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ThatOneMan June 4 2006 4:07 PM EDT

With a single fireball mage which will help him out the most?
a RoS then have a base AS cause the RoS will help that out a lot to help give the mage more life.
a RoE which will help reduce dmg done to him which in return will also help him stay alive longer.
a FF which will help do dmg and also get attacked which will help deal out more dmg and also help me stay alive as it takes dmg to.
I have a RoS that is lvl 43,720 that is gonna go on my sfbm when i unretire him and i will either re ink this one or insta it up a little so i was wondering which of the 3 tats would be the best. My max tatto lvl on my sfbm is around 55-60k.

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] June 4 2006 4:36 PM EDT

I wouldn't go with a FF, as it will start killing you *if* it makes it to melee. I used a large Tattoo of Endurance with my sfbm but then changed to a steel familiar, they both have advantages, but at the end of the day they offer similar benefits. the SF does allow me to take a lot less damage against other fireball characters.

th00p June 4 2006 6:10 PM EDT

RoS adds a % i believe, so having it and a base AS will do little or no good for you, so you can throw out that idea.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 4 2006 6:23 PM EDT

A RoS is wasted on a single minion. you could train AS and have the RoS boost it and protect it from DM, but you get around 43% HPs from it than you would trianing just HP alone.

The ToE will reduce the damage you take and reduce AMF backlash, so it's very good for mages.

A RoE will help you pump your MPR.

Any of the Familiar tattoos will be placed before your mage, soak up some damage, and in FF/SF case do some damage (an IF probably wouldn't last until melee...)

Adminedyit [Superheros] June 4 2006 8:46 PM EDT

the RoS will give roughly 1/2 its lvl as a boost to an ED so a base AS will get a boost of 1/2 the RoS lvl and give 1/2 that for hp so you don't really get that much from it the ToE is the best IMO for a single mage. With the max tat lvl being lowered you can't get a high enough familiar but a ToE will still reduce damage you take from attacks and from AMF backlash

QBRanger June 4 2006 8:52 PM EDT

This has been hashed and rehashed numerous times.

Use a ROE to about 1/3 the top MPR as there are many useless/forgotten characters out there for you to get great rewards on.

Then switch to a FF or TOE as they are very close in their ability to let you fight up.

And forget about everyone telling you that with a FF you'll start killing yourself. With a FF you use DM as to avoid getting into melee rounds anyway.

If you use a TOE, IMO, AMF would be a better spell for you to use.

QBJohnnywas June 5 2006 7:06 AM EDT

Out of the options you present both the ToE and the FF will help you fight higher than the others, presenting you with higher rewards.

The RoS strategy, whilst a bit more interesting, is really not worth it. No really. I'm experimenting with that at the moment and have done in the past. An extra 200k HP from AS from a RoS of about 600k in level was less effective than the same size ToE. A lot less effective. In fact the time I did a single mage with RoS and AS, and then inked the tattoo to a ToE my score jumped by 400k....

Dunno why I decided to do it again...........

I'll agree with Ranger about the RoE. There are some people using it at higher levels - Sutekh and Bast for two. But if you want to create a powerful single FB mage at higher levels then ToE or FF. No contest.

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