Does Evasion effect axbow aiming? (in General)

stabilo February 12 2006 8:58 AM EST


Displacement Boots grant Evasion,

and Evasion: "Gives a bonus to effective DX on defense equal to the evasion level" (cited from wiki)

So if i have 2 minions, one with 30DX and one with 20DX, and s.b. with an axbow attacs me. (Assume the DBs grant 10.000DX defensive DX). Which minion will be aimed by the axbow?
The one with 20DX - 10.000DX from DBs
or the one with 30DX with no DBs



stabilo February 12 2006 8:59 AM EST


i mean vice versa:

The one with 30DX - 10.000DX from DBs
or the one with 20DX with no DBs

AdminShade February 12 2006 9:01 AM EST

the minion with the highest, in effect, DX will be targeted, when having 2 minions with the same DX, the minion closes to the front (left in training) will be targeted.

stabilo February 12 2006 9:20 AM EST

so you say the one with 20DX will be targeted, right? (and not the one with 30DX with DBs)

bartjan February 12 2006 9:29 AM EST

Evasion does increase the defensive DX, not decrease.

stabilo February 12 2006 10:00 AM EST

oh right, sorry, i mixed this up, so

The one with 20DX + 10.000DX from DBs
or the one with 30DX with no DBs

results in one with 10.020 DX and one with 30DX, making the axbow aiming the minion with 10.020DX and not the 30DX one, although the 30DX one has more trained DX.

bartjan February 12 2006 10:01 AM EST

Should be fairly easy to test...

stabilo February 12 2006 10:13 AM EST

a test would be great ..unfortunately i have only one minion and no DBs .. so i can't do this ..

But if this effects the aiming as i stated, this would lead to a new strategy:
using a low dx minion as defensive with high dbs, so high, that his defensive 20DX will be put over the DX from the offensive DX minion, and thus protecting the attacking minion with lots of dx from hits by the axbow ;-)

think about it

Nightmare [NewNightmares] February 12 2006 2:15 PM EST

I believe DBs don't increase defensive dex, as they no longer grant evasion.

From the Overview Page: "Base AC 6. Decreases effectiveness of enemy PTH enchantments."

stabilo February 12 2006 2:48 PM EST


i proofed it myself
i rented DBs, bought a new minion for my 'miniman' looking like this

Gacaja EXP: 12 HP: 20/20 ST: 20 DX: 20
A Pair of Displacement Boots [6] (+37)

Desjoy EXP: 0 HP: 20/20 ST: 20 DX: 27
A Whip [9x1] (+0)

the axbow aimed at Desjo, thus the one with higher trained DX.

so DBs do not grant defensive DX for this at least



AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 12 2006 3:08 PM EST

try training the skill evasion on your rear minion, the skill does grant defensive dex, which has the unknown possibility of attracting axbow fire.

AdminShade February 12 2006 3:29 PM EST

ok some theoretical blah blah:

minion 1: has 30k DX
minion 2: has 20k DX but has 10,000 Evasion trained also.

Which minion will the Axbow hit?

round 1: minion 1
round 3: minion 2

ok another setting:

minion 1: has 30k DX
minion 2: has 20k DX but has 10,001 Evasion trained also.

Which minion will the Axbow hit?

round 1: minion 2
round 3: minion 1

stabilo February 12 2006 3:53 PM EST

DexterityMinion missed Shiraha
Shiraha struck deep into DexterityMinion [34460]
DexterityMinion looks clumsier!
Shiraha skewered DexterityMinion [28033]
Shiraha cries "I promise a quick demise!"
R.I.P. DexterityMinion

Shiraha struck deep into EvasionMinion [24882]
EvasionMinion looks clumsier!
Shiraha struck deep into EvasionMinion [30204]
Shiraha cries "I promise a quick demise!"
R.I.P. EvasionMinion

with the following team:

EvasionMinion EXP: 9 HP: 20/20 ST: 20 DX: 20 AC: 0
Evasion: 50 (0)

DexterityMinion EXP: 5 HP: 48/48 ST: 20 DX: 27 AC: 0

So maybe the evasion-skill is still too smal .. but i guess evasion does not grand defensive-dx for the axbox-aiming too

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 12 2006 8:19 PM EST

"GentlemanLoser, January 1 2006 1:44 PM EST
Now that there is only one item that grants Evasion do we still need an item/skill distinction to Evasion effects?

Is this still implementated because DBs have a hidden Evasion level (as you need to add the levels given by your DBs and the skill to find the final effect, much like enchantment stacking) that now also grants extra defensive dexterity?

Do DBs have the additional defensive dexterity, or only provide the pth reduction?

Jonathan, January 1 2006 4:40 PM EST
DB continues to only grant anti-PTH.

I've updated its description. "


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