you can fight even further. The benefit that might offset the slower growth would be the not getting farmed as much, as you are stronger vs. more opponents. If you could be in a clan with a consistent bonus, perhaps it would even out - you would have to do some calculating.

QBOddBird January 19 2006 12:18 PM EST

"If you use a TOA, I would recommend the MH as the TOA will supply most of your dex. The dex, from the TOA, is not subject to the penalty you get using a 2H weapon/bow and shield. "

--QBRanger, January 18 2006 7:40 AM EST

For future reference, this no longer applies. The dex from the ToA now *IS* subject to the 2H weapon/bow/shield penalties. Just thought I'd clear that up.
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