MgS / AC question (in General)

stabilo [Lonesome fighter] February 27 2006 5:49 AM EST

Does the MgS directly add to the Magical part of AC ?


adam 40+50 gives about 10% magical reduction

combined with a +10 MgS is that:

1. 10% + 10% = 20% reduction,
2. or 10% + 10% of remaining, that's 19% reduction?

this becomes much more important the higher the ac is:

AC 100+200 = about 40% magical reduction

combined with a +40 MgS that is:

1. 40% + 40% = 80% magical reduction,
2. or 40% + 40% of remaining 60% resulting in about 64% total magical reduction?

1 or 2, how is it calculated ?

Sacredpeanut February 27 2006 5:51 AM EST


stabilo [Lonesome fighter] February 27 2006 6:03 AM EST

Ok, so there is a break even where the MS becomes better than the MgS. Did s.b. already calculate this point?

When does ToE step in? After both, between both or as the first?

Sacredpeanut February 27 2006 6:08 AM EST

Order is MgS/AC/Endurance/Protection

Yes in theory there is a point where MS becomes better than MgS, but in all practically that point is almost impossibly high to reach (if you got to the point where say a +40 MS more than doubled your magic reduction your physical reduction would be beyond the complete reduction point).

Sacredpeanut February 27 2006 6:25 AM EST

For the proof of this lets say you have a massive MS, say +60.

To achieve an extra 50% reduction of the damage you are taking by equipping the MS you will need to be 120 AC away from complete magic reduction without the MS, which means you will be 60 AC away from complete magic reduction with the MS equipped. (At 120AC away from complete reduction you will take 120X damage and at 60AC away from complete reduction you will take 60X damage (where X = reduction from one point of AC), obviously 120X is twice 60X).

When you are 60AC away from complete magic reduction you would be well beyond the point of complete physical reduction since your equipment will have more than 60 "base" AC. (AC has 40, add SC and MS and you're well over 60 allready).

AdminJonathan February 27 2006 9:58 AM EST

MgS does not contribute to AC at all

stabilo [Lonesome fighter] February 27 2006 10:26 AM EST

Ok, so just to complete this:

Magical Damage is reduce in the following way:

example does 100.000 magical damage against unprotected minion.

1. Anitmagic Field kicks in with am% (e.g. 20%)

remains 80.000

2. Protection of 50 (10%) of 80.000

remains 72.000

3. ToE with say another 30% of 72.000

remains 50.400

4. AC of +150 (ca. 30%) of 50.400

remains 37.280

5. MgS +40

remains 22.368

no matter wheter MgS adds to AC or not

I hope i got it now ;-)

QBOddBird February 27 2006 10:27 AM EST

Snaps for stabilo!

/me tosses some cookies to him

QBRanger February 27 2006 10:28 AM EST

The order is MgS/AC/Endurance/Protection

That is the MgS gets used first, then AC, then Endurance, and last Protection.

QBRanger February 27 2006 10:32 AM EST


I do not know where you get Protection of 50 (10%).

To get a protection level 50, your talking millions of xp. Most have a level 20 or 25 which is about 54k or so level. Also, I think protection works as a percentage reduction in damage equal to the effective level. So if you have (10), you would get a 10% reduction in damage.

stabilo [Lonesome fighter] February 27 2006 10:34 AM EST

oh, ok, that's in fact really new to me .. thanx.

(stabilo crouches back to his calculator)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 27 2006 12:00 PM EST

But, the reductions are all multiplative so as long as we're not discussing caps, the order doesn't matter. :)
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