T11: Crouching Rogue, Hidden Dagger UPDATE! (in Contests)

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] September 2 2007 10:18 PM EDT

Themed tourney from Mr. OB, thanks OB :)

Leather Armor only, cloaks included.
Daggers/Main Gauche and Slings/Shortbows only.
No bloodlust, archery, or UC.
Your rogue(s) (minion wielding dagger) must be the only damage dealer.
All DD spells prohibited.
You may have enchanters, however your rogue may not train enchantments.
You may upgrade Ammo during this tourney.
2500 BA cap.
500 starting BA.
Tourney starts September 4 12:00 PM EDT and lasts until September 11th, 12 PM EDT.
On the last day of the tournament, September 10th, 12PM to September 11th, 12PM, you may only fight other tournament characters.
No tattoos.
All rules in This thread apply.

Win Condition: Highest MPR/Battles Challenged ratio. You must use at least 2000 BA to be eligible for the prize.

The Tul-wars have begun! You may now also equip Tulwars on your tourney characters.

1st) A Rune of Enlightenment
2nd) 500k
3rd) A Combat Gi [1]

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] September 2 2007 10:48 PM EDT

By the way - about 20 minutes before the tourney starts OB and I will sell a bunch of daggers to the store, hopefully everyone will be able to get one (if not chatmail me and we will work something out)

Tyriel [123456789] September 2 2007 10:51 PM EDT

Sounds like fun. I'll definitely be joining this one. :)

"Your rogue(s) (minion wielding dagger) must be the only damage dealer."

Any restrictions on tattoos, besides the obvious 'no familiars'?

Are we allowed AMF and GA, then?

I think that's all of the questions I can think of. :)

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] September 2 2007 10:56 PM EDT

Forgot about the whole tattoo thing - no on all forms of tattoos. Your rogue cannot train ED/EO, but any other minions you have may.

noneedforthese September 3 2007 1:28 AM EDT

Lol i see a lot of stalemates coming :)

Thanatos September 3 2007 6:26 AM EDT

This sound like one of the coolest Tourneys yet. I am very excited to get in this one good luck all.

I know you said Enchanter were permitted, but you did not mention GA and I think you should say no. Or only allow the rogue to cast it as it deals damage.

Second I would like you to correct me on this, because of the way it is written, I am not clear on this.

You are allowed to use cloaks
Or you are not allowed to

Thanks Thanatos

Flamey September 3 2007 7:11 AM EDT

he means that cloaks count as armour that is allowed. So all leathers and cloaks.

Kong Ming September 3 2007 7:23 AM EDT

Can we not use a dagger and only a sling or shortbow?
/me goes to store and buy up all the daggers ;)

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] September 3 2007 8:56 AM EDT

GA is OK, Cloaks are OK

please leave the dagger buying to me and OB ;)

Flamey September 3 2007 9:07 AM EDT

Just on a note, slayer said in chat that it would be pointless to buy daggers to put into auctions because the tourney characters have no way of making money, they need to buy a dagger right away.

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] September 3 2007 9:48 AM EDT

You can't auction off daggers anyway, there's a NW limit I think. Unless if someone upgrades them all...

Miandrital September 3 2007 2:31 PM EDT

Let me be the first to say that this tourney is retarded.

Without archery or BL, there is no way to do enough damage to compete with non-T characters unless you are content with a -100% challenge bonus. I am sure that some fools will fight Fsl-masta's character so they get a high score, and then the rest of us will farm them endlessly, but that is besides the point.

If you want to make it a semi-interesting tourney drop the BL restriction and the dagger only restriction and make it one-handed weapons only.

QBOddBird September 3 2007 2:40 PM EDT

If you aren't creative enough to find a way to win battles even when severely handicapped, Miandrital, then you are correct - this tournament probably isn't for you.

Tyriel [123456789] September 3 2007 8:27 PM EDT

Oh, one more question popped up. Are we allowed to use Small Wooden Shields? Every other type of armor has 1 piece that we can use. :P

QBBarzooMonkey September 3 2007 9:10 PM EDT

<sarcasm>Gosh, the first person to get the biggest LToA & train archery can't win this one, how lame is this gonna be?

