Space Invaders: $5m CB Giveaway (in Contests)

AdminG Beee February 8 2006 5:57 AM EST

I've added a url link on the "Allowance Exceeded" page to Space Invaders the superb, if somewhat old, video game that was huge in the late 70's and early 80's. (Remember to get to the Allowance Exceeded page you need to use all your BA.)

Remember this?

The contest here is plain and simple and based on the same plan that I used when I ran the "Fish Game" back in October.
You have 48Hrs from now to post a screen capture of your highest score. If you're late then your contribution will not be included !
Everyone who beats my top score which I'll post as soon as I can after the 48 Hr deadline will be a winner!

Now for the prizes:
If your score is the top score and higher than my own score then I will increase an item of your choice at the blacksmith by up to (but not beyond) a sum of $3,000,000.
If your score is higher than mine, but not the top score, then you will win an equal share of the remaining $2,000,000 pot. I'll once again use the Blacksmith to increase an item of your choice up to (but not beyond) the appropriate amount based on how many people are sharing the total.

There will almost certainly be a payout on this contest. I like the game but I'm not good at it - so get your BA spent and follow that link for a Space Invaders blast from the past!

NB: All Blacksmith and return transfer fees will be paid from my admin character. You will be responsible for the initial transfer fee to my character only. Upgrades to items will be rounded down in value.

AdminG Beee February 8 2006 6:03 AM EST

Yikes - I forgot to mention. 1 screen shot only folks !!!
You only get one shot at this. Keep a hold of your top score and post the screen shot at the last minute if you want to, but your first is the only one that counts.

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] February 8 2006 10:59 AM EST

it seems that i can't play it

AdminShade February 8 2006 12:26 PM EST

The game is harder than i thought, a 2 billion top score... and the top 300 spot is like 300k already... >.<

Halcyon February 8 2006 1:04 PM EST

I will post a score, prolly tomorrow or something, maybe this weekend, not sure. But, I'm in

Maelstrom February 8 2006 1:10 PM EST

I thought I did quite well, but I'm much lower even than the 300th position... :/

Tenchi Muyo February 8 2006 1:19 PM EST

Space Invaders *grins* Once I get home I can't wait to try this contest assuming it's a true recreation of the old one ^_^.

AdminG Beee February 8 2006 1:26 PM EST

It's more true to the original version than any other I've found so far.

Valiek, contest is only open for 48Hrs from when I made the first post so weekend entries won't count.

Remember to rate the url in the exceeded allowance page. ;)

Halcyon February 8 2006 1:28 PM EST

Ok, then tomorrow :)

Maelstrom February 8 2006 1:28 PM EST

I know we can only post one screenshot, but can we post just our scores, to see how we're doing?

AdminG Beee February 8 2006 1:41 PM EST

Sure, I guess there's nothing up with posting your score. I'll not post mine though until the contest is over ;)

Halcyon February 8 2006 1:46 PM EST

I did have a messly 5,000 or so .. but, NOT posting that .. when I know I can hit at least 100,000 ... without much effort

Maelstrom February 8 2006 1:57 PM EST

100k?? I just got 62k... double my previous best.

G Beee, I'm supposed to be working! Look what you've done!

Agent Tsing Chiong February 8 2006 2:02 PM EST

this game takes more patience than ihave lol i was at like 100k and a ton of lives when i just quit. don't have that much time on my hands XD

AdminShade February 8 2006 2:46 PM EST

Got a good score just now, won't be making it higher.

bartjan February 8 2006 3:27 PM EST

Alright! It's Saturday night, I have no date, a two-litre bottle of Shasta and my all-Rush mix tape. Let's rock!

{cb1}dyno February 8 2006 4:44 PM EST

anyone else randomly having it game over? I had 7 lives and it blew my ship up and said game over :( doh!

AdminG Beee February 8 2006 4:45 PM EST

That happens if they get close enough to the ground - you gotta kill them faster.

