Let's get to know each other! (in Off-topic)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 31 2006 1:21 PM EST

And why not! :D Lets use this thread to really get to know our fellow CBers! :) I'll start, and be honest and frank with answers to any questions asked of me.

Oh and for all you freaky axe murderer stalkers out there, trying to prise out my home location for nepharious purposes, I have some very large swords indoors I would have no compulsion introducing you to in very messy ways! ;)

So that being siad, I'll begin! I'm 30 (just!) an avid socialite, movie watcher, beer drinker and roleplayer. I used to teach martial arts, now I just study. I'm married and will soon be trying (again) for a child with the woman I love (of course that's my wife! :P ) My hiar needs a cut, and I could do with losing a few pounds! :P

I'm a crap speller and my grasp of geography sucks.

I work in a secondary school, getting paid lots of money for doing very little. :) I have a lot of holiday time, but can only take it off in the school holidays.

That'll do to start! :D

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 31 2006 1:23 PM EST

Moer to add. My wife loves football. More than me! (and most guys would kill to be in that sort of possition). She supports Norwich City and is going on saturday 9while I stay with the in laws!). I'm a supporter of West Ham United, have been since a kid, but in a more relaxed fashion! ;)

QBOddBird March 31 2006 1:37 PM EST

Alright, I'm *cough cough* years old, very social, a nondrinker/smoker. College student, I don't like to study and I am very good at making professional looking essays in around an hour or so. (comes with procrastinating so much.) I have crazy metabolism, so I can't gain any weight, and lots of people I know secretly hate me for it.

I love the ladies, and I am very humorous IRL. I am very good at English, but not at Geography, and I'm good at math but I dislike it intensely - however, most of my friends are crazy good at it and love it. I am not a money waster, but not a penny-pincher either. I'm ridiculously forgetful, and have to have a seperate account of money just to replace things I commonly lose. (keys, etc.)

My father and sister and brother-in-law are all engineers, and I am being pushed very hard to become on, and slowly considering doing so despite the math.

I work tutoring other students at the college I attend, and I go there on a performing arts scholarship for singing/dancing. I am extremely good at table tennis, and I play tennis on occasion for fun. I like to run, and have seemingly no limit to my energy (or not much of one that I know of).

That's more than enough on me.

[YG]Wildthing March 31 2006 2:05 PM EST

Real name is Ryan, I live in Penticton, a small town with a beach at both ends. About to turn 20 years old, in May. Have a beautiful girlfriend in which we have been going out for 7 months +. Love listening to music, any kind will do most of the time. I plan on going to work on the oil rigs when summer ends, to hopefully pay of the debt I already have.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 31 2006 2:23 PM EST

Oil Rigs! Is that a 6 month on, six month off thing?

Oh, and my name's John. :)

AdminG Beee March 31 2006 3:06 PM EST

A slightly drunk G_Beee and GentlemanLoser during a night out in London in January earlier this year. It's obviously late in the evening (not that late though because GL is still standing) in so much as that's a brandy and lemonade in my hand and I usually start them before the pints start getting into double figures.

P.S. 20lbs or so lighter since that picture was taken, and yes, that is grey in my hair although I think it's gel in GL's :)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 31 2006 3:10 PM EST

I'm old (27) bitter and bald.
I live in California, near San Jose
I'm a lapsed geek, I used to be a sys admin, now
I'm a reluctant tse for a small isp.

I love political brawls, stupid forum posts and when Jon
finally gets so tired of hearing my drivel he lashes out.

{CB1}Lukeyman March 31 2006 3:22 PM EST

Well, I might as well take a stab at this.

I'm Dave, I'm 16, go to high school and play Offensive Line on the High school Football Team.. Go Royals!!! :p

Anyhooo....... Um.. In grade 10........ don't have a wife or kids.. :p

I don't know... I don't have a job right now, quit paper boy :p I'm hopefully going to get a job at a store around here, Central Home Improvement.....

Umm..... I'm in Canada..... hm... guess thats it??

{CB1}Lukeyman March 31 2006 3:23 PM EST

Oh, and I have my beginner license! :D

I even drove to school this morning :D

{cb1}dyno March 31 2006 3:45 PM EST

I'm a 21 year old living in Chicago. I am a closet-computer geek, who plays first person shooters very competitively, specifically quake 3 and soon to be quake 4. I also take volleyball seriously, looking to play professionally in Europe someday. I currently work for a company called Voleyball professionals as a director of park services as well as an instructor. I'm blessed to be with a girlfriend of 10 months, who has helped me re-find my faith as I was sorta lacking direction when we first met.

I think that's about it :)

BootyGod March 31 2006 4:19 PM EST

lets not....

WeaponX March 31 2006 4:33 PM EST

My name is Victor i am 19. Currently taking a year off from school. I like to play chess (used to be very good hoping to be again.) I am slightly under 3 feet tall (yes i am serious..you'd be shocked how many times people think i'm not) i weigh about 65 lbs. I have what is called Osteogenesis Imperfecta which is commonly called brittle bone disease. Thats about all... Good thread GL this place needs this kinda thing about now

QBsutekh137 March 31 2006 4:34 PM EST

Drat, and I so much wanted to know more about GW! Oh, the humanity!

BootyGod March 31 2006 4:36 PM EST

If 33 more people sign here about wanting to know about me I will post everything I can think of that is PG (about 1/10 of my life). So have at it lol.

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] March 31 2006 4:38 PM EST

Names Leon....

Im a 16 year old boy. I am currently in the top 20% of my class and working on increasing that number. I dont really like school very much other than all the great friends i have there. I play basketball and usually play track. I have been dating my Girlfriend for nearly 2 years in june and known her for over 5 years. I was voted as homecoming king this last year. Very Fun! Im not very crazy with sports or cars but rather play video games and hang out with friends. I dont drink nor do i smoke.

Guess thats about it.

QBsutekh137 March 31 2006 5:04 PM EST

How is it that GW changed his name, when it looks like his last change was 5 days ago?

WeaponX March 31 2006 5:06 PM EST

i guess an admin did it

QBOddBird March 31 2006 5:06 PM EST

Simple - Beee did it.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] March 31 2006 5:06 PM EST

Looks like Beee is using the 'sense of humor' clause in the Admin protocol.

Mem March 31 2006 5:27 PM EST

The name's Mike. I'm a film student at Full Sail in Winter Park, FL.

Image hosting by Photobucket

My hair isn't usually that light, but at the tender age of 23 I find myself going grey so I've done what I could to remedy that. Free Annyong!

I'd like to hear about GW...

{CB1}Lukeyman March 31 2006 5:37 PM EST

Bast, 5:06 PM EST
Looks like Beee is using the 'sense of humor' clause in the Admin protocol.

It was because the religious word offended some

AdminG Beee March 31 2006 5:40 PM EST

Which one is you Mem ?

Mem March 31 2006 5:45 PM EST

Whichever one you'd like.

QBJohnnywas March 31 2006 7:21 PM EST

How did I know looking at the title that this was GL!?!?!?

My names is not Johnny. Sometimes I go out at night dressed as a bag and catch criminals. It was supposed to be a bat but the man at the costume shop misread my order. I like listening to music, playing my guitars and writing but they only let me use crayons. I live about three miles away from GL and I'm shorter than him. Apparently when I was very small my mum and I watched man landing on the moon. Afterwards she held me up to the moon and I howled. My wife who is much younger than me was shown the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana on the television. Afterwards she was held up to the moon and she planned a massive wedding with a big white dress. My father works magic on people with a big black dog. I sometimes work underground. I had not been so involved in a game for nearly ten years until CB. I don't like being out at sea to the point of phobia but I love flying, especially long haul flights. My favourite colour is red. I like curry.

Somewhere in that is the true identity of Johnnywas.

[T]Vestax March 31 2006 7:59 PM EST

My name is Andrew. I graduated with a philosophy degree almost right before I started playing CB. I work now in the field of computer software.

In college I took many Philosophy and Computer Science classes. I was a prominent member of a college radio station (still am sorta) holding positions as from Public Relations Director right up to General Manager. I use to debate competitively both in high school and in college. I like to help and teach people.

I like to swim, run, and bike (still meaning to do a triathlon), play soccer, volleyball, whatever. I enjoy a good game of ultimate Frisbee most of all. I don't drink and I don't smoke. My favorite color is red. I like to cook, everything from chicken alfredo to chili to homemade wanton.

I'm also a crap speller like GL.

AdminShade March 31 2006 8:34 PM EST

*I am Dennis and I want my chicken suit back! ;) *

QBJohnnywas March 31 2006 8:41 PM EST

Oh, that made me laugh very very loudly. I nearly woke up the neighbours!

Mantra March 31 2006 10:11 PM EST

Hello All,
I'm 27 years of age and foremost just a simple star-gazer. I have a wonderful wife and 2 great children, one 9 and the other 2. I enjoy playing strategy games like this one, Civilization IV, Chess, and just recently the Stock Market where I have thus far enjoyed great success. I'm just a comet passing through but I'd like to wish you all a good day and best wishes!

Shark March 31 2006 10:29 PM EST

Well Kelly is the name and basketball is my game..Work for the Houston Rockets aka Clutch City Sports and Entertainement..Systems Technician for Arena Operations Dept. Live in Houston work in Houston and Play in Houston.
Last Year was a good year venue wise for the good concerts..U2, Paul McCartney, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, Black Eyed Peas. Usher, Jayz, Destiny's Child, Trans Siberian Orchestra...well you get the idea ..Its a fun job needless to say..oh and mr Lobster too (v)Oo(V) ,,his name is Mr Crusty B.Lobster the XVI...long line of royalty he has..

