"You can tell a lot about a man by looking at his desk" (in Contests)

RedWolf January 12 2007 6:25 PM EST

I was sitting one day and realized how trashy my desk looked. I hadn't cleaned it since the summer, late August at best. Just as I was going to get started tidying up, I also noticed there were many interesting things on my desk. With that thought in mind, I found a camera, and took a quick shot of my desk about an hour ago. I promise I did not add/remove/rearrange any items at all. Just shot it as I saw it.

My desk obviously isn't the cleanest, most organized, or even very big for that matter. But enough of the obvious stuff...let's hear what else you can come up with ;-)

$100k will go to whoever can make the most interesting observation, as determined by me :-P

Oh, also, feel free to zoom in, edit, or ask me questions to get any details you need.

DH January 12 2007 6:30 PM EST

was the bent up paper clip on top of the super nintendo used to eject a game?
Because them super nintendos are tricky little game stealing consoles. i bet it didn't want to choke it up cause it was in the vacinity of a playstation controller :)

Unappreciated Misnomer January 12 2007 6:30 PM EST

observation #1: why does it look like you have 2 recorders(flutes) wrapped up in some brown paper?(on the left)

#2 how in the world can you get any game play done with a desk that messy and the SNES is under the desk with ni games or controllers, dont you love your console, foreshame

Unappreciated Misnomer January 12 2007 6:32 PM EST

also, there is no ps2 present yet there is a red memory card, game and 2 controllers

RedWolf January 12 2007 6:41 PM EST

ha ha...

That bent paper clip must just a random piece of junk that happens to be lying on top of the SNES button. Its not there intentionally :-P But good observation, thats the kind of stuff that might win the 100k

Those "recorders" are actually cylindrical pieces of cardboard from i don't remember where that are wrapped up in masking tape (so they don't unravel). a.k.a. cheap, makeshift drumsticks ;-)

I actually don't use the SNES or PS2 often, except every once in a while. That game is actually my brother's. And there is PS2, its about 2 inches to the right of the controller on top of the cardboard box :-P guess it didn't make into the picture.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] January 12 2007 6:57 PM EST

ya I noticed the tin whistles . Do I see a pack of hand warmers? Cold hands warm heart?? Before the dawn heals us ,the bravery,Death cab for cutie those don't sound like games or movies. What books on C.D. ??I hope Jasper engines fixed you up good.But maybe not I see two bills. Hmm I don't see what this tells me about you.Mine just has q-tips and a bunch of scribble covered papers oh and a pile of paper napkins or serviettes as we call them here.Na all I see is a gamer with cold hands and a cheap hand made of scraps desk.

AdminLamuness January 12 2007 7:15 PM EST

  1. You have an official Final Fantasy 7 Strategy Guide book under your notebook.
  2. PS2 game: Battlefield 2, but no PS2.
  3. No game console hooked to your TV, lack of AV connectors in the front.
  4. Where's your computer??
  5. A Jasper Engines & Transmissions letterhead (invoice?), which indicates you live in or near Jasper, IN.
  6. A music album from Spoon titled Gimme Fiction piled on top of various other albums, e.g. Death Cab for Cutie
  7. Can't tell, but looks like a Sega Genesis joystick controller on top of the box.
  8. You own a SNES, but no games are shown in the picture. Perhaps they're actually neatly organized somewhere?
  9. Post-It notes, looks hardly used.
  10. Did you do your own painting?
  11. Desk countertop doesn't seem to match the surrounding environment

Tyriel [123456789] January 12 2007 7:53 PM EST

I like how you have a list of spells from a FF game under a whole bunch of paper.

*points out Regen and Thunder*

Quite appropriate with no FF game, case, CD, or anything of that sort anywhere in the picture, aside from that guide.