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] February 8 2006 4:49 PM EST

hah same thing happened to me, i didn't know they can't get too close. I was at 55k too. I will aim higher.

WeaponX February 8 2006 4:58 PM EST

i feel left out... as some of you know i am disabled and can't use a keyboard. this game won't take commands from my on screen keyboard

AdminG Beee February 8 2006 6:21 PM EST

Lots of PMs and CMs asking for a ballpark figure to aim for.

I'm like you guys and still playing but it's safe to say that you're gonna need a few (nay several) hundred k on your score.

No more CMs or PMs please - only 36 hours or so to the end of the contest anyways :)

Maelstrom February 8 2006 6:35 PM EST

Megaman, what is your on screen keyboard? The built-in Windows one, or what? How do you use it, a mouse? Maybe with some details, one of these smart CBers can find a work-around for you...

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] February 8 2006 7:43 PM EST

Hmm wow.. then I will just aim for a score of one million!

WeaponX February 8 2006 7:52 PM EST

i use a program called click-n-type. i control it with my mouse

QBsutekh137 February 8 2006 8:22 PM EST

Just making a point (obviously not an entry):

Anyone think of a good way to stop cheaters (I used a quick GIMP slice and dice)? I know there is the online score, but if it is really dense in parts, it will be hard to scour for real and imaginary scores. Mine is very apparently imaginary. *smile*

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] February 8 2006 8:28 PM EST

Perhaps the qualifying score will be visible in the online High Score database with the name we enter. (And it should have to be our character name or something). Therefore, G_beee could just check in the high score list to make sure.

QBsutekh137 February 8 2006 8:47 PM EST

Agreed, OOO, but the game has a lot of people on the list in the 100K to 200K range, no? (I can't get that high. *smile*). Unless our boy GB is planning to reach the top ten, it is going to be hard to tell where everyone is at...

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] February 8 2006 8:48 PM EST

I think Sutekh has a valid point.

The winner of this contest will surely have to be in the top 300 with there char name.

I cant stand how slow that game is, got to 50k and just had to quit. Good luck to everyone else. This game is just to slow for me :-/

QBPixel Sage February 8 2006 8:50 PM EST

Dude, I got to like... 11k and died. That's sad. Let's hope G Beee is bad at the game, so we'll all win! Haha.

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] February 8 2006 8:51 PM EST

Well I am at 310K right now... I know... it is painstaking. So I will certainly be in the top 300, I just worry as to when it resets the high score list?

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] February 8 2006 9:02 PM EST

wow! great job.

i doubt they reset the list.... If they do its probably yearly or something like that.

How long has it taken you to get that high?

Jokers2587 February 8 2006 9:38 PM EST

i'm at 600k right now, and i've been playing on the same game for almost 2 hours now. it's pretty hard to get that high and get really boring, so one pointer is if you don't have the time to get that minimum, then don't try at all.

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] February 8 2006 10:48 PM EST

Noooo!!! I screwed up at 366K, you can see my high score as #61. I will probably try harder tomorrow though. I said I would make it to one million.

Jokers2587 February 8 2006 11:44 PM EST

well i got 10th place, with 904,790. it takes about 3 and 1/2 hours, so who ever wants to try it, good luck.

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] February 8 2006 11:49 PM EST

Don't worry I will get 1 million tomorrow.

AdminG Beee February 9 2006 2:26 AM EST

Well seeing as we're now getting players on the leaderboard (my paused game will also get there providing my pc doesn't crash in the next 24 hrs) I don't think we need worry about anyone being "creative" with their artwork and made up scores :)

chelon February 9 2006 4:03 AM EST

i dont know how to take a screen shot..

Stephen February 9 2006 4:10 AM EST

It uses real colour and not just strips of cellophane glued over the CRT. Showing my age I know!

QBJohnnywas February 9 2006 4:16 AM EST

Urgh. I started playing and had to stop. Suddenly I was getting the smell of fried fish, pickled onions and vinegar. One Benson and Hedges cigarette shared by three people. The Jam and Madness on the radio. And Jodee Deboo, who I fancied from the age of seven through thirteen.

