Thanks for all the Fishes (in Contests)

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] April 11 2006 12:39 PM EDT

Thanks for all the Fishes

Well, I think the time has finally come to give up my participation in most of CB2 land. This not to say that I will never log , nor even log in less. It is to say that I will not be active in the CB2 forums or chat. The reasons why are fairly diverse, but the last reason which pretty much made it easy was watching the top two vote getters for QB get it.

In the history of CB2 voting, no single person ever recieved a greater percentage of the popular vote then I, regardless of whether there were two canidates or one. And no person recieving the top one or two popular votes other than I, has not received the QB title. That to me speaks volumes. Are the current QB's undeserving HECK NO!!!!! They are more than deserving, and the fact they have it and I do not, has nothing to do with them, other than their honorable actions for the good of CB2. It has to do with something else entirely. Something that I guess I am finally realizing after soooooo many clues. That said, adios, when this contest ends, so does my viewing of the forums, etc.

So now to the REAL reason you are here, FREE STUFF.

OK well this contest is very simple.


Post whatever you like, the post I like best wins first choice of the prize pool. You may insult me, praise me, sing a song to your car, write an ode to your Grandmother or simply say good bye. There are no limits to the size of your entry. There is one limit though, ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. Other than that its a free for all. You will get bonus consideration if you make a logical plea for the character AND your highest character is not very close to the one I am giving away (read low MPR players who want the character will have a better chance of getting it than high MPR)

There are two guarenteed prizes, the character and 500K, first prize gets first choice. There are numerous possible prizes. Those I will give away at whim ONLY if I choose to. The only prizes your entry assures you could win, are the character and 500K, but, if I like your entry especially for what ever reason, you might be awarded one of the possible prizes.

What you are playing for:


My character Top Vote Getter PR / MPR: 483,432 / 483,432
Your Minions
Gyaxx EXP: 12,875 HP: 560,000/560,000 ST: 31,000 DX: 13,000 AC: 0
Phantom Link: 3,000 (6,000) Protection: 1,000 (4)

Sefton Lightfoot EXP: 63,354 HP: 260,000/260,000 ST: 160,000 DX: 200,000 AC: 0
Bloodlust: 51,000 (0.75) Antimagic Field: 200,000 (?) Vampiric Aura: 50,000 (?)

This includes of course all transfer fees to you


500K CB2


Shroud of Turin [40] (+55) 1,418,185
A Shadow Cloak [11] (+10) 115,151
A Pair of Elven Boots [10] (+15) 172,551
A Set of Chain Mail Leggings [18] (+19) 113,700
A Pair of Tulkas' Gauntlets [6] (+12) 248,438
A Pair of Helm's Gauntlets [4] (+6) 46,132
A Mithril Shield [20] (+18) 87,810
A Morgul-Hammer [84x60] (+50) 4,854,185
Just a named katana. [74x20] (+20) 508,991
An Enforcer's Crossbow [4x30] (+50) 3,482,073
A Heavy Crossbow [4x30] (+20) 1,191,130
A Helm of Ecthelion [6] (+10) 190,158
Skull of Sidon [9] (+11) 136,861
A Mage Shield [0] (+24) 365,520
Hex Mark lvl 20 11,030 (Named RoE)

and actually a whole bunch more I bore you listing them all

So there you go, you can post one word Bye and have a chance to win a 483K MPR Character or 500K. You can write a novel and win nothing. You could say something clever I like and poof near 5mil Morg pops in your hands. This is the whim of Sefton contest, and welcome aboard.

And since I will not be making any more posts other than to update the contests winners, I will say again, Thank you for all the fishes. I would single out goodbyes to everyone who might miss me, and be certain to forget at least one, that said I will simply say good bye to you now, I hope you know who you are. Also if you are feeling nostalgic or something you can always drop me a chat mail, I will get it eventually.

chappy [Soup Ream] April 11 2006 12:43 PM EDT


I never got to be first in the voting posts, so I'll be first to reply to your contest Sefton!

and if it helps things ... I voted for you :)

Hyrule Castle April 11 2006 12:49 PM EDT

I've tried a lot, to try and find something good to say, and im tongue tied... i guess its just sad when another great leaves the game.

C ya Sefton :(

WeaponX April 11 2006 1:00 PM EDT

i would like to say good luck to you. i'm on my way out as well just finishing up my loose ends. if i win anything i would keep it in case i return (very likely in may or june). P.S i didn't vote for QB because i to feel you were robbed.

Rizz April 11 2006 1:00 PM EDT

well, I really didn't talk to you much - but that does not mean I did not know who you were. when I started CB a bit over a month ago, I played - ALOT. I started out a single FB mage, like your NCB eventually I got to the ranks when you farmed me. somehow, you made me go no life and work as hard as I could to beat you - and eventually I did. I guess you were my "arch-nemesis" at that, or possibly a role model - either way, it was all good :).

a lot of people are quitting now, but most are staying around for the community. this community is strong, and hopefully always will be. may the best be upon you in RL, and hope to see you stick around on the chat/forums.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 11 2006 1:06 PM EDT

Sad to see you leave, you're my QB Seft!