PantherLord March 31 2006 10:50 PM EST

howdy my names jon i am canadian thats rite im 16 im currently in high school I really like Rpg's this is among my top 10 for cool ones (chrono trigger is the greatest) I am a man who knows his Snes rpgs as well a Ps1 my Ps2 is toast so I cant really play any rite now:P If you ever need help finding a Rpg for a older system ask me i can recomnd a few. I also enjoy basketball because im 6'2 well if you wanna know anything just ask

Blarg April 1 2006 1:55 AM EST

Hello everyone, I'm Blarg, and I'm an alcoholic.

But seriously, or not, since i rarely am, I'm a 16-17-in-a-month male member of the species Homo Sapien. I am your regular teenager who hates his parents and likes anything they hate, blah blah. My mom is a genius as is my father, but my mom applies herself a lot more. That doesn't really have anything to do with me, but maybe it does. I ramble when I'm nervous, bored, happy, angry, only when I'm sad do I shut up :P. See look, I'm doing it right now! I suck at chess, I've never been nominated QB, I play a lot of WoW, probably too much, and I play soccer archery and track. I'm also a poet, though very few people get to read my poems

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 1 2006 3:00 AM EST

:D What a picture G! I think that's the Ben Crouch Tavern (The last pub we got too) but I'm not sure... If it is, that was about 10 hours of drinking catured on film! :D

Heh, I'm not photographic, and I swear cameras add 10lbs! ;) But I usualy look worse than that after drinking the amount we did! ;)

[T]Vestax April 1 2006 3:18 AM EST

It's just nice to know you aren't sad Blarg.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] April 1 2006 3:36 AM EST

I'm Vaynard, good luck getting my real name out of me ;) I never have been one that enjoys spreading my personal info around to people I've never met, no matter how great they are. I spend a lot of time on videogames, with CB2 now taking up a good portion of that. I love RPGs, with Final Fantasy Tactics easily being my favorite. Oh, and I am 23 and still in college. I'm a computer science major that has kind of gotten sick of programming. I am very close to graduating right now, but not sure what I am going to do either way. I hate my job at Wallyworld, and keep telling myself I need to figure it all out. Anyway, enough of me, next!

And by the way, I would also like to hear about GW. Don't feel you have to give your autobiography, just whatever you would like to say.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 1 2006 3:57 AM EST

"Whichever one you'd like."

The one of the left please! :D

Final Fantasy Tactics!!!! I had an original PS1, the one you could play import games on by opening the disc cover (but fooling the console into think it was still closed with blu-tac and swapping discs. The day I got FFT on import, it killed my PS1... :(

Vicious Cat April 1 2006 6:56 AM EST



My name is Sid, although my real name is Andrew.
I drink and eat too much, and was sociable until I met my wife who is a foster-carer, and now don't get the time. But I wouldn't swap her for the world. Well, ok, the world. Europe probably. Alright, a small Hebridean Island if you chuck in a free pub, but that's my final offer :-)
I work with G_Bee, tho I actually work instead of playing CB all day.
My spare time is limited, but I enjoy strategy games like Civ and UFO, and am trying to get back into programming, although my last code was written *hrrmmppphhh* years ago.

And now, I'd quite like to hear about GW :-)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 1 2006 7:00 AM EST

Oh one thing. Although you really can't tell from that picture, I'm about 6 feet tall!

G Beee is a giant! ;)

QBJohnnywas April 1 2006 7:10 AM EST

That picture of you two actually reminds me of the film 'The Princess Bride'.


stabilo [Lonesome fighter] April 1 2006 7:28 AM EST

Here is a really really cool video on identity 2.0, what identity 2.0 is and who you are ;-)

I thought this fits quite good into this thread, so have fun ;-)

Adminedyit [Superheros] April 1 2006 8:01 AM EST

Hi, my name is Ed i live in the Adirondack region of upstate NY, I am 29 years old, I am engaged to be married this September to my beautiful fiance Teresa we have a 3 year old son (Ed jr.) I enjoy Golf and spending time with my little guy, I work for the highway dept. (insert lazy jokes) and am looking forward to spending more time with my friends here on CB :8^)

Vicious Cat April 1 2006 9:57 AM EST

And GL, originating from Norfolk, I also support Norwich and Delia's half-time pies :-)

Mem April 1 2006 10:35 AM EST

If you had picked the one in the middle then there'd be something seriously wrong with you, GL, and we couldn't even explain it away with drunkenness. :P

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 1 2006 12:38 PM EST

LOL VC! I've been to her restaurant at carrow road. It's not bad! ;) Claire went to the match today, so I went to see the inside man. It was a great film but suffers from a big flaw most Hollywood films do.

None of them are roleplayers....


chappy [Soup Ream] April 1 2006 12:54 PM EST


Real name is Chris. I'm 27 years old, but look more like 21 (if that). If I shave I can even eat off the kids menu lol .. well not really, but you get the picture. I used to drink quite a bit, but not too much anymore. I smoke occasionally .. soon to quit again I think :) I've been seeing the same lady-friend for almost one year now (Chrystal). She has (2) kids that I've grown very attached to. They are 5 and (almost) 2 years old. We are preparing to move in together at the start of June and I can't wait :P.

I work at a collections company as a systems administrator. I've been playing CB since last July and I have to say I've loved (close to) every minute of it. I am hoping to go back to school and finish my degree. I was majoring in Information Systems, but I may change that .. I'm sure I'll pursue something computer/IT related.

I'm about 5'8" and roughly 130 lbs .. I can eat and eat and eat ... drink and drink and drink ... but still no weight gain .. *shrug* I live in/around Cincinnati, OH.

I guess that's a good place to stop .. maybe I'll add more at a later date.

Vicious Cat April 1 2006 4:45 PM EST

oh :-( I quite fancied that.
Is it a plot hole of War Of The Worlds proportion?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 1 2006 5:18 PM EST

Oh no! It's actually a good film! :) Just one of those little niggles that keeps on popping up! Like in Saw 2, when told the safe combination is on the back of your mind, the first thing a RPer would do would be to check the back of thier head....

It also uses the 'C' word! O_O

AdminShade April 1 2006 7:35 PM EST

I refuse to give my identity to third parties who will use it for commercial purposes!

{CB1}Lukeyman April 1 2006 10:59 PM EST

Blarg -- "I'm also a poet, though very few people get to read my poems"

"My Love"

That is all, haha

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 2 2006 1:18 AM EST

I am not really Phyllis Diller.
I have stolen Shade's identity, but not for commercial purposes.
I'm saying "the future is a long way off, so smile now!", and I think that's what you should tell your dad.
My preference in coffee takes longer to order than it does to make.
I think someone else should be Special J's mentor as he's obviously not listening to me.
I'm pretty sure the guys who do my oil changes & tire rotations are secretly laughing at me.
I applaud Lukey, who already writes better than Grisham!.
I wonder if the everyday items on a movie set are miniaturized to make leads like Richard Gere and Michael Douglas seem bigger than they really are.
I think it's no secret that GL likes cheap American chocolate, so long as it's mixed with cheap American peanut butter.
I won't tell you _that_, no matter how many times or how rudely you ask. Get over it already.
I really don't like peanut butter but I love Nutella.
I don't eat broccoli.
I confess: I Walmarted last weekend. I couldn't help it and I didn't enjoy it, if that makes you feel better.
I note with glee that Vestax is quite phronimotic.
I've never been bored.
I believe the last Americans to have a legitimate beef about illegal immigration were the Native Americans.
I wish foot maintenance was less time consuming.
I'm somewhat creeped out by Mael's overinterest in the lower primates.
I drink white tea, but not green. I'm a colorist.
I saw "Stupid Girl" this morning, and found it ab fab! Take that!
I know when Stephen jumped the shark.
I know the actual definition of "fair".
I think it's wrong that Jay sells his children.
I've found that Todd's humor problem wasn't "a Canadian thing", several of the Canucks here are quite delightful.
I'm going to film school with Mem, then on to Penn because it's free.
I don't believe that all of you are really 6'1", that's just not statistically plausible.
I was right, it's all about longevity.
I'm intrigued by Bart's knowledge of all things ABBA.
I know how many Hypnodogs there have really been.
I suspect anime is warping the minds of the world's youth, and caution you that those proportions are unrealistic.
I'm just marrying Freed for his money. We're both okay with that.
I'm delighted that you've become self-correcting!
I caution you never to take fashion advice from a man wearing a top hat and a purple paisley shirt.
I've seen The Shirt Ninja, and he's better than Chuck Norris.
I'd really like to know what the hell kind of fishing trip Roonie went on.
I've found, so far, that anything but broccoli can be improved by the addition of alfredo sauce.
I find Henry Rollins is getting better with age.
I think CB may be ruining Basil's life. I do not, however, think that's my fault.
I've seen some of that poetry. It was good.
I'm a Pastafarian. (And not ashamed to say so in public, Novice!)
I think you really shouldn't worry about it, it will all work out.
I'm so relieved 'Birdie's lobotomy went well.
I've learned there's some sort of time warp in my shower. I take this to mean that eventually the entire cast of Star Trek Voyager will be showing up in there.
I know something you don't know!
I frown on whining and shouting, equally.
I had to look that Star Trek thing up to get the series right.
I am not inviting Beee to be my new houseboy 'til he learns to do laundry, ma'am. 'Til then you are stuck with him.
I'm more concerned by evolution than is necessarily healthy. It worries me.
I really think you should laugh more.
I owe it all to Sutekh.
I woot!, and so should you!
I've seen someone actually type in the asterisk, instead of using the /me.
I have my own comic strip.
I laughed when JohnnyWas discovered that Nemi's World is not fiction.
I know the difference between "blaspheme" and "blasphemy". Don't argue with me, look it up!
I abhor noncarp violence.
I employ a lily to keep my cactus alive.
I think it's funny that IA has fallen for that whole "putting 'All Beef' on the label makes hotdogs more palatable" thing. It's not like the cow parts they're using were otherwise going to be filet mignon.
I really suck at lawn care. I'd have better luck with a small herd of goats than a lawnmower.
I bet SNK's going to have a fabulous summer.
I haven't had a tan in nearly five years.
I'm enjoying your accent more than red wine.
I love that Undertow thinks I'm "cool for my age", though I'm concerned that he doesn't know who Cloris Leachman is.
I'm so not falling for it.
I try to maintain as much Luddite sensibility as is possible in the modern age. I'm also down with Amishness.
I can't Photoshop, but if I could I would absolutely put Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton's heads on that picture!
I bumped this thread.
I'm a bit afraid of Vicious Cat's cat.
I don't get "closure", as a concept.
I find Jon's general pithiness to be his most amusing quality.
I have a bumper sticker that reads "Soup for Ombudsman!".
I love my "Real Women Vote" tees.
I think Boo and Gnu are so cute together, don't you?
I'm just wasting BA waiting for you to catch up, so get on with it already.
I know at least two of you will be New Players here for as long as CB exists.
I'm really liking that Orse!
I only mean that a little social skill would go a long way, but take it however you will.
I have totally overtaxed the spellchecker! Paisley is too a word!
I love that you love to make me laugh, I'm glad you are so good at it, and I thank you!
I think that's more than enough.
I'm finished for now.

