PL and armor (in General)

bartjan August 20 2006 7:18 AM EDT

I was wondering, does the armor on my PL minion make any difference for attacks it absorbs? Where should I put most of my AC: on the wall, or on the PL minion?

QBRanger August 20 2006 7:30 AM EDT

1) No, the amount it absorbs is based on the damage done to the minion(s) without the PL
2) Wall, however armor on the PL minion is a good thing as to make that minion take less damage vs FB and COC, thereby letting it have more HP to be able to absorb

QBRanger August 20 2006 7:35 AM EDT

However, elven gear that will increase your dex will be helpful on a PL minion. This gear increases your dex, thereby increasing your skill level. I would stay away from items that lower your dex with the exception of a corn (if your PL minion is an enchanter)

IE, I have elven gloves, boots and cloak on my PL minion with the following PL: Phantom Link: 70,292/51,686 (126,525)

bartjan August 20 2006 7:51 AM EDT

Thank you, that makes sense.

For as long as I still have unused weapon allowance, I plan not to invest in (expensive) armor. Besides, my PL is already #1 ;)

FB and CoC damage to the PL minion was about the only reason I should've kept the AMF. I guess I'll have to rely on the AS for that. It's not that important, as it's only about the 10% PL saves you.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] August 20 2006 12:02 PM EDT

And in essence allowing another minion to have your Walls massive AC, for no drawback.

bartjan August 20 2006 12:20 PM EDT

What do you mean?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] August 20 2006 12:23 PM EDT

Have an E wearing an AoI and a Wall with 400AC.

PL allows the E to in effect have 400AC plus an additional 10% reduction.

With no drawback. No loss to stats that heavy armour has, no additional cash cost for buying a second suit of heavy armour.

QBRanger August 20 2006 12:26 PM EDT


I have no idea what you are typing about.

Is the PL on the wall or the E?

If so, how can the E have 400 AC? He lets his hp be used by the wall if that is what you mean.

bartjan August 20 2006 12:34 PM EDT

PL on a wall is pointless, so I assume it's on the E.
With this, the only reason the E would need armor is FB and CoC.

QBRanger August 20 2006 12:38 PM EDT

I guess GL is referring to a setup like the one on Koyaanisqatsi.

The AOI on the PL minion makes all physical attacks hit the wall. The HP on the PL E then gets used by the wall to booster the walls HP.

AdminNightStrike August 20 2006 1:23 PM EDT

Gl is referring to the fact that all damage redirected to the PL enchanter gets filtered through the 400 AC wall, netting a very healthy reduction plus another 10% for the 9:10 thing.

QBJohnnywas August 20 2006 1:36 PM EDT

See the above message for a more in depth discussion to further understand what GL is talking about....

AdminNightStrike August 20 2006 2:34 PM EDT

A nicer link

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] August 20 2006 6:20 PM EDT

Thanks! ;) That is indeed what I was trying to explain.

Put a large amount of AC on a minion, and with PL and an AoI another minion gets that AC for free (well only the XP cost of training PL...).

(for everything bar spread FB/CoC damage... But the FB/CoC damage is still reduced by that large AC on one minion, before you suck it up with PL, leaving the high AC minion un hurt.)

AdminNightStrike August 21 2006 3:13 AM EDT

You can go one more and put the PL/AoI minion first and the 400AC wall second so that you aren't picked off with MM. All physical attacks will go to the wall, MM attacks will go to the back minion, redirected to the front.

bartjan August 21 2006 3:36 AM EDT

That won't work on a 3 minion team, unless you use 2 AoIs.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] August 21 2006 3:25 PM EDT

And you need three for four minion teams. ;)

Some crazy cats out there have three AoI's. I had two for a while...
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