-CB-Moto (in Public Record)

Xanza September 2 2006 1:09 PM EDT

$50.00 they close this post, and or delete it so people can't see it.

I'm not trying to cause problems.. But you guys claim that you are all good and stuff... But you'll ban me, and close/delete this topic, so other people don't conduct the same ideas.

OK, but what the fwah-bam is this?

Moto had it made... No reason at all to make a multi.. He was the richest-of-the-rich... And I know for a fact, that Fuji was his son. I've talked to them both, for long periods of time, and would like to know that I know them personally.

There was no reason at all except for if Moto quit on bad terms, just about all the big-boys would leave with him, and thats prolly why Jon closed him down... It's so stupid... I mean if Jon dident want people to leave when Moto did, he shouldent of made this game so stupid..

Me being an older CB1 player, I was even a supporter, and had quite a few namings, but that's not the fact. The fact is, I loved the game, which is why I was willing to support it. Now a-days I can't even log on to this game, because of how stupid it is.. So many restrictions, so many admins on power trips. And jon, you by far, are the worst... I mean you have full power, and you use it, not that a blame you. If I had ultimate power over a game, I guess I would be a [SNK3R Edit: Non-PG] too.

Summary: Jon is a [SNK3R Edit: Non-PG], and I hate him, because he killed CB1 and Moto! But I still love wldflr! :D

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 2 2006 1:16 PM EDT

(this is JUST MY OPINION!)

Moto didn't multi, his kid did. Fuji both created a new account, and logged on using his dads. I couldn't fathom what happened any other way.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] September 2 2006 1:21 PM EDT

I did wonder if the banning was motivated by the posts he was making as usually multis are left with one account reset.

AdminG Beee September 2 2006 1:22 PM EDT

Jon didn't ban Moto, I did.

I'd hate to be predictable and ban you or close this post. So I won't...

Given your outburst and limited funds for a fine I will however give you a little vacation from both chat and forum posting.

Dudster4 September 2 2006 1:27 PM EDT

i don't think moto should have been banned so quickly before he could even defend himself when his son got home from school, i don't really know why moto would have multi'd maybe he couldn't leave the community like so many other he had to be pushed away. anywho i don't want to start ranting so we'll jsut leave it at that.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 2 2006 1:28 PM EDT

*starts digging fire breaks*

QBPixel Sage September 2 2006 1:54 PM EDT

So now that your post hasn't been closed or deleted and people CAN see it, who are you going to pay your $50.00 to? And I assume that's $50 USD, since you can't have cents in CB ;)

I think someone with your negativity who obviously can't state his opinion with proper decorum isn't worth talking to or even taken seriously, especially with a subject so beaten to death.

And for the record, Jon didn't kill CB1. It killed itself, and due to undisclosed circumstances Jon did not restore it.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 2 2006 2:07 PM EDT

Pixel: while I appreciate your rather valid opinion concerning the trollish lad, your summation of the death of cb1 is way off.

QBPixel Sage September 2 2006 2:13 PM EDT

Really? It was to my understanding that something went wrong with the server (or similar), and that fixing the problems wasn't worth it.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 2 2006 2:27 PM EDT

There was a upgrade done to the DB server that would have required more work than Jon was willing to do in order to continue operations.

QBOddBird September 2 2006 5:04 PM EDT

But at the same time, can you blame him?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 2 2006 5:08 PM EDT

As a matter of a fact, I did blame him.

i'm not a programmer, nor even a good db admin, but i can say given the choice between upgrading a system I'd commited to keeping up and running, and going back on my word. I hope I'd chose the former, but you might be right.

QBRanger September 2 2006 5:08 PM EDT

I do not think anyone can "blame" him.

However the way it was done was rather poor in nature.

That is: saying an upgrade was taking place, knowing there still were a core group of people playing cb1, then all of a sudden saying cb1 was dead.

QBBarzooMonkey September 2 2006 5:37 PM EDT

Whew, what stinks in here? It smells moldy and musty, like old socks or old news... I think I'll just move on...

QBOddBird September 2 2006 5:39 PM EDT

I dunno - if it were me, and I had programmed a game by myself for a community of people to enjoy and had run it for several years, and had even created an upgrade that I had allowed them all to move up to, began the shutdown of the previous game, and then would have had to put in a lot of effort to keep it up....there might should have been more forewarning, yes, but he was under no obligation to keep it going. That's my opinion, and I know it won't change anyone's mind. But I personally think that it was a lose-lose situation - no matter when he shut down CB1, people were going to be angry at him.