*No, I won't tell you that either.

RomanceJunkieItami April 2 2006 3:07 AM EDT

that's a fancy reply Bast!
*immitates style
give me a few days and I'll post up my version xP

Phrede April 2 2006 3:10 AM EDT

If anyone wants to know what to buy me for my birthday - the complete set of the Oxford English Dictionary would be good.

My real name is Paul and I am really 6'1" (whats that in Litres ?)

I have an old BMW Z3 which runs on Petrol purchased with cb2$.

I was spawned out of a secret biological experiment involving a Haddock and a she-aardvark carried out by Greenpeace.

Blarg April 2 2006 4:54 AM EDT

Lukey: lol, quiet you

Bast: woot! I had to look up pithiness to figure out just what you were talking about. And thanks, I'll never give up my writing. Maybe one day I'll write a sonnet to you to lure you away from freed's money, though he does have a lot of money so it'll have to be a damn good one.

Hyrule Castle [Defy] April 2 2006 5:00 AM EDT

my name is Hyrule.... and i have a problem

jayuu April 2 2006 5:06 AM EDT

I'm not really 6'1". I'm actually 6' 1 1/4".
I am a Canadian although I don't live in an igloo.
I think it's alright to sell your children as long as you get a good price.
I think it was about time Black Sabbath were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
My favorite ice cream is banana chocolate chunk.
I don't have any pets. They went with the children in a package deal.
I wish I knew the real reason why an orange is called an orange, but a banana is not called a yellow.
I don't eat breakfast even though it's the most important meal of the day.
I only play CB for the opportunity to make Bast laugh.
I like 'chick flicks'.
I don't see an analyst although I probably should.
My favorite color is blue.
My real name is James, but you can call me jay.
I don't look like anyone famous.
My favorite restaurant is 'Hooters'.
I think sunlight and fresh air are overrated.
I always knew Greenpeace were up to no good.
I've been to Cincinnati but I didn't see chappy.
I wish Ranger would stay.
I think Freed does the best item namings.
I think Sutekh is a genius.
I tend to ramble when I'm tired.
I don't sleep well.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 2 2006 7:10 AM EDT

I have to clear up a few things.
I urge you, most emphatically, to befriend the spellchecker.
I didn't forget you, I just thought you were still trying to "fly under the radar".
I would never tell anyone that.
I can keep a secret!
I don't see how you think they're going to know it was you.
I had his permission.
I'm not having this argument.
I want to know what's up with Barzoo and Johnny Cash.
I say "Barzoo" aloud, and it sounds like the trademark "Yahoooo!" from the commercials.
I want to know what horrid fruit was crossed with a grape to make "grapefruit".
I _do_ absolutely adore The Roaming Gnome.
I've heard often that Raven sounds like the Roaming Gnome, but I think that's a euphemism for "sounds like Steve Irwin".
I stick the landing!
I need a new dryer, but I'm getting a new PC.
I desperately hope Chargerz-Back knows what the hell he's doing.
I love truck stops, bad weather, truck stops in bad weather, etc.
I still like DJs, turn 'em up when they play McLean's Miss American Pie.
I admit it: I'm extremely jealous of Mushu. Maybe Penn will have to wait. SXSW!
I'm absolutely serious.
I am, along with Siam, going to be the witness to the ultimate test of cerebral fitness.
I'm telling you, feel free to talk even while Mikel is watching.
I lied. Sue me.
I'll have you know they really do call me Mistah! Tibbs! in Philly.
I miss Carroll O'Connor, Roy Orbison, Sammy Davis Jr., Lucille Ball, Guns'n'Roses, and Pearl.
I didn't know my own strength. Sorry about that.
I am living proof that Dusty Springfield was right about the offspring of preachers.
I just can't stand to be unhappy.
I'm not laughing and I'm not celebrating, mostly because schadenfreude will always bite you and petulance should never be celebrated.
I agree, the export of American television is _highly_ embarrassing.
I don't think it's as embarrassing as Canada's export of music, but it's close.
I'm with Bart. Blame Canada.
I like Gone With the Wind, and I loved Marilyn, and Jessica Lange when she played Patsy Cline.
I owe that one to Bobby Cryner.
I love "awards season", first and foremost the Oscars and the memorial clips to everyone we lost over the year.
I set my clock back an hour.
I'm going to work two hours late and blaming it on daylight savings!
I've read everything on the internet. I started with IMDB.
I prefer theaters and movie houses to "the cineplex".
I wish movies still had "The Overture" and "Intermission", both with orchestral interludes.
I own lots of 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. That's not funny.
I've never camped.
I've never forged.
I've never really "hired" or "fired" a minion either.
I'm good, thanks.
I'm bumping this thread again, but so?
I don't think adults should really need "stain-resistant clothing".
I think this may be the most-singularly fabulous group of QB candidates ever to be on the same ballot.
I want two votes.
I want you to want two votes.
I want us to agree that we, none of us, will vote until we, all of us, get two votes.
I need 7 votes, but I'm willing to negotiate.
I was going to use the Mr. Men question as the tie-breaker but someone got all serious and now we'll never know.
I'm appalled by "reality television".
I don't believe anyone will ever be as close to perfect as Robert Mitchum.
I hate that today we have to settle for George Clooney.
I would hate it less, I'm sure, were I actually given the chance to settle for George Clooney.
I need to go through the tutorial again, to see what is and isn't in it. Is that possible?
I think there ought to be some way to trade those Hilton girls for people held hostage in the Middle East -- they'd have the real thing, instead of just a convenient and innocent stand-in.
I think most of Waiting for Godot could plausibly be done in chat by Shark and Zach.
I still intend to read Ulysses.
I recommend Elaine Stritch "At Liberty" and think that she and Oprah make great role models.
I'm surprisingly okay with "dame" and "broad" but not "baby".
I'm willing to bet Skcark bears a frightening similarity to Dakota Fanning.
I can help you with that.
I recommend dictionary.com, Bartleby.com and Google.
I have purchased several CDs on the recommendation of the CB chatterati. None of them was KoRn.
I don't know why so many players put so many numbers in their names.
I'm still not saying bigballinmanyahweh or whatever that guy's name is. Someone else will have to do that one.
I really wish you all slept better, perhaps some sunlight and fresh air would help?
I sleep as often as possible. I consider it a hobby.
I wish a few of you were more liberal with your commas.
I don't think giving someone your password so we can get a thumbs up or thumbs down post while you have your noggin cracked open is really multying. I don't.
I think televised NASCAR has better commercials than the Superbowl. Dale, race the truck!
I know Spydah was the brains behind that operation.
I don't think NASCAR is a sport just because it has an element of competition.
I don't see how anyone thinks "professional wrestling" is a sport, it doesn't even _have_ an element of competition. It's just acting for people too weird to get into movies.
I have my own theme, and it's way better than yours.
I can't get rid of that extra line.
I really don't know how it got there.
I don't believe you.
I hope there's nothing else.
I need some pudding.

Mem April 2 2006 12:23 PM EDT

Bast, they use fancy camera tricks to make Gere and Douglas seem bigger than they really are!

molans[Grumpy] April 2 2006 12:35 PM EDT

I respect You Bast, I think You are great, BUT - There is none better than The Chuck Norris. I saw a movie where He saves The World - some say that it is just a film, but I know better.

I want to be The Chuck Norris!

[Did You know - he even dared to fight with Bruce Lee, but Bruce was stronger, R.I.P.]

Mem April 2 2006 1:04 PM EDT

Chuck Norris is old hat. How many times do I have to say it?
Bast has gone mad.
I can't work in an environ that feels Chuck Norris is some kind of god.
I prefer to use contractions even when the spellchecker in Word tells me not to.
I can't help but copy Bast's stream of consciousness madness.
I don't like chocolate unless it's in the form of ice cream sandwiches while watching Arrested Development.
The blinky thing disappeared.
I revel in being evil in Lukey's stories.
Lukey's stories. Heh. He's writing a soap opera set in medieval times.
I have to do this kind of stuff in my creative writing course. Good thing I like it.
You can know a person better than seeing a picture or hearing facts about them such as their height by reading these.
We know you now, Bast.
I'm only 5'11''.
I remain loyal to my Detroit Pistons even though I live in Florida. I hate Shaq and D-Wade.
At least I comment on real sports.
Did you see that Indy car crash last week? It was vicious.
I lied.
I need to stop now so I can watch this game.
You don't know me!

