Treasure Hunt (in Contests)

AdminG Beee May 25 2006 8:57 AM EDT

Avast, me hearties the Pirate 3 has hidden some more treasure.

You can pick up the trail by visiting a post created on April 3 2006 6:36 PM EDT.
We're not restricted to a single forum category or month this time so the treasure could be hidden anywhere.

Copy and paste the exact description of the treasure onto this thread when you find it and you'll be the winner.

Good luck!

AdminShade May 25 2006 9:05 AM EDT

Ehm, I have searched all the forums and there is no thread created at that exact time...

AdminG Beee May 25 2006 9:14 AM EDT

Yikes, the pirate was a little Drunk methinks when he created this thread.
When he said "thread" he of course meant post. Searching for threads created would be too easy.

Edited out the error to avoid confusion for late comers to the contest. Sorry.

AdminShade May 25 2006 9:24 AM EDT

Pair of Elven Boots [10] (+22) NW$1,075,996.

AdminShade May 25 2006 9:26 AM EDT

Additional explanation:

Pirate 3Edit: Deleted all contest comments from these threads in order to keep avoid confusion for future treasure hunts.

The trail starts here. Go to "February 5 2006 9:57 PM EST" for the next clue.

over here December 4 2005 3:02 AM EST

doing well, keep looking... April 11 2006 10:02 AM EDT

keep looking March 11 2005 4:25 PM EST

don't worry, it'll be worth it January 1 2006 1:52 AM EST

You've got it: Pair of Elven Boots [10] (+22) NW$1,075,996. Now post the item name, stats and NW in the contest thread and if you're first you're a winner !

Nightmare [NewNightmares] May 25 2006 9:29 AM EDT

Grah. I was so close :P

bartjan May 25 2006 9:31 AM EDT

G, please end your html tags...

Maelstrom May 25 2006 9:32 AM EDT

I thought it was intentional, to make it stand out more...

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] May 25 2006 9:35 AM EDT

In case Sub-Admins are not eligible to win the prize.....

I also found it

Pair of Elven Boots [10] (+22) NW$1,075,996

AdminG Beee May 25 2006 10:07 AM EDT

Well done to Shade.
G Beee (Admin_Beee) Shade (Il├║vatar) A Pair of Elven Boots ($1075996) -- see /bboard..001oab 10:03 AM EDT

There's no advantage for the admins with forum editing abilities in this contest so it was open to everyone. Everyone that is, except (as usual) my poor wife who never gets to play any of my admin sponsored contests. That's life...

AdminShade May 25 2006 10:11 AM EDT


Indeed, I cannot search the forums in any other way than normal players... :)

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] May 29 2006 9:49 PM EDT

When's the next one? =P

AdminG Beee May 30 2006 5:58 AM EDT

I guess you missed the most recent one. Pirate Flag

From now on I'll just hide a message on a forum post and leave it there until it's found. Last one was hidden for a couple of days before I made a post letting folks know to "go search".
Who knows, perhaps there's some secret treasure out there waiting to be found right now, or perhaps not...

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