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] April 11 2006 1:15 PM EDT

I remember way back when, years ago on CB1, when I first started learning about regular expressions, because I needed to sort some data. Bartjan showed me the way, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. From then on out, I learned more and more about php, regex's and server-to-server communication with headers and all that.

I eventually learned how to grab a page from the web and parse it, after much difficulty. Then, I tried my hand at manipulating some databases. After a lot of failed attempts, I managed to make a semi-complete program that would pull data from external webpages and store it in a database, and viola! The CB clan-fightlist was born.

I spent alot of time perfecting it, making sure it worked under all possible browsers and in as many circumstances as I could. Going so far as to putting a special "IP" field in so that those who use proxies or the CB IP to connect would have no problem. After adding alot more features to the program, I realized what a beast it was to support it, and even trying to change it was becoming a hassle. So I built a pretty advanced administration page.

That was pretty fun, because I could put things in there to automate alot of the processes of user-administration. I don't know when it started, but I guess I decided that the fightlist was pretty much 'feature-complete' and I wanted to move on to new things.

So as CB progressed, the forge was added to CB. The forge added some great new possibilities. As the forge was changed and tweaked, I realized soon that I would need something to help me to forge items, since the penalty for using the wrong formula was losing alot of progress on my very large HXBow (don't laugh, it used to be a pretty formidable piece of equipment).

Anyways, months later, the forgemaster program was developed and added to the fightlist. Now you could use either one. But I still wanted more, I needed more. Months and months pass. CB2 is born. With CB2, a new element of having a complex frameset to control CB is introduced. This frameset made my program rather antiquated and not nearly as useful.

I thought and thought, what can I do? I need special privileges to manipulate pages on CB from another server. It was a dead end. I could either write a trusted application (ala Privates Java clan fight program), or I would be out of luck. Then along comes Greasemonkey, I learn about it through some slashdot post, and I decide to check it out.

Hmmm, interesting, so a program allows the user to manipulate a webpage as though it is your own. My mind was racing, was this the answer? I began testing my idea. I tried it, and developed a simple GM script to try it out. Yes, it worked, I had a way to develop my tools for CB!

Months and months and months later, I decide the program needs some new tweaks, after adding a number of different features, I add the forgemaster into the script itself. After doubting that it would even work properly, I am surprised that it does actually work, nearly as good as the original forgemaster.

And that brings us to today, where I am still developing the GM script, looking to add new things all the time. Just recently I put a little toggle button on the "forge section" and put a "check for updated GM script" on there as well.

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] April 11 2006 1:16 PM EDT

A sad day indeed when another one of my closest cb1 friends leaves.
Please keep in touch mon ami.

deifeln April 11 2006 2:17 PM EDT

I also left CB...though my hiatus was only for a few months. My one regret is missing the RoE as a supporter item. Can I "hold" onto yours for 6 months in case you decide to return with a NCB?

In any event, good luck with non-CB life!

IndependenZ April 11 2006 2:36 PM EDT

Now it is such a bizarrely impossible coincidence that anything so mind-bogglingly useful could have evolved purely by chance that some thinkers have chosen to see it as a final and clinching proof of the nonexistence of God. The argument goes something like this:

"I refuse to prove that I exist," says God, "for proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing."

"But," say Man, "the Babel fish is a dead giveaway, isn't it? It could not have evolved by chance. It proves you exist, and so therefore, by your own arguments, you don't. Quod Erat Demonstrandum."

"Oh dear," says God, "I hadn't though of that" and promptly vanishes in a puff of logic.

I wish you the best of luck, Sefton! Goodbye!

{CB1}Lukeyman April 11 2006 2:38 PM EDT

Well Sefton old buddy, I don't think you knew me very well, but I remember you as quite the young lad in CB1, you knew everything and everyone, and I just stared at you days on end and still.. you didn't notice me.

So here we are in CB2, and yet I still look up to you in the beginning, when you are still ahead of me, yet.. you still don't see me.

Now you are leaving, and I shall miss you so, and maybe.. one day... I shall look upon your face in equality.

Goodbye, and You're welcome for all the fishes.

SuperSlick April 11 2006 2:39 PM EDT

Auf Wiedersehen

[YG]Wildthing April 11 2006 2:57 PM EDT

Sefton, it was a pleasure being able to get to know you, even if it was just alittle bit. One thing I will always remember is all the good times from CB1, the long talks we used to have, and just how you were/are such a great friend . You will be missed greatly, not only by me but by the whole community. I wish you a happy and healthy life. Now you will be able to spend even more time with your lovely wife (wldflr) and your beautiful children. Hope you drop by once in awhile or write an email, even if just to say hi.

[T]Vestax April 11 2006 2:58 PM EDT

The position of QB, like most other titles. ideals, or words, is only valuable when value is assigned. To be denied a title is to lose nothing of yourself unless you let that denial itself change you. A title can never encapsulate a human being for human beings are greater then words themselves.

Obtaining the title doesn't make you a better person. It isn't meant to make a person become anything in actuality. It is nothing more then recognition. Then again, recognition, or lack of it, can be a powerful influence on the mind.

I was hoping to nominate you myself for the next upcoming election. I vowed I would not again make the mistake of letting you go unrecognized. However, it would sadden me to know that my own nomination would become disqualified should you leave.

