Rentals by banned / reset players #3 (in General)

Revs April 19 2006 7:57 PM EDT

I'm sure I'm not the smartest kid on the block, but someone please explain this:

An Enforcer's Crossbow [4x18] (+12) $276,386 $3,000 4 days 5 / 18 days rented by auctioneer;
back in 1 day 23:55:18

How can it be rented by the auctioneer? I checked it out and there's about 4 items rented by auctioneer. And it's not a player by that name. Any ideas?

SNK3R April 19 2006 7:59 PM EDT

Answer: Here & here.

[T]Vestax April 19 2006 8:01 PM EDT

The same question asked twice in one day. What are the odds?

A Bathing Ape April 19 2006 8:03 PM EDT

This is annoying...

AdminNightStrike April 19 2006 9:31 PM EDT

Three times, actually...

Revs April 19 2006 9:53 PM EDT

My bad, didn't mean to be annoying, I read the forums just about . . . well, never. SNK3R, thanks for the tip.

QBsutekh137 April 19 2006 10:02 PM EDT

The odds are paramount.

RAMPAGE April 20 2006 12:18 AM EDT

Since it happened I say the odds are about 1:1.
Or it could be 1,000,000:1 since everyone know(or should) that million to one odds come up nine times out of ten. =)

AdminShade April 20 2006 12:37 AM EDT

updated all 3 thread titles so people can search for them better :)

no pun intended though ;p
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