QBBarzooMonkey April 2 2006 2:09 PM EDT

I've come to wonder if Bast & I aren't siblings separated at birth. Mind you, I didn't say "twins", just siblings. It's the broccoli thing... I was even going to do a similar stream of consciousness thing, but that's been done now...

I was born to a blue-collar family in a suburb of an industrially tarnished city in the northeastern US (take your pick, there are a bunch of them). I was the last of 9 boys, and the 10th of 11 children (a girl on either end and 9 boys in-between). My borg name is "10th of 11". Any one who claims to have life issues due to being the oldest, the middle child, the baby, or an only child, should contemplate being "10th of 11" for a while." ;)

The year I turned 9 years old was pivotal in why I am here on CB writing this now. Two of my brothers taught me how to play Dungeons and Dragons, and I read "The Hobbit" for the first time. Not long after that, the first "Star Wars" was released, and I have been a fantasy/science fiction fanatic ever since. Especially Tolkien & Star Wars. Not to the point of creepiness, but close...

I was a math and science whiz who happened to love art and music all through school, and was expected to follow in the footsteps of one of my brothers who was a naval architect. Instead, rock-n-roll ruined my life and I started college as a music major, then switched to design & commercial art when it was evident that the head of the music department and I would never get along. I almost never play anymore, but I do a lot of composing using computer programs.

I married a wonderful woman who supported me early on ( entry-level jobs in commercial photography & graphic design do not pay well). Luckily, I seemed to have mastered my crazy-mad photoshop skills at the same time that she started getting sick (Mrs. Monkey has MS, among other maladies she has fallen victim to), so we were able to instantly reverse support roles. We've come to realize that we would be lost without each other.

I have no kids (can't), but I have a dog that I treat more like a child than a pet. I named her Princess Regan WonderDog Fluffytail, so I should have realized early on that she would end up owning me. Oh, and part of being "10th of 11" meant a complete breakdown of mealtime structure when several of us were teenagers at once, so I had to learn to cook for myself early on. I learned to love it, and am told I am quite a good one. But no broccoli, ever. I'm especially good on the grill (Bobby Flay is my hero!).

So that's it for now - music, art, cooking, doggies, Star Wars & fantasy, and a very supportive wife. That's what BarzooMonkeys are made of. Yeah, there's a lot more, but I don't want to bore anybody with details... ;)

RomanceJunkieItami April 2 2006 4:17 PM EDT

writing down all of these fun facts at work surely melted away the boredom =]

My first name is Rozene; Or shorten to "Roz"; It is pronouce as "Ross" not "Rose" D:
The roots of it are a combinaton of Japanese and Navajo Tribal Language.
I am Thai, Japanese, and have some traits of Navajo.
Those are listed by my language level; Although I would put English in front of Navajo since I'm very weak in Navajo =|
Carnage Blender is the first 'computer' game that I've ever played!
Notice that I've put the quote by computer, there was no such thing as computer back in my village over in New Zealand.
Please don't ask me for computer help, I am currently finish up Vol.2 of 'Going Hi-Tech for Dummies'. -_-
This is my second week in the U.S!
I've never traveled anywhere outside Southeast Asia / Chain of Islands in the Pacific Ocean.
I love blue! I wish I had blue eyes!
There is no such thing as SeaSick D:
I'm more interested in art than any other subject.
Dictionary is my friend, without it the customer at the club would go crazy =|
Please help me type more! The more I type, the better my english will be?
I'd started surfing when I was 14, and still living it =]
One of my jobs that I'd missed dearly at the moment is giving surfing lessons to tourist (the good ones, not perverted people) and local kids.
I would like to go snowboarding! Seems fun!
This is not my permenant stay, moving back to NZ is a must.
It's very for me to adapt to any new surrounding; It is possible but I take too long.
I love my room mate and her cat to death!
She's too emotional =\ It's not rare that when I return home, she's crying in her room.
I should go ahead and beat up those guys at her college, save herself some tears.
I'm too unsecure and worries way too much about all of my friends.
Every minute of it.
I think is call OCD? Not sure.
Our cat is mix, again I've no idea how to extend that information.
Is soft!
I don't own any alarm clock.
I believe I was born with a build-in beeper >>:
My schedule is consisted of waking up at 5am and closing my eyes by 10pm.
It is a very boring and unusal schedule for a mid twenties girl like me.
I need to get used to the time zone here!
I wake up every morning to be greeting by ocean waves =]
City life is harsh, the end.
All stores are walking distance away from my location!
I love starbucks =]
I adore its logo, she is my version of Mother Teresa!
If I ever had a daughter, I'm naming her Starbucks ^^
I own more boats and jetskis then cars!
I used to swim / surf from my village which is in the southern island to the northern island daily.
To run an errand / training only!
It is day to day, not everyday. I'll drown if I were to keep that schedule for a week!
I love cable T.V.
I don't have its service at home -_-
Coffee and Green Tea runs within my system.
I used to drink a little alcohol, now I just make them =]
Cohel, one of the security at the club, is my super hero xD
He is my version of Bruce Lee :P
I am withdrawn from guys most of the time, I don't talk to them personally until they've earn my trust.
I'd training in archery and animal taming!
Sharks and Great Whale are my friends =]
They're like my version of the small car 'Mini Cooper'; Except they consume other fishes instead of fuel >_>;
My music collection is consisted of heavy metal, hard rock, and silent =]
Others are a combination of many type of foreign music, mostly Japanese and Russia.
I played piano; OBirdie said that I'm a pianist and I appreciate that :P
Used to play violin, but it went missing a couple of years ago =|
I would love to break open BotCheck!
Has anyone see LumpBot? I would like to meet it =]
Al Gore should've won!
Monkey plus a Political Wand equals George W.Bush
They should move the white house to an abandon island,
and blow it up with a atom bomb D:
I wonder what would happen if the governor of california and the president switch jobs.
I'm not insulting the US, just the president =|
If I could gather up all of the dirty money that Bush had spended, I would donate half to Jon so that he can run CB forever.
And convert the other half into CB currency; Share it among ourselves =]
Notice that my 15 minute break is up and there's a angry bald guy waiting for his drink.
The end for now ~

Vicious Cat April 2 2006 6:00 PM EDT

Bast - You're my Goddess - No need for nerves :-)

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 2 2006 6:52 PM EDT

Itami, did you ask the angry, bald man if he goes by "Novice" when online?

RomanceJunkieItami April 2 2006 7:03 PM EDT

he's a regular in and out Bast; I'll be sure to get his name for you :P

Maelstrom April 2 2006 7:50 PM EDT

I'm 24, and live in a small, boring city in eastern Canada, where I'm working on my Master's in Computer Science. You really don't want me to try to fix your computer. I'm working in areas of theoretical math: computational and combinatorial geometry, mixed with propositional logic. Mmm, matroids.

I've been teaching labs and tutoring students in first-year Java for years. I taught that course last summer, and hope to teach it again this summer. Despite teaching a programming course, I'm actually a pretty bad programmer. I'm completing my 7th year at University. A professor friend of mine recently referred to me as "a student with tenure".

I get along very well with my parents, younger brother, and extended family. I've been single for a while now. Last summer I broke up with my common-law girlfriend of 4 years. We're still good friends.

I am addicted to CB, and it's the only computer game I play now. I am addicted to finding and listening to new, interesting, and original music. I read lots of books, but hardly ever any bestsellers. I love to travel, when I can find the time and money, and I've been to most western European countries. I need to get to Asia sometime.

I love to cook Chinese and Indian food, and since my Chinese and Indian friends ask my advice in preparing those foods, I assume that I cook them well. I have shelves full of spice jars, and I use them. I also bake assorted desserts, and my family is always asking me to bake more. I know almost nothing about Italian or French foods. I hate fast-food.

I am very active and quite fit, but I find sports unbearably boring. The main reason why I exercise is that I enjoy eating :)

I'm interested in the evolution of languages, cultures, and primates in general. Bast: I find it offensive that you refer to orangutans and chimps as "lower", and I'm sure they would, too ;)

I have never had a religion, but am now partial towards Pastafarianism. I am very liberal, politically. I'm a pacifist, but I'm too passive to protest. I'm Canadian. I have a very bizarre sense of humour, which often confuses people. They confuse me, too. Theoretical math drives you crazy.

RomanceJunkieItami April 2 2006 11:50 PM EDT

oh another cooker! Chinese and Indian food is so good Maelstrom >__<; We should trade cooking recipe ^^;

Maelstrom April 3 2006 1:02 AM EDT

I don't really use recipes, except when trying something new... and when I do, it usually doesn't turn out right. Normally I just add whatever tastes right ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 3 2006 7:18 AM EDT

Mael, I hated ring theory, but loved group theory! :D

Freed, my dad owns a very ancient, dusty and massive set of OEDs. I think it's the Concise set... I'm sure he used to read them for fun...

sssimmo April 3 2006 9:31 AM EDT

As you can probably guess my name is Simon. If you guessed wrong you are an idiot :P. 25 years of age and wondering where my childhood went. I drink...too much. I live in Melbourne, Australia with two house mates. One of them Salt3d, who used to play CB and introduced me to this highly addictive game a couple of years ago. Damn you Salt3d, you are to blame for my wasted days.

I have a very busy social life which is by choice. This however is probably not the right thing to do as I have a small, successful auto-electrical wholesale business with a handful of employees that really does need more of my attention. I do what I need to get by but haven't yet made the step of trying achieve more with it. My car is a Mitsubishi Magna wagon which is a choice made through necessity rather than 'want'.