I pray that, no matter what happens, you come to realize that you are greater then the words that will ever describe you. 'Sefton' can only capture one dimension of a great player, strategist, friend, and person. And in my mind "QBSefton' wouldn't say much more.

{cb1}dyno April 11 2006 3:00 PM EDT

We can learn something from the French.

Yes, that's right, the French. Those who are supposively cowards, the butt of all the white flag jokes. You see, a law was recently adopted that would give companies the right to hire and fire at will anyone 26 years of age or younger, for any or no reason at all. This led to a vicious protest in large numbers by the citizens, some of the groups totaling over 1 million people. After about a month of standing up for their rights and saying that they would accept nothing less than what they felt they deserved, the law has been reversed as of this morning.

After reading the article about this, I felt frustration. Here my country is, considering itself the highest power of the world, and the minority rules over the majority. People complain about how things are ran, but no one shows the effort to fight for their right to have a say in what the government allows and doesn't allow. I constantly here people making fun of the french, saying how they are sissies, how we bailed them out of wars, and other things I can't mention in a pg-forum. Yet I have to wonder, who truly is the cowards? I find myself somewhat envious of their situation at the moment. It reminds me of the scene of V for Vendetta (amazing movie, go see it if you haven't), when all the people are walking together to the embassy. Although it was a bit different, the overall thought process was the same: The government will not get away with abusing its power and taking ours away.

Although cb2's community may be more geared towards the American's approach to the higher powers, I respect and wish I had the same mentality that people like BCMoto and Sefton has. To make a stand for what you believe in and speak your mind instead of what you are told is politically correct to say, that is a blessing that more people can only wish they had.

I'm glad I play Omerta with you Sefton, I hope we never lose contact. You've always been a good friend, I hope you realize that although you may never have the QB next to your name, the honor and reputation that you have built for yourself speaks more than any prefix could.

I'll end my rant with the same words an old player left the community with after he left:

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] April 11 2006 3:08 PM EDT

Yeah you got screwed with the QB award last time around. When I first started here I remember you helped me with something, I forget what, but that got me to stay here in the first place. I hated games that are full of people that are just annoying, and you disproved that for this game. Later. Plus I heard you rocked at camping.

missingfish April 11 2006 3:13 PM EDT

Didn't know you but you must have been something special if you leaving gets alot of people like this. Hope life treats with the best. and farewell

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] April 11 2006 3:22 PM EDT

Congrats to Dyno for winning the first whim prize. His honorable mention of BCMoto is what did it for him.

Sefton (Shimmer) {cb1}dyno (Volleyball Fanatic) A Mithril Cuirass ($73241) -- Contest winner 3:21 PM EDT

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 11 2006 3:23 PM EDT

Great, now my two favorite neighbors are both going to be gone from CB, no more Go Cards from you or wld.... =/

I saw wld does sign on still, but can you tell us whether she uses chat or not? I never see her anymore.

I have loved you and wld since day 1 meetng the both of you on CB (love in a sort of cool, non-geeky internetty way)

I will not ask why you are leaving, although i am very anxious to know why, and very very sad at the same time to know there IS a reason you're leaving. But everyone has to quit CB at some point in time i assume, mine will come I'm sure. But days lik this I dread when good friends of mine leave CB for good, with the intent of never coming back, and i dont ever remember wld making a goodbye post, but she does sign on, just never in chat i presume. But good luck in whatever future endeavor you encounter, and hope you reach your goals in life. I will truly miss you, the "Hercules" of CB, =P

Have a great life, and tell wld i said hi, and did you two go to opening day yesterday? Tell wld, this season will be another good one! Well, Sefton, have a great life, stop in here now and then! Dont be a stranger!

BMWheatley April 11 2006 3:30 PM EDT

Later, man.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] April 11 2006 3:30 PM EDT

What is there to say, a great camper, strategist, an asset to the communities of both Cb1 and Cb2,
and what I consider to be a good friend of mine.

As with dyno, I hope we can stay in contact through Omerta for a long time to come, and who knows,
maybe one day we will have bugged Moto enough to join us ; )

I've known you most of my time here on Cb1 and Cb2, we joined just 8 days apart, and its been
a lot of good times throughout the course of almost 2 years here.
Whether it was just idle chatting, or annoying questions on my future strat changes, every conversation was a pleasure to partake in. : )

Ever since Cb1 was shut down, I've watched as quite a few of my good friends from Cb1 quit,
and it pains me to see another one leave the community here, even though I have the luxury of
being able to stay in contact with you.

I'll be watching the top ten for another reincarnation of "Sefton" : )

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] April 11 2006 3:32 PM EDT

It's horrible to see a great person, and great player at that, leave. And why do I say that? Sure, I didn't know you the best, but I remember seeing you around here and there. You always had good and fair input on the issues at hand, and just the way you're doing this contest shows it. Free stuff just for posting a song to my car??? That's freakin sweet! I will admit I'll never be upstanding enough to just hand out my stuff if and when I decide to leave.

