Found base UC damage (in General)

BootyGod February 12 2006 4:58 PM EST

And I got proof. But I aint sharing yet. So nah nah nah. Lol I will give the proof very soon/ when i get the approval of someone lol. Bye all suffer in agony. Did you know the nah's aren't correct spelling? very annoying they are.

AdminShade February 12 2006 5:02 PM EST

I have seen the proof, and it will be published coming week :)

QBOddBird February 12 2006 5:07 PM EST

Hurrah! You people are amazing scientific geniuses.

Except you, GodWolf, because I wanna know what it is. >.<


Myself, I think it is around the same as a katana's, from what I've seen, but I'm probably wrong.

AdminShade February 12 2006 5:20 PM EST

you are probably wrong indeed :p

Kent February 12 2006 5:22 PM EST

Once again, I say that this must have been found a long time ago. However, any data is good data. So tell us now. :P

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 12 2006 7:15 PM EST

Why are you witholding this information? If you are unable to post, what is the purpose of this tease?

Unless you are teasing just for the sake of it, for attention?

QBPixel Sage February 12 2006 8:09 PM EST

"If the spell checker is mistaken, don't panic -- as long as the fraction of mis-spelled words is less than 0.15, you'll be fine. Hints:

Ignoring this advice and simply padding your post with extra words to get above the 0.15 threshold without an exceptionally good reason will result in a fine."

Sacredpeanut February 13 2006 12:23 AM EST

Well with the build up you're giving it, the proof better be good :)

sssimmo February 13 2006 12:33 AM EST

Hands/claws up those who have very little interest in this subject. (\/) oo (\/)

AdminShade February 13 2006 12:42 AM EST

Yes there is a good reason for not directly posting the answer yet, which would be little more data confirmation :)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 13 2006 1:36 AM EST

It had been implied that the base damage for UC was dependent on STR...I see your UC char has a base STR of 20, done any testing to see if adding STR throws your numbers off?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 13 2006 4:37 AM EST

Shade, if that's the case, then why not just post as "I think I've found base UC damage" with everything that been found out so far and get everyone else who's interested to help confirm?

NSFY February 13 2006 8:44 AM EST

BAH! If science worked that way, GL, there would never be any stem cell or cold fusion scandals. The research model entails holding press conferences to dole out provocative snippets, then leveraging the interest generated to obtain additional funding for your empire. YES!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 13 2006 9:09 AM EST

Ah... In that case;

I've found out how protection works, but if you wanna know, you gotta pay me 100K CB2 and sign a NDA before I tell you. :) That better?

(Before I get done for scamming, I know nothing more about protection than anyone else and you won't get anything if you send me 100K. Apart from knowing you just made me a little bit richer!)

QBRanger February 13 2006 10:25 AM EST

Very Very Very bad form to have a post like the one Wolf did.

It serves no real purpose except to troll for responses like he is getting.

And unlike science that was brought up, there is no research money going into this. If Wolf stated that he has an idea and needs people to test his theory out, that would be completely different.

But, IMO of course, his initial post is nothing more than spam.

Bad Wolf, very very bad Wolf.

BootyGod February 13 2006 10:26 AM EST

First of all I padded the post because i had to go and I was not going to spend 10 minutes on something meaningful. Second if it would result in a fine someone like SHADE would tell me and not you sorry. Third I DID indeed do some testing as to whether ST effected the UC and IMO I dont think it does. I will release the information at Shade's approval and not one moment before. So people who CM me or ask me personally please stop.

QBRanger February 13 2006 10:32 AM EST

So back to the initial question most are asking.

Why did you even post? Read you initial post. It is nothing more than garbage. Basically it is stating you know something we do not and we should all "suffer in agony". If that is not spam, then I give up as to what is.

If you did not want to spend 10 min on something meaningful, then why even post at all?

If it looks like spam, tastes like spam, and smells like spam, then my gosh, it's spam.

QBRanger February 13 2006 10:36 AM EST

And also, directly from the program:

Ignoring this advice and simply padding your post with extra words to get above the 0.15 threshold without an exceptionally good reason will result in a fine.

Since you just admitted padding your post, Ranger waits for the fine.

Grant February 13 2006 11:03 AM EST

Ranger gets my vote for admin.

Maelstrom February 13 2006 11:22 AM EST

Regarding "padding his post", it looks to me as though he was simply expressing his incredulity that the word "nah" was not in the spellchecker.

Regarding this whole thread... I agree, what is the purpose? I don't even see why it matters what the base UC damage is. It's not as if knowing the damage is going ot change anyone's mind about using it...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 13 2006 12:13 PM EST

No Mael, that'll come after seeing what Johnny and I do with it! ;)

AdminShade February 13 2006 1:17 PM EST

I hadn't paid attention to it before, but I should be dealing with it indeed.

First of all: he and I had some talks about whether or not make it public already, he wanted to but I thought it would take a bit more research to be truly sure of the final conclusion.

Second: I still don't approve the padding of posts, I have fined somebody for it yesterday or the day before for it also.

Third: Sorry WolfCorpse but I will have to fine you...

YNM February 13 2006 7:19 PM EST

I knew it GW is ebil! Burn the wolf!!!


Lumpy Koala February 14 2006 3:49 AM EST

so... are you guys done testing yet?
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