AdminNightStrike September 2 2006 9:33 PM EDT

Computers are not people -- they do not age. When you build a system to perform a function, it can do so very deterministically until you decide to stop it. It would have been simple to just lock down the server to further upgrades and let it run, let it keep chugging along until finally the few people that were left stopped. Or, at the least, set a time limit -- have one final 6 month tournament race to the top and end it fancifully.

Now, yes, the database may have had errors. This is why there exist backups. There are ways around such things. Nothing in life is insurmountable -- in the words of the great Mr. Worf, "there are ALWAYS options."

However, this post is not about CB1 specifically. It's about how people tend to achieve one end through a means whose purpose serves another end. That has happened before, it happened in this referenced incident, and I am sure, without some drastic change in the attitude of the administration, that it will happen again.

AdminShade September 3 2006 7:24 AM EDT

"No reason at all to make a multi"

doesn't that apply to all of us?

And about CB1, indeed a shame it isn't here with us anymore, nothing we can do about it...

UncleKracker September 3 2006 11:38 AM EDT

I saw something in that thread about a pyramid scheme inside CB. Can someone please explain how he managed to make a pyramid scheme in this game?

I can only think of one way, and I don't know if you can really call it a pyramid scheme.

bartjan September 3 2006 11:58 AM EDT

Uncle: that was Monty. He used new loans to cover the old ones he already had. I think it's more accurately called a Ponzi scheme.

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] September 3 2006 12:47 PM EDT

This is simply my opinion. I realize many will take it as worthless, but as always, that will not stop me from expressing it.

I think the banning of BC was a ludicrous and grievous mistake. I think it shows quite clearly a glaring and obvious difference between the spoken, "admins operate fairly and treat everyone the same", and its practical application. I offer up for comparison the manner in which Max was treated and BC. Sure, many will say but Max was an admin. I will say to that, in my opinion BC did more for CB than Max ever did, could, or would do. I can offer history as to back that up. How many people besides the many people he owed money to even noticed Max's absence. I can say I know for a fact several people who quit CB for the manner in which BC was treated, and I can say I do not know of a single person who left CB because Max did. This does NOT say Max was a bad person. Max was a great guy. I liked Max, but it does show in my opinion, that favoritism is alive and well here in CB, and that the opposite is as well.

In the end, I have no power but my written word, but I endeavor to use it to its fullest extent. I think that the treatment of BC was shameful, and that those involved in that fiasco should wear that shame, and if my words help that to occur in anyway, mission accomplished.

Intox September 3 2006 11:17 PM EDT

I agree with you Sefton. Moto was a really good guy, and he brought a lot to the CB1 community. I miss those late nights chatting in the 'new players' channel even though it was nearly a year ago. =/

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] September 3 2006 11:39 PM EDT

late night NP ftw :-(

SuiteStuff [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] September 4 2006 12:28 AM EDT

ok i didn't read any of the post's except for the first one, Moto was my mentor he lives 10 minutes south from me. i used to kick it with him and his son fuji many times go get cofee and others things. also if thats not proof we also had a team speak going on with me him his son and other players of CB when we would all go on team speak. but other than that i left cb for like 6 months and came back and heard what ahppened and was devastated. but this isnt my game so i can't say who stays and goes jon is in charge and can do whatever he wants. i do miss moto and fuji but its not my game so i can't make them stay hear its up to Jon. according to Jon he had proof but won't tell us what it is. i for one was one of Moto's best friends in this game, and knew some stuff moto was doing that wasnt so much CB way, but it wasn't serious enough crime to get banned for. But like i said earlier its Jon's game and he can do whatever he wants.

SuiteStuff [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] September 4 2006 12:39 AM EDT

this is after reading the whole thread- No offense we the people killed CB1. Jon came out with CB2 and everyone left CB1 to play CB2 i never liked CB2 and sticked with CB1, people still played but it was dying since all the new players liked CB2 better and went off with that, so CB1 wasnt getting any new playerrs that often and on top of that all the players who did play weren't as active in it as they used too be. So in general CB1 didnt have enough players i feel that Jon wanted to keep it open. the CB community crashed the second CB2 came out and everyone remembers buying 1 mill CB for less than 5 USD if u don't believe me. chat always had less than 10 people in it in both carnage and NP combine at any time of the day. And I feel Jon just put the final blow to it, a big blow to us who still played but still it had to be done...wether we killed it off ourselves by switching to CB2 or Jon did it...it was just doomed and we all are to blame for it!

matteo48 September 4 2006 10:44 AM EDT

I agree with {CB1}R3d Dra90n even though CB1, in my eyes, was better than CB2 there were not enough people playing CB1 so Jon only had one option.

It is like in real life, once a new machine is created people buy it. For example the PS2 and the PS. Not many people will buy a PS nowadays when you can buy a PS2 which is much better!
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