Anyway, enough rambling on. It's been great to have you around here. I hope the QB ordeal isn't the sole reason you are going. A QB is someone nominated and voted for by your peers as a sign of respect, and you clearly have that. So don't worry about what that one final voter said. And remember you will always have a place in CB land.

/Me hands Sefton one final gift wrapped going away Carp, salutes, and proceeds to sing...

"The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, ..."

AdminShade April 11 2006 3:32 PM EDT

I only have a few words for you:

you can't stay away!

With this I am just saying that I hope to see you soon in chat or in CM / email conversations about how your life without CB is.

I hope you have a wonderful time, bit silly to say because I say it to everyone who leaves, but still I hope you will find peace in your fingers from the long times you pressed [C] [enter] repeatedly to fight people.

Just read the small print and I'm sure I will drop a CM every once in a while if only just to say hi :)

So my final 2 words will be:

Go Sefton !

QBOddBird April 11 2006 3:37 PM EDT

Now that's just straight up unfair. =(

I never got to catch you in chat! I've heard from so many people that you are generous, the best strategist in the game, funny, etc....but never got to actually talk to you.

All I got to do was scream at my computer in frustration when you beat me to an item camping, and I got here too late to do very much of that in CB2.


I don't want you to leave, especially when I've heard so much about you and haven't had a chance to chat it up sometime. But if you must, here's my e-mail, and do try to keep in touch. If nothing else, let me know what other games you play, and I'll try to keep in touch that way.


Sir Leon [Soup Ream] April 11 2006 3:50 PM EDT

Hey Sefton,

Youre by far one of the Greatest players on CB. You're a great person in general and helped me when i was just a newb. You taught me nearly all i have known on cb. Its really sad to see you go.

Its really sad to see so many go.

Thanks, so much for being a good guy to me both in game and out of. Catch you on Darkthrone sometime? :)

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] April 11 2006 3:52 PM EDT

Aw man... we will all miss you, Sefton, I certainly voted for you as QB.

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] April 11 2006 4:06 PM EDT really is amazing how many people have such a problem with a website. What is more, is instead of staying here to moan and whine all the time, you made a simple post (probably to vent) and then left it at that. It's sometimes funny to watch others that think the more they whine and cry the better their chances are at changing things. Kudos to you for realizing you can't change people, but rather you can only tell them how you feel. I hope you find something else worthwhile to spend your time on during your leave.

On the plus side though, now you can finally get some sleep! lol

Maelstrom April 11 2006 4:10 PM EDT

I don't have anything to say that hasn't been said before. The fact that you don't have a couple of coloured letters doesn't change the fact that you were the most popular choice for QB. Those of us that know you will remember you as the "ultimate" CBer: you developed one of the best characters, and financed it (entirely?) with the profits from camping. You were active in the forums (I'm not sure about chat), and you provided many interesting strategy ideas, not to mention contributing to the great CB atmosphere.

I'm truly sad to see you quit the game. It was your example I tried to follow when I took up camping, but I wasn't nearly as good at it as you. I hope that, even if you leave the game, you won't regret the time you spent here: you've made a very positive difference to the game, and to a large number of players.

Good luck in real life!

Timberwolf April 11 2006 4:19 PM EDT

You are one of the few people I have always been able to turn to for help, regardless of what it is.

You are a true gentleman Sefton, and will be missed by many, myself included.

QBRanger April 11 2006 4:24 PM EDT


You will always be a QB in my mind. If I could give you mine, it would have been done long ago.

Not much more to say. Enjoy RL, I should be there shortly myself.

wldflr April 11 2006 4:28 PM EDT

Dear Sweetheart,
The people of CB look at you and see a great strategist. An awesome camper. A good guy. One who shares his ideas and thoughts with others freely. A good friend.

Sadly, they will never know your limitless intelligence. Your easy smile. Your quick laughter. The way your eyes sparkle when your daughter runs into your arms. Your passion for your team. GO CARDS! Your protectiveness of your family. Your never failing strength. Your unending patience. The love that radiates from you whenever you are near.

CB’s loss is my gain. I take with me not only the great player, but my amazing husband.

If you choose to give me any of your items, I ask that you please send them to slayer. He purposely made sure he was still a part of our lives even when I left CB.

I love you, oh great Sefton! My hero and my best friend.


Roughneck April 11 2006 4:31 PM EDT

Seft may your Great Karma carry you far in life.Thanks for all the help and advice you have gave me and say hi to your wife for me,both of ya'll will be missed here greatly.

BootyGod April 11 2006 4:45 PM EDT

Okay I am going to cheat and use the thing I typed earlier =D. But as for Sefton I just want to say I will miss your character. That char with the UC and ToBF was just evil.... thank the ponies for my CoC at the time lol. As for getting the stuff I won't like and say I do not care but eh you could post this in general and I would say the same thing. Good luck in life and may you always be happy... even if you meet bartjan in a dark alley one day ;).

Oh I have two chars at 200k or so MPR each. Been playing over 7 months so this is rather pathetic. I like the game but do not play enough hours to be a top competitor though I wish I was.

I wanted to write something, at first, which would cut all of you and try to get my own personal revenge on all of you. I have done it a few times prior to this and I deeply apologize for doing so. I found myself mad at all that has been happening, and though I know it is a game, I still find myself caring about all of you. I mean all of you, not just a few. I care and so I tried to find a way to pay you all back for helping me out and for giving me a kind word when you deemed it wise I apologize for my hasty words and stupid thoughts.

