NW question (in General)

Flamey January 30 2006 6:28 PM EST

when you goto upgrade something at the blacksmith, e.g. i want to upgrade my BoM to +15, it costs $376,991, do you add that number to your NW and that becomes your new NW?

QBRanger January 30 2006 6:30 PM EST


[Jedi] Danludar January 30 2006 6:30 PM EST

Actually the BS upgrade price is I think the approximate NW upgrade or exact I'm not quite sure but if its not exact its really close.

Flamey January 30 2006 6:34 PM EST

ok thanks, thats all i need

AdminShade January 30 2006 6:48 PM EST

dan: it's the exact amount :)

Flamey January 30 2006 6:51 PM EST

ok i got another NW question, im trying to do NW calculations for my BoM.
its currently +10 $96,482, and as i got told to get it to +11 at the blacksmith it costs $35,964. so i add those 2 together and i get $132,446, and i know that, that is the NW for a BoM +11.

now i want to figure out what it would be at +12, the upgrade cost is $85,492 do i do this: 85,492 + 96,482 = NW 181,974 or is it this: 85,492 + 132,446 = NW 217,938?

th00p January 30 2006 6:53 PM EST

the first one... NW would be 181,974
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