This one is very cool and uber creative :)

Thanatos September 4 2007 11:55 AM EDT


Ten minutes before the tourney start a couple of daggers and a main gauche and some sling that were not up graded and then two minutes latter all gone.


Belg September 4 2007 2:51 PM EDT

Your rogue(s) (minion wielding dagger) must be the only damage dealer.

Can this be interpreted as :

Your rogue(s) (minion(s) wielding dagger(s)) must be the only damage dealer(s)?


only one rogue per team?

lostling September 4 2007 2:53 PM EDT

personally i prefer to think its 1 damage dealer only... one more thing i noticed is that some enchanters wield daggers (thought anyone wielding a dagger is considered a rouge) :)

[RX3]Cotillion September 4 2007 2:56 PM EDT

Enchanters wield daggers to shift their familiar's around... There are no tat's allowed in this tourney, so enchanters do not need to wear daggers.

Belg September 4 2007 3:02 PM EDT

That being true, the rules state clearly rogues may NOT train enchantments.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] September 4 2007 3:04 PM EDT

multiple rogues are OK, any minion wielding a dagger or gauche (or sling) will be considered a rogue. Rogues may not train any enchantments.

To clarify a question from chat, you may NOT use a staff sling, only normal slings (and shortbows)

AdminNightStrike September 4 2007 3:49 PM EDT

The classic ranged weapon of a rogue (at least from dnd3e) is the light crossbow or hand crossbow... That should be allowed, too, yes?

[RX3]Cotillion September 4 2007 4:53 PM EDT

lol... So I just made my character, and there are no daggers available... Glad the BA is capped.

QBBarzooMonkey September 4 2007 5:04 PM EDT

Heck, I've been trying to get my hands on one for 3 hours now. I've lost 2 so far. Oh, well, I've never claimed to be a good camper :P

QBBarzooMonkey September 4 2007 6:48 PM EDT

Well, I just missed two more, each by a fraction of a second. That's four hours wasted now, because of that 20 minute "cooling down" thing. Maybe Mian was right after all.

Tyriel [123456789] September 4 2007 6:56 PM EDT

If there wasn't a lack of daggers and main gauches available, there wouldn't be any problem with this tourney.

One of the problems, though, is people creating a tourney character, getting one or more weapons, then either retiring the character or never using it again and just leaving the weapon rotting there that us people who want to participate need.

(PS: Gauches is not in the dictionary? Is it not the plural of gauche? :P)

QBBarzooMonkey September 4 2007 10:25 PM EDT

It's now been 8 hours since I started; a full BA recycle; and still no signs of any daggers or main gauches.

lostling September 4 2007 10:36 PM EDT

:) i've given up trying to find a dagger lol

Thraklight Resonance September 4 2007 10:37 PM EDT

Spork (T11 Ghost) buy A Main Gauche ($414) 10:27 PM EDT

Thraklight Resonance September 4 2007 10:37 PM EDT

Oh, yes, too expensive for the start. My mistake.

QBOddBird September 4 2007 11:24 PM EDT

I know, I'm watching the stores and seeing what you mean, Barzoo - I'm ever so tempted to force a store refresh to get some daggers/gauches out there...but I know that's one of those 'against the rules' type things....*harumphs*

QBBarzooMonkey September 4 2007 11:34 PM EDT

9 hours. I'm going to bed now.


Dark Dreky September 4 2007 11:45 PM EDT

Should have called this tourney, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Short Bow" It's pretty much impossible to do well in this without one. I guess camping is back in style for a few days... good luck to us all.

[RX3]Cotillion September 5 2007 12:25 AM EDT

... Instead of strategically dismantling your opponent, camp the store and prevent your adversarie from even touching you!...

T11: Bring your Marshmellows.

SNK3R September 5 2007 1:05 AM EDT

AoD's character, T11 Souldude, has been caught with a DD spell, breaking the rules. Thus, it has been retired, renamed with a DQ for disqualified, and reset.

Here is an image as proof.

