Is the sever laggin or it's just me? (in General)

Drama [Just for fun] November 10 2006 6:12 PM EST

Well the title said it all.

AdminG Beee November 10 2006 6:22 PM EST

No it's not just you as I am also very laggy. That said, the server load does not indicate a lag.

QBJohnnywas November 10 2006 6:30 PM EST

Oh yeah, that's very laggy G. Have you thought about surgery?

Kong Ming November 10 2006 6:35 PM EST

I'm experiencing lag as well. So frustrating to have to click on fight a few times to get the fight to go through.

Flamey November 10 2006 6:39 PM EST

us active in chat are not happy.

Strike Strike Strike!!!


ogl scrubs [MyFirstEconClan] November 10 2006 7:20 PM EST

thanks to the lag my rough progress meter went from 40% to 20% on an AoAC

The Death Company [...] November 10 2006 7:23 PM EST

yeah v laggy .. nearly failed a check just :S

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] November 10 2006 7:30 PM EST

I'm half afraid to say this but "Lynch the server".Liberty or cookies and milk.

WindMaster November 10 2006 8:17 PM EST

Same here, very very LAG!!!!!!

What is going on...T.T.

Xenko November 10 2006 9:17 PM EST

Still lagging. Why oh why!?!?

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] November 10 2006 9:19 PM EST

I have a Google Calendar, and that's down right now, so my thought is that there's some server madness going on at Google that might be causing Jon's google-analytics stuffs to load verrry slowly.

Hyrule Castle November 10 2006 11:41 PM EST

google works fine for me

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] November 10 2006 11:58 PM EST

Very laggy for me as well. I'm getting around 20 seconds a fight load time. And my last bot check never would load. Guess I'll get to see if it's laggy after an hour.

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] November 11 2006 1:28 AM EST

I'm in the same boat with you Vanyard!

<Sir_Leon> Your privilege to use the forge was suspended for 60 minutes starting at 1:23 AM EST. Current server time is Sat Nov 11 01:24:27 2006.
<Sir_Leon> Funny how that works when the botcheck never loaded!

Due to lag I've been given a timeout. Bummer! :-(

Tylan November 11 2006 2:01 AM EST

well i'm in the same boat as everyone else...and right in the middle of crazy time too :(

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 11 2006 6:00 AM EST

its still laggy!!!!!! gah

AdminG Beee November 11 2006 6:31 AM EST

It's kinda weird to be honest, and I think it may have something to do with Firefox and the CB sidebar. This is perhaps why the server load isn't showing a problem ?

A workaround (of sorts) is to open your fightlist in a new window without the sidebar. Click edit (under opponents) whilst holding the Ctrl key on your keyboard to open in a new tab.
On the fightlist page click fight for each opponent whilst holding down Ctrl key and open every fight in a new tab. Eventually one will lag but just ignore it and move to the next and you can continue.

This works well for me and I can get through my list with limited problems.

Weird problem, looks like the sidebar is doing something screwy. IE suffers from the same issue but appears to be a lot more stable and doesn't lag as often. I've replicated this "workaround" on several occasions over the last 8hrs or so (in other words if I'm talking crap don't blame me, I've been the victim of a weird coincidence...).

Firefox recently updated to version

Adminedyit [Superheros] November 11 2006 7:03 AM EST

this lag sucks :( it's taking me over 1 minute just to burn 1 BA. This is just wrong.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 11 2006 7:36 AM EST

well G im using IE and FF 2.x (dunno which version) and im getting lag on both with forging.
I do notice that IE is faster with loading the forums. But that would be it.

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 11 2006 7:58 AM EST

What is this? i got this instead of the play by play.

parent.sidebar.document.opponent_form.opponent_name.value='' var
opponent_id = parent.sidebar.document.opponent_form.opponent_id var s
= opponent_id.options var i = 0 var o = new Option('*C Erschofer
(591,064)', 80552) s[i++] = o var o = new Option('* Shagaar (545,475)', 1072) s[i++] = o opponent_id.selectedIndex = i - 1 var o = new Option('C Karn,
Silver Golem (517,636)', 83782) s[i++] = o var o = new Option('C Bamph
(482,593)', 82903) s[i++] = o var o = new Option('C Lawful Awesome
(475,020)', 83661) s[i++] = o var o = new Option('*C Moneni (45

bartjan November 11 2006 8:04 AM EST


48Zach November 11 2006 8:40 AM EST

yeah im lagging.. i goota use IE7, because my firefox wont even load.

AdminShade November 11 2006 8:52 AM EST

Haven't tried IE yet, but my FF seems to be handling it proudly but slowly...

Xenko November 11 2006 9:15 AM EST

Where oh where is Jon???

horseguy001 November 11 2006 9:24 AM EST

It's kind of strange. 5 or 6 fights will load normally, then I get extreme lag, then 5 or 6 run normally.

This is on IE6

[CB1]cheez-its November 11 2006 10:27 AM EST

There is only one logical solution.... the server is to busy calculating THE RESCALE to let us fight

Tezmac November 11 2006 10:34 AM EST

It doesn't seem browser specific, it doesn't seem like ALL of our connections are faulty, the pings seem to come back in a reasonable steady time, perhaps it's time for a little server reboot Jon? :O)

Brakke Bres [Ow man] November 11 2006 10:41 AM EST

I tried G_Beee's method of opening new pages without the sidebar. And those load in pretty fast, with almost no lag.
So I think its the sidebars fault CB is lagging.
I burned up 160 in 10 minutes with this method.

velvetpickle November 11 2006 11:44 AM EST

Tezmac, I was dropping packets like crazy last night on pings... was around 25% dropped for a while, then I let the ping command run unchecked and came back with 85% returned out of 200 attempts. I ran a tracert, and it looks like the node directly in front of the server was dropping the packets (somewhere inside of

Update, the same node is showing packet drops this morning. goes through,
next node does not respond, (cbserver responds)

velvetpickle November 11 2006 11:50 AM EST

Just a sidenote, still showing 6% packet loss this morning. Average time of 171ms with a max of 478.

