Maybe we are enough farmed now.... (in General)

Drama [Just for fun] December 6 2006 4:47 PM EST

Hidden Agenda and us Vivelequebec are just to much farmed. It's almost if we fight for he first place in the clan rivalry. I mean, there are not only us in this game. At this point we should get a immunity too much farming.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] December 6 2006 4:53 PM EST

Clan Beer Garden from ViveleQuebec2: -1,872
Anarchy Online from ViveleQuebec2: -1,676
Hell Blenders from ViveleQuebec2: -1,652
Supreme from ViveleQuebec2: -1,168

Hum...I remember Shooto I think, in our recruitment thread saying we would be in this situation once we hit 1 mil score...Well I *think* he was right ;P

Miandrital December 6 2006 4:54 PM EST

You are in 5th place and you are complaining?

The forums keep getting worse and worse, all I ever see is 'Jon do this', 'This needs a boost', 'This game is so unfair', etc.

Drama [Just for fun] December 6 2006 4:56 PM EST

We are not 1million score Ash. but we get farmed by over 1million score.

Drama [Just for fun] December 6 2006 4:59 PM EST

Well that's the problem Miandrital. W should be at 3rd place if we weren't that farmed. When you are 4 time in the top ten clan most farm, it become a bit stupid.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] December 6 2006 5:00 PM EST

Man you complain about being farmed? I get it so bad I'm surprised my clan hasn't kicked me to the curb!

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] December 6 2006 5:01 PM EST

You may be getting farmed by certain clans but our members get well over 1k CP and are still over 1k in the negatives a lot of the time, it just means those tat farm us are spread between clans.

Drama [Just for fun] December 6 2006 5:06 PM EST

Just take a look at our clan and clan rivalry. Every body lose 1000 CP up to 2000 CP. We would be supposed to have at least 10k now but we only have barely 5k.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] December 6 2006 5:15 PM EST

The only fix I see is more people playing and in clans.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] December 6 2006 5:19 PM EST

My thought exactly, the lack of clans is the problem. It can't be fixed though.

AdminShade December 6 2006 5:20 PM EST

If you can't stand being fought, don't join a clan.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] December 6 2006 5:30 PM EST

Also, if I remember well, in a past thread, which I would link if I knew how, someone proposed a new way of calculating clan points in an interesting way that made it a little easier on highly farmed people without making the whole thing unfair...or making alot more people play, which would of course be the best thing that could happen...

ottar December 6 2006 5:34 PM EST

More clan people would spread the farming out more. I think this argues for larger clan bonuses. Another option might be to have a clan loss be worth slightly less than a clan win.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] December 6 2006 5:35 PM EST

Belle, regularly I go into 'My Stats' from the clan section and see that I am the only person with positive net score even if everyone else has got well into the thousands on clan points.
I've practically been carrying my clan on a 10%+ bonus for the past day, GL is the only other person in positives and he has only managed to keep it at 277 currently.
Slash has score around 1,250 points yet his net score is -1,250 and you are complaining about being farmed?

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] December 6 2006 5:40 PM EST

ottar, if you lose you only get -1 to clan score although yes they still get the 3 points.

noneedforthese December 6 2006 5:42 PM EST

lol dude, you have a mere 600 attacks against u in the past 24 hours.. a lot of the other clan members are getting farmed by 1000+ attacks.. myself, since i have such an attractive team, i consistently get 1200~1400 :D hahah.... *cries*

TheHatchetman December 6 2006 5:45 PM EST

I'm working on it! :-P

Drama [Just for fun] December 6 2006 5:52 PM EST

Ok now I see you don't understand a thing. I'm talking about all my clan members getting farm. And you can easly see it by the clan rivalry. What I want to say is there are other clan then ours to attack. And you can't understand this fact, well don't post saying anything non-sense.

AdminShade December 6 2006 5:53 PM EST

Of course there are other clans to attack, but your clan simply has yummy targets...

TheHatchetman December 6 2006 5:55 PM EST

Like me, Shade?

and Belle, if you're refering to me, it was a joke. But it seems in clans, to maintain top 5 status, every clan member needs like 1k points a day... Buying BA is an easy way to do this, and anyone with a NUB should have no problem affording this...

