Why do we change our names (in Off-topic)

Hi im Jake June 16 2006 7:20 PM EDT

I was just wonderin why every one in cb is changing there name it is realy frustrating when you go to look for someone and you cant find them so you have to hunt them down. you know asking stupid qustions like always


AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] June 16 2006 7:26 PM EDT

We all change our names because we hate you.

Seriously though, I don't know :) I think people didn't think their initial alias through very much, so they wanted to be something cooler. Also if you have a bad reputation changing your name can give you a new lease on life. Sometimes.

Maelstrom June 16 2006 7:26 PM EDT

I don't get it either...

Flamey June 16 2006 7:30 PM EDT

LOL, that is so funny, i don't get it either, some people don't like themselves, thinking if they change their name they will change themselves.

RAMPAGE June 16 2006 7:33 PM EDT

If you think it is bad now, You should have been here when you could change your name every 48hrs(And some did) or before the Mushu rule when you could change it as often as you liked.

QBPixel Sage June 16 2006 7:38 PM EDT

Because they get accepted into the Dotson family.

Flamey June 16 2006 7:57 PM EDT

the people that have replied to you now, haven't changed their name. so ask people that have.

th00p June 16 2006 7:59 PM EDT

I'll change that!

Well, to become my first to name changes (after turning into plain old th00p) was because I was paid each time. Now, I'm in the same family as two of the coolest Scots in CB! (Plus, Mrs Beee is my unofficial grandma so it's all good)

Blarg June 16 2006 9:24 PM EDT

Hey, I'd keep as "Blarg" if it wasn't already taken... heh.

DD34isback(justkidding) [Severswoed Accounting] June 16 2006 9:26 PM EDT

heh Mael those were the days every 48 hours a different name :) but i change my name because it entertains me in cb1 i changed my name every chance i got :)

[T]Vestax June 16 2006 10:11 PM EDT

I only do it to avoid being confused with Verifex.

Mem June 16 2006 10:42 PM EDT

My first name changes were only for ease of viewing (memnot -> Memnot -> Mem). After that I just got silly. Both changes since were just jokes. I think you might find that I go back to three letters very soon...

AdminShade June 17 2006 6:50 AM EDT

who changed my name?

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] June 17 2006 11:21 AM EDT

I can't remember me changing my name, apart from when I had {Forger} at the beginning of it. I like Wasp so I keep it as that, also I usually keep the same name because people know they can trust Wasp because he's oh so good : )

BootyGod June 17 2006 1:05 PM EDT

I change my name to give everyone something to laugh at... or a reason to laugh at me... either one :)

BootyGod June 17 2006 1:05 PM EDT

oh and to annoy people who don't get why people change their name. It's very funny.

bartjan June 17 2006 2:39 PM EDT


BootyGod June 17 2006 3:38 PM EDT

I also change my names so they admins can feel like their important by bothering me ;)

RedWolf June 17 2006 6:01 PM EDT

I just get bored with one name after a while. But I always keep the name everybody knows me as (Red) in it somewhere. Except for once, and that time I just felt like being strange for a month.
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