I can't be bothered to see anything else at the moment. :/

EdeNDarK January 12 2007 9:03 PM EST

You dig indie music? Spoon, Boards of Canada, M83, The Bravery, Cake and rock bands such as Steely Dan and A Perfect Circle.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] January 12 2007 9:48 PM EST

So thats music wow been a long time since I've been in a music store .They just don't look like music CDs to me.I guess that explains the flutey drum sticks.Well that makes you lets say under 30 , the older you get the less music you buy! Hmm friend of fast something from a computer or a racing game?And that art left over from school or you still going hmm well one things for sure I'm not Sherlocke re-incarnated .

RedWolf January 13 2007 12:40 PM EST

Those Jasper sheets are just pieces of paper from a notepad. I have never been to Jasper :-P

Wow, nice job recognizing that FF7 strategy guide, Lamuness. Computer is not in my room, it is downstairs. My 20 or so SNES games actually are neatly organized in a box just out of the picture, along with the PS2 :-P That painting is very old, from 6th grade. I doubt I could do it again ;-)

Also nice job noticing that list of spells, Tyriel. I've been looking for that, thought I lost it....lol. I am a big fan of the older Final Fantasy games. 6, 7, and 8 are the best IMO. Haven't played any of the newer ones after 9.

And kudos to EdeNDarK for recognizing my music :-)

Wasp January 13 2007 1:06 PM EST

It's obviously apparent that your bedroom is probably also a tip. The fact that you've neatend up the pile of CD's probably made you feel better, as if you've cleaned enough up on the desk. Infact, you might as well of thrown them on the desk from great height. The unorganised papers and books also probably means that you have trouble meeting deadlines, maybe you've handed in coursework or assignments late?

The pack of "post it notes" does add a sort of icing to the cake. The fact that they remain in their pack is also quite funny. You obviously bought them with the intention to mark out notes in books, or to add notes about things you needed to do in general. Again, buying them is just the start, you usually have to open the pack and use them. This probably made you feel better, as I have a pack of un-opened plastic wallets for my notes that are still in a mess.

I won't get started on your CD collection... I'd get forum banned.

It looks as if you've bought a new CD some time in the last week... as the wrapper is still on the desk. That would indicate that there is no bin in arms length, and if there is, you probably would be too lazy to use it. Other bits of useless paper remain on the desk to add to its beauty.

Pens not left in a pen holder, or case suggest that your lazy. Furthermore you buy those little rubbers to ontop of your pencils. Too lazy to use a normal rubber like everyone else..

Who lives in a house like this..... Over to you

(Footnotes: Please do not take offence to anything that I've mention, I've only said it for entertainment. You could be a very tidy person who looks after themselfs and washes your car every day. Anyhow. : ) )

GO PATS January 13 2007 1:50 PM EST

I like the painting, RW... :)

RedWolf January 14 2007 11:06 AM EST

Might let this go another couple days, then I'll determine a winner. So far its a tie between Lamuness, Wasp, and EdeNDarK

AdminShade January 14 2007 11:13 AM EST

You have a piece of paper with ASCII codes lying left behind your TV, why would you want to use such thing?

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] January 14 2007 11:31 AM EST

Man, how long ago did you go and buy mindtrap? The box looks pristine ;)
Also, the postcrad? beneath it with the cartoon policeman on it looks very interesting.
From the look of your desk I'd say you are almost like me, pretty lazy and hoard a lot of little things on your desk in plain sight to make you appear intellectual and hardworking but would still prefer to listen to your music, play computer games and enjoy whatever comedy you feel ike at the time.

Zoom January 14 2007 1:03 PM EST

I suppose it's interesting that you use a Jasper Engine and trasnmission note pad to keep notes at your gaming center =)

Unappreciated Misnomer January 14 2007 1:04 PM EST

out of all that bought music, only one looks to be a burnt cd in the green case, or it has something to do with that 8th item from the top, paper or something of a cd case, there are 17 cds or 16 if that 8th item doesnt count.there is no device to play this music, nor do you have a cd rack to place them. you ahve a cake cd, ummm..cake is goood. and you are a friend of fast? what is that from ?

AdminShade January 14 2007 6:36 PM EST

You have very recently bought that game, otherwise you wouldn't still have the wrapping...