Of course I can't guarantee a change with this. I can't say that by saying this I can get anyone to forgive me or forget the things that have been happening. I am trying to remind people of why we all play this game and why we love it. Why we still should.

I apologize in advance for anything stupid, soppy, un-realistic and etc. I think you all can forgive me if you find it appropriate. But I hate beating around the bush so I figure I should stop now.

Do you remember when you first started playing? You might have felt a little incredulous... I mean you probably were playing other games and why would a text game really be able to keep your attention. But I stuck with it, as did all of you. I had hope that this might be something I could actually enjoy.
I remember entering chat and seeing everyone talking so easily about things. Using acronyms I was confused about. It was the day Ilovehellokitty started playing so I think I was a bit over-shadowed. I made a few friends and got deeper into the game. The strategy was over whelming so in the end I just settled for a basic Enchanter Tank Mage team.
I had friends and people I trusted. I was never sure when things started to sour but I always blame it on one day. Pride and my ego killed me that day and ruined I think what could have been a great thing I had with this game. I did end up gaining Shade as a friend from it so I managed to find a ray of sun in the middle of a storm. I still find it amazing though, the effects that little bit of pride had on me, and I am still feeling the horrible waves to this day.
I wish I could go back and change what happened, so that many others and I could still be happy. I wonder if Jon wishes he could go back and change what he said. Or Ranger or DAWG or any of the others. Maybe, maybe not. They made their decisions and those decisions or mistakes, whatever they may be, were theirs to make.
I remember the day I first attacked Ranger's character Apocalypse Book. I was happy because it took him 4 rounds to completely annihilate my character. Did any of you have this pride or thrill? I don't know but that is the kind of thing I play CB2 for. I will be honest, as far as strategy goes I know I am not the greatest strategist to ever walk through the doors of CB2. But I like when I set a goal and achieve it. I like it when my friend looks at something on my characters, asks about it and when I explain they compliment it. I never feel so good as when I think I have done a good job.
There will always be accusations that I want to be an op. I do not think it matters any longer whether I deny or accept them. I wish my word alone would be good enough. I wish we didn’t need thing like public record or auctions. That a word of two players would be good enough, but yet I am not such a romantic as to not understand exactly why those things are needed, really it's just more of a passing sadness.
The sadness I felt as I read the Admin Fining Problem was one of the harshest emotions I have felt. It was a kind of hopeless grief at watching so many friends rip into each other. Online or real life could have made no difference. Watching people take sides and viciously attack each other hurt me. Me, the same person who has talked about blender+ cat= smoothie. I am a tad morbid something.
I can't really believe this is happening. There have been rumors this has been just a large April's Fools joke. If so it is not in any way funny but in some way, I hope and pray that it is. To have my faith restored that this kind of garbage could never take place on this game, where chat is supposed to be a good place and the community kind and supportive.
I love you all in some way. I love this game and I would give it up this game if somehow I could make all this stuff change. I can’t but I wish I could.
But I still want to talk about why exactly I love this game. Why no matter how mad I got I could never make myself just up and quit.
I love this game because of my friends, who always tried to make it seem like I perhaps belonged, and that no one ever disliked me.
I love this game because of the joy at winning another battle, at looking at the numbers of my character.
I love this game because of the jokes we tell in forum and chats.
I love this game because of the thrill of being accepted, and welcomed into chat.
I love this game because I feel safe, because when I log on in the afternoon I never feel like life still sucks no matter how bad the day has been.
I care about this game because it gives me something to look forward to.
I love this game because I am around people who are innocent in mind. I am sure a lot of you do not know exactly what I am talking about, but that makes it no less true.
I love this game because Vorpal Blades rock.
I love this game because I trust people here. More then I trust any of my real life friends.
I love this game because I feel like I am good at something for once in my life. That I do not have to fail at everything that I ever try just because I am trying it, and that is a glorious feeling.
I love this game because bartjan and Bast continuously surprise me.
I admire this game because it is free and that is something that is rare, free enjoyment.

This game is not dead. It can go on forever. But you players out there, you people whom I love, must let it go on. You must forget your pride for one day and forget the insults that have been leveled at you. You must learn that things can’t be perfect and complaining can’t make them change.
Your lives and decisions are all yours to make. I have realized I can’t change that and regret that I didn’t realize it earlier. I will miss you all whatever happens if I ever have to leave. I open myself up to the flames, without a flame suit. I ask all admins to take anything even partly related to this thread as thread related. I deserve what I get for acting like a baby while I write this.

This is my last effort. It is my last true effort to make everything bad with this game go away, as if by magic. To sew the wound up and give the players of this game back what was, a thing of beauty, the harmony of so many people in one place.
My fingers hurt now. I must have typed 100’s of pages of text today. Sorry this is a little long winded. Sorry that I do not think a lot of you will care about this. I am sorry that I doubt this changes anything. But as a final request before I leave this subject for good, I ask that you all remember why you came to this game, why you love this game. Why you are hurting it.

