I have to go... (in Public Record)

Shadowsparkle [Jago] July 22 2006 4:12 AM EDT

In about 24h my wife and me start our biggest journey we ever did with our little car.
I never drove more than 400 km at once with my car, and now I have to drive about 1.800 km on the road into the heart of Romania. We are both a little nervous.

If everything goes well, we'll be back in 2 or 3 weeks maybe.

Happy clicking everyone :)

QBJohnnywas July 22 2006 4:15 AM EDT

Safe driving! :)

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] July 22 2006 4:17 AM EDT

Have fun! :)

QBPixel Sage July 22 2006 4:48 AM EDT

Good luck, and be safe.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] July 22 2006 4:56 AM EDT

Sounds like a grand time! Be sure to enjoy the journey itself and not just the destination!

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 22 2006 5:18 AM EDT

Sounds nifty, what kind of little car?

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] July 22 2006 6:06 AM EDT

Um...wait a sec, shouldn't this be in the PR forum?

AdminShade July 22 2006 7:01 AM EDT

Have a great journey Shadowsparkle

(and indeed, moved to the right topic)

Darkwalker [Jago] July 22 2006 7:31 AM EDT

Safe journey, Clan Leader!

Open the window (if your little car is not a convertible) and take a deep breath and enjoy the smell of freedom!

Take care!

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] July 22 2006 9:03 AM EDT

Remember to put petrol in the car. It's embarrassing when your girlfriend's parents have to drive out at 12am with a little can of fuel.

Shadowsparkle [Jago] July 22 2006 10:46 AM EDT

Thanks everyone :)

I thought this is off topic, sorry, and thanks Shade.

And btw, the little car is an 18 year old Fiat Uno.

Bolfen July 22 2006 1:57 PM EDT

lol, could be worse, you could be driving this:

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