Timestamp gone from CM box? (in General)

TheHatchetman April 24 2007 12:14 AM EDT

Just noticed, it used to tell the time and date. this may cause some issues with those running contests for first CM or getting 2 BIN offers for a sale. and i like knowing the time period sent. Was this removed on purpose, or is it just a glitch?

QBRanger April 24 2007 12:15 AM EDT

It appears to be gone also from other things.

Such as in my recent battles, any battles fought yesterday do not have the time on them just the date.

In Active Threads, any posts yesterday do not have the time on them, just the date.

AdminJonathan April 24 2007 12:19 AM EDT

they are still sorted in the same order they always were

TheHatchetman April 24 2007 12:20 AM EDT

odd that this is also the only thread with a timestamp when last i checked (right before posting this :P) possibly something with the NP forum?

AdminJonathan April 24 2007 12:21 AM EDT

no, everything from the same day gets the time...

i predict bartjan won't like this :)

QBRanger April 24 2007 12:22 AM EDT

I see all the thread and all my battles on this day with the time stamp, yesterdays however, I do not see such a stamp.

But, even though the battles are in order, the time stamp does help. IE, I had someone attack me 4 times in a row. It would be nice to see if they were all in under a min or spread over a few minutes. To know if s/he is able to double/triple/quad tap me.

TheHatchetman April 24 2007 12:28 AM EDT

I predict there are many who won't like it. Change is change, and accept it we must, but it can't hurt to say: "any chance we can get that back?"

QBRanger April 24 2007 12:30 AM EDT

I for one liked the old way. No time on CM's is very bad. Knowing when your chat partner got a message is a very important thing with CM's.

AdminJonathan April 24 2007 12:30 AM EDT

for CMs? I like it better this way, definitely.

[RX3]Cotillion April 24 2007 12:35 AM EDT

No timestamps? /cry? QQ ? If they must go then they must go. They will forever be branded on my heart. Okay, I can't take it. Can we have them back? Not even if I say please?

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 24 2007 12:46 AM EDT

CMs need timestamps.

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] April 24 2007 1:04 AM EDT

Why does this feel like an inadvertent change Jon doesn't want to expend the energy to figure out and fix?

Please, give us timestamps, Jon!

AdminJonathan April 24 2007 1:07 AM EDT

it was quite advertent :P

TheHatchetman April 24 2007 1:18 AM EDT

/me protests non-violently:

What do we want?
When do we want them?
Some time soon would be nice, and if you could possibly mark a permanent record of when, by some means of publicly recording the time, that would be great. :)


Thought of it, had a chuckle, decided to share.

Fantasysage April 24 2007 1:37 AM EDT

Timestamps are a must to see when CM's are delivered, I don't know WHY you got rid of them (if you had some ungodly reason let us know) but it makes no sense to me or any other member of the CB community apparently.

AdminNightStrike April 24 2007 1:40 AM EDT

"they are still sorted in the same order they always were "

They were always sorted in the wrong order... When you received multiple CMs at once after logging in, they would get posted in reverse order.

AdminNightStrike April 24 2007 1:41 AM EDT

...And it would seem that they are still being sorted incorrectly, only now it is not possible to determine the correct order.

Yeah, I'm going to have to say that not having time stamps everywhere is going to make things needlessly unpleasant.

bartjan April 24 2007 3:22 AM EDT

"i predict bartjan won't like this :)"

I'm fine with this change, except that I think the change from timestamp to date should happen at '24h ago' and not at midnight (which is an arbitrary moment, if you're at the other side of the world).
I usually use the forum's timestamp to see which forum posts were made since I went afk for the night. Because that almost always is "yesterday" (midnight server time is 6am for me), the forum's new timestamp is useless for this now.

DiabloSpawn April 24 2007 4:21 AM EDT

I suppose we could rely on an honesty system where you type the time you send the message?? eg. 04:21 AM EDT. this post!

DreadedTiger [4x20] (-x) April 24 2007 4:02 PM EDT

I just installed a sundial on my CM inbox.. seems to work fine for me. At night I have a bucket of water with a hole in the bottom.

So we should just slap the time on our CMs? "I sent this 4 hours before the last time you logged out, eventhough that isn't possible."

QBsutekh137 April 24 2007 4:20 PM EDT

Yeah, I can see myself adding a time stamp to my CMs for important things now... I guess if Jonathan wants to trade a little disk space for...well, for whatever he seems to think this makes "better", then more power to him.

Verifex, can your Grease Monkey script automatically insert time stamp into all CMs being sent?

AdminNightStrike April 24 2007 4:27 PM EDT

Even that won't address time stamps everywhere else on the forum... post times, battle times, auction times, etc.

This change really needs to be reverted.

Minor Threat April 24 2007 4:34 PM EDT

Maybe I'm missing something but I still see a time stamp with my CM's.

QBsutekh137 April 24 2007 4:38 PM EDT

Rome, view all, and watch how the time, HH:MM turns into date, <month>, <day>.

What we would like to see back is the full date/time stamp. It appears obvious that the data items in questions are being stored with actual date/time stamp data types, so it has actually taken work to divide the stamps into some with just times and some with just dates.

This thread appears to be devoted to many people wondering why that part of the work was done. *smile*

DiabloSpawn April 24 2007 4:39 PM EDT

only the current day's timestamp is shown ('day' being based on server time). Otherwise, just dates shown...

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 26 2007 1:05 AM EDT

Okay, the timestamp change is really vexing. Can we get at least a full, rolling 24 hrs., instead of "changes at midnight server time"?

bartjan April 26 2007 1:56 AM EDT

Earlier I said I didn't mind this change, now I do hate it. Why? Because I now start to realize how much forensic information is lost because of this change. It's now impossible to tell how related 2 users' login times (and other actions, such as transfers) are.

Minor Threat April 26 2007 7:35 AM EDT

I dunno if anyone else has mentioned this but it no longer tells you the year of which a person had joined a clan.

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] April 26 2007 7:40 AM EDT

Definately need time stamps for chatmails. I liked the timestamps for the forums as well. They look naked now : /
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