My names is James. I am 16 years old. I am a devoted player to CB2. I am a normal arrogant, emo teenagers. The above statements are simply what I feel in the best way I know to express them. Lamely. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I wish you all the best of wishes and luck with life.


QBBarzooMonkey April 11 2006 4:56 PM EDT

Yes, I've voted for you.
Yes, I was literally shocked to see my name on the last list and not yours.
Yes, I was absolutely expecting this the moment I saw the top 2 vote getters win, remembering that you were the highest recipient of votes last time, and how much it bothered you...

After reading the rest of the posts, I can't help wondering how many people actually really, truly read what you wrote:

Well, I think the time has finally come to give up my participation in most of CB2 land. This not to say that I will never log , nor even log in less. It is to say that I will not be active in the CB2 forums or chat.

With that, I'm not going to write any goodbyes, but I have 2 things to say:
1. I don't want any free stuff, I just wanted to post to say:
2. If you ever need anything, or just want to rant, vent, or just exchange ideas, feel free to CM me anytime. But I sincerely hope that with time, you'll break your "vow of silence" and come back to the forums. I miss the times before QB elections when you were really active. And pleeeeeaaaase write us a GL & JW story before you stop talking! :)

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 11 2006 4:58 PM EDT

I agree, Seft. Less is more, in these limited circumstances. ;)

th00p April 11 2006 5:08 PM EDT

*sings drunkenly* La La La... Sefton my pal, haven't known you long, actually, don't know you at all ;-) but it's been a fun ride altogether. So, on the subject of dear little fishes, why not down the one in your mug? *gulp* you wouldn't be the only one... =D

Serious note: bah, have a good time isolating yourself from the cb2 world *gasp* ooh what a pretty Morg... *drools*

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] April 11 2006 5:15 PM EDT

Sefton (Shimmer) Cutest Lil Carnage Canuck
(Lukemania) Just a named katana. ($508991) -- Contest winner 5:10 PM EDT

Lukey wins the yes I did notice you and I always liked you prize.

As a side note this named katana has a sort of hidden history. It used to be named, A Blade of Thuringwethil and with a base just one off it cause quite the stir. Then Bast stepped in and paid WAY too much for it, then spent another $10 of her own money, just to give it a name that would no longer cause auction confusion. And I snapped it up for a song. So now I give it to you Lukey, and minor piece of lore to carry with you. Its no Mushu trophy, but still, all I asked is you never sell it. Trade it, insta it, or keep it on a shelf, but it has quite a bit of good Karma stored up in it from Bast's selfless acts, and Im afraid selling it could damage that. :)

BootyGod April 11 2006 5:22 PM EDT

In all honesty good choice. I read his and it was good. Congrats Lukey and congrats Sefton. You really will be missed on forum. Hope we DO still see you around though.

missingfish April 11 2006 5:30 PM EDT

I have read all that has been said in here. And I just to clarify to BarzooMonkey
I know Sefton is not leaving at together, but the forums/chat is a big part in the game. And Sefton has alot of input, all of which came from his heart. Sefton always puts alot of thought (or so it seems to) into everything he says. When you take the forums/chat away from Sefton, we are all losing a great thing.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] April 11 2006 5:33 PM EDT

titles are important though, just try finding a book at the library without them. hmmm, perhaps that is what google book search is actually striving towards...

Blondebabygirl12 April 11 2006 6:20 PM EDT

Well Sefton I remember this goal I used to have when I first started playing CB was to catch GYAXX and Apocalypse Book, but I decided to join the Air Force lol. It was always something huge way back when Gyaxx would find some way to get ahead of Apocalypse Book, and then Ranger would Counter. Man I lost so many items in the store to you. It was unreal how freaking fast the items would go away. You were actually the person who told me a thing about camping. And, I think I should get the MH or the EB's because they would work great with my tank. Thanks Sefton.


DD34isback(justkidding) [Severswoed Accounting] April 11 2006 6:21 PM EDT

bye seft didnt know you but its always sad to see someone leave a game they've dedicated so much of their time to but thats your decision and farewell

QBJohnnywas April 11 2006 6:32 PM EDT

Set out runnin' but I take my time

A friend of the devil is a friend of mine

If I get home before daylight, I just might get some sleep tonight.

see ya around Seft.

Maelstrom April 11 2006 6:39 PM EDT

"This not to say that I will never log , nor even log in less. It is to say that I will not be active in the CB2 forums or chat."

Yeah, I didn't read that bit very well, but considering that the best part of CB is the community (in chat and forums), if you're not active in them, you might just as well be quitting.

Yes, this is a second post for me - I'm not writing in hope of getting an item - but Sefton, we value your opinions and your presence in the forums. If you're going to still be around in the game, then really, why not be active? Why not try it for another "quarter" and see how things go? :)

dj1914 April 11 2006 6:41 PM EDT


Not looking/asking for any items. Truly sad to see you go. Another great player has left. I enjoyed the times we spent talking strats/camping. You will be missed my friend.