As a known comparison, is 100% packet success, with average time of 24ms and max of 32.

Revs November 11 2006 11:53 AM EST

Seems FF updated as well. Combination of multiple issues?

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] November 11 2006 3:28 PM EST

Still no word from the bossman on the issue. Well this is promising.


AdminJonathan November 11 2006 3:30 PM EST

yes, the network is sucking

no, I can't do anything about it

bartjan November 11 2006 4:36 PM EST

Odd, as I can't detect any lag on the network. OK, it's not very fast, but I wouldn't call 200ms laggy...>traceroute

Type escape sequence to abort.
Tracing the route to (

  1 ( [AS 3582] 0 msec 4 msec 0 msec
  2 ( [AS 3582] 0 msec 4 msec 0 msec
  3 ( [AS 3701] 0 msec 0 msec 0 msec
  4 ( [AS 3701] 4 msec 0 msec 0 msec
  5 ( [AS 3701] 4 msec 4 msec 4 msec
  6 ( [AS 3701] 4 msec 0 msec 4 msec
  7 ( [AS 3356] 8 msec 8 msec 4 msec
  8 ( [AS 3356] 8 msec 8 msec 8 msec
  9 ( [AS 3356] 60 msec 164 msec 228 msec
 10 ( [AS 1239] 8 msec 8 msec 8 msec
 11 ( [AS 1239] 8 msec 24 msec 8 msec
 12 ( [AS 1239] 28 msec 24 msec 28 msec
 13 ( [AS 1239] 28 msec 28 msec 28 msec
 14 ( [AS 1239] 28 msec 28 msec 28 msec
 15 ( [AS 5650] 28 msec 28 msec 28 msec
 16 ( [AS 5650] 28 msec 32 msec 28 msec
 17 ( [AS 5650] 32 msec 32 msec 32 msec
 18 ( [AS 5650] 32 msec 36 msec 32 msec
 19 ( [AS 5650] 52 msec 44 msec 48 msec
 20 ( [AS 5650] 44 msec 44 msec 44 msec
 21 [AS 5650] 56 msec 60 msec 56 msec
 22 ( [AS 12284] 60 msec 60 msec 60 msec
 23  *  *  *
 24 ( [AS 12284] 200 msec 244 msec 216 msec>exit
Connection closed by foreign host.

velvetpickle November 11 2006 4:36 PM EST

If nodes in front of the CB server are dropping packets, it is out of the "bossman's" hands :)

he should have someone he can call though :P

AdminG Beee November 11 2006 4:44 PM EST

I expect this has something to do with the sidebar. Why?

The server load doesn't show a problem and when I fight with the sidebar disabled I don't lag. The only fight ban I've had is due to clicking fight too fast and receiving a 10 min suspension.

Look to the sidebar for a solution...

bartjan November 11 2006 4:45 PM EST

velvet: there is no (noticeable) packet loss.

velvetpickle November 11 2006 5:00 PM EST

what is connection 23 on your tracert? I have the same blank node when I run one.

velvetpickle November 11 2006 5:03 PM EST

also 200ms while not a big number in the grand scheme of things is almost 10x higher than the average turn around from a site like google.

bartjan November 11 2006 5:12 PM EST

23 is a router that chooses to ignore packets addressed directly at him. This is fine, as that's not a router's core job.

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] November 11 2006 5:22 PM EST

@ G_Bee: It could be that there is just less to load. I have compared forging with the side bar and without it. While without the side bar it does shave off ten seconds on average but it still takes 6 seconds to load. When normally it takes .8xx seconds.

So, I don't think the problem lies within the side bar.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] November 11 2006 5:27 PM EST

It is definitely seeming to be getting better, I'm down to an
average of 4-5 seconds compared to the previous 10-15 seconds.

velvetpickle November 11 2006 5:30 PM EST

I'm not sure bart... when I run a path ping I have a few lost packets out of 100 sent on all nodes, but that number 21 will not even resolve a host name, and drops 100/100. Hop #20, (ip address, is showing 98% loss.

I think the router is dead, and the packets are being picked up and forwared to the next hop, which would explain the severe delays... If I knew how to copy and paste from the command window I would show you what I am talking about, but if you run "pathping" without quotes from any wndows 2000/XP command prompt I am sure you will see the same result. (The hop number will be different, as you are starting the path from a different locality)

Also, the packet latency really starts at the first 208.x.x.x ip address. Packets are showing 25-47ms on the first 19 or so hops, then jump up to 107 - 147 ms after the first 208 address (again this could be contributed to a dead router, and other nodes having to pick up the slack)

Grimmjow November 11 2006 5:37 PM EST

i got suspended from a botcheck because it took three miutes to show picture

bartjan November 11 2006 5:48 PM EST

velvet: please learn how traceroute and Internet routing works.
Also understand that it's obvious that a DSL link has a higher minimum latency than Ethernet, for example.

AC 478 November 11 2006 6:05 PM EST

This is a joke!

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] November 11 2006 7:50 PM EST

Thank goodness, all seems to be back to normal!

Do we know what caused this?

Hyrule Castle November 11 2006 7:53 PM EST

yea, i think its back to normal... as for what caused it, i have no clue. I'm guessing something online... idk maybe its just me. :P

Relic November 11 2006 9:37 PM EST

I missed the entire bonus xp time because of the server response being so poor. Jonathan, I don't recall ever having such connectivity issues in the past, have you switched your ISP or hosting company? My NCB is suffering tremendously due to all the connectivity issues and downtime.
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