I finished high school, skipped university (or college as most of you yanks call it :P ) and went straight to work. School was definately not my thing. I was once asked by a teacher why I bothered to turn up everyday if I wasn't going to put in effort. My answer was "because my friends are here". Lol, didn't go down all that well as you could imagine.

I am 5' 11" not 6' 1".

I crack my self up with my bad jokes more often than any healthy normal person would. Yes, thats right, to myself I am funnier than you. Except for Bast and Mael (in no particular order, I will let you guys mud wrestle for that title)

I don't chat to many people on here but the ones I do chat with on the odd occasion I have found to be great people. Ok, fine. I'll name names. Just kidding, those people know who they are.

I love my footballs. Yes I mean footballs as I follow both 'Aussie Rules' and 'Soccer'. Liverpool in the EPL and St Kilda Saints in the AFL.

Poker...I play too much poker.

Surf...I don't surf as much as I wish.

Family...Love them to pieces. My mum is the best! Don't argue that with me because you cannot win.

My favorite place in my house is 'the couch' closely followed by my bed. I can cook but rarely do. I do like to cook my friends a big 'fry up' breakfast of bacon, eggs, mushrooms etc on the BBQ now and again after a big night on the 'sauce.'

I like 'inverted commas'.

More to say, cannot be bothered.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 3 2006 10:08 AM EDT

Burnn the sssimmo/Salt3d multi!!!1111oneoneeleven :P

"Except for Bast and Mael (in no particular order, I will let you guys mud wrestle for that title)"

I could so sell tickets for that! ;) I know a few people who would pay! Plus, I could throw in a celebrity bout of the winner then facing me! :D OR include OB for a battle royale! The possibilities are endless!

Maelstrom April 3 2006 11:43 AM EDT

You think I'm crazy? (Don't answer that!) There's no way I'd wrestle Bast - she'd beat the crap out of me! :-O

treehugger April 3 2006 2:27 PM EDT

Good day all!! My name is Sarah. I am an environmental engineer and I am currently working for Environment Canada (hence the treehugger...)

I know next to nothing about computers and/or computer games. Zutroy, BadAsh and Lush got me hooked on CB1 (damn them!!), but I don't really have much time for games...

All my time is taken up by work, chores (picking up after the boyfriend takes up much of my time), hanging out with the girls and drinking way too much.

I think that sums me up quite well...

sssimmo April 3 2006 9:07 PM EDT

Salt3d and sssimmo multi's?? HA! Salt3d wishes he was me!


wait...who did I log in as this time???

[Jedi] Danludar April 3 2006 10:01 PM EDT

I guess it's my turn...though i doubt y'all really care that much about me =)!!

My name is James
I'm FINALLY 6ft and dang proud
I'm 15
My bday is November 19th 1990
I live in the states. Florida to be exact.
I'm a Skateboarder though not good
I love my beautiful girl Jessica(not girlfriend at the moment we are probaly going back out soon long story)
I play guitar and a little bit of bass guitar.
I will only use Marshall amps.
I Represent Element clothing and no im not ashamed of them
I like all forms of rock just only certain bands in those forms
I hate early mornings
I wear glasses
My dad passed away when i was 8 1 month away from my 9th bday
Lukey is my bestest pal on cb though i havn't talked to him in a bit....HI LUKEY!!!
My favorite colors are Black,Dark Purple,Blood red, and Hot Pink
I like tight jeans and on occasion chick pants
I'M NOT EMO just sorta gothic punk
I LOVE STAR WARS born and raised on it and proud
I think i can lose a few pounds though everyone tells me im skinny but id prefer ripped
I have tried drugs and NEVER will again
I want to open a skate business
I love CB but never get to play as much as i want to
I have a myspace sadly but its for advertising bands, my new company soon to come out once i get the money lol, and talking to a few close friends that i can never remember their phone numbers.
I think everyone should listen to this band http://www.myspace.com/thecadillacpolice a friends band (again someone put that into HTML for me please)

That is about it if anyone can tell me the HTML for a picture please do i wanna know for this and future reference!!

Maelstrom April 3 2006 10:09 PM EDT

Tight hot pink pants?

\me shudders at memories of the 80's...

And here's your link: the cadillac police

[Jedi] Danludar April 3 2006 10:14 PM EDT

EWWW Mael no not pink pants just chick jeans lol. I might wanna clear that up before people get the wrong impression, and of course i forgot to add i sag my pants no matter how tight they are.

Maelstrom April 3 2006 10:30 PM EDT

I'm not up on skater lingo... but wearing sagging hot pink girl's pants gives a better impression than wearing sagging hot pink tight pants? It's all the same to me! And you desire a sag in your pants?

But don't mind me. I have no sense of fashion.


[Jedi] Danludar April 3 2006 10:38 PM EDT

HEHE mael funny funny enough posting and interupting this post though lol. I have no fashion sense either just like what i like.

ANYWAYS keep posting people and don't mind me.

Special J April 4 2006 3:23 AM EDT

I'm Josh.
I'm to the point enough that people take me as rude and insulting.
I'm not a PR major.
My intentions are mostly good, though my means to get there are not always the best.
I enjoy social activities, including CB and other online adventures.
I enjoy real people as well.
I have heaps of respect for many of the CBers who I share this world with.
I have heaps of distaste for others.
I take bribes.
I'm old enough to know better.
Dates are written as MONTH/DAY/YEAR, no matter what those lesser people claim.
Bast made me do this.
I take bribes.
I stay up too late, and get up just as late the next day.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 4 2006 3:44 AM EDT

I'm _that_ powerful.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 4 2006 3:48 AM EDT

Your smell is that powerful! ;) Have a shower! ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 4 2006 3:50 AM EDT

*Bribes Special J*

That's this weeks Admin protection money... I'm gonna have to sell a HoD to raise next weeks...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 4 2006 3:59 AM EDT

Oh, and Jam is a preservative, jelly is the wobbly stuff you make from cubes and water. We walk on the pavement and use a torch to see in the dark. We use an elevator to travel floors on a building (which start on the ground floor, 1st floor is the first floor above ground level...) and it's Aluminium. Al-you-min-e-um! ;)

Ankh-Weasel [Non-ASCII Characters] April 4 2006 4:02 AM EDT

I have legs.
I'm not stalking you - by the way, you're out of milk.
I think that the real proportions need be nothing like in anime.
I consider myself a close friend of Bast, and she encouraged my participation in this discussion.
An Adventurer is me!
I think that sometimes one should break a habit. See above.
I quote songs - often.
I have noticed that there are some people who seem quite fond of me. Which is nice.
I think that there's usually a positive in something bad.
I know lots of you, and my account only exists for the game chat.
I am geek, and proud of it.
I think this is about enough from me - the people I stay for know more.
I am The Shirt Ninja.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 4 2006 4:57 AM EDT

Jam is a verb: I shall jam this pencil up your nose, you pedant!
Jam is also a condiment of fruit, fruit juice, sugar and pectin.
Preservatives are the chemical additives that allow a Twinkie to have no meaningful expiration date.
Expiration date = Expiry date.
Jelly is a condiment of fruit juice, sweetener and pectin.
Jell-O is wobbly fruit-flavored food made of water and Jell-O powder.
Water and cubes = ice water.
We drive on the pavement. We walk on the sidewalk.
We gave up torches quite some time ago, and now use batteries instead of open flame for our "see in the dark" devices.
We use elevators and/or escalators to travel between floors.
We use Segways to travel on floors in buildings.
Our buildings have basements, which is the floor actually on the ground, so we start numbering from 1 on the floor that also has the main entrance.
Our children, & our President, say "al-you-min-e-um" (& nook u lar) before they learn correct pronunciations.

QBJohnnywas April 4 2006 5:01 AM EDT

Pavement pavement pavement. If you drive on the pavement you run over pedestrians!

GL, don't we have 'lifts' not elevators? I thought elevators were what Tom Cruise has on his shoes so that he can look like a fully grown adult instead of Mini-Me's little brother.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 4 2006 5:01 AM EDT

Let's do "pudding" next!

QBJohnnywas April 4 2006 5:05 AM EDT

oh you mean 'afters'....

lost on a dessert island

QBJohnnywas April 4 2006 5:07 AM EDT

Or do you mean 'Yorkshire Pudding', or 'Black Pudding'?

Oh I could eat some black pudding, bacon, eggs and beans right now.....

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 4 2006 5:08 AM EDT

Elevators are stairs you can ride. Lifts are shoe inserts.

Mem tells us Tom Cruise is made to look "normal size" with tricks of the camera.

Special J April 4 2006 5:11 AM EDT

Escalators are stairs you can ride, elevators are death traps for people. Don't you watch movies?

QBJohnnywas April 4 2006 5:11 AM EDT

You say Tom Cruise I say sinister little midget person.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 4 2006 5:13 AM EDT

Oh my, yes! *blush*

Addendum: Preserves are made of fruit, sweetener and (sometimes) pectin.

Special J April 4 2006 5:26 AM EDT

Wrong, preserves are always made with pectin, pectin is naturally found in fruit.

I seem to be on a roll tonight!

J : like 4 or 5 - Bast : like 4 or 5...hundred.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 4 2006 5:31 AM EDT


We use lifts, not elevators. As in the 'lift' you to another floor... ;)

Water cannot be cubed until its frozen into ice. Therefore Ice Cubes. :)

More to come! ;)

Special J April 4 2006 5:33 AM EDT

Ice cubes are the same here, though I figure there are a few who would call them water cubes?

I would promptly point and laugh of course.

QBJohnnywas April 4 2006 5:34 AM EDT

Ice Cubes! Yes! As in little cubes of ice! Ice as in frozen water! Yes!

