Newbie weapons in store (in Changelog)

bartjan July 8 2006 4:44 PM EDT

This is what I just found in the melee section of our fine weapons store. It may be just a snapshot taken at a bad time, but I do notice a huge gap between $42 and $9,969. I do believe that spending cash early on is not that effective, and should be avoided, but not every minion is that patient. Shouldn't there be something for them to spend their hard earned cash on?

Melee    Details      Cost    Melee    Details      Cost 
A Bastard Sword[40x3] (+9)$19,663    A Rapier[10x11] (+3)$10,245
A Lochaber Axe[50x6] (+10)$19,246    A Rapier[10x11] (+2)$10,129
A Scythe[48x9] (+7)$18,705    A Sabre[12x4] (+2)$10,102
A Great Axe[56x10] (+6)$18,584    A Cutlass[14x11] (+1)$10,055
A Battle Axe[44x11] (+10)$16,689    A Rapier[10x4] (+1)$10,040
A Broad Sword[30x6] (+9)$16,452    A Whip[9x6] (+1)$10,024
A War Hammer[20x10] (+10)$16,413    A Main Gauche[6x3] (+0)$10,011
A Lochaber Axe[50x7] (+7)$16,052    A Cutlass[14x2] (+0)$9,992
A Long Sword[24x7] (+6)$14,740    A Rapier[10x2] (+0)$9,991
A Battle Axe[44x5] (+7)$14,182    A Rapier[10x2] (+0)$9,991
A Mace[16x11] (+10)$13,787    A Rapier[10x2] (+0)$9,991
A Tulwar[18x3] (+8)$13,499    A Rapier[10x2] (+0)$9,991
A Broad Sword[30x5] (+4)$12,666    A Rapier[10x2] (+0)$9,991
An Awl-Pike[17x5] (+8)$12,621    A Rapier[10x2] (+0)$9,991
A Lucerne Hammer[28x4] (+1)$12,368    A Rapier[10x2] (+0)$9,991
A War Hammer[20x6] (+4)$12,262    A Rapier[10x2] (+0)$9,991
A Morning Star[36x9] (+1)$11,769    A Rapier[10x2] (+0)$9,991
A Morning Star[36x9] (+0)$11,540    A Rapier[10x2] (+0)$9,991
A Cutlass[14x3] (+8)$11,435    A Rapier[10x2] (+0)$9,991
A Main Gauche[6x5] (+10)$11,419    A Rapier[10x2] (+0)$9,991
A Broad Sword[30x3] (+1)$11,271    A Rapier[10x2] (+0)$9,991
A Cutlass[14x8] (+7)$11,173    A Sabre[12x8] (+0)$9,969
A Mace[16x6] (+4)$11,125    A Rapier[10x1] (+0)$42
A Rapier[10x2] (+8)$11,101    A Rapier[10x1] (+0)$42
A Rapier[10x7] (+8)$11,101    A Rapier[10x1] (+0)$42
A Dagger[4x2] (+7)$10,739    A Rapier[10x1] (+0)$42
An Awl-Pike[17x3] (+3)$10,739    A Rapier[10x1] (+0)$42
A Rapier[10x5] (+6)$10,711    A Rapier[10x1] (+0)$42
A Sabre[12x9] (+6)$10,661    A Rapier[10x1] (+0)$42
A Mace[16x5] (+2)$10,542    A Rapier[10x1] (+0)$42
A Rapier[10x3] (+5)$10,539    A Rapier[10x1] (+0)$42
A Main Gauche[6x11] (+5)$10,509    A Rapier[10x1] (+0)$42
A Sabre[12x6] (+5)$10,495    A Sabre[12x1] (+0)$38
An Awl-Pike[17x2] (+2)$10,483    A Whip[9x1] (+0)$26
A Whip[9x11] (+5)$10,436    A Whip[9x1] (+0)$26
A Rapier[10x11] (+4)$10,383    A Whip[9x1] (+0)$26
A Sabre[12x3] (+4)$10,346    A Whip[9x1] (+0)$26
A Rapier[10x10] (+3)$10,245   

BootyGod July 8 2006 4:50 PM EDT

Especially because the difference between this A Rapier [10x1] (+0) $42

and this A Rapier [10x2] (+0) $9,991

QBRanger July 8 2006 5:04 PM EDT

But with the NUB, they just make so much freaking cash. Does it really matter if they spend 20k on a weapon that will only work for a few days? They make millions very very quick.

Halcyon July 8 2006 5:08 PM EDT

Well, in most cases, they ask in New Players about strats, and most tell them to start as an fb mage. But, thats not the point .. there DOES need to be more affordable stuff. However, the whips, sabres and rapiers at base, serve their purpose for the new players.

bartjan July 8 2006 5:26 PM EDT

At the time I was looking at the store, a new player in chat was stuck at about $700 cash, just because his only weapon was a much too large THF, and he wasn't getting any battle rewards. OK, a 10x1 rapier is better than nothing, but it's pretty close to that.

AdminG Beee July 8 2006 5:31 PM EDT

You're not suggesting (/me whispers just in case GL is nearby) Tulwars are you?

Although, going from little to large with nothing in between does seem a bit daft :) Big Gun

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 8 2006 5:52 PM EDT

Seems to be a case of the new static upgrade costs making even x1 or x2 wepaons much more expensive over base.

But agian, I don't think it's a problem. Tell people to save up a full BA's worth of cash and buy the 'A Great Axe [56x10] (+6) $18,584' if need be.

New players make too much cash, and existing players already have the tiems they need.

Get rid of all these useless weapons.

QBBarzooMonkey July 8 2006 5:55 PM EDT

Only 21 minutes from the typing of the "T" word... It really is magical! ;)

Sacredpeanut July 9 2006 4:51 AM EDT

The weapon prices seem to be bugged somewhat, notice how it's much more expensive to go from 10x1+0 to 10x2+0 but the 10x3 and 10x4 weapons cost almost the same as the 10x2 ones,

Flamey July 9 2006 5:21 AM EDT

well i was looking at both sides of this.

when you have the NUB at 100 score you don't make a lot of money, saving up a set of BA wont cut it and this is where it matters a first starting NUB will not make 10k in one set of BA.

think of this reasonably please.

AdminShade July 9 2006 6:47 AM EDT

at this moment there also are 2 versions of weapons available:

old ones from before the changes

and NEW ones from after the changes, which have the linear determined Networth.

This is the entire problem, base weapons have a really low NW and x2 has 8k nw more already.

bartjan July 9 2006 8:32 AM EDT

There are no old ones available.

AdminShade July 9 2006 9:23 AM EDT

then how can you explain a X11 and X2 rapier only being 200 $CB different in price?

bartjan July 9 2006 9:42 AM EDT

Each store refresh, items older than 48h are removed, IIRC.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 9 2006 3:25 PM EDT

something else to note;

A Rapier [10x10] (+3) $10,245
A Rapier [10x11] (+3) $10,245

Same price but an extra 'X'. something has to be wrong here.

AdminJonathan July 9 2006 3:46 PM EDT

I have changed the formula the storekeeper uses to price his inventory.

Stephen July 9 2006 9:18 PM EDT

"Each store refresh, items older than 48h are removed"

Is it absolute? Or should it be "Each store refresh, items older than 48h have a chance of being removed?"

AdminJonathan July 9 2006 9:21 PM EDT

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