NUB and BA (in Changelog)

AdminJonathan July 1 2007 12:00 AM EDT

NUBers now get their purchase-able BA for free. NUB money earned in battles is 60% what it was, and forging efficiency is 80% what it was.

QBOddBird July 1 2007 12:03 AM EDT

Woooh! Now that's a huge change!

horseguy001 July 1 2007 12:07 AM EDT

Indeed :D

Miandrital July 1 2007 12:17 AM EDT

Good change

Xenko July 1 2007 12:45 AM EDT

Does this affect NCB at all? It doesn't look like it will but I'm curious anyways.

QBOddBird July 1 2007 12:46 AM EDT

Doesn't seem like it should since it only affects cash rewards...

Miandrital July 1 2007 12:56 AM EDT

I would gladly give up 60% of my money for free BA on my next NCB :)

Shining Force July 1 2007 12:59 AM EDT

Guess I'm glad I skipped buying BA lately...though this definitely messes with the current round of NUBs.

8DEOTWP July 1 2007 1:26 AM EDT

Sounds amazing - wow

Soxjr July 1 2007 1:29 AM EDT

So. does the amount of money the ba cost equal close to the 40% i lose for all fights for the day? Or was this one that you thought the NUB was making too much money and needed a less amount of money?

AdminJonathan July 1 2007 1:42 AM EDT

"So. does the amount of money the ba cost equal close to the 40% i lose for all fights for the day?"

of course.

absent fight bonuses, it's exactly equal.

Soxjr July 1 2007 1:44 AM EDT

thanks jon. I will just have to watch over the next few days, it just seems a bit less but maybe I'm wrong.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] July 1 2007 1:49 AM EDT

woot! wtg jonathan, wtg.

Silatt July 1 2007 1:53 AM EDT

I honestly didn't even care about the fact of NUB selling out as this was an option of theirs, but this is a very very interesting change that may cause more people to stick around. Quality > Quantity?

AdminNightStrike July 1 2007 1:56 AM EDT

I like this change a lot, as it essentially forces a certain amount of NUB cash to be spent on BA instead of sold for USD. That's a really good idea, and I don't think I ever saw anyone suggest it. Good thinking, Jon!

Flamey July 1 2007 2:14 AM EDT

I dunno if I'm understand correctly.

This is bad for the people that didn't buy BA before? and now its encouraging them to use it? So its like the NUB buys all their BA daily?

AdminNightStrike July 1 2007 2:23 AM EDT

It's essentially forcing the NUB to buy all of their BA each day. That's what a large portion of the increased cash rewards are for anyway, so now people don't have the option to withhold buying, stockpile cash, and sell out for USD -- they just get the BA they're supposed to be buying anyway.

It's kind of totalitarian (or perhaps utilitarian?), but then, so is everything else.

Flamey July 1 2007 9:46 AM EDT

awesomeness. Whats the average cash reward for a NUB now? It was over $1k I think, before this change.

QBOddBird July 1 2007 9:47 AM EDT

Then it would be 60% of that, or around $600, theoretically.

Flamey July 1 2007 9:50 AM EDT

Sounds like my good rewards.

QBRanger July 1 2007 10:01 AM EDT

Nice change.

The only downside I can see is that NUB's have less money to spend on the overpriced old supporter items such as the MgS and HoC.

Kong Ming July 1 2007 10:55 AM EDT

Good change! With BA free, they can do forging to earn the money they 'lost' or fight.

BootyGod July 1 2007 1:06 PM EDT

Good change.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 1 2007 1:44 PM EDT


Oh yeah baby!


TH [money] July 1 2007 1:45 PM EDT

so why is forging efficiency at 80% if BA is free as a result of lowered rewards.

TH [money] July 1 2007 5:33 PM EDT


QBOddBird July 1 2007 5:42 PM EDT

forging efficiency is supposed to be relative to fight rewards or something like that - I'd answer your quetion more clearly but my head is muddled due to the migraine meds.

Adminedyit [Superheros] July 1 2007 7:21 PM EDT

maybe because now that extra BA is free they can use that to forge as well.

AdminShade July 1 2007 7:43 PM EDT

TH, the reason is that with the NUB you will progress towards more difficult character opponents relatively fast and easy.

When forging however, you don't get that progress of increasing money and experience rewards. Therefore I think the result of this is the 80% for forging and 60% for fighting.

TH [money] July 1 2007 8:31 PM EDT

Took me a second. Sorry about that guys.
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