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] January 14 2007 8:31 PM EST

Death Cab For Cutie! Erasers for your Mechanical Pencil LOL! A perfect Circle... That would be The wrapper for Battlefield 2 it has the EA logo on the bottom of it lol... whats that little red polka-dotted wrapper under the Cardboard tubes? lol Nice jumble you got there. Theres also a pink thing in between the two binders in the middle... Little Warm hand pack over there in the back lol nice selection of Junk!

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] January 14 2007 8:45 PM EST

You once planned on taking quick notes to stick somewhere, but failed miserably when they got lost on your mind, =P

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] January 14 2007 8:46 PM EST

When they got lost on your trapped mind*

Halcyon January 14 2007 8:50 PM EST

Apparently your planning to, or already have bought a motor. Due to the Jasper stuff laying around.

RedWolf January 15 2007 9:04 PM EST

Mind Trap is older than I am, or close to. Its been around this house for as long as i can remember.

"pretty lazy and hoard a lot of little things on your desk in plain sight to make you appear intellectual and hardworking but would still prefer to listen to your music, play computer games and enjoy whatever comedy you feel ike at the time." That sounds exactly like me lol ;-)

Red polka dot thing is probably a candy wrapper. The nearest trash bin is across the hall, in the bathroom. Pink thing is another mind puzzle, where you have a bunch of seemingly random shapes and you put them together to make a crystal-like thing. I never could figure out, but my brother has once.

The Post-Its were actually just a stocking-stuffer from my parents, I never bought them myself. But Post-Its are always fun ;-)

And again, I have never been to Jasper....

I decided Wednesday is the day I'll decide on a winner. Just a heads up :-)

Halcyon January 15 2007 9:52 PM EST

Not only did I notice the "no life" thing going on (I got it too, I cry), but, not the FIRST thing about CB in there! Not even any freakin USD! Not even a penny! What gives!?

Josh [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 16 2007 5:34 AM EST

I noticed that you either really like the My Fast VW commercials or you are the proud owner of a VW. Or possibly you just have a random sticker on your desk because you think it looks cool.

Wasp January 16 2007 6:25 PM EST

I don't know whether this has been said but the decor is terrible. It seems that you are living in a kitchen. Yes. A kitchen. Cheap wooden work surfaces, coated in a cheap plastic look-a-like come granite covering. All topped off with a blue carpet, next to a wooden bookcase or desk?. This is definately a travesty! If you're going to have a granite lookalike work surface, have it in your kitchen, or at least let it match the carpet!! The wall colour appears to be a light mauve shade. Mauve walls. Blue carpet. Green plastic-granite surface. Wooden mahogany desk thing. That is wrong.

Seems that the whole desk is in-line with the painting. Badly sketched and unorganised. Probably made by an 8 year old.

(Foot notes: None of these comments were intended to offend and are only for purpose of entertainment. If you got offended. Tough.)

RedWolf January 16 2007 9:42 PM EST

It's about time somebody recognized the VW stickers.

I agree, the carpet/countertop/dresser don't really match. The carpet has always been blue since my family moved into this house, and the counter top was put in while my brother was still living in this room. I swear I had no say in the matter ;-)

And 8 years old isn't far off, I made that when I was in 6th grade, which would have made me about 10 or 11.

RedWolf January 17 2007 8:46 PM EST

I couldn't decide on one winner, so I chose two. And instead of being unfair and giving each player half of what was promised, I forked over an extra 100k so there is no quarrel.

Congrats to Wasp, for being the most critical and just making me laugh, and EdeNDarK for simply recognizing the music I listen to ;-)

Red[Wolf] (Neil) EdeNDarK (EdeNDarK) $100000 -- w00t 8:44 PM EST
Red[Wolf] [t] (Neil) Wasp [t] (Lord Gothmog) $100000 -- w00t 8:44 PM EST

EdeNDarK January 17 2007 9:25 PM EST

Nice, thanks Red.

Wasp January 18 2007 1:34 AM EST

Thanks mate : ) As long as it made you laugh then it's good. Would of been a little dodgy if you took offence :S
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