Not good. Not good. Not good. Space Invaders flashbacks....


Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] February 9 2006 4:37 AM EST

well i'm not planning to play that game for that long so i'm out :(

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] February 9 2006 4:47 AM EST

500k so far, only trouble is I'm not at home and can use this PC for about another 2 hours, given the frequency of extra lives its hard to see how I will die in that time. Does it get more difficult?

Jokers2587 February 9 2006 6:51 AM EST

the only reason i died when i did, was because i got wreckless. the game is really repetitive, so it gets really boring really fast.

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] February 9 2006 8:49 AM EST

i got killed at 18k because the went to far down

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] February 9 2006 7:58 PM EST

Argh, I was trying to beat Jokers score but I just couldn't keep my eyes open and died...

Stephen February 9 2006 9:13 PM EST

It's so tempting to change my screen name to JLC ;)

Maelstrom February 9 2006 10:13 PM EST

Oh yeah, I'm King Diamond.


Stephen February 9 2006 10:24 PM EST

Mael, you are so Vestavia!

th00p February 9 2006 10:26 PM EST

I'm Dex, and yes, I got that score on 2/7/06

QBOddBird February 9 2006 11:53 PM EST

Man. Lost my score when I had to restart because my compiler wasn't working right, and my assignment was due by midnight. =(

QBPixel Sage February 10 2006 12:01 AM EST

Man, only 150k-ish. This is causing a lot of depression and disappointment. G Beee, I think you should give us each 1 mil to make us feel better ;)

trigun February 10 2006 12:36 AM EST

man oxetor..your score is depressing long did that take you?? 0_o

Jokers2587 February 10 2006 12:42 AM EST

trust me guys i will have a higher score to post before the deadline is over, so don't go and cut the time down because nobody is posting anything.

QBOddBird February 10 2006 12:45 AM EST

Yeah, I saw you and Borderliner's scores up there last I had checked. ='( Not nearly enough time to make up what I lost.

QBPixel Sage February 10 2006 2:10 AM EST

I did all that work, might as well post up my petty screen shot.

Jokers2587 February 10 2006 2:47 AM EST

well i'm ranked 9th right now, with the score of 1,204,510 and i am done for the contest, this is my final score and gl to all. i had fun playing a classic and don't plan to play it for at least a week. already put too many hours into it

AdminG Beee February 10 2006 3:08 AM EST

Just under 3Hrs to go folks - don't forget to post a screen shot.

Doom Lit Sky February 10 2006 3:18 AM EST

I'll bet 100k that G_Bee is score number 1....

QBPixel Sage February 10 2006 4:17 AM EST

3 legitimate screenshots... will this suffice? Will anything even be given away?

AdminG Beee February 10 2006 4:22 AM EST

As per the conditions of the competition I'll post my own screen shot and those with higher scores will get the prizes.

{cb1}dyno February 10 2006 5:16 AM EST

Not to cause trouble, but we could post multiple scores instead of 1 now? first Joker says 904k, then 1.2 mil. Is this allowed? I'm currently at 650k, and although thanks to my better half deciding she wanted cuddle time I probably won't be either score, I'd just like to clarify that the rule stated that each person got one score was abolished.

Shame the contest wasn't an hour longer or else I'd give joker a run for his money :) I'll quit around 5:50 server time and post my score.

AdminG Beee February 10 2006 5:23 AM EST

As per the conditions above your first screen shot is required to qualify your entry.

{cb1}dyno February 10 2006 5:30 AM EST

how do you enter screenshots? I'm a newb with this forum stuff :(

{cb1}dyno February 10 2006 5:53 AM EST

Well with 5 minutes left, No one has been able to help me with how to post screenshots. So If it suffices, I have them on The links are:

Xiaz on Hiatus February 10 2006 6:49 AM EST

I sure hope 140 isn't G Beees' top score, else he'll be 3M poorer. :)

Maelstrom February 10 2006 9:38 AM EST

It's not GB's money, it's from his admin character, confiscated from multis...