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] December 6 2006 5:56 PM EST

I'm not talking nonsense, you have a small handful getting a large amount of points against you, while we have a large handful getting a reasonable amount of points against us, it all evens out.
We regularly only have 1, maybe 2 members in positives at a time and it isn't because of them not getting any points so if you deserve 'immunity' then so do we.
Just being the defender at the top of the clan rivalries doesn't mean you are worse off than everyone else, for a start our clan are easily into double figures of clans farming us while I only see around 6 or 7 farming you in total, I'll come back with a proper analysis soon.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 6 2006 5:59 PM EST

This post (and all those like them) were designed to give Jon a headache, thanks for saying so Mian!

Karn December 6 2006 5:59 PM EST

Clan members that have NCB's usually can not afford to buy BA. My clan is getting farmed pretty heavily but we are still getting a bonus at least.

TheHatchetman December 6 2006 6:02 PM EST

good point karn, but non-NCBers should be able to afford their BA with relative ease...

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] December 6 2006 6:03 PM EST

24 hour rivalry

Clan Beer Garden:
Number of clans farming them:6
Total points taken from them:4,734

Number of clans farming them:7
Total points taken from them:7848

Ok, admittedly you are having a bad day and we are having a surprisingly good day in terms of clans beating us to death but I do usually find us on the receiving end of around 10 clans and about 6 of those are on the left side of the page.

Silatt December 6 2006 6:14 PM EST

I can't believe a post like this even exists! You are basically complaining about the mere essence of the game itself. So what? Everybody gets farmed, get over it. This is absolutely outrageous. Clans come and clans go, your just going to have to get used to it. Some times are better than others, that's why the clans give rewards as they are a incentive to do better.

TheHatchetman December 6 2006 6:18 PM EST

And I'm working my hardest to help dish out what we're getting:

Hell Blenders-The Hatchetman -534
Battle Royale2-The Hatchetman -394
Clan Beer Garden-The Hatchetman -454
Supreme-The Hatchetman -638

all, well-ranked clans. If ur ranked, and I'm not gettin' ya, ur either too
big, or WAAAYYY too small...

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] December 6 2006 6:30 PM EST

im also doing my best Angel of Death -1,156 :P
i have choose, im in the dead zone with 4-5 ppl in my list
Battle Royale from Hell Blenders: -469,372, don't feel bad we also get farmed hard

Thraklight Resonance December 6 2006 6:55 PM EST

In late breaking news, Jonathan announced that this change month will include powder puff clans designed to boost the self-esteem of all participants. "Essentially," said the wise and all-powerful carnage programmer, "the members of powder puff clans will be exempt from being attacked by anyone in any other clan. Also, they will be unable to attack anyone in any other clan and will not gain clan points for attacking non-clan players. Powder puff clans will be placed in a separate bracket, ensuring that all members of every powder puff clan will experience the daily thrill of being tied for 1st place as the top carnage powder puff clan."

Brakke Bres [Ow man] December 6 2006 6:59 PM EST

Forgot about that breaking news did we?

QBsutekh137 December 6 2006 7:03 PM EST

In case you didn't get what thrak is saying: If you don't like it, don't be in a clan.

Clans are stupid!

kx5 [The Lotus Cross] December 6 2006 7:20 PM EST

hmmmm....I've just hit 1 million in score...*hides in a corner*

AvoidCXT December 6 2006 7:43 PM EST

The problem is that there is not enough high pr characters for high pr characters to fight. A possible solution was posted a while back, with Jonathan giving a positive response.
Here is that thread.

Xiaz on Hiatus December 6 2006 7:47 PM EST

To get immunity from clan warfare, don't be in a clan.

QBsutekh137 December 6 2006 7:58 PM EST

Avoid rocks, so hard!

Get pulk back in here too, and CB will be reduced to optimizable equations! (I say that with sincere HAPPINESS!)

I forgot about that thread, would love to see it implemented. Elegant. Avoid, if I haven't said it recently, you are, at the very least, in the Top Five "analyst" minds of CB.

