Damage range (in General)

AdminNightStrike February 15 2007 10:54 AM EST

Anyone ever chart physical damage like I did for DD? DD sways from 50% to 100% of the listed effect. Does physical damage have a similar sway from minima to maxima? I ask because I saw this curious little thing in a recent battle:

Lidda bruised Blue [29512]
Lidda beat Blue [103620]

That's a huge difference (both were the first hit in separate melee rounds). I'd hate to think that physical damage is more unpredictable than DD.

QBJohnnywas February 15 2007 10:59 AM EST

That's against Caedmon right? I used to see the same thing when I had the char on my fightlist. I wondered if it was the ToE. Possibly one of those strikes is reduced by the ToE, the other was above the ToE threshold of reduction?

Just a thought. Otherwise that swing of randomness is fairly huge.... :/

AdminNightStrike February 15 2007 11:01 AM EST

ToE threshold?

winner winner February 15 2007 11:01 AM EST

Yea sometimes I hit 900k in Range and sometimes 400k

AdminShade February 15 2007 12:24 PM EST

Threshold possibility (just an example):

If you hit for say 900k unmodified damage, then your damage gets lowered a bit to say 600k.

If you hit for say 800k unmodified damage, then the ToE is more powerful, lowering your damage possibly to 400k or lower instead.

QBRanger February 15 2007 12:36 PM EST

The TOE has a maximum amount of damage it will reduce by 70%.

Any damage over that is taken at 100%.

So, lets say the TOE threshold is 100k. All damage up to 100k will be 70% of that, all damage over that will be taken full.

So in that example if the first hit you did is 100k, then the actual damage you do (based upon no armor) will be 30k.

If the second hit you do is 150k, then you will do 30k (first 100k) then add 50k or 80k in total.

So you will see 30k for one hit and 80k for the next. While it looks like over 2.5 times damage, in reality you only did 1.5x more damage.

AdminNightStrike February 15 2007 12:47 PM EST

How do you determine the threshold?

QBsutekh137 February 15 2007 12:52 PM EST

I remember Jonathan talking about a ToE being "overwhelmed", and seem to remember the fraction 4/3rds from somewhere...

QBsutekh137 February 15 2007 12:55 PM EST

A link to the 4/3rds comment by Jonathan on this thread:


AdminNightStrike February 15 2007 1:07 PM EST

So that means the ToE is like other things where the larger you hit, the less % of damage the ToE will reduce. So potentially, there is a point at which you can make the ToE reduce zero damage. Interesting.
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