To all you Englishmen out there... (in Off-topic)

RedWolf November 29 2006 10:05 PM EST

Just thought you'd be outraged to know that I got points off of my essay for spelling "behaviour" instead of "behavior." That just isn't fair :-( She even made a note saying "We aren't in the UK"

QBRanger November 29 2006 10:07 PM EST

If you live in America, your teacher is 100% correct.

My wife is one and makes sure her students spell words in American, not the Queen's English.

Xenko November 29 2006 10:11 PM EST

Bah, you Americans! You just have to have everything your way, even your English!

Everyone should just switch to Canadian English. It has the best of both British English and American English! A happy compromise between the two.

Yukk November 29 2006 10:14 PM EST

My wife is one and makes sure her students spell words in American, not the Queen's English. I hope some of her students hand in essays in SMS or ebonics :)

48Zach November 29 2006 10:20 PM EST

Touche Kultur, touche

muon [The Winds Of Fate] November 29 2006 10:21 PM EST

Hehe. Totally.

QBRanger November 29 2006 10:23 PM EST

And if they do Yukk, she will certainly fail them.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] November 29 2006 10:41 PM EST

I just wish I could be in an American exam and see the look on the invidulators face when I ask for a rubber to 'erase' my diagram.

Thrasher November 29 2006 10:44 PM EST


QBsutekh137 November 29 2006 11:00 PM EST

Careful, Zog... You say "rubber" in America and you might run up against another wonderful USA-characteristic -- the religious right, banishing you for mentioning a birth control device! :O

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] November 29 2006 11:18 PM EST

Whereas in most chemists/pharmacies/supermarkets over here, if you asked for a rubber they would either point you to the stationary aisle or to the nearest Staples, now that would confuse you ;P

QBsutekh137 November 29 2006 11:58 PM EST

Staples. Ouch.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] November 30 2006 12:01 AM EST

It's one way of stopping reproduction I suppose >.<

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] November 30 2006 12:25 AM EST

Gee how hard do you have to hit the stapler to get good penetration and fold over?

Flamey November 30 2006 6:18 AM EST

Ouch! >.<

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 30 2006 6:22 AM EST

Rubber bands work just as well. ;)

Flamey November 30 2006 6:26 AM EST

Zog, I'd love to walk into an American store and ask for a "rubber".


/me is from Australia.

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] November 30 2006 6:32 AM EST

Sying that thogh wrds do tend to lok funny whn yu tke out vwels here and thre.

QBJohnnywas November 30 2006 6:38 AM EST

Maybe the title of this post should be retitled "To all you British People out there"? It's not just Englishmen who live in the UK...there's a fair few English women, Welsh and Scottish men and women too. And then there's all the other people that live creeds, races and COLOURS (note the spelling...!!)

AdminG Beee November 30 2006 6:44 AM EST

I'm just shocked to read such a title on our forum boards on St Andrews day !!


QBJohnnywas November 30 2006 6:45 AM EST

Lol, I was waiting for you to say that!

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] November 30 2006 11:53 AM EST

So where do the Cockney fit in that mix??

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 30 2006 11:59 AM EST

right next to the leftover canned corn like always slash...

QBJohnnywas November 30 2006 12:04 PM EST

Oi! We're up the apples, eating a ruby and having a nice cup of rosie with the trouble and strife!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 30 2006 12:35 PM EST

Stick that in your sky you bunch of septics!
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