(CB1)ranament April 11 2006 6:41 PM EDT

Sefton I'm sad to see you go. You have helped me so much in cb1 and cb2 and have been great to talk to. I remember you were the leader of my first clan and we all did great for a long time. You also helped me get my supportership by introducing me into Mrs.Di and I got suportership for just the MoD. This was all in the first few days of joining cb1. Even at the end of cb1 I was still asking you questions and you would always get me and answer. All in all I would just like to say goodbye and I will miss you. I hope your life goes well and that your cat stays away from those poinsettas this Christmas (I think that was two Christmases ago). Say hi to wld for me

Vicious Cat April 11 2006 6:44 PM EDT

A saucer of milk before you go please?

Stephen April 11 2006 6:44 PM EDT

Sefton, the world is full of things that hold a special place in people's hearts that never won an award. Much loved films and actors who never won an Oscar, scientists who changed people's lives but never won a Nobel, teams and sportsmen adored by thousands who have never won the major Trophy. You are in good company.

[me]Davis April 11 2006 6:45 PM EDT

Hey th00p.... btw he changed him name to KM_Loves_Unica

QBJohnnywas April 11 2006 6:46 PM EDT

Maels' right Seft, (and he's not the only one not after an item - I've got everything I need in my particular playpen!). I've often found myself wondering how at the ripe old age of 37 (yes I'm that old....) how I got myself involved in an online game. And why I actually care so much about what goes on. It's fairly obvious that you do care about what goes on around here. It has been for as long as I can remember.

But it's your choice mate. Just don't hide in the shadows for too long!

{CB1}Lukeyman April 11 2006 6:55 PM EDT

Thank you so much Sefton, this really means a lot. I will never sell it, I shall cherish it in the mind that you have noticed me and I shall forever be great full for meeting such a man as yourself. I will miss talking with you.

YNM April 11 2006 7:22 PM EDT

Sefton, This will not come out nearly as beautiful as it should...

Sefton, you are one of the nicest people I have met. I have enjoyed almost all the time I spent with you on cb. It really is too bad about what happened between the game and yourself, what with the end of camping (You stole my morg...), the blasphemy of your loss on the QB (I voted for you.), and all the great chat moments. And Sefty, of all the people that have left CB you are the one I will truly miss.

All the BCMoto's in the world cannot compare to the attention this should draw. You are my favorite CB camper/player/chatter i have seen and will miss you. I hope that all of your adventers come to a great end, and I hope you remember all the people you have touched. I know that I am one of them.

Sefty, I would not be telling the truth if i said i wasn't interested in the 500k (nor would trigun...who i owe +500k to), but in the most part i am posting this to let you know that you will be missed and my next name...will be dedicated to you.

Sefty, you will always be my favorite QB.

Genie April 11 2006 9:31 PM EDT

I never really met you.. Or got to talk to you, but i know you were probably one of the best campers, I spent forever reading that changelog post with the End Of Camping.. lol.. You should be a QB, but sadly they didn't make you one. I'm writing to say Bye, I wish we would have had a chance to chat some, and don't mess up in the Real World! lol. :) Have Fun Seft. Log in every once in a while to say "Hey".

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] April 11 2006 9:49 PM EDT

OK wow, well shoot, I really just planned to drop a parting shot, blast a little karma to the wind, and ride off into the sunset. Truly my intention. I honestly figured well nevermind. Anyway

Granted those that do not like me will not like me any better for this, because it looks bad, but I have never really cared how I looked to people, so I will say simply I'm touched. These posts and the PM's, I sort of at a loss for words actually so I guess I will say OK. I'll stay. Ill figure out who to give the char and the 500K to and call this over.

I hate it when someone uses logic against me, because I am a logical person. I wont repeat what was said but suffice to say, it was a logically sound argument for me staying. So OK I will.

And yah I know looks drama queen, but it can't be helped I really thought I was gone. If I ever expect to be able to convince someone of my postion, I have to be flexible enough to allow someone to convince me. So they did. So if you hate this reversal, blame them. (and yes I do mean that particularly nebulous version of "they" that you see in almost every episode of The X-Files)

DD34isback(justkidding) [Severswoed Accounting] April 11 2006 9:52 PM EDT

heh.. does this mean no more gifts? :P j/k glad your staying

Ammon [The Black Tower] April 11 2006 9:56 PM EDT

Good luck and I hope that life after CB is good for you and the ones around you, you will be missed, a good person is leaving the community

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] April 11 2006 9:56 PM EDT

great to know you're staying :) *hugs*

Stephen April 11 2006 9:57 PM EDT

You mean the nefarious government department that's in cahoots with the aliens made you stay? Cool.

DD34isback(justkidding) [Severswoed Accounting] April 11 2006 9:57 PM EDT

read his gigantic post saying hes not leaving ammon

{cb1}Linguala April 11 2006 10:00 PM EDT

Say the misses hi from me, more than you, I miss her.
Maybe she can continue in the forum in your place? At the very least, I'll have the pleasure to smother her with overly shown affection :-)

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] April 11 2006 10:28 PM EDT

OK so Godwolf_(DL) wins the character:
However, 'Godwolf_(DL)' is not the name of a current user. Might need some help figuring that one out.

and YNM[IsTehSexxorz] wins 500K.

Sefton (Shimmer) YNM[IsTehSexxorz] (Your Older Minion) $500000 -- Contest Winner 10:23 PM EDT

Sorry about all this, but at least it was free and some people got some stuff. I will exit more quietly next time should it come to that.

