Best Mosquito Bite Remedy and Prevention (in Contests)

RichardRahl{Kill Gun} October 10 2007 5:06 PM EDT

What would be the best way to tend to mosquito bites?
Give your home remedy to stopping that itch!
Also if you know of prevention technique...state that too =D
any mosquito bite prevention medication would also be helpful

25k to the method i like best ^___^

PS: my mosquito bites are killing wanna stop them form biting me!

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] October 10 2007 5:15 PM EDT


And a flame thrower.

AdminG Beee October 10 2007 5:25 PM EDT

If all you have is an itch, then think yourself lucky. This guy lives a couple of miles away from me and his life is ruined now :(

However, on a happier note, I'd suggest you follow these instructions for the perfect organic homemade remedy. I was told this years ago whilst living in France by some bloke I met at a BBQ.
Not that there's a lot of mosquito's in France, but we were drunk and talking about useful applications for booze other than drinking it. I just googled it again and found what (if my memory serves me correctly) is a pretty close replica of his recipe :)

Chop up the cores of five or six stalks of lemon grass and put them in a blender with a tumbler full of spirits, blend thoroughly. Can be further diluted by adding up to half as much water.
Use whatever booze you can find in the booze cupboard, and strain it into a sprayer. Cheap Chinese brandy went first, the Absolut Swedish vodka worked even better and we didn't smell quite as much like winos, and then we used London Dry Gin. When we get round to distilling fuel ethanol, we'll use that.
The only problem is that it goes stale after about a week and loses effectiveness.

I never tried it of course, but it sounds like it would work well...

Wasp [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] October 10 2007 6:13 PM EDT

My bestest cure for mosquito bite itches is to ignore them. As much as you want to scratch... Don't!! Then they're gone within the day. Sorted.

Goodfish October 10 2007 6:17 PM EDT

Pee on your arms. There's some solution in your urine that keeps itches from itching.

...I think.

BootyGod October 10 2007 6:18 PM EDT

I believe that's jellyfish... But what do I know?

QBJohnnywas October 10 2007 6:50 PM EDT

Yup urine works for jellyfish and mosquitoes. We've just had a summer of fun from mosquitoes in London. Tea Tree Oil works wonders!

j'bob October 10 2007 8:10 PM EDT

Little dab of tooth paste. Seriously. Try it, what could it hurt?
If you like, try it and don't tell us unless it works, but try it!

Talion October 10 2007 11:28 PM EDT

Use grappa. Seriously.

Mosquitoes hate you when you are drunk on it and it actually disinfects the bites.

I am from Italian decent and we make our own (100 degrees proof). When I know I don't have to drive and the party is outside, I have a few shot and I bring a flask along in case I meet a few kamikaze mosquitoes actually stay on me long enough to bite.

chuck1234 October 10 2007 11:53 PM EDT

i've been to mosquito infested places in the interiors of Tanzania, so u can take my opinion as an expert's view:

for prevention: Mosquito Nets are best, also, mosqitoes bite in the evening and then again at dawn, so if you are active at those times wear full sleeved shirts and full-length trousers n socks/ stockings
some ppl use mosquito repellent cream, don't know how safe that is, i never used it

for instant remedy: Calamine lotion or Caladryl on the bite, if u scratch much with nails, it vil get infected.

also if u r in a malaria zone, u vil need to contact hosp in case of fever

messy business, best way to get rid of mosquitoes is the electric racquet [saw it in Singapore], made in China stuff, rechargeable battries, u get the satisfaction of electrocuting them critters, also, if they have sucked blood, there's the smell of roast meat, that'll put u off barbeques for a while, hehe

i'm feeling kinda rich now, so keep the cash 2 urself :)

bye, take care, mosquitoes are dangerous business, electrocuting them is best


sooka October 11 2007 12:35 AM EDT

anything with hydrocortisone in it. I use Walmart's equate anti-itching cream and it works fine (takes a few minutes or more depending on how bad the bite is). And I don't know how people don't itch, I itch like a mad dog if I get bit >:[]

Prevention: any good DEET product. Follow instructions and look at side effects. I just use OFF unscented spray on any skin showing and spray a little over the top of your head and neck. When you sit, 'squitos like to hover above your head or down low at your legs.

The best prevention is to cover up. Long sleeve shirt, jeans. Just don't wear thin clothes... those suckers can go right through some clothes.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] October 11 2007 12:48 AM EDT

In a sealed plastic baggy keep a long sleeved thickish shirt liberally dosed with Deet .Saves on the smearing Deet all the time and money too.A hot bath and lots of soap works for me for the bites.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] October 11 2007 12:55 AM EDT

You all know bug spray makes you invisible to the 'squitos instead of repelling them? =))

But yea, i use the new Off (Smells like cologne, no joke, kinda gets its normal bug spray smell a few hours later) and it works great for me at least.

AdminShade October 11 2007 1:10 AM EDT

take vitamin B tablets, they can't take the smell

Flamey October 11 2007 8:37 AM EDT

I always used White vinegar put onto tissue paper or something and put that on the bite, it sort of burns, but then you know its doing the job don't you? Just like antiseptic, only way less pain.

RichardRahl{Kill Gun} October 11 2007 10:43 AM EDT

interesting ideas....i will try them all(except theflamethrower thing)

Tezmac October 11 2007 12:59 PM EDT

For prevention, I've always used garlic. I'll load up on garlic heavy foods a day or two before I go camping or whatever. The mosquitos always leave me alone when I remember to eat it.

Flamey October 11 2007 1:09 PM EDT

What I mentioned was a remedy, just to be clear and not a prevention, don't go covering yourself in vinegar, I don't know how useful that'll be :P

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] October 11 2007 1:11 PM EDT

Which makes me realize I may not have been clear either.
Don't go flaming yourself THEN amputate.

Flames are the prevention...

ShadowWulf October 11 2007 2:15 PM EDT

how about...

you put some HCl on the bite?

or some NaOH?

(hydrochloric acid(strong acid), sodium hydroxide(strong base))

Darkwalker [Jago] October 12 2007 6:34 AM EDT

lol!!!!!!!!!! I like the part about peeing on your arm...... How do you do that?

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] October 12 2007 7:02 AM EDT

get a friend to do it :P

or just use a cup like a sensible person?

QBJohnnywas October 12 2007 8:02 AM EDT

"Tezmac, October 11 12:59 PM EDT
For prevention, I've always used garlic. I'll load up on garlic heavy foods a day or two before I go camping or whatever. The mosquitos always leave me alone when I remember to eat it. "

Tez is actually thinking about his days as a vampire slayer...

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] October 12 2007 8:04 AM EDT

Camping trips so he can go out and wear a skirt and training bra?

Tez, you should have told us earlier :P

AdminShade October 12 2007 3:07 PM EDT

Combination of garlic, vitamin B and beer = ultimate death for any mosquito... :D

AdminG Beee October 12 2007 3:16 PM EDT

I thought Vitamin B was Beer!

Dang, and for all those years...

sooka October 12 2007 6:13 PM EDT

rofl *tosses GBeee a Carsberg*

RichardRahl{Kill Gun} October 15 2007 10:41 AM EDT

i have chosen the remedy that has proved most effective in mosquito bite remedy and prevention! Congrats sooka!

The Seeker of Truth (The Confessor) sooka (kevlar) $25000 -- thanks for remedy 10:40 AM EDT

sooka October 15 2007 6:22 PM EDT

Thanks man, glad it helped. I HATE those lil' buggers! hehe
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