QBBarzooMonkey September 5 2007 1:08 AM EDT

Well, I thought that I'd check one more time between my shower and actually sleeping. It's been 10 hours now.

In hindsight, a 12-24 hour grace period allowing the use of other low level weapons would have been reasonable. Notice I used the word 'reasonable', and not 'fair' (which is a word that has too many different perceptions to be applicable), as in:

Tournament competitors should be able to have the reasonable expectation that they be allowed the resources to be competitive from the outset, not a day or 2 later, when they are woefully behind, even with a BA cap.

I was excited about the potential for this one, but it looks like I'll only be a spectator for T11. Sorry, guys - no high-score character from me for you to farm this time. Maybe T12... :)

Hey RedX3, pass me some marshmallows ;)

[RX3]Cotillion September 5 2007 1:11 AM EDT

I would, but I'm sitting home watching as you are doing. You're gonna have to ask someone else for the marshmellows. Sorry dude.

Ancient Anubis September 5 2007 5:40 AM EDT

can i just say that non tourney characters that buy up gear neccesary for a tourney and then upgrade them and sell them at auction so base players starting in the tourney can't get them should be severely fined in some way and i would like to make note inregards to Thrakstoddard auction postings considering he has no tourney character at the time of this posting.

Kong Ming September 5 2007 7:22 AM EDT

I'm wondering why I can't sell base arrows and I can sell my upgraded short bow to the store? Is it a bug?

TheHatchetman September 5 2007 8:00 AM EDT

just threw two daggers into the store. I won't buy them, but hopefully it'll come back to me :)

QBOddBird September 5 2007 1:23 PM EDT

T11 Update! - The Tul-Wars Begin Now!

You may now equip Tulwars on your Rogues.

I'm dropping a few in the store as we speak - don't miss yours! ~_^

AdminNightStrike September 5 2007 1:26 PM EDT

The idea for this was interesting... maybe next time, if you can procure the equipment necessary ahead of time, distribute it to the tournament characters directly. Put a cap on entries, first come, first served.

Like, say you have 25 daggers. Send them directly to the first 25 people to sign up for the tournament, and then close it.

QBOddBird September 5 2007 1:32 PM EDT

=\ I dropped 20+ daggers/gauches into the store right before it started - figured that would be enough, but didn't count on:

1) number of people entering
2) people grabbing multiple weapons, including beyond what they needed
3) slow store refresh

Makes for a tourney with a camping feel to it, though. ~_^

lostling September 5 2007 2:04 PM EDT

/me already gave up

Ellis September 5 2007 9:18 PM EDT

I don't see any answer to the "small wooden shield" question. I see at least one character has one equipped, but I don't want to equip one until I know it's legal

QBOddBird September 5 2007 9:25 PM EDT

"Leather Armor only, cloaks included."

My apologies, I should've read up through the thread. I'm rather hoping to keep it to that rule, no shields allowed - a good rogue would hopefully not need a shield, choosing instead to stealthily take out his opponent. ^_^ Thanks for bringing that back up.



Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] September 5 2007 9:37 PM EDT

on the topic of armor - anything with leather in the name is considered leather, nothing else.

48Zach September 5 2007 9:58 PM EDT

Leather Scale Mails allowed?

QBOddBird September 5 2007 10:03 PM EDT

"anything with leather in the name is considered leather"

That's affirmative, Zachiepoo!

Miandrital September 6 2007 6:46 PM EDT

This is a list of all the tourney characters sorted by MPR/Battles as Challenger. I only included the notes for the top 10