Mem April 11 2006 10:38 PM EDT

I've always seen a QB in front of your name...

QBBarzooMonkey April 11 2006 10:47 PM EDT

; )

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 11 2006 10:48 PM EDT

So are you buying a top 10 mpr char yet?
I want to see some more action at the top!

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] April 11 2006 10:48 PM EDT

Oh no! Now you'll be able to farm me again! lol

J/K, glad to see you're sticking around; Hope to see you out there on that battlefield!

Cylo April 11 2006 10:50 PM EDT

well I just noticed this post. I'm not saying bye or rather hello to get a prize. I'm just saying hello to a fellow that helped me think of a crazy strat way back in the beginning of Shaolin Monks I and also sell me my first few items. oh and might I say, sold them to me cheap. LOL. Well it's good to know you aren't leaving, but if you do, I hope I actually see the thread in time to say goodbye.

Maelstrom April 11 2006 10:55 PM EDT

Welcome back Sefton!

I'll second Barzoo:

; )

Mikel April 11 2006 11:44 PM EDT

Didn't see this post when it started, kinda my way of not paying attention to the forums. Any monkey can click C and Enter.. but it takes a brain to make a strat that works. You also were always visible in the New Player channel to offer advice and you would give out free stuff from time to time to new players and your posts on topics are usually sound..
Roll those things up and you are worthy of QB to me. Heck I even voted for you when I was in the mix. Don't let the status quo ruin it for you. Those that know you don't need to see QB in front of your name to know what you are about.

sssimmo April 11 2006 11:57 PM EDT

Welcome back Sefton!

**start-sarcasm** It was a lonely five minutes there with out you. Almost went crazy being surrounded by all these morons (Mael) **end-sarcasm**

QBsutekh137 April 12 2006 12:24 AM EDT

I just finally read this post... Sorry, so many contest posts I have pretty much given up on reading forums too (my chat has been off for a while). Side question: at what point do contest posts become spam? Corollary: what ever happened to chat contests? Some of these forum contests last two posts then done. Why not just have a trivia contest and be done with it?

ANYWAY: Sefton, you know this place is Hotel California... You can never leave. *smile* I don't know who talked logic to you (wish I had read this sooner and wish it had been me), but I am glad he/she did.

Stick around, brah. There will always be more to come. *smile*

AdminShade April 12 2006 1:01 AM EDT

So sad that it should come to this
We tried to warn you all, but, oh, dear
You may not share out intellect
Which might explain your disrespect
For all the natural wonders that grow around you

So long, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

Blarg April 12 2006 1:05 AM EDT

/me hugs sefton and wldflr.

[T]Vestax April 12 2006 1:11 AM EDT

Glad to see your staying.

In regards to the historic katana named "A Blade of Thuringwethil" I almost bought that one myself. The person I was to buy it from (through auctions) was non-other then Koala. In fact I could blame that katana for getting me involved with the community of CB for the first time. Until then I just spammed the fight link.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 12 2006 4:52 AM EDT

Woot! :)

Darkwalker [Jago] April 12 2006 8:05 AM EDT

Whether a person is great or not... you look at his friends.... after reading this post... the conclusion that I have is you are a GREAT person... QB or not...

You probably dont know me and I think I haven seen/talk to you before... but I am glad that you are staying... Sincerely speaking... CB2 has one of the most amazing set of gamers around... the dedication and friendlyness is awesome... Your presence will continue support this trend further...

Simon April 12 2006 8:32 AM EDT

I do not know you personally but having read all that has been written, you must have been a great guy. Hope cb will not lose another great player like you, I meant it. Hope you'll come back soon and restart with a new character. I do not need any of the stuff you are giving, just wanted to say something :)

DD34isback(justkidding) [Severswoed Accounting] April 12 2006 8:45 AM EDT

hey... so does this mean theres no way i can win the RoE? :P jk

BootyGod April 12 2006 2:46 PM EDT

I won? coolio. Glad you liked it. But my name isn't a name... does that mean I do not exist? hmmm... *kills self*. If you can work it out I would like it though. Items xfers work (just experimented). Seeing if anyone else can xfer a char to me.

But mind telling me why my post won Sefton? I AM interested. If you want CM it or email me (email preferred because i can't respond to CM's).

email is for easy viewing lol.

AdminShade April 12 2006 2:54 PM EDT

Sefton, if you contact me i can help transferring that character. :)

BootyGod April 12 2006 4:14 PM EDT

But I still want to know why I won lol!

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] April 12 2006 4:37 PM EDT

we all won, got the best present of all, sef staying :)

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] April 12 2006 4:51 PM EDT

You won (although I am having trouble transfering him will get with Shade on it) because you put effort into your post and were the only one who mentioned the character, so I assumed you wanted it, and thusly its yours. If you do not want it, just let me know otherwise I will get Shade to help with the transfer :)

BootyGod April 12 2006 5:08 PM EDT

Try it again with new name. It SHOULD work. Lol thanks the character was always awesome.

I love lance [Lafayetts War] April 14 2006 11:23 PM EDT

wasabi 4 life
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