Why is evasion a skill and not an enchantment? (in General)

QBRanger February 10 2006 10:22 AM EST

Just a quick thought.

Evasion is so unloved. Most tanks use BL, some even persist to use archery or UC. However, no real tank would consider using evasion.

Vs mages evasion is of absolutely no help. Vs tanks, on enchanters or mages who might use it, they will almost always get hit. And, since evasion does not stack with DB's linearly but rather via xp, the xp is best spent raising your DD spell or native HP.

So.... Why not have it as a ED spell? That was you can have the option of having an enchanter cast it and getting the benefit on your tank.

Just a quick thought I had this morning.

Thoughts? Ideas?

QBJohnnywas February 10 2006 10:32 AM EST

Makes sense, although as it works on the opponent's plus-to-hit perhaps it should be an offensive enchantment...

Maelstrom February 10 2006 10:35 AM EST

cause fear?

QBRanger February 10 2006 10:37 AM EST

EO or ED, may not matter.

I never understood cause fear from cb1. Perhaps if someone who did would explain it.

QBJohnnywas February 10 2006 10:39 AM EST

Nitpicking on the enchantment...

Didn't cause fear work on the x of a weapon? Reducing damage?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 10 2006 10:41 AM EST

I think the original incarnation of CF (it was before my time) gave a percentage chance that a target would not attack (one attack or that round?). It was changed to be a percentage physical damage reduction, capped at 44%.

As for why Evasion is a skill, why id BL a skill and not an Enchantment?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 10 2006 10:50 AM EST

it used to be an enchantment...err BL that is...

Evasion is being used by at least one tank I know of, to great effect.
I think the fact people are still not using somthing that can effectively double the dex bonus gotten from items from defensive purposes, if you look at the UC evasion thread you can see how effective it is.

Don't fiddle with evasion, Jon got it right and I want to play with it before it gets nerfed!

QBsutekh137 February 10 2006 10:51 AM EST

BL used to be an enchantment, I believe. It was changed back in CB1.

GL's Cause Fear description is entirely accurate as far as I remember. One addendum, the CF level compared to the attacker's Strength, I believe.

I think skills are Jon's way of saying a person has to be committed to those qualities on a minion-by minion basis. It also allows teams with fewer than four minions to still have the attribute along with some other enchantments. We don't all have (or want) multiple minions.

AdminShade February 10 2006 11:53 AM EST

If you'd make a spell out of it then it would have to get a new name also imo.


Grant February 10 2006 6:41 PM EST

To answer the original question, because it behaves as a skill and not an enchantment. Skills affect minions individually. Enchantments affect all minions.
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