Tigah Tourney 112113190623.323399564 minions

TourneyPwner 11-3368517221.42441861 minion

Grand Theft Airplane32997178118.527231894 minions

Dagger Rogue30611166718.362927414 minions

T11 Belg29021165417.545949214 minions

T11-Burnin17993141412.724893923 minions

[T11]Spoon16092126812.690851744 minions

wabbit19011158312.009475684 minions

Pirate1326913299.9841986463 minions

T11 Artemis20412079.859903382



T11 App. St793210027.916167665

The Black Pearl11461487.743243243

Banes Assassin16782586.503875969


T11 try 2292525.615384615


T11 3rd7401504.933333333

Victim T1124585104.819607843

HKR T1133576984.809455587


T11 Ghost24755504.5

Dark Feather40929544.289308176

Legato Bluesummers7501874.010695187

T11 Double Dragon13023433.795918367

okay 34601223.770491803



Shy Rogue10112823.585106383

T11 Spork271773.519480519

T11 U-M5751663.463855422




Boten Anna140.25

TourneyPwner 1111570.006369427


[T11] The Black Tiger1900

[DQ]T11 Souldude100


okay #2100

QBOddBird September 6 2007 7:27 PM EDT

Nice work, Mian! ^_^

Kong Ming September 7 2007 9:21 AM EDT

What other weapons other than the dagger and main gauche are we allowed to use? I see people using a tulwar...

dj1914 September 7 2007 9:55 AM EDT

T11 Update! - The Tul-Wars Begin Now!

You may now equip Tulwars on your Rogues.

I'm dropping a few in the store as we speak - don't miss yours! ~_^

--QBOOB, September 5 1:23 PM EDT

Kong Ming September 7 2007 10:03 AM EDT

And I just wasted so much money to upgrade that stupid dagger...

IndependenZ September 7 2007 1:55 PM EDT

Do chars get auto-retired after they have burned their 2500BA? Or will they remain active until the end of the tourney?

dj1914 September 7 2007 1:57 PM EDT

They dont get retired until the end of tourney.

NINAbuser September 8 2007 1:13 AM EDT

Do we have a reason for adding the Tulwar to the tourney or was it just a whim decision? If you are basing the tulwar on prior thief actions I would like to make a point of the rapier based on the character Artemis Enteri who used a knife/rapier combination is the Drizzt Do Urden series and he was an assasin (In most games a type of thief or in DND a version of thief). This is all just commentary for the sake of commentary :P.

Kong Ming September 9 2007 10:47 AM EDT

Are we allowed to retire our characters and then unretire to fight again? I saw TourneyPwner 11-3 character doing it.

QBRanger September 9 2007 11:16 AM EDT

Rule from the initial tourney thread:

5) You may not retire your character early, the only exception is on the first day of the tourney.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 9 2007 11:35 AM EDT

unretiring a char takes 4 days...how exactly could he have done it?

Nerevas September 9 2007 11:37 AM EDT

I retired my first character because I didn't feel like completing the tourney. Then I had a change of heart, and started a new one.

bartjan September 9 2007 11:49 AM EDT

novice, that 4-9 days window applies only to normal characters, I think.

Nerevas September 9 2007 12:01 PM EDT

Nope, it applies to tourney characters too.

bartjan September 9 2007 12:07 PM EDT

Really? I know it shows up, but it really can't be selected. Even admins can't unretire tourney chars.

IndependenZ September 10 2007 6:14 AM EDT

In Mian's footprints, here are the standings for all characters eligible for prizes at Monday, September 10th, 06:00 EDT 2007:
Name TourneyPwner 11-3 Tigah Tourney 11 Grand Theft Airplane Dagger Rogue T11 Belg T11-Burnin wabbit T11 App. St
MPR 55714 44891 47978 46862 45937 42508 32476 24575
Battles Challenged 2000 2001 2500 2500 2465 2500 2500 2136
MPR/BC 27,857 22,43428286 19,1912 18,7448 18,6356998 17,0032 12,9904 11,50514981

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] September 11 2007 7:45 PM EDT

Our winners are:

Nerevas: 1st place
Miandrital: 2nd place
IndependenZ: 3rd place

Congratulations and good luck in T12 :)

prizes will be sent asap.

48DangerZone September 11 2007 7:47 PM EDT

Congratulations you three.. Nice job.. ;)

Miandrital September 11 2007 9:25 PM EDT

Thanks. I shouldn't have bought those minions so early, but I did it because I figured Nere wouldn't stay in. Unfortunately he did and so I got second.

Good strategy though by nere :)

QBOddBird September 11 2007 9:57 PM EDT

Congrats guys! ^_^
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