I'm going for a cup of tea!

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 4 2006 5:37 AM EDT

A "spot of tea" is what happens when you spill or drool while drinking your tea, by the way.

Special J April 4 2006 5:37 AM EDT

Same with a spot of wine, a spot of meatloaf or a mystery yellow spot!

QBJohnnywas April 4 2006 5:38 AM EDT

No,you sit for a spot of tea. Normally cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

Special J April 4 2006 5:42 AM EDT

So, 'you people' hate the innocent crust of bread?

A shame...pure shame.

Cucumbers go in salad or plain (with a tad of salt). Meat, cheese and spicey deli mustard go on sandwiches!

QBJohnnywas April 4 2006 5:42 AM EDT

Funnily enough, if you Google 'a spot of tea' you only get American's using it. No British.

Special J April 4 2006 5:45 AM EDT

Google doesn't search brittish television shows that come on PBS either!

QBJohnnywas April 4 2006 5:46 AM EDT

My wife believes cucumber is only good for slicing thinly and placing over the eyes.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 4 2006 5:50 AM EDT

She is correct.

QBJohnnywas April 4 2006 5:52 AM EDT

I like celery.

Special J April 4 2006 5:55 AM EDT

I do not, it is too bitter.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 4 2006 5:57 AM EDT

You know you burn more calories from eating celery than you gain. :/

Cucumber sandwiches! :D Chicken and cucumber, corned beef and cucumber. Cucumber is brilliant and goes with almost everything! :D

I like crusts. But Claire doesn't. She's far too genteel. ;)

QBJohnnywas April 4 2006 5:59 AM EDT

I especially like celery with a nice spicy Bloody Mary. Yum. Alcohol, vitamin C, green things. It has to be good for you right? Right???

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 4 2006 5:59 AM EDT

Corned beef and cucumber? O.O Do you not have cabbage? Is that only grown on the isle to your west?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 4 2006 6:04 AM EDT

Cabbage! O_O

Blech... Cabbage is never used in sandwiches... Maybe lettuce.

QBJohnnywas April 4 2006 6:07 AM EDT

Cabbage is nice, so long as you don't cook it for too long. And it has to be well peppered!

Sausage, mashed potatoes, cabbage and red onion gravy. Very nice. Mix in a little English mustard into the mashed potatoes, and a splash of red wine in the gravy and serve piping hot!.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 4 2006 6:25 AM EDT

I like sweetcorn mixed in gravy! :D

AdminG Beee April 4 2006 7:28 AM EDT


QBJohnnywas April 4 2006 7:29 AM EDT

Especially as the sweetcorn in cans is recycled.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 4 2006 7:32 AM EDT

Time to go to bed now, JW. We love you too.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 4 2006 7:39 AM EDT

But it's only 12:36 pm? o_O You can't be drunk already Johnny... Can you? o_O

I'm going to Majorca at the end of the week! :D Need to get away for a while...

QBJohnnywas April 4 2006 7:43 AM EDT

No, I'm not drunk at lunchtime on a tuesday. If only!

AdminG Beee April 4 2006 7:52 AM EDT

Time for bed Bast?
Daylight must be just over the horizon ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 4 2006 8:02 AM EDT



QBBarzooMonkey April 4 2006 9:03 AM EDT

I wasn't going to do a "stream of consciousness post, but I changed my mind because "all of the cool kids are doing it".
Bast_is _that_ powerful. We are all merely pawns in her diabolical plans.
I'm sincerely delighted to see irreverence from Special J :)
I'm an American, but I've been awake for hours now. I just have lots to do in the morning.
I'm still an American, but I actually prefer spelling gray "grey", and armor "armour", and I curse the subversive plot to add "z" and "izzle" to words inappropriately. But I still think dd/mm/yy is silly.
I find it delightfully ironic that the spellchecker flags "armour".
I'm not a big fan of cucumbers or celery, I'm more of an unrepentant carnivore.
I'm secretly a huge fan of Meatloaf. That's Marvin Aday, not the food.
I believe that Warren Zevon was among the most brilliant people I've ever met. However, I was only 18 at the time, and didn't appreciate that fact until many years later.
I know from experience that Johnny Cash didn't like to be called "Mr. Cash".
I know that Bast will be plotting horrific tortures for me as she reads this.
I wish I could fly.
On my desk at work I have a Ludwig Van Beethoven "action figure". Next to him, on either side, is The Incredible Hulk, and a "Speak-No-Evil" monkey. Just what is up with that?
I secretly want to visit London so that GL, Beee, and Johnnywas can drink me into oblivion.
I've got go now. I have a 9:15 production meeting :(

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 4 2006 9:52 AM EDT

:D The secrets out! Come on over! ;)

QBJohnnywas April 4 2006 12:02 PM EDT

BM, we can take care of both your secrets from that posting.

I know a pub with a really good jukebox. Including Bat Out Of Hell. It also has Ring Of Fire, London Calling, Thunder Road, Paint It Black, Tangled Up In Blue and Ziggy Stardust. There are also several sides of jazz and blues tucked in there and best of all, the jukebox is free......

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 5 2006 3:40 AM EDT

Free "Thunder Road"! That's more than worth the airfare.

InebriatedArsonist April 5 2006 5:21 AM EDT

The paint on the quonset hut is still wet, and here we are ready for the darn production to start. Those idiot prop guys even left the benches piled up in the far corner and the paint cans next to the back wall. If those good for nothing drunks weren't most likely at the nearest bar I'd let 'em have a piece of my boot.

The house lights are already down, and the audience is rather quiet. The lights are so dim I can't even see where the stage ends and the audience begins, much less make out individual observers. With the vertigo setting in I could almost walk out towards the far wall without falling onto an unsuspecting audience member. I'm pretty sure there's an audience, we wouldn't play to an empty house, would we? I can't see anyone, but a nagging prick at the back of my neck leads me to believe I'm being watched. Or maybe that's just the damn tag again. I just don't like the feeling, too damn disconcerting for my liking.

If there's one thing I know, at least, there's a script. Hell, I can see the Major leafing through it right now over at the far end of the stage. I know what my lines are and what I'm supposed to do at any given point in the performance, but that's only because the Major told me beforehand, not because I actually saw the script. The others haven't seen it, either, but they just went along with the Major's directions. I asked a few of the other actors about it, but nobody seemed to care. Not our place, just follow your assignment, I'm not the boss...every dismissive reply in the book. I don't even know the title of the play, much less the whole plot, and here I am right in the middle of it. Just my lines and cues, that's all I apparently needed to know. Damn strange, if you ask me.

I can see the clock on the hut wall is actually set to the proper time, six o'clock PM. One of the prop men must have had a good day. Inside these walls, though, you wouldn't know it's the middle of June. It could be midnight in January, for all the darkness and dead silence could tell you.

Ah, the Major has called for me. Orders to round up the actors and get on with the briefing. He means the show, I guess.

Henderson's lounging about at one end of the quonset hut with a few of the other men. The Major wanted the men to act like lazy, ineffectual slobs, and they certainly have taken to their parts with ease. They also, strangely enough, have ceased to answer to their real names since the production began a few weeks ago. I'm damn sure they're not method acting, as most of them wouldn't know the term to begin with. They fit so well into their assigned roles they just won't stop the act.

Any other show, everyone would get in their assigned places, the curtain would go up and the show would start. The curtain, though, was never down to begin with. I'm supposed to have the first line, but the show has seemingly already begun.

The audience, formless out in the dark recesses of the theatre, is watching, waiting. I can feel it. I don't get what this is even about, and yet I'm supposed to start the whole thing.

Damn it.


(written by request, your sanity may vary)

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] April 5 2006 5:34 AM EDT

My sanity may indeed vary but all I could say to that is WOW! Very nicely done.

[Quoth]The Raven April 5 2006 6:12 AM EDT

I refuse to use a period to end a line in chat, if the end of the sentence isn't clear without it, you're doing it wrong.
I don't see the excitement of the celebratory chest bump.
I really am 186cm tall, damn the statistics.
I play CB to give me something to do while I chain smoke.
Evolution has given us religious fundamentalism, there's a message in that.
It has to be someone's fault.
I'm still making notes.
Swearing is about emphasis, not frequency.
I can bench press vocabulary if it's required.
I live in Australia, it's mostly flat.
I'm willing to wrestle a crocodile, but you'll need to go first and show me how.
Lano and Woodley are the funniest combination to ever have a show cancelled after one season.
I'm doing this under protest, I've always lacked creativity.
If I'm ever in a plane crash I plan to row to Sweden.
You win more often than I'm willing to admit too.
I'm fascinated by the to/too dichotomy.
In the past, titanium was the metal of the future.
I learned everything I know from the fridge of wisdom.
I do draw the line somewhere.
No I won't tell you where.
I maintain that John Grisham wrote_everything_, using a variety of pseudonyms.
Bast votes.

Cylo April 5 2006 7:01 AM EDT

OK. Now it's my turn to say hello to everyone and let people know some stuff about me.

I am about a month away from turning 30.
My son showed me this game just over 2 years ago.
For a time I was considered completely insane about CB. I actually used just about every ba for an entire month. Forging truc's Elven Long Bow to pay debts that I used to get equipment. This involved driving my wife completely insane with the alarm clock going off every 3 hours during the night.
I have been married for just over 9 years.
I love my step-children as my own and they call me dad. Most of the time. LOL
I have problems with men that have children and don't want to have them in their life. I myself have no kids of my own and others not seeming to care of their own really gets me going.
I love going bowling with my family. I used to be a great bowler with a scratch <over 200> average that bowled in leagues 4 to 5 nights a week.
I started bowling at the age of 5 and kept at it until I joined the Army at 19.
I met my wife while in the Army.
I plan on going back to college to get a better job and a have a better living.
I still can't believe after my time here that I haven't been given op-status. <j/k> I just had to say it though. lol
I will be going somewhere overseas <I live in the US> for my 10th anniversary with my wife.

