Why IE is such a great browser... (in Off-topic)

bartjan October 8 2006 2:52 PM EDT

PirateKing October 8 2006 2:55 PM EDT



Brakke Bres [Ow man] October 8 2006 4:03 PM EDT

i love IE

PirateKing October 8 2006 4:07 PM EDT

"i love IE"

And the makers of junkware the world over love you for it. :P

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] October 8 2006 5:03 PM EDT

Please. You can make any browser look like that if you throw on a thousand toolbars. Mine certainly doesn't look like that. Never will for that matter.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] October 8 2006 5:26 PM EDT

Have you guys read the article behind this picture?
IE7 pretty much sucks.
It might be 100% better then IE6
But 100% of nothing is nothing.
So no real improvements here.
Im sticking with FF

UncleKracker October 8 2006 5:40 PM EDT

FireFox is for amateurs. Why do people insist it's better and get it just because they wanna join a 'click'. A click where people use FireFox over IE -- how pathetic. Especially since FireFox is just a third class imitation of IE.

AdminShade October 8 2006 5:41 PM EDT

Everybody likes something different than others, that's what makes this world so fun :)

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] October 8 2006 5:54 PM EDT

Once the amateur hackers and junkmailers and such then begin to realise that Firefox is becoming more popular they will then start on Firefox.
The whole "it's safer" point is only because IE is so widely used right now, once Firefox is the first choice throughout the world then people will be wishing they had IE :)

bartjan October 8 2006 6:07 PM EDT

Zoglog: please do not use the word hacker when you in fact mean cracker.

Popularity has not much to do with the lack of FF exploits. Internet Information Server (Microsoft's webserver) is *not* the most popular webserver, except for crackers, and the amazing lack of viruses for OS X, Linux and other operating systems can't be explained by their popularity alone. Once you've studied the (lack of) security in ActiveX (an Internet Explorer component popular by Spyware vendors) you realize that improving Internet Explorer security is like providing aid to a third world country.

Caedmon [Revenge of the Forgers] October 8 2006 6:11 PM EDT

btw, UncleKracker, the word is "clique". "Click" is what I try to do repeatedly every time IE crashes.

Miandrital October 8 2006 6:14 PM EDT

"Have you guys read the article behind this picture? "

Yes, and I was actually impressed by IE7. The fact that it is actually difficult to install that crap is impressive. And I also like the fact that it was so easy to remove all of it. That is worlds better than IE6.

Flamey October 8 2006 11:25 PM EDT


though, I agree with Mian, its pretty protective, besides the fact that the protection turns off after you accept something.

Colonel Custard October 9 2006 12:55 AM EDT

IE is a virus. I used Netscape before Firefox even came out, because IE sucks too much.

And I'm a cracka.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 9 2006 6:07 AM EDT

I'll bet Kracker couldn't look you in the eye and say that without laughing...
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