Katana and Executioner's Swords (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 8 2007 12:35 AM EST

The two lowest 'Rare' weapons.

Take a look at past auctions for these, they are going cheap as chips.

With the amount of cash new users make, is there any reason/incentive at all for a new user to purchase a weapon lower than an Exec or Kat? When they can, in a very small amount of BA, earn enough to buy straight into the Rares?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 8 2007 12:39 AM EST

For example. Current auctions;

A Katana [74x8] (+3) $22,466
A Katana [74x3] (+5) $14,071
An Executioner's Sword [82x4] (+7) $17,566
An Executioner's Sword [82x5] (+6) $17,741

Weapons in the Weapon Store of around the same price;

A Claymore [38x11] (+3) $22,886
A Beaked Axe [34x10] (+7) $22,210
A Bastard Sword [40x9] (+6) $20,401

AdminNightStrike January 8 2007 1:04 AM EST


bartjan January 8 2007 2:32 AM EST


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 8 2007 2:44 AM EST

Isn't one of the new user goals to rent something? Is one to sell/buy from auctions? :/

Wouldn't it be far better to rent a Rare for 20K until a Kat/Exec pops up in auction to buy, then spend 20K on a Beaked Axe you're gonna replace asap anyway...

bartjan January 8 2007 2:48 AM EST

Weapon Allowance

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 8 2007 2:49 AM EST

Grows really quickly. ;)

AdminShade January 8 2007 7:53 AM EST

Not too quickly though.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 8 2007 9:16 AM EST

Bah, I was using a three million NW weapon quite early in my characters life, and that was under my WA... ;)

The rate a NUB can grow, being able to buy BA, will make buying a Beaked Axe instead of renting one of the smaller Rares, a silly choice. ;)

Rent something like this till a Kat or Exe appears in the AH.

"A Katana [74x8] (+5) $78,396 $10,000 9 days 3 / 20 days"

That won't break your WA too much. ;) And half the price of a Beaked Axe.

bartjan January 8 2007 9:26 AM EST

If a new player rents weapons for $20k, then he will be way above his weapon allowance.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 8 2007 10:02 AM EST

78K NW? How long does it take to build up that size of Weapon Allowance?

I wasn't suggesting this from 1 MPR, most people will have to start with something like a Whip (unless they go mage for a little while!) when they're that small.

But why buy a Beaked Axe for 20K, when you can Rent a 78K NW Katant for half the cost for 9 days? Surely in 9 Days time you'll have a high enough WA and have found a Kat or Exec in auctions. ;)

Miandrital January 8 2007 10:05 AM EST

GL, this is part of the reason why in new players we only advocate using a mage team in the beginning. Usually people figure out most of cb in a couple weeks, and after that they can easily switch to a tank.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 8 2007 10:08 AM EST

Looking back at one of Roy's WA threads, by 5776 MPR you can use at least 90K of weapon NW without exceeding your WA. How long does it take a NUB to get to 6K MPR?

At 605, the Katana is the 6th most numerous Melee weapon in CB.

bartjan January 8 2007 10:46 AM EST

"How long does it take a NUB to get to 6K MPR? "

Judging by the large number of new players that already have oversized weapons equipped: a very long time...

QBRanger January 8 2007 10:55 AM EST

As a FB mage, one does not have to worry about WA for a long time. And though they will lose 5% of the xp to unlearn FB, they should be able to fight higher and get better rewards then an equivalent tank for quite a long time.

Not even counting the ability to save money not buying weapons/ammo.
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