<I can't believe Bast forced me to do this>

I'm usually a very happy person that doesn't get angry or mad, but on occasions people on cb have seen me get fired up.
I have two streaks in cb that I am very proud of. 1. I have never been kicked from a room. <except for bouncing because of a bad connection, but never for a rules violation> and that is in over 2 years of playing. 2. I have never and will never change my cb name. On cb1 it was always cylo. On cb2 it has always been Cylo. I just like everyone to know it's me. I don't add tags or anything, it's just me :)
I love animals. We currently have 6 dogs, 5 puppies <that are 5 days old>, 4 cats, 2 birds, 3 hamsters and 5 fish.
I love to read books that seem to connect from one to the next. For a while I was reading the Kay Scarpetta books, but those got a bit too much foul language that wasn't really needed. I love John Grisham books and have read them all. I can't watch the movies they make from his books because they seem to be so much different than the book is and it drives me nuts.

Well that's about it from me. If I think of more I'll add another post, but I think that's enough info. Happy Blending and may all your fights be fruitful. LOL

YNM April 5 2006 7:48 AM EDT

Since this is carrying on I suppose i'll add my 22 and a half cents, I got that right, right?

My RL name is Seth and I am a Junior at Burnsville High School in Minnesota. Currently my grades are nowhere near where they should be, or normally are and that has been keeping me away from this beautiful peice of virtual life.

I have an enormous sense of humor, in fact so enormous most people can't comprehend it. But most of the time it's just cause i'm not funny. I love to pull pranks on people, and I could say i have a knack for doing it right and getting caught. Do you know what a cut open, frozen can of shaving cream will do to a car once it thaws?

Currently I have two girlfriends that go to different schools. Immoral yes, but you should see the girls. And I choose to have a few select great friends.

Well it's off to school, so I guess this is the end of my 22 and a half cents.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 5 2006 8:25 AM EDT


Sweet! ;)

Oh to be young and single again... (Of course, still knowing what I know now!)

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 5 2006 2:08 PM EDT

IA has been bitter ever since his part in "Apocalypse Now" was left on the cutting room floor.

Dolphin April 5 2006 5:50 PM EDT

My real name is Cesar

I'm 1,82m (it's 5 foot)
I use , instead . , meters instead of foot, kmph instead mph...
I'm from Europe...
I'm from Spain...
I'm form the North of Spain, from Asturias
I'm from the same place that Fernando Alonso, F1 champion.
I'm from the same country where GentlemanLoser is going at the end of the week, Majorca, in spanish it's Mallorca
Bast convince me to do this :-)
I'm 35 years old
I'm single
I like surf (You can see me in my profile)
I like basketball
I'm an engineer in electronics and automation
I'm working in an engineer office
I'm also a computer teacher at University
I'm working on my PhD Thesis (I should work more on it)
I work on online quality systems, online measurements systems, etc.
I read all this post :-D
I'm shy :-)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 5 2006 6:32 PM EDT

Hola! (Oh the insults I know in Spanish, yet am unable to spell! ;) )

Dolphin April 5 2006 7:13 PM EDT

I hope you enjoy your holydays in Majorca. It's a nice place but there is a lot of foreign people :-) Spain is not only sun and beach, there are a lot of places to visit, but if you like sun and beach the mediterranean sea it's the better place, but they haven't waves to surf :-D

YNM April 5 2006 8:05 PM EDT

It's the fajorkin prophecy!

Maelstrom April 5 2006 9:32 PM EDT

I was in Spain a couple of winters ago, and I didn't even go near a beach - there's more than enough to see in the cities. I was particularly impressed by Cordoba. It's Moorish in style, so it's completely different than any "Western" city or town I've seen. I highly recommend it! :)

Mem April 5 2006 9:42 PM EDT

I'd just like to offer up my apologies to all of those that let Bast push them into doing this. It's all my fault. I was the one that let her know she had that power (see: Back By Bast's Request...). Sorry fellas.

I love celery. It's the only way I can actually consume spicy food.
I love cucumbers and sour cream, with a bit of pepper (freshly ground of course).
They still eat their young. Or do their young eat them?
I'm proud to say that Bast didn't make me do this.
I have this oddly romantic notion of Europe. I need to go there soon.
Mexico isn't very appealing. Really. I've been there.
I want to backpack through Europe, only stopping to stay at hostels. But not the ones like in that crappy movie. I'd feel bad because I'm an assuming American though. I hate the fact that I only know English well.
Are you dead or are you sleeping?
I do it too, Ankh. And where the hell have you been? I miss my daily dose of the "G'day, mate."
I need to visit Australia too. And I've always wanted to just flee the country to take up residence in Sao Paulo, Brazil, not telling a soul about my flight. Just start an entirely new life in the exotic confines of Brazil. I don't even know a lick of Portugese.
I'm strangely addicted to the Kelly Clarkson song "Since You've Been Gone". I'm not sure why.
I am not a slave to MySpace like a lot of people I know. I was once a slave to LiveJournal though... It was a very bad habit.
School ruins my healthy eating.
I don't care for G.O.B.
I've done the Manta Ray. Once jumped over a shark too.
I have no idea how this thin scratch managed to attach itself to the fascia of my cell phone.
Descent made me fell like a big dumb-dumb when I called James Mercer "Frances Mercer".
That piece was glorious, IA. I hope that they at least put you into the Director's Cut DVD though...
Does anyone else think that Cedric Bixler just writes crazy sounding words and uses them in no particular order, and then tries to make sense of them? (I got his name correct, right, Descent?)
My favorite song of all time is all about aliens. I don't really even like aliens. Even when they're just the little Mexican looking ones.
I broke my digital camera. Dropped the damn thing and a part of the battery cover broke off. Does anyone know if I can get that fixed? It's a pain trying to hold the batteries in while taking a picture.
I'm not a very good actor.
I love cribbage. Started playing at the age of 12 with my grandpa (not the same one in my story) while we went fishing. I had no idea what a great game he'd gotten me in to.
Don't do the G.O.B. chicken dance if you ever go to Mexico.
John Waters is, indeed, the pope of trash.
Do Mexicans really mine claymores?
I have a picture of Jeffrey Tambor in an orange prison jumpsuit and a purple banadana on my desk. It's my most treasured desktop item. Only slightly ahead of my grey (I like it that way too, Barzoo) Swingline stapler.
I wonder who invented the circus.
The network is in the blinky thing.
What do you think of Emma Thompson? I think she's swell.
My creative writing teacher is some kind of reformed hippie. She's always bring up drug and alcohol, but noting to us that she disagrees with using them. And she's got that real passive hippie speech pattern too.
When Everest chewing gum was readily available for purchase I always bought it. I'm not entirely sure why I had such a fixation.
I own a Korg MS2000. It's an amazing piece of machinery.
I need to wash my shower curtain. It's getting a bit crusty.
I have been in a cheese punk band, an experimental screamo band, and an experimental indie rock band.
I often wonder why people forget it's an 'i' before the 'e', except after a 'c'.
I'm growing a fashion mullet. I've got to do something about that.
Brando was crazy. I often wonder about the thin line between crazy and genius.
I like bubble bath. I think I might utilize mine.
Bill Maher is a funny guy.
I've got to watch Crash. Again. I thought The Constant Gardener was better though.
This just in: a strange man, whom I thought to be a friend/associate of one of my roommates, slept on our couch, completely unbidden. Oddly enough, he didn't steal anything, but we still can't figure out how he got in. The doors were locked.
Now sit right down my wicked son, and let me tell you a story. About a boy who fell from glory and how he was a wicked son. This ain't no holiday. No, no. It always turns out that way.
I kill bugs that crawl upon my walls and leave them there as examples to the other bugs.
Checkers has good fries, but is the devil nonetheless.
My Vietnamese roommate hates all the music I listen to, and remains steadfast in his devotion to Linkin Park. Yuck.
Step in time. Step in time. What's all this? What's all this?
I really shouldn't crack my knuckles, but I already gave up biting my nails. That's enough for now.
Baby steps. Dr. Leo Marvin. I think we're gonna need a bigger boat.
I would play on Bill Murray's basketball team.
I'm spent.

Mandy [Journey] April 5 2006 10:50 PM EDT

Yeah well...it must be my turn. I promise not to go too far to bore you.
My name is Mandy, DUH! Im 21. I drink some times, and I'm a smoker but my teeth aren't yellow :)
My usual screen name is GlowAngel (It too you that long to figure it out, ouch)
I attend college and I will be graduating with my Associates in May with Business Management and I will finish the last two classes in the summer, while doing career development.
I am not married (almost was, glad I didn't make that mistake) I almost had a child, twice
As of today, Mutt and Jeff (my feet) will be my transportation, they don't need any insurance or gas but then again - I'm the one who sold my car.
Umm. I've played CB for a while. I usta play cb1 but I don't know how long I was there. I kinda quit cb2 and then I got an email from an old friend so I came to chat...guess what I hit fight every now and again.
I LOVE shoving people in 's in chat. (GET with the program people...=box) especially drudge cause he likes it ;p. Guess thats it. Just ask... I garentee an answer... might not be pleasing but youll get a response :)

Mem April 5 2006 11:03 PM EDT

Is that some kind of veiled hint because I told you to eat worms? I assure you that was all in jest...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 6 2006 3:27 AM EDT

"I'm strangely addicted to the Kelly Clarkson song "Since You've Been Gone". I'm not sure why."

