Who has the highest AC in the game? (in General)

th00p May 8 2006 4:14 PM EDT

Well, in testing out how a wall would work with my strategy (or lack of), I rented a bunch of high-end wall gear. My little wall has over 300 AC (301 to be exact). Just wondering what the highest is in CB at the moment? Also, feel free to comment on ways to make my team better =D

SNK3R May 8 2006 4:30 PM EDT

As far as I know, Tezmac has a permanent (meaning non-rented & non-loaned) AC of 305.

Dudley Dotson May 8 2006 4:34 PM EDT

Tezmac?? O_O I never knew this

AdminShade May 8 2006 4:35 PM EDT

Dudley: there is no need to reply to any and every thread for just not knowing it...

Tezmac May 8 2006 4:42 PM EDT

Yeah, Im a moron, I really should name my stuff.... :O)

DAWG May 11 2006 12:35 AM EDT

AC: 339

A Bathing Ape May 11 2006 12:37 AM EDT

67.8% of damage blocked?

bartjan May 11 2006 12:58 AM EDT

339 AC means .0021*339=71.2% damage is blocked.
This also means that minion only receives 28.8% of the initial damage.
This makes his HP 1/0.288=3.47 times as effective, as without any armor.
Viewed this way, his armor acts like a HP bonus of 247%. Beats any DX penalty his setup may have ;)

Stephen May 11 2006 1:26 AM EDT

And it's even higher as 5 of the 6 items are named

bartjan May 11 2006 1:28 AM EDT

The total AC displayed already includes that, Stephen.

DAWG May 11 2006 1:29 AM EDT

AC: 342

I had been planing on naming that last one and now I have... so there ya go...

Stephen May 11 2006 1:45 AM EDT

Indeed, sorry Bart, "This bonus is displayed in your Minion's total AC, but not on the individual armor piece" right there on the naming page!

Dudley Dotson May 11 2006 6:26 AM EDT

I thought that it was 0.021 and then you add a number..hmm I should check Wiki

[me]Davis May 11 2006 6:49 AM EDT

DAWG try hitting 100%... AC Needed =~476.... you can do it haahahah

LayWaste-[bA May 11 2006 7:15 AM EDT

That AC is only completely effective against non-magic attack though. Not that it makes it any less useful, just saying..

Tezmac May 11 2006 9:04 AM EDT

Hey DAWG, stop stealing my thunder! :O)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 11 2006 9:21 AM EDT

I keep wondering when the real tanks wearing tank armor are getting some love. The Prot nuking was by far one of the largest changes in the move to cb2, it prevents tanks from seeing the top end of the AC spectrum entirely. Even with the slight adjustments in item base, there is still no way to get the AC needed to block all physical damage.

bartjan May 11 2006 9:42 AM EDT

"block all physical damage". Unpossible, as people seem to forget about the random factor.

QBRanger May 11 2006 9:52 AM EDT

But remember that only the + on the armor works vs the very large FBs that those NUB characters seem to develop very quickly.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 11 2006 9:59 AM EDT

blah blah...

in cb1, after your actual AC hit around 330-360 and prot got near 77
you started seeing damage from physical hits negated. So yeah there is a random factor, and the higher you get the AC the more likely it is to happen. We will on cb2 however never see anywhere near "perfect" ac, the cost would be HUGE! I wonder if we can even figure out how much it would be...

Phrede May 11 2006 11:14 AM EDT

I'll let you know m8 ;-)

QBPixel Sage May 11 2006 2:13 PM EDT

I've done some prior calculations on AC. According to the item stats, you can get the highest AC in the game currently (yes, even more than DAWG's AC) with about 42mil cb. If you use a MgS instead of a MS, you can block over 95% of magical damage on average.

deifeln May 11 2006 2:53 PM EDT

"Me fail English? That's Unpossible!"

QBPixel Sage May 11 2006 3:00 PM EDT

Sorry, it'll actually be more than 42mil. Its only 42mil in NW.

[me]Davis May 11 2006 4:08 PM EDT

novice i typed the amount earlier

DAWG May 21 2006 4:22 PM EDT

AC: 364

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 21 2006 4:24 PM EDT

nice man...*drools at the possibilities*
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