Sorry trigun. (in Public Record)

AdminShade January 29 2006 2:28 PM EST

Sorry for misreading the post you made.

Sorry for fining you.

Sorry for being human.

note: last line isn't directed to you but to other people who now think of me to be a bad person.


QBRanger January 29 2006 2:31 PM EST


I don't think anyone thought of you as a bad person. It was just a bad decision and you apologized.

Case over.

I still love ya.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 29 2006 2:54 PM EST

Shade, getting called a jerk once isn't anything to worry about. If it was the case some of us would have died from jerkitis or whatever...

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] January 29 2006 3:11 PM EST

Shade, to err is only human and to have the facts put out in front of you to rectify a mistake is sometimes all that is needed. Do not let the rantings of some get to you. The majority of CB know you to be the good person that you are and that is all that counts.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] January 29 2006 3:40 PM EST

You made a minor mistake and then realized it and corrected it. Sounds like you have nothing to be sorry for. It is good of you to feel that way, because you really shouldn't have to.

trigun January 29 2006 6:01 PM EST

don't worry man..appology harm done..^_^

Undertow January 30 2006 1:43 AM EST

What? Your human? I thought you were the Shade Bot 2000!

Blarg January 30 2006 1:51 AM EST

hes had an upgrade after this incident. He is now Shade Bot 3000, now uncapable of human thought, error, or feeling!

Stephen January 30 2006 2:10 AM EST

Just like the other admins then, ha ha ;)

QBPixel Sage January 30 2006 2:12 AM EST

Xiaz on Hiatus January 30 2006 6:54 AM EST

I think someone needs another holiday ;)

Maelstrom January 30 2006 9:55 AM EST

Can you believe that there are no good pictures out there of robot chickens? :(

NSFY January 30 2006 9:57 AM EST

I don't know about being a bot, but he USES a bot when he spawn snipes on Face!!!


Stephen January 30 2006 5:25 PM EST

AdminShade January 31 2006 4:00 PM EST

cute robot chicken, i might actually use it for something.

Maelstrom January 31 2006 4:19 PM EST

I bow my head in defeat to Stephen's mastery of google...
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