I love crooning along to it as well! ;) I get kinda high pitched at the "Shut your mouth I just can't take it!" part! ;)

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 6 2006 3:32 AM EDT

I know two others here who have secretly, and with great personal shame, admitted to Kelly Clarkson fandom. You can come out of that particular closet now, guys!

QBJohnnywas April 6 2006 3:38 AM EDT

I own a Korg Prophecy. I like the squelch sound it makes when I hit it too hard.

UltimaSpock [Forge Frog Services] April 6 2006 6:29 AM EDT

ok it's my turn

ultima_spock: i believe i am the only french here
36, researcher in maths. i spent one year in the usa at Fairfax, VA, near washingthon dc. i am forgotting my english language days after days, so sorry for the grammar...

i love eating cassoulet and couscous, and i could not live without cheese.
i could not live without french fries either, which are in fact belgish fries
(how do you call people living in belgium?)

i feel very sorry for american and english who do not know what is cheese.
really guys, your cheeses are not cheeses, they are without any taste and smell
i am living in the north of france, close to lille and bruxelles
i love hicking and taking pictures. my gear are based on canon camera

sf books with van vogt or asimov. i feel recent authors such as hamitlon or g bear are diluting their ideas to earn more money in writing huge books but their books have lost the density of older ones...

ultima comes from the best rpg serie either made on computers i think. they are becoming prettier and prettier, but not more complex.
spock comes from my idole, mr spock from the original star trek serie.
first blood is the best action movie either made, aliens2 is close to it...
terminator 2 too...
my weight is close to 70 kg, i do not remember how much pounds it makes
i am 1,70 meters tall. do not know how much in inches.
i remember that in the usa i had to get again my driving licence from the virginia state. my own french licence was only usable to rent a car, but not to insure my own car.
i was surprised by the questions, such as: from how far do you have to activate your turn signals when you want to turn at a crossroad? 10 feet, 50 feet, 100 feet? i did not know the answers, and chose them by chance. i failed the first time by missing only 1 correct answers...

i like listening classical music, Louis Amstrong, Diana Ross, Cranberries, Petula Clark...

well i forgot, i miss jerry springer and chips ahoy! and the beef stew from campbell i believe

well the spell checkers does not recognize many words here

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] April 6 2006 6:35 AM EDT


QBBarzooMonkey April 6 2006 7:36 AM EDT

Although I thought her first album was producer-driven, overly safe pop trash (figuring she had no choice but to do what the American Idol producers told her), I think it was successful enough for her gain the power to say "I'm going to do more of what I want" on her second album. I absolutely adore that 2nd album, and she reminds me of a "21st century" Pat Benatar. Yes, it's true, I am a Kelly Clarkson fan and I make no excuses for it.
Being a Pink fan, that's the one I keep secret... :P

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 6 2006 7:40 AM EDT

Do you think the stupid girls of Stupid Girls know they are?

[T]Vestax April 6 2006 9:49 AM EDT

I once wondered if I would know if I was stupid. Then I came to the conclusion that I was a genius instead. :P

Mem April 6 2006 5:36 PM EDT

I love that you listen to the Cranberries, Ultima.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 6 2006 5:47 PM EDT

I would just like to not that 'snarfed' is in the spellchecker! O_O

Mem April 6 2006 5:48 PM EDT

I'm glad that you didn't.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 6 2006 5:57 PM EDT

Note >_< Note....

Mem April 7 2006 2:43 AM EDT

I would like to note that if you 'goose' someone before you 'duck' anyone else then you're a cheater.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 7 2006 2:50 AM EDT

You've no idea whom I might have ducked, prior to goosing you. ;)

Mem April 7 2006 12:41 PM EDT

You're still a cheater.

BootyGod April 7 2006 2:39 PM EDT

I do this later. I count as 31 people and two other said they wanted to hear about me so woot. Forgive me

AdminQBVerifex April 7 2006 4:26 PM EDT

Ok I'll bite
I'm 27.
I like to program computer stuff.
I work programming computer stuff for big company.
I like video games and role playing games.
I also dig philosophy and psychology.
Movies are one of my favorite things as well.
I like a good challenge.
I live in the Bellevue area of Washington.
I like watching funny stuff, my favorites are as follows:
Daily Show, Colbert Report, South Park, Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Scrubs, My Name is Earl and The Office.
Wow, I had no idea I watched that many shows.

Maelstrom April 7 2006 8:52 PM EDT

Verifex, you bite? :P

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 7 2006 9:09 PM EDT

Only if you ask him nicely. ;)

Maelstrom April 7 2006 9:19 PM EDT


Pyro April 7 2006 11:07 PM EDT

Hello im Stephen.

Im 12 years old, i play baseball, basketball, ping-pong, and i attempt at tennis. I don't have a girl-friend. I'm a video gamer and i like RPG's. I'm homeschooled and im in 7th grade 8th grade math. i don't know what im going to major in im thinking of engineering, music or a scientist but i have a long time to think about it. My favorite color is green. And thats about it.

P.S. i would like to hear about GW also

BootyGod April 11 2006 4:48 PM EDT

Bob is one of the bast names ever. So is Larry. If someone finds someone named Bob Larry I will be forever happy. Okay I achieved a bump and giving people a tidbit of myself.

Maelstrom April 11 2006 6:16 PM EDT

Bob is a Bast name? I wouldn't have thought so...

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 11 2006 6:17 PM EDT

Call it a Freudian slip. He meant one thing and said a mother.

QBJohnnywas April 11 2006 6:18 PM EDT

Bast is Bob. I like it. Sorry Bast, but you're Bob! G Beee where are you? Bast is Bob!

QBJohnnywas April 11 2006 6:18 PM EDT

QBBob. :D

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 11 2006 6:20 PM EDT

He has a support group for a reason, JW. Try to be supportive.

Frod April 11 2006 6:24 PM EDT

Bast is Bob? Oh, no.

First Leland, then Agent Cooper... now Bast?

...os t'nia ti yaS

QBJohnnywas April 11 2006 6:30 PM EDT

Ah cherry pie...that takes me back....damn fine coffee.....

Frod April 11 2006 6:37 PM EDT

...and hot.

QBJohnnywas April 11 2006 6:38 PM EDT

and black as midnight....

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 11 2006 6:56 PM EDT

/me herds the lynchies back into the day glow astral-projection pen

Gothicknight April 11 2006 11:11 PM EDT

Hi, I am AJ and i don't like the number 169 and i uh forgot the rest of my lines...

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] April 12 2006 7:29 AM EDT

I'm Zoglog and all I shall tell you is that I still snicker when I reach page 69 in a book.

BootyGod April 12 2006 2:03 PM EDT

Was it a slip? Or did I do exactly as I wished? Who shall ever know. But a name like Bob does suit Bast in a weird, country kind of way.

More about James:
I love to read.
I do not mean to be annoying, truly.
I will miss everyone who does quit.
I like Bast alot despite things I might say ;).
Shade rocks.
Halo 2 is not as good as people say it is.
... but for the record Brute Shot rocks.
Beaver's are the best animals...
... besides Gun.
Because everyone has read the Da Vinci Code I won't let myself read it.
I first read Harry Potter by accident and didn't at the time know it was anything special.
1=2 and I can prove it.... kinda.
My real name is James Kerce (if you google that name you WON'T find me rofl)
I once gave someone a $500 dollar rooster.

ScY April 12 2006 2:23 PM EDT

i want to know about GW's unpg life....probably better than "shade rocks"

BootyGod April 12 2006 2:31 PM EDT

indeed it is ;)

SimplyNic April 18 2006 4:12 AM EDT

Guess I should start with the basics then shall I?

My name is Nic (no this is not a typo) and am 19 years old (soon to be 20... Kind of sad no?). I like to spend my time with my friends and girlfriend, just as well gaming. I'm not in school just yet, but will soon be going to college this fall (not so much looking forward to it though for not knowing what I'm going to be doing).

Eh I listen to music as well. Mainly metal and Doom (Yea, its a music genre...) The bands I've been listening to mostly though are My Dying Bride, Evoken, Pantheist, Shape of Despair and too many others...

Yea... Not so much sure what more there is to say...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 18 2006 4:44 AM EDT

"Maelstrom, April 7 2006 8:52 PM EDT
Verifex, you bite? :P"

Just take a lot at his portrait! A murial of pain I tell you! ;)

If you've read the Da Vinci Code, you've read every single one of Dan Browns books. You just haven't realised it yet. :) Just change the setting and protagonist and you're set.

0.99999~ =/= 1 :)

King Kong was one of the most boring films I've ever watched. Although the fight with the T Rex's was good.

I used to be a child actor, had an equity card.

I can't decide between learning Xing Yi or Chow Gar (Praying Mantis). I don't have the time or money to study both. :(

Mem April 18 2006 12:02 PM EDT

I have read every other Dan Brown book besides The Da Vinci Code. I didn't want to spoil the movie. I love Tom Hanks.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 18 2006 6:20 PM EDT

:) I know people going to see the movie just to see how faithful it is to the book.

Did you notice any similarity between Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress and Deception Point (Only ones I've read...)?

AdminG Beee April 18 2006 7:08 PM EDT

For those familiar with the Da Vinci code, and who have heard of Rosslyn Chapel, I was an Usher at a wedding there back in the mid-90's. My friends uncle (who was a Priest from another chapel) actually carried out the ceremony.

Really stunning piece of architecture, but don't forget the book is just fiction. I can't imagine a little old Scottish coal mining village on the outskirts of Edinburgh being as significant as Dan Brown has made out in his book.
I still drive past it often as it's less than a mile from where my gran has lived for the last 40 odd years.
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