AdminG Beee February 10 2006 1:36 PM EST

Bleh, my score on my home pc isn't showing on the leaderboard :( I'm gonna have to go with the one from my office PC instead. Oh well, here it is.

Although two players posted a higher score unfortunately they didn't post a screen shot as required in the instructions above :(
I have absolutely nothing to gain by keeping this money on my admin char and the whole idea was to give it away but I think it would be wrong of me to give it out in this instance. The instructions were clear and although I don't question the integrity of either player who beat my score, the bottom line is that they didn't follow the rules.

I'll run another competition soon to give away some of this cash... Thanks for all those that played and I hope you at least managed to get a little enjoyment from it.

Halcyon February 10 2006 1:43 PM EST

Heh, perhaps one that doesn't take sooooooooo much time and devotion? :)

AdminG Beee February 10 2006 1:45 PM EST

Yikes - my bad.

{cb1}dyno posted his screenshot as a url link. I missed that and it's clearly a higher score than mine.

He wins the $3m pot.
The $2m pot hasn't been won as only the one player officially beat me.

sssimmo February 10 2006 1:50 PM EST

Tis' cool Mr B! As I have said before, give it to me. I easily have points on the board to deserve, AND accept these toys gracefully. Give them to me lest ye be judged!

- Simmo.

sssimmo February 10 2006 2:00 PM EST

Ps. It's Friday....wait, Saturday morning, I have been on the sauce, as if you didn't know.

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] February 10 2006 3:04 PM EST

OH MAN! Are you serious! I got 10k less than you.. You got to be kidding. I guess I shouldn't complain about not winning free money but seriously, that took a lot of time...


AdminG Beee February 10 2006 3:07 PM EST

I feel your pain :( however you can take consolation from the fact that on my home pc I had a game on the go with a score of over 1,000,000 that I lost when it didn't show up on the leaderboard. I had to play another game just to get that score of 540k.

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] February 10 2006 3:09 PM EST

Regardless it's pretty lame, I feel jipped of time, however I am sure Joker does even more considering his name is posted in the high score list, although he should have followed directions.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] February 10 2006 3:27 PM EST

heh, I couldn't even find my screenshot let alone post it :) Not sure I even took one, I pressed Prt Sc, is this right? Oh well, congrats Dyno.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] February 10 2006 3:31 PM EST

Thankfully I didn't continue the 2nd game I started once I knew Jokers was going for a higher score, got to 90k and just couldn't face it :)

YOU February 10 2006 4:09 PM EST

this is the worst contest by you ever. It takes too long.
It worse than (C+ Enter) x 24 hours.
Congrats to whoever can click more than me. my score was : 30,000

AdminG Beee February 10 2006 4:16 PM EST

Everyone's a critic :p

{cb1}dyno February 10 2006 4:19 PM EST

It did take a lot of time. it was for a 3 million dollar increase on an item. I don't know about other people, but that's about 3 weeks of fighting for me, so I felt it was worth a few hours to do it. Thanks for taking the time to make creative ways of putting the items you collect as an admin back into the community bee :)

Jokers2587 February 10 2006 5:42 PM EST

actually by the time i hit that 1.2 mil i was so tired that i just wanted get it in the leader board, and go to bed. i really don't care about not winning the prize and congrats to dyno, but i want to be known as the highest score.

AdminG Beee February 10 2006 5:46 PM EST

Your name is certainly showing highest on the in-game leaderboard for all the CB folks who had a go. Well done !

QBPixel Sage February 10 2006 6:02 PM EST

Who said this was the worst contest ever? I highly disagree. As Dyno stated, he gained a prize worth around three weeks of playing in a few hours.

If you're going to enter a contest with such a large prize, expect it to take a long time.

Thanks G Beee =D
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