And by analyst, I mean _real_ people who figure out _real_ stuff. I mean, a ranking that places me somewhere at the 450th-don't-care-enough-but-should-and-wouldn't-have-the-chops-anyway mark. Of course, start a "pundit" ranking, and I am firmly ensconced in First Place. *smile* That's all I am good for, and should be relegated to...

QBJohnnywas December 6 2006 8:20 PM EST

Has it occurred to you that people are farming you because they cannot find anybody else to attack? That maybe it's a sign of weakness on their part? Keep an eye on people farming you, because if you fight hard you may overtake them and suddenly become able to farm them instead later on.

What goes around quite often comes around....

TheHatchetman December 6 2006 8:21 PM EST

I have a short list that i'm looking to lengthen of those who have farmed me that now have permanent residence on my fight list. Like you for example... :-P

kevinLeong December 6 2006 8:25 PM EST

Um...maybe your guys' problem is that you have TEN PEOPLE. Geez this is a pointless thread...

With TEN PEOPLE in one clan that gives clan people like me who are within your range TEN PEOPLE to fight on a constant basis. OF COURSE you are going to get attacked a lot, and in turn lose a lot of CPs, especially when a lot of the members in your clan aren't getting decent CPs in the first place.

Drop the laggers.

QBJohnnywas December 6 2006 8:25 PM EST

lol. I'm well aware of my place in the scheme of things!

Shooto December 6 2006 8:38 PM EST

Agreed. You guys have 4 guys putting in less than 500 net a week and one guy thats taking 1500 a week away from you guys that IN YOUR OWN CLAN. Take out the trash and lighten the load a little bit. More isn't always better.

velvetpickle December 8 2006 4:39 PM EST

Stop whinning Belle... being in a high ranked clan means being a target. If you have characters in your clan that get farmed too heavily, help them fix their strat.... or boot them. Simple solution.

If you get farmed, you are an easy target for people in your score range. Translation, your strat is weak compared to theirs.

My clan has been farmed for 6700+ points so far today. I have personally be farmed for 1900 CP today. Part of life, part of the game. I deal with that by burning a minimum of 1200 BA/ day. Figure out a way to deal with it or get out of a clan.

The system is fine. Your clan is susceptible to farming... fix that.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] December 8 2006 4:53 PM EST

and plus making a thread making it public that people fight you alot probably just added onto the farming, so good job making an advertisment for other people to farm you too, rofl.

velvetpickle December 8 2006 4:56 PM EST

To reiterate a point made earlier, you lost 7800 clan points in a 1 week period over 10 people!!!! that is 780 CP per member. My clan has only had 5 people until this morning and were farmed for 6700 (divide that for 5 1/2 for arguments sake) 1220 CP's per member.

Again... stop whining you have nothing to complain about

Drama [Just for fun] December 8 2006 5:54 PM EST

Great, But I don't see where you found your -7k cayse I see a -9k and -8k so it means -1700 per clan members.

Drama [Just for fun] December 8 2006 5:59 PM EST

and forgot a little 7k... so -2400 per members.

Silatt December 8 2006 10:09 PM EST

Please kill this post, I feel my IQ dropping every time I have to reread it.

Hyrule Castle December 8 2006 10:58 PM EST

everyone admit it, the only reason vivelequebec2 is doing bad, is because well... im not there ;). I have so much work i don't know what to do with it... and if i could switch my active char back in (cant because of max pr allowance) we would so own...

/me can see it now....

Vivelequebec2 Dead last :P lol

TheHatchetman December 9 2006 8:42 AM EST

We're not doing "bad", just not up to full potential. The return of Hyrule aughta help. Another useful thing would be if we all bought BA (or at least the non-NCBers). I have a post pointing out how this isn't nearly as expensive as it seems...

Kliktu December 10 2006 7:58 PM EST

I don't care about people farming me, but I just wish that I could farm more clan members around my score.
If the majority of the people playing CB joined a clan today I would be ecstatic!
Right now I'm not farming any clan members because they give me way too little Exp. and CB$ compared to non-clan members that are around my score. I'm only fighting the highest possible score guys I can beat and buying all the BA I can a day and I'm keeping my score decent.
Just wait guys! I'll help you by killing clans in the million score range in about a month! Until then, every day I will use up all the BA I have on High rewards guys to boost myself above the farmers and make them the farmed ^.^
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