CB lottery(Flamey Style) #2 (in Contests)

Flamey February 1 2006 11:37 PM EST

Please read this carefully so you don't get anything wrong.

Ok another lottery, pot is already 50k so if it's the same outcome as first pot would be around 620k . Ranger is drawing all 3 numbers (again). The ticket prices are as follows.


note:5 tickets are max

the reason behind the expensive prices is that people with a lot of money have to pay more for a ticket, therefore discouraging them to buy multiple tickets. so a new player only has to pay 10k.

the prizing will go like this.

1st prize gets 60% of total pot
2nd prize get 30%
3rd prize get 10%

e.g. pot is 500k 1st prize will get 300k, 2nd prize will get 150k 3rd prize will get 50k

we will be using random.org

there will be 50 tickets up for sale.

Please Send all money to Flamey Lottery not Flamey. Once again Please Send all money to Flamey Lottery.

Ranger is going to pick the numbers long before I announce who wins.

please keep all info on this thread and no CMs please.

clearly post the ticket number(s) and the transfer log with the correct money. i shall CM you if you have chosen a number somebody else has and tell you to pick another.

what I'll be doing is if there are no winners the money will goto to the next pot making it larger

QBOddBird February 1 2006 11:40 PM EST

[OB]ForgeBird (BlueWater) Flamey (Flamey Lottery) $10000 -- for #49 this time. 11:39 PM EST

Nobody will get my number before me this time.

Nightmare [NewNightmares] February 1 2006 11:41 PM EST

Nightmare (Joshua) Flamey (Flamey Lottery) $50000 -- #9, #10, #35 11:40 PM EST

Flamey February 1 2006 11:48 PM EST

Update: Current Pot is exactly $115,398.(reason for odd numbers is because of the transfer fees, for previous lottery)

Thanks Guys

#9) Nightmare
#10) Nightmare
#35) Nightmare
#49) [OB]ForgeBird

Maelstrom February 1 2006 11:53 PM EST

I'm hooked! Let's see how lucky #14 does this time, and throw in #21.

Maelstrom (Ragnvald) Flamey (Flamey Lottery) $30000 -- lottery #14,#21 11:52 PM EST

Flamey February 1 2006 11:56 PM EST

Update: Current Pot $145,398

Hope you got your money right mael.

#9) Nightmare
#10) Nightmare
#14) Maelstrom
#21) Maelstrom
#35) Nightmare
#49) [OB]ForgeBird

I wont do remaining tickets yet way too many to count

Maelstrom February 1 2006 11:59 PM EST

Thanks Flamey, but I bet no one else hopes I've got it right ;)

sssimmo February 2 2006 12:14 AM EST

sssimmo (Disco) Flamey (Flamey Lottery) $10000 12:13 AM EST

Forgot to say number!! So I will say it now: #7

JAFO February 2 2006 1:35 AM EST

JAFO (Olei) Flamey (Flamey Lottery) $30000 -- 18 and 34 1:34 AM EST

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] February 2 2006 7:10 AM EST

Oxtetor Oxtetor Oxtetor
(Riffwraith) Flamey (Flamey Lottery) $10000 -- #19 7:10 AM EST

19 please

AdminShade February 2 2006 7:17 AM EST

Might I recommend some changes to the looks of the thread?

1: make a table with the 50 lottery tickets
2: make a link to the character where the money has to go to.
3: why should they post the transfer log, as long as they pay it should be good :)

just my 3 ideas atm :)

Flamey February 3 2006 12:09 AM EST

1, to much work for me and i will have to pay someone and i don't want to and i think its fine.

2,don't know how to link it.

3, easier for me to keep track of and i don't think its to hard for the players.

Update:Current Pot is $195,398

#7) sssimmo
#9) Nightmare
#10) Nightmare
#14) Maelstrom
#18) JAFO
#19) Oxtetor Oxtetor Oxtetor
#21) Maelstrom
#34) JAFO
#35) Nightmare
#49) [OB]ForgeBird

Mem February 3 2006 12:17 AM EST

Mem (The First) Flamey (Flamey Lottery) $10000 -- For #3 12:16 AM EST

Flamey February 3 2006 12:22 AM EST

Update: Current pot should be 200k

#7) sssimmo
#9) Nightmare
#10) Nightmare
#14) Maelstrom
#18) JAFO
#19) Oxtetor Oxtetor Oxtetor
#21) Maelstrom
#34) JAFO
#35) Nightmare
#49) [OB]ForgeBird

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] February 3 2006 3:28 AM EST

Karmic Mishap (Chao Tipper) Flamey (Flamey Lottery) $10000 -- #23 3:27 AM EST

Mikel February 3 2006 7:42 AM EST

Mikel (Mikel III) Flamey (Flamey Lottery) $10000 -- Number 17

Nightmare [NewNightmares] February 5 2006 3:14 AM EST

Any idea when the drawing will be?

Gilgamesh2090 [NCB Shop] February 5 2006 2:03 PM EST

Gilgamesh2090 (Gilgamesh) Flamey (Flamey Lottery) $10000 -- For 27 2:03 PM EST

Flamey February 6 2006 12:20 AM EST

i usually try to draw them on Wednesday 12AM CBT. but i dont think i will this time.due to lack of players making the pot small.its unfair with a small pot

#7) sssimmo
#9) Nightmare
#10) Nightmare
#14) Maelstrom
#17) Mikel
#18) JAFO
#19) Oxtetor Oxtetor Oxtetor
#21) Maelstrom
#23) Karmic Mishap
#27) Gilgamesh2090
#34) JAFO
#35) Nightmare
#49) [OB]ForgeBird

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] February 6 2006 12:22 AM EST

or you could just pull it out of the numbers picked, to ensure that somebody wins. I don't care if its a smaller amount.

Flamey February 6 2006 12:26 AM EST

i don't know, if i get a good response in the next 2 days(meaning at least 300k) i will go ahead with it

Flamey February 8 2006 12:48 AM EST

Update: $235,398 i will CM Ranger to draw the numbers again. the pot sucks i know. since its a small pot i will ask him to keep drawing numbers till all three people win.

note:it costs money to transfer money,lol. so last time when 2 people won, the transfer fees, they came out of 3rd place which didnt win.

so winners will go like this:


i put it to the closest 1000 so i dont have to pay for all of the transfer fees my self. i still will have to pay a bit. but its around $1700 for 1st place last time.

$1,398 is left over to help with the transfer fees.

QBRanger February 8 2006 7:22 AM EST


37 16 20 3 36 34 20 38 10 9

sssimmo February 8 2006 7:57 AM EST

Congrats guys!

#34) JAFO
#9) Nightmare

Mem February 8 2006 12:18 PM EST

Wooo hooo!

{CB1}Lukeyman February 8 2006 4:44 PM EST

Whens Next one?

JAFO February 8 2006 6:56 PM EST

cool! i won something - thanks!

Flamey February 8 2006 11:14 PM EST

congratulations guys, tell a friend, play more, bigger pot is better.

Flamey (Flamey Lottery) Nightmare (Joshua) $23000 -- gratz on winning 11:13 PM EST
Flamey (Flamey Lottery) JAFO (Olei) $70000 -- gratz on winning 11:12 PM EST
Flamey (Flamey Lottery) Mem (The First) $141000 -- gratz on winning 11:11 PM EST
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